DataSource Controls :: Assign Dataset Values Retrieved From Database To Session Variables

Aug 16, 2010

I am looking to retrieve data from a database and assign those values to class objects which in turn will be turned into session variables. I am using an object datasource to retrieve the data from the database but I cannot find anywhere that shows how to assign these values to variables. The data is returned in a dataset. There is the added problem that there will be mulitple items returned which will have to be assigned to different arraylists of objects based on the a primary key in the database.

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DataSource Controls :: Assign Dataset Values To C# Variables?

Jul 1, 2010

I am looking to cache a dataset and then filter the results as they will be used repeatedly. However, I don't know how to assign values in the filtered dataset to variables in C#. I have looked on the internet for the past few hours but all I can get in binding the dataset to a control.

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DataSource Controls :: Send A String Session Array Values To Dataset?

Mar 12, 2010

How can i send a string session array values to dataset? I have a session array where i stored textbox values. nowi want to send these values to dataset. how can i write the code in c# to send these values to dataset? I dnt want to save these values in database.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Retrieve The Data From The Session (Dataset) And Save It Into A Database

Mar 24, 2010

How to retrieve the data from the session (Dataset) and save it into a database


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DataSource Controls :: Database Schema Could Not Be Retrieved?

Nov 18, 2010

I recently installed the latest Oracle Data Provider for .NET(ODP.NET, due to the fact that Microsoft Oracle Client is deprecated. Ever since the new installation, my SqlDataSource control stopped working. When I try to configure the data source of the SqlDataSource and test the connection, it always gives me the following error message:Database schema could not be retrieved for this connection. Please make sure the connection settings are correct and that the database is online.

OCIEnvCreate failed with return code -1 but error message text was not available. at DataObjectSupport(721,6)

I know for sure the connection settings are definitely correct and the database is online for sure, because any databinding I did manually works perfectly well. I can manually bind to a Gridview, ListBox controls and display the data without any problem. The only problem I have is using the SqlDataSource. This is painful because Gridview and Listview have a lot of cool built-in features. When you databind the controls in the code behind file, you lose all the features.

I have added ASPNET to the Oracle home directory and granted it full control access and retarted the computer but it doesn't work. I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and the database is Oracle 10g. Does anybody know why I'm having problem with SqlDataSource only?

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State Management :: How Session Values Are Remembered And Retrieved

Apr 22, 2010

when designing E-commerce website or shopping cart we call session value from login and we use it anywhere we need,but i want to know how session values are remembered and retrieved??i mean where they are stored and how it will be accessed

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Assign Array Session Variable To Dataset?

Mar 12, 2010

How to assign a array string session to dataset or datatable? I have a array session data in that i stored n number of values. i want to assign these values to dataset. so that i can bind these values to gridview. so anyone pls let me know how to do this? Iam getting error to convert sesion{"noncontractitem"] to datatable.

string[] sessiondata = { txtProductNo.Text, txtItemDescription.Text, ddlUnitOfMeasure.Text, ddlDistributor.Text, rbtlItemType.Text, txtQnty.Text, txtPacking.Text, txtUnitCost.Text };
Session["NoncontractItem"] = sessiondata;
DataTable dts = new DataTable();
dts = (DataTable)Session["NoncontractItem"];
grdSelectedItems.DataSource = dts;

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Possible To Add Links To Retrieved Database Values?

Apr 27, 2010

I hope I can explain myself properly. What i'd like to do is be able to add a Search form where users can search various criteria based on my Orders table. I was hoping to add the capability to click on one of the OrderID's to display the fields from the Orders in the various text boxes on my form. This would allow the users to search, and update all in the same page. I have the data retrieval portion down pat, but am not really sure how to give them useful links. Is this possible? Or is there a better approach that I could take?

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DataSource Controls :: Assign All Column Values To A Parameter?

Jan 2, 2010

i have to combobox which default selected value is "select all" and other values USA GERMANY vs.

and i have countries can i query all country names when "select all" value is selected.My stored procedure is look like this

select * from countries where countryname=@prmcountryname

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DataSource Controls :: Declare Variables And Pass Values In Vb?

Mar 6, 2010

I need to declare a variable xyz, then, using a select statement, pass a variable into it so I can then insert it into a table.

Dim @xyz As
set @xyz = (select xyz
from systable)

1. I get a squiggly line below the @.

2. I get informed that set and let are no longer supported.

3. When I remove the @ I get the squiggly below select.

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DataSource Controls :: Case Statement Assign Values Based On Condition?

Feb 2, 2010

I need to modify the results (NULL) to reflect '0.00'.

My query statement is giving me an error at the CASE level.


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Assign Values To GridView's Cells And Update To Database

Nov 23, 2010

I have a gridview in a page, and some Texboxes along with a button(for issuing a command) in the same page. The TextBoxs were inputted values and the values could be assigned to the selected row of the gridview, some fields are the same values along the rows, and the values are inputted in the TextBoxes for using several times without change.

Well, I need to know: how can I assign the values of the TextBoxes to the selected row of the gridview. in another words, how can I access the cell members of the gridview when it is in edit mode? (Q1)

If the row is not selected, I have no way to know which row should be assigned values, since there is no such things like "current row".

So, if the selecting button(or link) of the gridview is not selected, the button along with the TextBoxes should keep disabled, until a row's "Edit" button is clicked. (Q2: How can I find if the Edit button is clicked? I guess I can use the property "mode" of the gridview to indicate the situation. )

And the last question is (Q3), how can I ensure the values are updated to the database? Maybe I dont need to do more things than just click the uppdate button of the row of the gridview.

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About Session Variables Losing Its Values Before Time Out?

Jun 14, 2010

I've got some ASP pages where the session variable values get blown away BEFORE the session times out. I can't understand it. For example: if a user logs into my ASP app using his password which is stored in a session variable, it will be fully accessible for a few minutes and then all of a sudden.....Wham session variable with password value is gone. And the session timeout is far from expired. The session variable is not being touched in any way after it gets initialized with a value.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Get The Deleted Values In The Dataset

Apr 16, 2010

i am using dataset,i retrived the values from the database and i deleted from the data set .is it possible to get values back?

how can i get those values?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Get First And Last Row Values From Gridview Or Dataset

Feb 25, 2010


string studentno = "select regno from stu_ref where batch='" + dropbatch.SelectedItem.ToString() + "'";
SqlDataAdapter dastudent = new SqlDataAdapter(studentno, cn1);
DataSet dsstudent = new DataSet();[code]....

form the above coding i will get all values form the table stu_ref of regno of student now i need to get the first and the last regno from the table

for eg TextBox1=103301

the total no of student=78

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DataSource Controls :: Getting Values To The Dataset From Dataadapter?

Dec 23, 2010

public static DataSet GetSubCategories(int category_id)

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State Management :: Assign All Values In Session To Variable?

Dec 1, 2010

Is it possible to assign all values in session to variable.

retrieving some values from first page with this code

Dim retProductIDs As List(Of Integer) = CType(Session("ProductIDs"), List(Of Integer))

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Data Controls :: Splitting Comma Separated Values In Database And Assign To Multiple Textboxes

Apr 27, 2016

I have 5 textboxes in my webpage for entering address, i.e,

door no, village, city, district, pincode.

These are concatenated by comma (,) and stored into the database field address. at the time of retrieving, the concatenated address, should be separated and assign to each textboxes.

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State Management :: Crossing Values Of Session Variables

Oct 18, 2010

We are working in a web application using Session variables to store the clients ID to operate with them in all app (making orders, reports, etc....) but randomly users get the client ID of another user in any moment using the application.

I have tried to solve it in a first step adding to system.web section in the web.config file this:


ASP.NET State Service is running in server normally, It began run just before this last change, but we have not solved the problem either with this solution.

The server is Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2 32bits running IIS 6.0, and the application is made with Framework 2.0

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ADO.NET :: Assign Datatype Of Attribute Retrieved Using SQL Query To String?

Aug 3, 2010

How it is possible to assign datatype of an attribute retrieved using sql query to a string? for eg:

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select data_type from information_schema.columns where table_schema='dbo' AND table_name=table1 AND column_name=column1, con);

I want to assign this datatype value to a string. How it is possible?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Filter Dataset/datatable Depending On The Values

Apr 7, 2010

i have a dataset which contains some data.

let dataset have some columns one among them is " Type "

let the values in column type be type1,type2.type3 and so on

now if i want to filter dataset which contains only type3

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DataSource Controls :: How To Update Database From A DataSet

Apr 1, 2010

I'm fairly new to and I'm trying get my arms around the data entry and update. I have created a nice data entry formusing a stored procedure. It works well but for a test database, it's pretty much overkill, but worthwell in learning how. I'm going through the ADO.NET quick start tutorial and I've ran across a couple of questions that I've not be able to answer. In my website,I'm wanting to edit the database by creating a separate form that is filled with the existing database information for that particular id. My main question is how to I take the information from the dataset and get it into my form. The code below is not fillingmy form. Not sure what I should be using here:


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DataSource Controls :: StronglyTypedDataset - Assign User Input Values To The Columns Of  StronglyTypedDataset?

Jan 25, 2010

I have successfully created a strongly typed dataset. And trying to assign my user input values to the columns of my StronglyTypedDataset but having no luck with it


In the above code 'PlantInventoryAccuracy' is the name of the Strongly Typed Dataset and 'PlantInventoryAccuracyDataTable' is the dataTable. when I try o debug this to see if my user input values are being assigned to te currentRow I see blue squuiggly line under the 'new' key word when I mouse hover it says

'The type PlantInventoryAccuracy.PlantInventoryAccuracyRow has no constructors defined.'

This is the first time I am trying to use Storngly typed datasets. I am not sure if I am trying to use it right. The above code is in my code behind page and my idea is to fill this row with the user input values then pass this to my data layer where I need to assign these values as the parameters to the stored procedure I have created and then store them to the database.

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Storing User Variables In Database Versus Session In C#

Jul 28, 2010

I'm working with an application that stores most data in a database and not session. I'm wondering of the pros and cons of each and which is the better way to go. For example, you have a pretty busy site and instead of storing user specific variables in session, there is a DB table called user data and it can store all user specific data that can be accessed from any page by querying the database. Which is the better way to go, session or database?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Update Dataset Back To Database

Jan 23, 2010

I want to reformat one column in database. So that I've used strong typed dataset by drag and drop in VS 2008. When I've already updated all data in dataset, I call method update() of table adapter to perform update my modified data of dataset into database. But it doesn't work.

Below is my code


The RemoveWhiteSpace(string input) is my function to remove special characters from dataset.

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