DataSource Controls :: How To Update Dynamically A SQLdatasource With A WHERE Clause

Mar 10, 2011

I've already spent hours in searching through the forum to be able to do the following:I have a SQL datasource defined with a checkbox in it. Purpose is to update one column (userid) behind the table for only that row when the checkbox is selected.This is the code I'm currently having:


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DataSource Controls :: SqlDataSource - Parameter For IN() Clause

Apr 30, 2010

I have an SqlDataSource query that should use an input parameter for multiple integer values, like:

select * from table1 where TableID IN (1,2,3,4,5)


select * from table1 where TableID IN (@IDValues)

How do I do that ? Default parameter settings won't work, returning "invalid integer value" . I suppose that parameter should be passed as some kind of array that SQL recognizes as multiple integer values , but what's the correct way of setting this ?

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DataSource Controls :: Linq - Update Statement Where Clause?

May 25, 2010

I am using Linq to SQL. Tables have timestamp columns and I am using regular Linq methodology in ASP.NET MVC.I do use detached entities and always try to do updates without first querying the database for the original entity. To update an entity I use context.Attach(entity, true) followed by context.SubmitChanges() and all is fine. The sql statement that gets executed looks like:


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DataSource Controls :: Used Sqldatasource For Performing And Update Query But How To Update The Record On Click

Nov 9, 2010

Here is the sqldatasource config code: <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server"

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DataSource Controls :: Cannot Work With Dynamically Created Sqldatasource

Jan 13, 2011

My users have "demanded" to have an export function to their gridviews, and since they're running from usercontrols there's no way to modify the response stream. My workaround is to create an aspx to run in a hidden iframe. To do that, and to make it modular, I'm trying to dynamically create everything from the querystring. This *seems* to work just fine until I bind my sqldatasource to the dummy gridview. I then get "Procedure or function 'xxx' expects parameter '@NumberResults', which was not supplied."

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DataSource Controls :: Update Database Using Sqldatasource?

Jan 14, 2010

i am using a gridview which shows the data and a select column. when the user selects a record a detailsview is shown with the respective details and an edit button inside it. when the user clicks on the edit button the entire detailsview becomes editable and the user can now edit the selected record .here the problem starts cause when the user clicks on the update button there is an error stating that illegal variable/number or parameter not found.i am using sqldatasource to bind the gridview and detailsview with an unique RequestId fieldwhich detailsview sql datasource uses to bind the record uniquely.

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DataSource Controls :: All Parameters Null In Update Of SQLDataSource?

Sep 23, 2010

I have a FormView which is bound to an SQLDataSource. When a user clicks on a save button the form, I need to write any changes made to the FormView back to the table.

I have a Stored Procedure on my MSSQL 2005 database that should be executed when the user clicks on the save button.

It appears the Update is firing, but when I trap the DbCommand object in the SQLDataSource's 'Updating' event, all of the parameters that should be passed to the Stored Procedure are coming through as NULLs. Consequently, the Stored Procedure isn't updating anything.

In the click event of the save button I'm explicitly firing the SQLDataSource's Update method:


The parameters in the SQLDataSource <UpdateParameters></UpdateParameters> section appear to be correct.

Can anyone give me an idea on what to investigate to figure out why it appears the Update is only picking up NULLs?

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DataSource Controls :: Update Records Of A Sqldatasource That Is Used For A GridView?

Dec 14, 2010

i couldnt find a specific answer to this question, i am relatively new to .net :)

i have a gridview that is displaying data from a sqldatasource in my page_load event. i need to loop through the records and update each value of a particular column BEFORE being set into the GridView.

i have tried converting to a data set and looping through updating the values, however it seems that one i initially run my query the values get set right into the GridView and i can't update them after that.

Do I need to add one of the GridView functions like Databound and do the loop in there?

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DataSource Controls :: Dynamically Changing SqlDataSource.SelectCommand From FormView.ModeChanged?

Nov 17, 2010

In an 3.5 web app, I have a page with the following markup/code (this is the brief version, but I believe I got all the relevant info).


The form contains 2 different record types, accessed using the paging controls, depending on the ParentSR field; a parent SR will be something like '1234' while its sub-record will be something like '1234.1'. There are only a few differences in the fields used between the 2 different record types and that is why they are stored in the same table. However, the activity depends on the record type. When browsing from the parent record to the sub-record, the itemtemplate loads fine (notice in the formview's datasource
query, that the sractivity_id field is being pulled along with the subquery value). But when going to edit the record, the page throws an error:

System.Web.HttpUnhandledException: Exception of type 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException' was thrown. ---> System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: 'ddlActivity' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items.

If i click 'back' and retry, it may take 3 attempts, but then the edittemplate will load just fine. I should also point out that this error does not always occur. I've been trying to figure this out for a couple months and it is driving me nuts, mainly due to the fact that I can't reproduce the error in development--it seems to only occurr in production. Anyone with any thoughts on what is going on?

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DataSource Controls :: Bind Radio Buttons To An Sqldatasource For Update

Mar 29, 2011

How can I bind radio buttons to an sqldatasource for update ?

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DataSource Controls :: SqlDataSource, FormView, And Update With Stored Procedure In Code Behind

Sep 12, 2010

Using a FormView with a SqlDataSource, I'm attempting to Update data

by calling a stored proc in code behind. I was having trouble getting parameters

using Update Parameters in the SqlDataSource, but found a working solution by

coding the parameters.

The problem now is I'm getting an "Updating is not supported by data source 'XYZ' unless UpdateCommand is specified'.

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DataSource Controls :: Using Textbox Controls To Update Database With SqlDataSource?

Jan 11, 2010

I have this working on another project I have but cannot figure out why I can't get it to work on another. I have a dropdownlist box with employee names. When an employee is selected, I display the data (address, phone, email, etc.) in a series of textboxes. User can make changes and then click on an "Update" button where I attempt to update the database with the changes using the sqldatasource. The code works without any errors, but the database does not update.

Here's the sqldatasource code (the code behind follows):


Code Behind for the "Update" button control which was intended to update the database with sqldatasource3.update() command at the end:


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How To Dynamically Add Update Parameter Value To Sqldatasource In GridView From RowCommand Event

Feb 4, 2010

I have two image buttons in a gridview, one to approve the opening of the record and one to approve the closing of the record. I have added a CommandName to each button (OpenApproved and CloseApproved) and in the grids rowcommand I would like to update the database with the Username of the person clicking the button, Username goes into either the OpenLeadApprover or CloseLeadApprover field depending on which button is pressed. The grid has a sqldatasource with an Update stored procedure which has three parameters, @WorkOrderIDWhat I have tried to do in the RoeCommand event is declare a variable for the sqldatasource and add the parameter value to it, then run the update command. Here is the code:


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DataSource Controls :: SQLDataSource And Tie A SqlDatasource To A Stored Procedure

May 14, 2010

I am trying to tie a sqlDatasource to a Stored Procedure. The stored procedure looks like...


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DataSource Controls :: SqlDataSource Update On Page Load - "opt_out" Of Emails Using Link With Querystring?

Jan 9, 2010

I am trying to setup a page that access a members email address from a query string and then updates a table to set a field "opt_out" to true. I want to accomplish this on page load so when the user clicks a link I send them in their email to opt_out it will automatically do so. I have an sqldatasource set up as follows;


How can I call this datasource to update on page load isntead of binding to sometype of view?

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DataSource Controls :: Update Table Where Column Name Is Selected Dynamically C# / VB.NET

Mar 10, 2010

I want to Update Column of a Table where ColumnName will be DropDown.SelectedValue. Example: A set of RECORDS will be displayed from a Customer Table where CUstNo ='1234' and City= 'Chicago' and Grade ='B' Once displayed I want to Update the grade to 'A' of all those customers from the above criteria. In My case I have like 100 Columns, so in where Clause Column Names will be selected from a DropDown. In My Query, Update Customer SET ColumnName= 'some value' where ColumnName ='ActualValue' So how can I pass the ColumnName which is Dropdown Selected Value. I believe I can't give as Update Customer SET DropDown.SelectedValue = 'some value' where DropDown.SelectedValue ='ActualValue' how can I resolve this ?...

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DataSource Controls :: Using Varibale In The Where Clause?

Apr 21, 2010

I am having difficulties using a variable in the "where" clause:

declare @shift_started as datetime
set @shift_started = (SELECT *
FROM salestkt AS STK
WHERE SD.shift_started = STK.shift_started)'))
FROM OPENQUERY(ADS_RGWP_SERVER, ' sum(case when customer_type = ''Inter-Company'' then qty_shipped_today else 0 end) as intercompany_qty,
sum(case when customer_type = ''Charge'' then qty_shipped_today else 0 end) as outside_qty
FROM salestkt
WHERE shift_started ='" & @shift_started & "' ''')

Getting error:

Incorrect syntax near ' & @shift_started & '.

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DataSource Controls :: Add Parameter To IN Clause In SQL?

Jan 28, 2010

i am developing an application using and backend server is SQL SERVER 2005.

in my application i have 12 regions. from that 12 regions user will select any of them.

if user select 1,2,3 then i have to pass this string to IN clause

for that i have storedproc like

create procedure sp_updateDistributorContractforAllRegions (
@unitprice float,
@region varchar(50)
update employee set UnitPrice=@unitprice where regionid in (@region)

here regionid datatype in employee table is INT.

from code behind i am adding the parameter as 1,2,3.when i run the query it gives the error as

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '1,2,3' to data type int.

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DataSource Controls :: Insert Statement And Where Clause?

Apr 7, 2010

I am trying to do an insert statement to a table from classic ASP.I tried the below:


But, I am getting the error as: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'where'.How to insert data, using a where clause in the above scenario?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Pass Session UserName In Where Clause In Sql

Feb 28, 2010

SELECT DISTINCT TblSections.SectionID, TblSections.Description
UMG.Users ON TblSections.SectionID = UMG.Users.SectionID
WHERE (TblSections.Description IS NOT NULL) AND (dbo.Users.LoginName = [@Session(UserName)])
ORDER BY TblSections.Description

I have problem in using Session name in the above BOLD WHERE clause.

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DataSource Controls :: EntityDataSource Filtering / ESQL Where Clause?

Feb 28, 2010

I have a GridView that's currently bound to an ObjectDataSource. I would like to see if it's possible to instead bind it to an EntityDataSource. However, I need to be able to apply custom filters to it.

One of the filters corresponds to a bit / boolean property in the database / EntityDataModel. It has 3 possible selections:



How can I accomplish the same thing in an eSQL Where clause? There is no COALESCE function, is there an equivalent?

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DataSource Controls :: Use Stored Procedures From LINQ With A Using Clause ?

May 25, 2010

Ive created a new LINQ To SQL class and dragged several tables across from my server, in my code I access them like this

[Code]....this is all ok, however, I have several stored procedures that I want to use as well, but when I drag the stored procedures across I get a compilatiopn error

Error 60 'DB_BL.DB_BLDataContext': type used in a using statement must be implicitly convertible to 'System.IDisposable'

how do I use stored procedures from LINQ with a using clause ?

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DataSource Controls :: Select Distinct With Where Clause Don't Work?

May 2, 2010

I'm using login on a SQL Database.

I have 12 users in my User tabel - one of the user I don't want to have in my select (the user is an admin).

I tried this:


I also tried:

WHERE (dbo.aspnet_Roles.RoleName <> 'Administrators')

Both time it took the user into the table....

If I instead try this

WHERE (dbo.aspnet_Roles.RoleName = 'Administrators')

I get only one row (as expected).

What is wrong with the above sql statement - why can't I get 11 users and not them all (12 users)?

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DataSource Controls :: Modifying WHERE Clause And Change To RegEx?

May 7, 2010


modifying WHERE Clause and change to RegEx?

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DataSource Controls :: List Duplicate Records And Group By Clause?

May 27, 2010

I have some duplication that I need to clean up. I wrote a SQL query that is supposed to return duplicate customers who are located in the same city and zipcode.

I have 2 questions regarding it:

1. Is the query syntax correct to find duplicate records by same city and zipcode, data is being returned but it just returns the same customer a few times?

2. I only need to do the GROUP BY clause for Fullname and City however it gives an error when the other columns are left out. The error is Address, State and Zip not being in the aggregate function or in the group by clause.

Adding all the remaining columns to the GROUP BY clause works.

Query is as below:


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