DataSource Controls :: Copying SQL Server Database Has Not Copied Membership Stuff Correctly?

Jan 19, 2010

I have just used the Import and Export Wizard to copy my production SQL Server database, which uses Membership and Roles. I used the option to copy all the data from existing tables and views and did not modify the mapping in any way. Things do not seem to have gone well.....

My source database has a bunch of views with names like vw_aspnet_Applications,vw_aspnet_MembershipUsers, etc. The copy database has these listed as tables!I wondered if running aspnet_regsql.exe might fix things. I needed to run this anyway to create all the missing stored procedures for Membership, etc. However, it failed with the error:Setup failed.Exception:An error occurred during the execution of the SQL file 'InstallCommon.sql'. The SQL error number is 2714 and the SqlException message is: There is already an object named 'vw_aspnet_Applications' in the database.Creating the vw_aspnet_Applications view...I am a bit lost. All I want to do is to create a total clone of my production database for test purposes. Where do I go from here?

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Forms Data Controls :: Copying Tailspin Stuff But With Gridview Controls?

Feb 7, 2011

I'm trying to setup a gridview control to have a column full with a hyperlink called "Details" that redirects to a template page that has a formview control. It's supposed to transport the productID of it's corresponding row to that other page, which already has an Entitiy DataSource setup to a database, and it's supposed to use that product ID to fill in fields on that Formview Template.

I was trying to copy this tutorial:


but he uses a listview control instead. Reason I'm using gridview is because it's a gridview that filled on the spot after it's queried to by a search engine.

How would I accomplish somthing similar but with gridview controls instead of listview controls? What kind of syntax would I want to be looking at?

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C# - Why Does Copying A File Using FileInfo.CopyTo Creates The Destination Copied File As Readonly

Jun 11, 2010

I have two folders in my web application in which I create new folders programmaticaly. The entire solution is under VSS source control. I was not able to manipulate these two folders programmably. For that, I gave {MACHINE}ASPNET user account full control over these two folders. Still, the "access denied to the path" error was coming. I saw that these entire folders were marked readonly. I tried to uncheck Readonly from explorer but not successfull, readonly check does not get removed. Also, if I copy files using method, the destinationn copied file becomes readonly. I have also tried File.SetAttributes (path,FileAttributes.Normal); but no success. How can I make the copied file not READONLY?

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SQL Server :: Copying Database In App_Data?

Jan 7, 2011

I am currently developing a website currently in ASP.NET. I need to give the current ready website to another collaborator to continue with the work. But how do I send the database along with the website?

If this is done, what steps do I need to follow to use the database on the new machine? Do I need to change web.config or what more?

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VS 2005 - Copying SQL Database From Local To Server?

Jan 31, 2010

I had developed a program a few years back that stored data in an XML file. Over the years, I had accumulated about 500 or so records in the XML file. I wanted to replicate this program online using SQL as the holder of my data.

So I started developing the program using VB 2005 and ASP using the local SQL server on my computer. The first thing I wrote in my program was a piece that took the data from the XML and copied it into the SQL automatically...which was nice, made it easy. Then I continued to work on the program.

Eventually I copied everything to my online area and started running it, everything seems to be working fine so far but I'm stuck.

Is there a way to take the 500 or so records I have locally in a SQL Database and upload it to the SQL Database with the exact same structure that is online so I don't have to re-enter all these things?

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DataSource Controls :: SQL SERVER 2008: Full Text Search Can't Find Prefixes Correctly?

May 9, 2010

I'm implementing an AJAX autocomplete feature where the user types into a textbox and the webpage generates suggestions (pretty much like how Google's search box works). I got the AJAX part to work right, but for some reason, my database query does not.Let's say I want to find "Chicago". Using the following query does not find it.SELECT TOP 10 citynames FROM city WHERE CONTAINS(citynames, 'chi*')But using this query does.SELECT TOP 10 citynames FROM city WHERE CONTAINS(citynames, 'chicago')By the way, "citynames" is an ntext type field and I'm using SQL SERVER 2008.Does anyone know why my first query can't find "Chicago"? I've been staring at that query for hours, yet can't find anything wrong with it. Something wrong with the database maybe?

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Forms Data Controls :: Noob Stuff: Querying Any Value From SQL Database?

Jan 10, 2011

I'm trying to create a search page that searchs one specific table in the entrie datbase.Basically someone writes what they want in a textbox in search.aspx, they click the search button, and it takes them to another page called search_results.aspx, carrying the inputted text along with it. What search results is supposed to do is at page load, its supposed to query the entire database for all values that are LIKE the text in the querystring, then transport the entire value set of each row that has a field matchign the query string, and then it's supposed take those values and put them in a template that presents them in the way that I want.

The only thing out of all that that I don't know how to do is write the code for taking the querystring and putting it up against all the values in the database like that. I know that you can find a value in a specfic comlumn, i.e.

SELECT Column1, Column2
FROM Table1
Where Column1 = 'blah1', 'blah2'

but how do you write it so that it looks at all the columns for 1 or 2 specfic values (the querystring), and then it returns the entire for each time it finds them?

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MVC :: Code Behind Can't Recognize Server Controls After Copied To Project From Old Webform

May 30, 2010

I migrating a large webform site to MVC. I want to mix match old web form and mvc together for sometime and gradually convert the webform model to pure mvc model.

So i copied all aspx/ascx files from the old webform site to my mvc project. Now when i compile, i get build error. Code behind files can not find any server controls inside their aspx pages.

I can solve this problem by adding a desinger.cs file for each of the aspx,ascx file but that simply is not viable for me since i am dealing with hundreds of aspx pages and user controls and i can not afford to manually add a designer file for each of them.

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DataSource Controls :: Failed To Update Database "C:MEMBERSHIP.MDF" Because The Database Is Read-only

Feb 8, 2010

This is a very common error as evidenced but the very large number of problems and suggested solutions on the web. I finally got around it last week but can't remember what was the step that did it. At that time, I was building a web application rather than a web site. Is that the difference? As you can see, it is no longer in the APP_DATA folder and is named membership.mdf rather than aspnetdb.mdf. I ran aspnet_regsql.exe to create it and actually had it working and was updating it successfully. But for other reasons, I had to scrap the application and decided to re-create it from scratch as a web site rather than a web application. I had been using Visual Studio 2008 to build the web application but am now using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition to build the web site. Unfortunately, the Visual Studio application will no longer open so I can't verify that the web application still works. Can anybody help? (Please!!!) BTW, ASPNET and NETWORK SERVICE both have full control over the membership.mdf.

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Configuration :: Deployment Error -Failed To Generate A User Instance Of SQL Server Due To A Failure In Copying Database Files

Jul 28, 2010

I have created roles and users using ASP.NET configurations for login validations, it works fine if I run my application within project but when I publish my site and try to run from my Inetpub it giving this error. I tried all shorts of solutions posted in website but nothing worked for me.

"Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server due to a failure in copying database files. The connection will be closed"

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DataSource Controls :: Copying Db Structure With Out Data

Jan 25, 2010

I want to know what the easiest way is to copy one database structure to another blank database. I want tables, stored procedures and functions copied over but none of the data within the tables. I can export it...but then all the data also gets carried over, which I don't know. What would be the best way to carry this out?

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Using A Single Database (or Copied) For Hosted Site And Desktop App

Jul 4, 2010

I've built an online scheduling system for a local company so that they can have a calendar with the scheduled jobs for the day and so that the customers can check on the progress of the work being done for them. Allowing the customer to check for themselves would cut their phone call volume down to about 30% of what it is now leaving more time to complete jobs. Everything is fine but I'm concerned about instances when either the server has issues or the business' internet is down. I was considering making it a desktop application but then it wouldn't have the online abilities of allowing the customers to check on the job's progress.

So, basically, as it stands now, if there is problems with the internet connection, either at the business or at the host, the business loses their daily scheduler and if I make it a desktop app the customer has to call to check on the progress. Unless I can make the local database copy any transaction made on the desktop app to the database on the server. How would I go about doing something like that? Would this be a good reason to use a web service (something I've never done)?

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Create Methods To Do Stuff Like Opening The Connection To The Database?

Jun 22, 2010

I want to be able to create methods to do stuff like opening the connection to the database.Right now if I want to do that I have to put all the code to open the connection with the database in every class.What I did is create a new class called methods, this class is in the App_code folder.I have researched but don't understand how methods are created and how to call them. If someone can give me an example regarding a database connection method, I might be able to really understand how a method works. Basically, this is the code I have to use everytime I want to open a connection to the database:

string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["dbConn"].ConnectionString;

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SQL Server :: Stuff Available For MS SQL Similar Region In C#?

Feb 12, 2011

Similar region in C#, is there stuff available for MS SQL?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Transfer Database From Mysql To Sql Server Database

May 10, 2010

I have some data which is in mySQL, i am not familier with mySQL, i would like to transfer all the data from MySQL to SQL Server database,

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Sql Server - Reference Membership Database In Another Database?

Jan 1, 2011

I am making a simple ASP.NET webpage for my school organization using VS2010. When I choose "New Website," I see that Visual Studio already sets up a database for managing memberships. I also have my own database (MyDatabase) that I need to use for the site, which contains information about the members of the organization (for example, email, phone-number, etc.)

I need to have a way to find out who the current logged-in user is, and allow them to edit ONLY their information (email, phone-number).The way I have considered doing it is:

- Add a field in MyDatabase called "UserName" and use it as a sort-of foreign key from the other database.

- Get the username of the logged-in user

- Use this username for my queries For example:

// (PseudoCode)
String loggedInUser = MembersDatbase.GetLoggedInUser();
var MemberInfo = SELECT * FROM MyDatabase.Users WHERE UserName=loggedInUser;

-Then the logged-in user will only have access to their information.

I'm not sure about the code yet, but I could probably figure that part out. I'm more interested in hearing if there is a better way of doing this. I do NOT want to merge the two databases into a single database.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Use Correctly

Jan 14, 2011

I have a query that looks like this attached to a sqldatasource :

SELECT [fldBaseline] FROM [BI_PATHS_Target_Baseline] WHERE fldBranch = @fldBranch and
fldyear=@fldyear and fldcategory = @cat

and i want to make a LABEL to read that fldbaseline value and i tried this :


btw the @fldbranch is pulling from a dropdownlist and so it the @year but the @cat is just defined always as 'LEAN' But im not sure what to put inside the select() part. i know you have to put atasourceselectarguments.empty if no parameters, but what would I do here since their are 3?

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Security :: Membership Table Not Updating Password Correctly With User Wizard?

Jan 2, 2010

There seems to be something wrong with the create user wizard?I am using hashed password storage. When I change it to clear storage I see the user's password is being stored as something completly different than what they typed in.Example: changeme1 now equates to something like: 4W*KQQ4%=SIf I use 4W*KQQ4%=S as the password to login with it works but changeme1 does not.When I use the reset password wizard it updates the password just fine and it works when I login next.Any clues what could be causing this?

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DataSource Controls :: Synchronize The Database To A Sql Server Database?

Jun 7, 2010

I have created a sdf database in a mobile application.Now I want to synchronize that database to a sql server database.

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DataSource Controls :: Prepopulated Form Not Updating Correctly?

Apr 28, 2010

I've created a page called "EditItem.aspx" where a user can edit a row in a database. On EditItem.aspx.cs, the pageload function grabs the correct row from the database (by grabbing the querystring in the url). The form is populated with all of the correct data. I've got a button onclick that runs this code:


But the changes do not apply. However, if I set static information (so the information is not being grabbed from fields on the form) into the SQL string, I can click the button once, nothing will happen, but if I press it a second time, THEN the information will be passed to the database.

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Forms Data Controls :: Database Won't Update Correctly?

Aug 9, 2010

Sometimes the database clears everything and keeps the original status record.I don't know why this won't update,


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DataSource Controls :: How To Connect Server Explorer To A Remote SQL Server Database

Mar 13, 2010

I have created web pages using VS Web Developer that use a local Developer Edition of SQL server database on my PC with LINQ to SQL. When I deploy my website to a remote web host SQL server, I need for my web pages to be able to use the remote database instead of the local database. So, how do I get the Server Explorer to connect with a remote SQL Server database?

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DataSource Controls :: Copy A Database On A Development Server To Local Server?

Jan 12, 2010

I want to copy a database on a development server to my local server. I am not the server administrator but I have rights to the database. Soon after the wizard Executes the SQL Server Agent Job it fails and the error message says:

The job failed. Check the event log on the destination server for details.

Where do I find this log? Also what could be the problem?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Execute 50MB SQL File (Micrsoft SQL Server) On Database Server Host

Jun 17, 2010

I have created database .sql file for create schema with export database. (its .sql file size is 48.2 MB)

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DataSource Controls :: Copy Data From One SQL Server Database To Other SQL Server

May 21, 2010

how to copy data from one SQL Server database to other SQL server database using two connection string...

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