Data Controls :: Simple MySql Function For Return Data From Table Using ID

Aug 30, 2013

1)table student

studentno varchar(50)

hobby1 varchar(40);

hobby2 varchar(40);

hobby3  varchar(40); 

2)if record in data database such that

hobby1  hobby2   hobby3 in this maximum is one must be chose


here  studentno  hobby1  hobby2   hobby3

           1             cricket   null         null      
           2             null      hockey     null
           3             null       null        tennis

if i want to write function in mysql if i pass the studentno

i want to get the hobby of respective student

like select functionname(1)

your hobby is cricket

like select functionname(2)

your hobby is hockey

ike select functionname(3)

your hobby is tennis

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Nov 5, 2010

When I click on the following div:

<div id="Result">Click here for the time.</div>

I need the following codebehind function to run:

<WebMethod()> _
Public Shared Function GetDate() As String
Return DateTime.Now.ToString()
End Function

I need this to populate the inside of the div with the string returned by the GetDate() function. I think this should use code similar to this:


I've pulled this example from this site: [Code]....

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POST http://admin/Default.aspx GetDate 404 Not Found -18ms

Edit: Note: test.aspx/GetDate must match your aspx page name and function name!

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My question is:

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I noticed after researching extensively that the GridView, ListView and DetailsView templates still leave me very limited in what I can design. My question: is there a way for me to design a table in a details page with record placeholders that will be fetched from a master/detail page set?

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Forms Data Controls :: Add The Grid View Data Into MySql Database?

Jan 17, 2011

I am importing Excel file data into gridview control,i want to insert same grid view data into mysql database.I have plenty of excel files in my root folder, these excel files always update with new data.

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Forms Data Controls :: Editing Data With Gridview - MySQL Database

Jan 10, 2010

I have a MySQL database, and I'm currently creating an ASP.NET website to update data in it. I'm currently having trouble changing the data with GridView. Reading through various posts on this site, i think I've got a problem with binding the data, but I'm not sure how to accomplish this with MySQL database. My c# code is as follows:


My asp code is as follows:


At the moment I'm getting an error about the "trash" data, it's an Int32 field, but I'm not sure how to handle that.

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Forms Data Controls :: Load Data From Mysql Into Checkbox = Checked?

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|200,201,202,203,204,205 |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx |

As all of u can see the cLocCode store as string. I would like to load it into web form as checkbox which is like this:

x Checkbox200.Checked x Checkbox201.Checked x Checkbox202.Checked x Checkbox203.Checked
x Checkbox204.Checked x Checkbox205.Checked x Checkbox 206.Unchecked

this is the situation.

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how can i get all the fields and all the field data from linq table and use it in a function

for example

var address1 = FunctionName.Address1
var postcode = functioname.postcode

or however i can make this work


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Here is my code

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" EnableModelValidation="True" DataKeyNames="id" >
<asp:CommandField ShowEditButton="True" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="id" HeaderText="id" InsertVisible="False"
SortExpression="id" />
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="NAME" SortExpression="NAME">
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("NAME") %>'></asp:TextBox>
<asp:Label ID="Label2" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("NAME") %>'></asp:Label>
<asp:BoundField DataField="FATHER_NAME" HeaderText="FATHER_NAME"
SortExpression="FATHER_NAME" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="MOTHER_NAME" HeaderText="MOTHER_NAME"
SortExpression="MOTHER_NAME" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="CLASS" HeaderText="CLASS" SortExpression="CLASS" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="gram" HeaderText="gram" SortExpression="gram" /
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Remark" SortExpression="Remark">
<asp:DropDownList ID="PS" runat="server" SelectedValue='<%# Bind("Remark") %>'>
<asp:ListItem>NOT APPEARED</asp:ListItem>
<asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("Remark") %>'></asp:Label>
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConflictDetection="CompareAllValues"
ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionString2 %>"
ProviderName="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionString2.ProviderName %>"
UpDatecommand = "update [REGULAR] set [NAME] = ?, [FATHER_NAME]=?, [MOTHER_NAME]=?, [CLASS]=?, [gram]=?, [Remark]=? where [id] = ?"
SelectCommand="SELECT [id], [NAME], [FATHER_NAME], [MOTHER_NAME], [CLASS], [gram], [Remark] FROM [REGULAR] WHERE (([CLASS] = ?) AND ([SCHCD] = ?))">
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="DropDownList3" Name="class"
PropertyName="SelectedValue" Type="String" />
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="DropDownList1" Name="schcd"
PropertyName="SelectedValue" Type="String" />

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Data Controls :: How To Use UniqueIdentifier Data Type In MySql Database

May 7, 2015

what is the uniqueidentifier data type equivalent in mysql

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Feb 25, 2016

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DataSource Controls :: Return String Value From The Function?

Mar 7, 2010

i try to return string value from the function i wrote for getting string value from the table for that i havecommon stored procedure

public string getdata(string str)
string datanew;


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