DataSource Controls :: Share Files And Folders Among Users In Database

Feb 11, 2010

I just created a component management system.. I would like to share files and folders among users from a database. Actually i couldn't do that.

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DataSource Controls :: Best Practice For Importing Files.xls Or Files.csv To Database?

Apr 16, 2010

I need to populate a database (SQL Server) with some data from a templated excel document.Here are some approaches:

A) User upload a file.xls or file.csv that the server reads, checks and updates the database (cons:the uploaded file might be too big. file.* needs to be in correct format)

B) User downloads a tool.exe to read and upload file.xls (cons: maintenance of the tool.exe)

C) Use of a web service in excel? (don't know how to do it) but
this article might give you a hint

Which one is the best to use? Are there any others?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Lockout Other Users While Accessing Database

Jun 1, 2010

I need to do an insert into a database table (SQL Server). I want to compute value of 1 column based on the existing data and then do an insert. How do I prevent another user from getting access to the database in the middle of this process?

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Security :: Non-asp Files / Moved The Pages And Files To Other Folders And Set The Web.config File On This Folder?

Jul 1, 2010

I was following the tutorials from this two sites:

Following the first site, it had worked but when I´ve moved the pages and files to other folders and set the web.config file on this folder, now it won´t work at all!!!

The file is an *.swf object. I did put the asapi.dll to map the extension on the website root, I´ve put the


on the web.config new folder and on the web.config website´s root.

It won´t work!!! I can access the file directly!!! on the web.config of the folder that contains the file, there is a <deny users="*" /> line.

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Data Controls :: Delete Files And Folders Inside Folder In DAL File?

May 7, 2014

how to delete files and that folder in a class file Data access layer file.

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DataSource Controls :: Storing Large Files In Database?

Aug 6, 2010

I want to upload some large files from a web page to MS SQL Sever database, I am very sure that it is sounding weird.

File sizes are around 100MB.

I am having following settings,

SessionTimeOut period = 60 Mins,

Server Operation timeout = 60 Mins,

SQL Connection Timeout = 4 mins (Not sure if this is helping)

This is page is going to be used by our client only once a week & as they are having web farm environment we are avpiding to store these files on file systems.

Currenty we are able to upload files with sizes upto 8 MB succesfully. But when we are uploading a file of 100MB it fails, its for sure that operation takes lots of time.

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Looking To Create Sub Folders For Users

Jul 4, 2010

Not quite sure what you would call these but I am looking to create sub folders for my users eg

What I have done up to this point is make a 404 page that handles unknown pages. It takes the part after the / and looks it up in the database. Then I redirect them to the relevant page.

I am having a few issues with this and to be honest am not to keen on handling it this way.

Does anyone have an alternative method for achieving this.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Read Flat Files(.txt,.doc) / How To Store Them Into Database

Mar 19, 2010

my problem is my and application should read flat files(.txt,.doc) from folder automatically and read the data from file and stored into database

my file like this :

BNK20100312APPHU6658994 // BNK,20100312(date),Ap,PHU6658994 So we have to store these..

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DataSource Controls :: Hoster Requires .bak Files For Database Amendments?

Mar 17, 2010

Ms SQL 2005 database I have a empty database at my hoster site. Its has nothing in it period. The admin's of the hosting site ( 2.0) said send them a .bak file. .bak files are from "generate a backup" of a database in TOTAL. So I can see how a .bak file can restore a FULL database, but what about changing a stored proc?? Q1: The hoster admins only want .bak files to do tweaks to my database, so how does a .bak file acheive this for a just adding a table or a store proc only ? Q2: Some tables had data in them on my localhost, is there a way to generate a INSERT script for each data row and run this code at hoster site, or do I have to do an EXPORT from my localhost and an import at my hosting site?

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Security :: Users Can Only Access Their Folders?

Sep 26, 2010

I have a web app were every user has its own folder so that they can store documents. What i would like to do is protect a user's folder so that only the owner can access it.


Username: ricky
Folder: ~/Files/ricky/ --> Ricky can access his folder but can't access Diana's

Username: diana
Folder: ~/Files/diana/ --> Diana can access her folder but can't access Ricky's

I'm using membership provider for the user authentication.

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Forms Data Controls :: Write A Code For Displaying A Files And Folders Of Server Directory Using Grid View In .net?

Jun 12, 2010

how can we write a code for displaying a files and folders of server directory using Grid View in

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DataSource Controls :: Different Return For Added Users And For Rejected Users?

Jun 25, 2010

different return for added users and for rejected users?


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Listing Folders In Folders Then Creating Arrays In JS For Each Of The Folders?

Jun 21, 2010

Listing folders in folders then creating arrays in JS for each of the folders?

Directory Structure:

I have a directory structure as follows;

other Folder
files folder

Task at hand:

I want code in VB.NET to create javascript arrays of the folder contents that can then be used on the client end. I only need arrays for all folders contained in folders starting with ad_ and an array for all the base folders . like so:

var folders=["ad_folder","ad_code","ad_prep","ad_bin"];
var ad_folder=["folderA","folderB","folderC","anotherFolder","etcfolder"];
var ad_code=["folderA","folderB"];
var ad_prep=["folderA","etcfolder"];
var ad_bin=["etcfolder"];

note that I do not know the number of or the names of the folders, they can be different in different cases, I only have the root path.


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Asp - Multiple Users Share HttpApplication Instance?

Mar 6, 2011

I've used the table at the top of this article as a reference. I have three questions:

1 - Can multiple users (from different physical locations) ever share an HttpApplication instance? If so, does this happen by default?

2 - Can multiple users (from different physical locations) ever share an HttpApplicationState instance? If so, does this happen by default?

3 - Can multiple users of an ASP.NET application ever share a singleton instance or a static variable value? If so, does this happen by default?

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DataSource Controls :: Reading Excel Files To Store Into Sqlserver Database - OleDbException Was Unhandled By User Code

Feb 1, 2010

i've got some problem reading excel files to store into sqlserver database. currently my code has a fileupload control and a button for me to save the excel file into a folder and read the data inside the excel file and write it into the sql database. The code works only if the excel sheet name is Sheet1.xlsx, however i tried upload a diff file named ImportUserFile.xlsx and it gave me the exception below. 'ImportUserFile$' is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long. i have also tried other file names and it seemed only Sheet1.xlsx works.


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DataSource Controls :: Uploading Multiple Files To File System And Saving Paths To Database With One Button Click

Jan 20, 2010

I creating a page where our clients can view advertising images and then able to download the images in different file formats. So I need the images and the different download types all saved into the same row in the database so that when I go to display them on the page when they select a picture the right download links will be there. So here where my problem comes in, I don't know how to code it so that I can insert mulitiple file paths into the database at once. The images are saved in a table called images. The downloads are saved in a table called Image Downloads.

Here is the code for the page I have it coded to submit the images to the database but not sure how to add the rest. I have got three different sql datasources for each table not sure if that's the way to go.


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Scan For Files In Folder And Sub Folders?

Feb 19, 2011

write a script in Visual Basic.

i want to be able to scan a folder and its sub directories for all the files that exist in it. the results are then feed into a list box or any similar control

additional it would be great if the results are entered and also its path
File1 C:folder1folder2file1.exe
File2 C:folder1folder2dd.dll
File3 C:folder1explorer.exe
File4 C:folder1folder2folder3document.docx
File5 C:folder1

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Web Forms :: Delete Files And Folders From .cs?

Jun 18, 2010

How do i delete files and folders from .cs ?

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Two IIS Sites Pointing To Different Folders With The Same Set Of Files?

Oct 21, 2010

We have an application that is currently required to be accessed using two authentication schemes, Forms Auth and Active Directory or NTLM / Windows Auth.The way the application is now, there are two IIS sites pointing to different folders with the same set of files, everything identical except the web.config.Before anyone flames me this was an inherited application, but nevertheless one I am now responsible for. We have an opportunity to do some refactoring and I'm trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

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Share And Connect To Browser Session Of Any Of Current Users

Apr 7, 2010

In my website I am maintaining log of users in which I am storing some user's information such as user machine IP umber,SessionId,UserName etc.and able to show the list of current and past users in webpage. I want to share and connect to browser session of any of the current users. Is it possible,if yes then how?

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One-click Deployment To Copy Certain Files And Folders?

Nov 1, 2010

I'm trying to use the Web One Click Publish feature in VS10 to push my app to IIS. I have some .resx files and another folder for uploaded images, none of these got copied to IIS. How do I tell it to copy the specified files and folders

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Web Forms :: Retrieve Sub Folders And Files From A Particular Folder?

Jan 7, 2010

how to retrieve sub folders and files from a particular folder as like windows explorer?

for example ..i am having a folder "config"..

within this folder i am having subfolders as like "images","rss" and also config files..

how to get this in tree view as like windows explorer?

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Security :: Accessing Files In Protected Folders?

Jan 29, 2010

When I link to a file in a web folder which is user/password protected on the host, I get a panel requiring me to enter the correct user id and password.

I would like to create a link in my form that provides the id and password without exposing it to the user. How can I do this?

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VS 2008 - Naming Convention For Files And Folders

Oct 24, 2014

Is there a recommended naming convention for files and folders in ASP.NET? So far, I've found this thread on the native ASP.NET forum. But it doesn't sound very useful. Some people say "meh, naming convention is not that important", others reply "no, naming conventions are important" but don't say what the recommended convention for ASP.NET actually is.I can use standard VB notation for variables and method names inside the files.

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How To Download Folders And Files From Server Where Application Is Deployed

Feb 1, 2011

i have some .txt files which are inside of different folders, i want to download all files and folder on client machine.

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