Data Controls :: Read And Display AppSettings From Web Config File In GridView?

May 7, 2015

i need add one key value in web.config and that values read in page and to bind that value to gridview?

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Data Controls :: Read And Display Excel File Contents GridView On Button Click

Mar 28, 2013

I want read excel file in button event using with c#..

And the excel file content to be displaying into any control or same excel file to show..

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Configuration :: Can't Access AppSettings From Web.config - ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings Is Empty?

Jun 12, 2010

i have stored settings in the AppSettings section of the web.config file.

I'm trying to access these settings via System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings, but the AppSettingsCollection is empty. So I can't access this settings.

The strange thing is that this is working on my development machine, but is failing on the production machine. Previous versions of the web application have also worked on the production machine. I'm not aware of any modifications that could couse this.

I have also tried using ConfigurationManager and WebConfigurationManager without success.

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.net - Possible To Localize The AppSettings Information In Web.config File?

Apr 6, 2010

I have something like this in mind:

<add key="ConfigName" value="configuration" culture="1033" />
<add key="ConfigName" value="konfiguracja" culture="1045" />


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Web Forms :: How To Encrypt AppSettings Keys In Web Config File

Nov 13, 2013

How to Encrypt App Settings in Web Config file in asp .net

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Configuration :: Access ApplicationSettings Keys In Web.config (not AppSettings) From Aspx.file?

Apr 21, 2010

Does somebody knows how to access applicationSettings-Keys in web.config (NOT appSettings) from aspx.file like "<%? applicationSettings:Keyname %>? This seems to work only with the old "appSettings".

From code I can it access it with "Properties.Settings.Default.Keyname", thats clear.

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Put Custom AppSettings Web.config Data Into The ApplicationState?

Mar 7, 2011

I've got some custom values in the AppSettings, in my web.config file.

These values get checked upon every Request.


So if every request checks the web.config file for the value of this key, would be be smart to put this into the Application cache (eg. via the global.asax) instead of checking this value EVERY request?

I'm assuming that when we read a value from the AppSettings, the website does a physical read of the web.config file? or is this information also all read into Memory when the website starts up and all references to any appSettings information is just an inmemory read .. not a disk I/O read?

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Read Settings / Sections From The Web.config Or App.config File?

Jul 8, 2010

I have many Connection strings in my web.config file. I also have a "dataConfiguration" setting in the same file which specifies what database my app connects to.

How do I read the "defaultDatabase" setting / section from the, see below xml file.

<configSections> [code]....

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Configuration :: How To Read Web.config File In App.Config In Web Application

Jan 5, 2011

I am developing web applicaiton. I want to read web.config in App.config file. I have appSettings and connectionStrings in web.config. How to read that?

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Forms Data Controls :: Display Certain Rows In GridView As Read-Only?

Apr 29, 2010

I have the following fields in an Appointment table:

ID(PK), TeacherID, DayID, TimeslotID, ParentID, StudentID, Remarks & Editable(bit, Default value=1)

I am developing an application to allow parents to book appointments to meet the child's teachers.

It is compulsory for parents to meet child's mentors, hence Appointments to meet class mentors are already pre-booked in the Appointments table.

Parents could still book appointments to meet other subject teachers. I have a column in my gridview to show parents the list of booked appointments. Parents are allowed to change the Appointment timeslot for an appointment they booked and are not allowed to change appointment time for pre-booked appointments.

Under the Remarks colum, it is stated that the following appointment is pre-booked by class mentor.

How do I make only those pre-booked rows read only since all the appointments belonging to a parent is under one GridView.

I found an example, but this is to only make the 1st 3 rows read-only and I don't think this is in VB coding. I'm usingASP.NET VB coding.

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Data Controls :: Read And Display Multiple Cookies In GridView

Aug 18, 2015

I am working on Online shopping website where end user can select multiple items at a time and i need to show them in Cart-item where he has selected his choice items. I want to do this by Cookies in that As user clicks on Add-To-Cart button it gets stored in cookies and in the Show-My-Cart-Item page it shows all the selected items in GridView format. 

Anyhow I got following code:

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlCookies" runat="server"></asp:DropDownList>
<br />
<asp:Button ID="btnSave" runat="server" Text="Save Cookie" OnClick="btnSave_Click" />
</div> <div >
<asp:Label ID="lblCookies" runat="server"></asp:Label>


But I am unable to get all the cookies values except DropDownList Value. And in gridView I get only last ddl value. Though I have used foreach loop But it does not work. How we get all the records in gridview.

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Data Controls :: How To Read Images From Excel Sheet And Display Them In Gridview

Jan 29, 2013

Import Data from Excel to Gridview ([URL]) By following the code as mentioned in the post  i am able to get excel sheet values and c display them in gridview.

But I want to read Images from Excel sheet and display them in Gridview and also insert them in sql server..

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Read Data From Stored Proceedure And Display To Gridview Using Object Datasource

Dec 8, 2010

I have an object datasource which is using Business object as a myconnection

The method i have defined under myconnection is

DataTable getfn(String dtype,
String did,
String dprefix,
String dname)
datable table = new datatable(); then declared stored proceedure and defined parameters and assighned values

In the stored proceedure it has a query like select column1,coloumn2,coloumn3 As Call from table where
I need to take data from Call and display it to the gridview through object datasource .

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Data Controls :: How To Read And Bind XML File To GridView

Jul 25, 2013

i need to know how to read data from the xml file and i need to display that data in grid view.

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How To Read A Xml File And Display The Data Into Asp Page

Sep 13, 2010

How to Read a xml file and dispaly the data into asp page?

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Forms Data Controls :: Unable To Read Data From Excel File To Gridview?

Mar 4, 2010

I am reading data from Excel file using oledbdataadapter and binding to gridview.Every thing working fine.but if the cell is having some text along with bar sysmol ( | ) [Ex : 12345 | 789123] that cell data is not reading from excel file.All fileds in excel sheet is text format only.Some times it's reading correctly & some times it not reading(empty).Is there any problem with bar symbol ( | )

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Read A .txt File And Bind Data To ASP.NET Gridview At Run Time

Dec 10, 2010

Mr requirement is i am uploading a .txt file and read that .txt file and bind that data to ASP.NET Gridview control. My .txt file is look like below:

% Compressor type: GT12 C224(38) 55 Trim 0.38 A/R
% Turbine type: GT12 T202(35.5) 72 Trim 0.39 A/R
% Initial data file name:20050669-02.cdt
% Polar inertia: [kg.m2]
% Comment:DATA REDUCTION CODE REV 2.04 RELEASE 03-OCT-2004 (REFERENCE: REPORT 99-0145. REPORT 03-0901. TI-056)
% P reference: 100000Pa - T reference: 298 K
% RPM KG/S T-T ----
115030.5714 0.0170 1.3398 0.5698
115030.5714 0.0239 1.3209 0.6155
115030.5714 0.0291 1.3020 0.6282
115030.5714 0.0339 1.2822 0.6377
115030.5714 0.0380 1.2576 0.6209
115030.5714 0.0416 1.2311 0.5955
134956.4286 0.0405 1.4045 0.6852

How to read this file and bind data to gridview control.

Right now i am using the following code but it stores whole data in a single column and a single row but i need it in four columns named NC, WC, PRC,ETAC and it's values in respected columns.


protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

String ext = System.IO.Path.GetExtension(FileUpload1.FileName).ToUpper();
if (ext == ".TXT")
String content = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(FileUpload1.FileBytes);
String[] ar = content.Split(';');
GridView1.DataSource = ar;

how to get data in four columns in Gridview as a tabular format. I am using technologies Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET 2.0,C#.NET 2.0 and Windows Xp Operating system.

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How To Read Web.config File From Javascript

Feb 8, 2011

When the user clicks on it, another .aspx page should pop up. I used the code below and it works fine. But when we deploy this .aspx page, the IP address of the target IIS server will be different. So I am thinking of saving the IP address of target IIS server in web.config file and load it into the method of Javascript code (below).Qusetion 1: Is that right way to do? If so, how I can read web.config file from Javascript?

<script type="text/javascript">
function open_win() {"http://10.999.1.86/WebUI/HistoricalRuns.aspx", "_blank", "toolbar=no, location=yes, directories=no, status=no, menubar=yes, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, copyhistory=no, width=1000, height=500");

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Way To Use OpenExeConfiguration To Read A Different Config File

Feb 17, 2011

I'm trying to use OpenExeConfiguration to read a different config file, but I can't find any good examples.I have a windows Service and some of the config data already exists in another windows service config file on the same server, and it makes more sense to use what is already there, rather than have to maintain the same data in 2 places.

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Can A Web.config Read From An External Xml File

Mar 9, 2010

I have to duplicate some settings (like connection string) between a web.config file that a WCF host uses and a web.config file that a web client uses.

In the interest of not duplicating, can I have both the web.configs read from a separate xml file? The two web.configs can be entirely in different solutions/projects so I guess this is not possible, but wanted to get other's opinion.

PS: I do understand I can use a database to store all the config settings.

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How Often The Web.config File Is Read By The Server

Feb 22, 2011

I wonder how often the Web.config file is read by the server?And if the fact of the Web.config file is too large, influences the application performance?

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VS 2008 - Read Value From Config File

Sep 13, 2011

I have code that reads a value from a config file (not web.config) given a key. It looks like this:

Public Shared Function GetCustomConfig(ByVal ValuetoGet As String, ByVal ConfigFileValue As String) As String
Dim Returnvalue As String = String.Empty
For Each KeyValue As String In AppSettings.Keys
If KeyValue = ValuetoGet Then
Returnvalue = AppSettings.Item(KeyValue).ToString
End If

Return Returnvalue
End Function

So if my config file which is named my.config has this entry: <add key="TempArea" value="c:Temp"/>I would call GetCustomerConfig("TempArea", "my.config") and the function would return "c:Temp". Most of the time this is what happens. But sometimes I get an exception: Collection was modified after the enumerator was instantiated.

Is there a better way to get the value given the key? This is code written long ago by my predecessor, and I am not sure I want to use it anymore. If I do use it, I will have to do something so that it is more reliable.

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Getting AppSettings Values From Web.config In Javascript?

Apr 30, 2010



In the span's onclick handler i wrote "javascript: alert(getAppSetting('ftpuser'));" for testing, and built some alerts into the function. The first alert returns [object]. That's nice, i thought. The second alert returned 0. That's strange, because the web.config has exactly 1 of this node. So i guess that the function doesn't actually load the correct document. Has anyone done something similar ? When i don't suppy a full path, doesn't javascript assume that it should look for the file in the virtual directory of the current web application where the web.config is ?

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Web.config Appsettings Not Picked Up In Sub Directory?

Jan 25, 2010

I have a web.config in a sub directory with an appSetting in it. It does not seem to be picked up and added to the appSettings collection? what I'm doing wrong or how to get round setting directory specific settings?

The directory has this config file


And its picked up (or not) by an ascx control like so


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Access To Web.config Attributes (not AppSettings)?

Mar 23, 2011

given that I can add various addributes to the stock membership provider I assume I can do the same with my own provider implementation.

<add name="MyMembershipProvider" type="Portal.Infrastructure.MyMembershipProvider"
[...] />

My question now: How do I access these values in the code? I understand that the ConfigurationManager can be used to access key value pairs in the appSettings section but this is different.

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