DataSource Controls :: How To Write A Method That Uses SQLParameter To Insert Some Data Into SQL Server

Jun 30, 2010

I am about to write a method that uses SQLParameter to insert some data into SQL server. However, do I "have" to specify a DBType? If not how is this handled?

Here is an example of the code I intend to write:


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DataSource Controls :: How To Checkbox Add Sqlparameter - Insert

Apr 5, 2010

Protected Sub FormView1_ItemUpdating(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.FormViewUpdateEventArgs) Handles FormView1.ItemUpdating
Dim IsPresCheck As CheckBox = CType(FormView1.FindControl("IsPrestigeChkBx"), CheckBox)
If IsPresCheck.Checked = "True" Then
SqlDataSource1.SelectParameters.Add("IsPrestige", System.TypeCode.Int32, 1.ToString)
SqlDataSource1.SelectParameters.Add("IsPrestige", System.TypeCode.Int32, 0.ToString)
End If

but for some reason it's not seeing the parameter and returning an error

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DataSource Controls :: Sqldatasource Insert Method - Copy Data To The Other Datasource By Selecting Checkbox

Feb 25, 2010

i have two sqldatasource controls. one i use to display data in textbox's ,filter'd by a select parameter in page behind code. Once checked, i want to copy this data to the other datasource ,by selecting checkbox.Then display this data in detailsview control.

At present the two datasource controls declared , render data to the page simultaneously during pageload. I want to first check data in textbox's from first source, before second datasource is rendered to screen. note, both are filtered by a page variable. i wish to leave the textbox datasource control in situ, as other controls and code depend on it.The other detailsview datasource is my problem?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Insert Data From Local SQL Server To Remote SQL Server (without Using Linked Server)

Apr 15, 2010

How to insert data from local SQL server to remote SQL server (without using linked server) like below?

insert * into [remote server].[northwind].orders
from [local server].[northwind].orders

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DataSource Controls :: How To Tell A SQLParameter Value To Use The Default Value

Jun 23, 2010

I have a <asp:Parameter Name="Person_ID" Type="String" />. My Updatecommand contains, among other things: Person_ID = @Person_ID. That's all fine.

In my code behind, how to I say that I don't want to specify a value for this parameter, but rather want it to use the default value (which in this case is NULL?)

Or rather than telling it to use the Default value, is it possible to set it to Null? I tried setting the value to Null, but the sql code that got generated was Person_ID = "NULL", which of course, is wrong. How do I get it to generate Person_ID=NULL?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Add An Sqlparameter With Value Of Null

Apr 17, 2010

If Request.QueryString("departmentId").ToString() = "0" Then
SqlDataSource1.SelectParameters.Add("departmentId", TypeCode.Int32, 0.ToString())

I want to add a null value instead of 0.string() for the sqlparameter departmentId how do I do this?

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SQL Server :: How To Write Stored Procedure For Insert Data & Execute It In MS SQL

Oct 13, 2010

How to write Stored Procedure for Insert Data & Execute it in MS SQL?

Some websites:


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DataSource Controls :: Custom Insert Method In ObjectDataSource?

Jan 19, 2010

I've an ObjectDataSource & its datasource from typed dataset which is bind to 3 textboxes.

One of that textbox text concatenate with other two textboxes values.

Some thing like this,

textbox1.text=textbox2.text & textbox3.text

How can I customize my insert query for this?

I could not see the insert query in my objectdatasource.

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DataSource Controls :: Double Insert Method For A QueryString?

Apr 23, 2010

I have an SQLSiteMapProvider that needs a unique URL and have not got the smarts to work out how to get the provider to do the work so for now I thought I would just add the data to the DB then edit the URL with the ID. I can't do this on the first insert as I do not know the ID as it is an auto generated Primary Key

I tried to us the PostBackURL to go to a 2nd Page that got the New ID and added it to the end of the already known URL "Page.aspx?ID=" but apparently you can't do that as I found out (This would have been a masive hack to the problem I know but it would have got around it issue of for now)

this is how I guessed it would work

Insert Data with URL "Page.aspx?ID=" and more data.... Then Get New ID and update URL to have the ID on the end ie: Page.aspx?ID=99

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VS 2010 - Missing SQLParameter Add Method

Sep 29, 2012

I am trying to follow this sample of inserting data through gridview rowcommand. But somehow Im missing the sqlparameter add method whilst the namespace was already added.


//sqlparameter declaration of list type
private List<SqlParameter> insertParameters = new List<SqlParameter>();
SqlParameter _prm_guid = new SqlParameter("@pk_guid", SqlDbType.VarChar);
_prm_guid.Direction = ParameterDirection.Input;
_prm_guid.Value = thisguid;
insertParameters.add(?); //error on add()

Some other part of the code which related to insertParameters variable it give an error

for statement cannot operate on variables of type List<System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter> because List<System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter> does not contain a public definition of GetEnumerator

Am I missing a file reference?

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DataSource Controls :: Is It Possible To Check If A Sqlparameter Exists Before Adding

Apr 17, 2010

I want to check if an sqlparameter exists before adding a new one so I don't get the error - @param was supplied multiple times. IS this possible?

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DataSource Controls :: Enter Variables Into: SqlParameter[] ArrParam?

May 2, 2010

I got variables to send as parameters to Stored Procedure,

How to send it using SqlParameter[] arrParam?

How to write those variables to the arrParam?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Insert Bulk Data Into Sql Server

Mar 1, 2010

how to insert bulk data into Sql Server. Suppose I have a dataset contaning 5000 rows in it. I want to save all records to db. How it can be done and what can be best way for this.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Insert A Data File To Sql Server 2005

Mar 24, 2010

I am using an sql server 2005.

I want to insert to my table a column of some date,like that the user can insert a text file.

how to do that?

and how can I make that the user can only insert an int of length 9 for id?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Insert Data Into Sql Server Mobile Edition

May 5, 2010

i m facing the problem to insert data into database in mobile appliction i have written the code to insert data in c# and its working fine. Executenonquery returns one row but when i select data directly from the database it dont have any data and when i insert data directy into database then data is inserted and show in appliction.

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DataSource Controls :: Error "An SqlParameter With ParameterName '@UserName' Is Not Contained By This SqlParameterCollection?

Jun 30, 2010

I am trying to display a profile page on my website using the SQL Datasource_Selecting and when the page loads I get this error "An SqlParameter with ParameterName '@UserName' is not contained by this SqlParameterCollection."

The code is:

and the sql code is:


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DataSource Controls :: How To Insert Large Amount Of Data Into Sql Server In Few Minutes

Feb 15, 2010

I have contact mails large than 700.000 Mails and i want to insert them in sqlserver using c# in a few minutes not hours i know that pre impossible but , i know there`s way to do it

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DataSource Controls :: How To Write Query Using Pivot Logic In Sql Server 2005

Jan 7, 2010

i have a table for customer forecast which contains customer, week number and quantit as columns. now i need to write query and list the week as column for each customer and each cell should have a quantity. how to write query for this using pivot logic. i dont want to use cursor.

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DataSource Controls :: Insert A Record In A Remote Server From Local Server?

May 20, 2010

I need to insert a record in table which is in remote server....I am using two connection strings for local and remote....both the servers are in same workgroup am able to connect the both.The problem is am filling data of local table in on dataset1 and remote server table data in another dataset dataset2..Now whil inserting a record local an error occured like "This row already belongs to another table" after googlingI found like this like "Dataset.importrow()" instead of "dataset.add()" method...then there is no errors but the inserted record is not inserting in remote server database...

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DataSource Controls :: How To Write A Sql To Execute The File At Specific Time Sql Server Database

May 28, 2010

how can i write a sql to execute the file at specific time sql server database.

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DataSource Controls :: Write The Connection Code And Cofigure SQL Server To Use The Programe In Internet?

Oct 14, 2010

i am using sqlserver 2008

in my computer, sql server name is "LOCALHOET-PC" AND SECOND ONE "LOCALHOST-PCSQLEXPRESS"

I have write a code in my software like

SqlConnection conn;
conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=LOCALHOST-PC;Initial Catalog=n4netsALT;Integrated Security=sspi");

and it is working working smoothly in my computer

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Web Forms :: Write In Chunks / Parameters Are Not Supported For The Write Method

Mar 29, 2011

I am reading in a file into a string. Then I am writing this string to a stream. I know this code works fine.

The only problem that I have is with the line that write the data in chunks where the parameters is not supported for the Write method.

The line that has the problem is this line. What do I need to change here?

OutPut.Write(buffer, 0, Math.Min(to_write, WRITE_CHUNK));


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DataSource Controls :: Insert Array In SQL Server?

Oct 6, 2010

I am trying to insert a array into SQL with no luck. I get the string from a GPRS device that looks like this:

/WeightBridge.aspx?ReadeID=A1B5A0F5C4E4A1B5A0F5C4E4& agID=45B6C56A90B645B6C56A90B6,A47B1256A45F0843,B49B1256A45F08FF,30 SEP 2010 21:33:59,I,&Custom=Vehicle Num

All I want to do is to split the TagID array and insert it with the rest of the string into a SQL table. The TagID array must inserted into the following colomns in the DB. TagID, TID, UserMemory, DateTime and Direction. After the insert I just give a response that the insert was successfull or failed.

My code this far:

Imports System.Data.Sql
Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Partial Class WeightBridge
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page


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DataSource Controls :: SQL Insert With Server Default Values

Apr 19, 2010

I'm trying to execute a simple insert statement with the GUID and timestamp populated by default from the server. I have both of their default values set as (newid()) and (getutcdate()) respectively in SQL server. However, I receive the error when I try and execute the command "Insert Error: column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition". How do I construct my sql insert so my id and timestamp columns use their default values as assigned in sql server?


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DataSource Controls :: Insert Single Quotes In Sql Server DB?

Feb 2, 2010

Iam Facing the problem with Insert query in sql Server i want to insert value India's, Iam not unable insert 's in sql server DB.

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