DataSource Controls :: Generating Tables From XML Schema - VS 2008

Apr 19, 2010

Is it feasible to generate tables(Relational) from XML schema using VS 2008?

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DataSource Controls :: Uniquely Extract Tables From Database Schema?

Jun 11, 2010

I am looking for a fast way (either by script or Query statements) that would enable me uniquely extract some tables from my database schema.

The tables I wish to extract have some unique columns like x and y coordinate columns and i want to extract only the tables that have these coulmns in them.

My database schema is very large with 100s of tables that i cant just go through the tables one by one.

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DataSource Controls :: Generating Tables From Entities

May 13, 2010

I'm creating entity on a project to use them as data on my website. I got my base simple entity Users and my DataContext. The thing is i would like the database to create the table as i create Entities.

I mean, actually my database doesn't have a Users table and do not generate it as i build and launch the project. I used to be a Java dev and in Java the table can be created with JPA so i guess Microsoft made it possible with but how to do? I've looked on the web but didn't find it.

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DataSource Controls :: TableDiff Comparing Tables On SQL 2005 And SQL 2008 Servers?

Jun 16, 2010

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100COM>tablediff -sourceserver "warehousebox"
-sourcedatabase "table1" -sourcetable "siqvirtual" -destinationserver "mainbox" -de
stinationdatabase "table1" -destinationtable "siqvirtual" -destinationuser "sarah"
-destinationpassword "hello" -strict -f "c:fooDiff.sql"

Since these table are on two different boxes and 2 different versions, I am getting error message that tables cant be compared because they have different schema's.Schema's are the same but they are on different machines and different servers. What is a work around it?

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Generating Entity Class Files From Table Schema?

Jul 1, 2010

I am using LINQ to SQL with C#. Is there a method through which we can generate entity class files from the table schema? By dragging tables onto the graphical designer classes are generated but they are not the real class files(i mean actual files with the extension cs).

I am aware of that we can code the class files first and then create the schema manually or programmatically, but i wanted to know if the reverse is possible, may be using some third-party tools. I feel it will be very convenient to use LINQ that way.

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SQL Server :: Offshore Host Renames Tables With Schema Name On Restore?

Oct 6, 2010

I was so happy today when I checked a site that gets a lot of user submitted content and realized that I had been able to grab my database from my US hosting company, send it overseas, and get it restored without any new UGC to copy over. Then I realized that all of my queries were broken and after some trouble shooting I realized that all of my tables that were not part of the (dbo) schema were renamed in server explorer to include the name (defautschema) which would require the renaming of my queries to specify defaultschema.tablename on all non (dbo) schema tables.

The first thing I tried to do was right click on the names of the tables and select rename to delete them right there in Server Exporer, but no such option exists. Then I followed the directions for renaming tables, but the table names in the table definition do not include the schema names. I also tried deleting the schema, but got an error message saying that I have to have a schema.

Is there any way for me to change the names of the tables so that I don't have to add "schemaname." to every single column name in ever query that I have ever written?

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Generating Report From Different Tables

Oct 20, 2010

I have 3 tables(Status,Clist,longlead) having "WOnumber" common column in 3 tables and 3 web forms(status.aspx,Clist.aspx,longlead.aspx), on main page(status.aspx) i have buttons to redirect the clist.aspx and longlead.aspx to give the inputs and save it to database.I have button called scheduleReport on status.aspx when i click this button I want the values from Clist table and longlead table of corresponding WONumber values should be listed either in word or pdf.on the top of the report it should have WONUmber.

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DataSource Controls :: Schema And Data Compare

Feb 24, 2010

I already may have access to the solution i am after but cant find a way to keep the data and schema the same during deployment, ie development server SQL database to be the same thing as what i put on the sql server host during the deployment of the web application

i was using Quest Rocket compare to sync data and schema, it worked fine but they dropped that project with the intro by MS of VS08, ie the Quest plug-in works in VS05 but not in VS08 anyway, i probably have the solution I am after at my disposal due to my MSDN subscription which includes SQL server products, but my first problem there, is that i cant identify which MS tool to download and to use that will do the same thing or better than the Quest Rocket compare product,

i believe the solution i need is the full version of SQL Management Studio (which i think i have due to my MSDN subsctiption but my second problem 2) is i cant find in that full studio download in my MSDN subscriber area) also is it only the full verison of SQL Mgt studio and not the Express version that might have the "sync" capabiltiy, is that correct? or is there a way (I am a intemediate on SQL techonologies), within the Express Management Studio to painlessly sync both the schema and the data? I am using VS08 Pro, so mayber there is a way in the VSIDE to do the syncing, I think i tried the Publisher but ran into difficulties, am going to try that again and repost here what those difficulties were,

SO really just after a nice tool or utility that will keep SQL database schema and data the same during the deployment process for the web application i build, kinda urgent to as am buried and dont have time to breath.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Write A Database Schema

Jan 12, 2010

I have 3 different databases where some tables are common.

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DataSource Controls :: Reading SQL Schema Information?

Apr 27, 2010

I have a C#/ web application which caches SQL DB schema information. Is there a way that I can determine what child relationships a given table has? I have looked into using the DataTable.ChildRelations property, but it is never populated with items unless i manually create a relationship using the .add property. I also have access to DataColumn information for each column in the database.

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DataSource Controls :: Database Schema Could Not Be Retrieved?

Nov 18, 2010

I recently installed the latest Oracle Data Provider for .NET(ODP.NET, due to the fact that Microsoft Oracle Client is deprecated. Ever since the new installation, my SqlDataSource control stopped working. When I try to configure the data source of the SqlDataSource and test the connection, it always gives me the following error message:Database schema could not be retrieved for this connection. Please make sure the connection settings are correct and that the database is online.

OCIEnvCreate failed with return code -1 but error message text was not available. at DataObjectSupport(721,6)

I know for sure the connection settings are definitely correct and the database is online for sure, because any databinding I did manually works perfectly well. I can manually bind to a Gridview, ListBox controls and display the data without any problem. The only problem I have is using the SqlDataSource. This is painful because Gridview and Listview have a lot of cool built-in features. When you databind the controls in the code behind file, you lose all the features.

I have added ASPNET to the Oracle home directory and granted it full control access and retarted the computer but it doesn't work. I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and the database is Oracle 10g. Does anybody know why I'm having problem with SqlDataSource only?

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DataSource Controls :: Inserting Data Into Snowflake Schema?

Apr 19, 2010

I have created database in sql server 2005 using Snowflake model.

Problem :

There is 1 fact table and 3 dimension tables.

Suppose Fact Table has cols : sales_person_id, cust_id, product_id and dimension tables as per id s defined in fact table.

Suppose i want to update products in product table, i am able to do so.

but i can not update product_id in Fact Table because remaining two field will be NULL.

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DataSource Controls :: Deploy Database Project Under Different Schema?

Jan 7, 2010

I've created a Data Base project with some CLR functions and stored procedures.

I'd like to deploy the assembly under different schema then the default dbo.

Is it possible?

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DataSource Controls :: Write Alter Schema Query?

Jun 18, 2010

how do i write my alter schema query in

using the sqlclient object..

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DataSource Controls :: How To Achieve The Foreign Keys From DataTable Schema

Feb 11, 2010

I have the code below:

SqlConnection sqlConnection = new SqlConnection(selectedConnStr);
SqlCommand sqlCommand = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM " + tableName, sqlConnection);
schema = sqlCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection).GetSchemaTable();

Just want to know how can I get the foreign keys from schema?

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Generating Application Form Source Code Of Database Tables

Feb 20, 2011

there are some way of generating the application form source code for an database tables in c#, but i not need a dynamic application form like Scaffolding i need the source code of application form

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VS 2008 - Put The Login Database Schema Into Dev?

Feb 16, 2010

In my 2008 project, I am using the login controls... In the local sql server, there are all the necessary tables and stored procedures which the system creates for the relevant login controls. All working fine. I notice in the webconfig file there is an entry under connections, i.e.:

<add name="LocalSqlServer" connectionString="Data Source= ...

Now I would like to put the project into the Dev server. What do I do in terms

1- putting my web project into the Dev machine so that we can test it on the Dev server?
2- how do I put the login database schema into Dev? Is it just a matter of restoring my local DB into Dev?...

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DataSource Controls :: DataSet TableAdapter Sometimes Not Generating Transaction Property?

Apr 21, 2010

I've got an odd problem and can't figure out what's causing it. We've got 2 different DataSets in the same project and I'm seeing different generated code from the MSDataSetGenerator. Both projects are .NET Framework 4.

In one DataSet, I can open the .Designer.cs file and there's a line like:


This essentially exposes a Transaction property to any partial class I create so I can do with it what I want (by setting it to something).

In the other DataSet no matter what I try to do, this Transaction property never gets generated. I've right-clicked on both DataSets and chose "Run Custom Tool" to get them to regenerate (I've even tried deleting the .Designer.cs file before doing this) and they both get generated the same.

I tried to make sure all the properties of the DataSets were the same. Both are using .NET Framework 4.0 and VS2010.

The file that does not generate the Transaction was from a .NET 1.0 web site that has continually been upgraded through different .NET versions. Right now it's at 4.0 but I don't know if that would have anything to do with it.

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DataSource Controls :: Removing Duplicates From Two Similar Columns Or Any Other Columns In A Database Schema

Apr 21, 2010

I have two columns first name and last name , that have duplicates, how can i remove the duplicates and only leave the distinct members intact?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Copy The Data From One Datatable To Another Datatable Based On The Schema

Jan 11, 2010

i have the dataset with one table.Table contains three column like 'Name','Location','Pin'.I would like to move the data from another table based on schema.

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DataSource Controls :: Tried To Update My Current Database With The Triggers To Input The Schema Into The Already Existing Database Can't Get That To Work?

Jan 22, 2010

Creating a system with web front end and SQL backend (microsoft obviously). I have tried using the asp.netsqlprovider but i can;t as i am only allowed one database on the server, so i then tried to update my current database with the triggers to input the schema into the already existing database.Next step i create my own table with two simple fields of username and password and try and authenticate that way, i can't get that to work either.

I ahve limited permissions on the network as i am a University Student. I really don't know what to do. Never had to create a log on system before and i thought it would be far simpler than this. I ahve used Microsoft's sqlprovider schema before and it worked fine. I have also authenticated via IIS and AD too before. I can't do any of those two in this instance it seems.I need an alternative for logging in users, if needs be in can be crude. I also still need to have some kind of two different views too for logged in users and not logged in users, but that can change if needs must.Don't let me down people, haha. Think this posts in the correct place, i could not find another one i thought could be more relevant.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Create A Schema.ini File From A Tab Delimited File

Sep 13, 2010

How do I create a schema.ini file from a tab delimited file?

I have this so far:


I think I need something like this after my last line from above:

Col1=first TEXT width 150

My text file has 7 columns, the first row is the header row. The data comes from a Micosoft SQL Server Database where the fields are of the following types:


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VS 2008 ITextSharp - Append Static PDF Page To PDF Generating

Jun 14, 2013

This is the first time I've worked with itextsharp. I'm maintaining existing code so most of the work was already done for me. I have a question on how to do this enhancement.

My code currently dynamically generates a PDF with n-pages. I want to remove the code that generates the nth page and instead pull in a static PDF document. So in other words I have these variable data that I'm creating cells and tables from, but my last page is non-changing and we want to move from dynamically generating it to just pulling it in from an existing file.

I think this is the relevant code you would want to see:

// This method builds the PDF
byte[] bytes = (byte[])BuildPdf(startDT, endDT);
//Clear out the response
//clear out the headers
//add the new PDF headers

[Code] ...

BuildPDF() does all the work with the variably-occurring pages and ends with this:

// Add footer page
// Close the document to complete it
stream.Position = 0;

[Code] ....

It is CreateFooterPage() that I want to change to just open an existing pdf, read it into some object and append it to this.PDFDocument. I know I am way oversimplifying it but simply stated, that's it.

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DataSource Controls :: Remove SQL 2008 Express B4 Installing 2008 Developer?

Jan 26, 2010

Hopefully this is a simple question. I am filling in for someone out.

We currently are using 2008 Express. Do I need to remove this prior to installing 2008 Developer, or can I simply just install over.

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DataSource Controls :: Difference Between SQL Server Express 2008 And SQL Client 2008?

May 19, 2010

is there any difference between sql express and sql client. Actually I have been told to install a sql client using which i will connect to the sql server installed remotely. Also I have sql express edition 2008 installed on my machine. So is it the same. Will I be able to connect to the sql server using the sql server express edition.?

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