DataSource Controls :: Can't Find The Extra Arguments Being Passed To SPROC ?

Mar 18, 2010

I am trying to update a records by calling a SPROC throgh my SQLDataAdapter.Here is my code in this order :


I have looked for parms which are field names with the @ in front but I can't seem to locate them in my code.I could use the assistance of a fresh pair of eyes.

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DataSource Controls :: Get Column From A Sproc With Fetch?

Mar 25, 2010


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DataSource Controls :: Sproc Insert Into Multiple Tables

Jan 11, 2010

I have a sproc that will insert a new record into Table1. Next I need to Insert into another table the scope_identity of the inserted record. How do I incorporate the scope_identity value as the insert parameter in the second insert statement?

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DataSource Controls :: Sproc Call To Test SQL Injection?

Feb 18, 2010

I know the following sproc is vulnerable to SQL injection:


I would like to write a call to this sproc that uses SQL injection to execute the additional command:


That way, I can demonstrate the vulnerability of the sproc to SQL injection and test any revised implementations of the sproc using the same test call.

Problem is, SQL injection is harder than I thought! I just can't seem to do it.

Can anyone provide me with text for the sproc call to execute the additional command?

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DataSource Controls :: Dynamically Changing Linq To Sql Sproc Names?

May 12, 2010

I have to be able to dynamically change the sproc name that is used in a Linq to SQL query. I see in the dbml designer this:


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SQL Server :: Pass Values To Sproc From Sproc?

Jan 9, 2011


pass values to sproc from sproc?

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DataSource Controls :: Procedure Or Function Insert_Course_edit2 Has Too Many Arguments Specified

Mar 15, 2010

I dont understand why this is occurring, my store pro worked ok before (and i am very sure i am not passing too many arguments to the store pro) but since i have switched to using a "formview"control it has stopped. store pro and ASP.NET with sql data source are shown below. Apologies if the formatting nacks up.

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DataSource Controls :: SqlDataSource Returning Nothing When A SelectParamter Value Is Passed To A StoredProcedure?

Jan 14, 2010

- When I execute my query within Enterprise Manager giving the "Country" parameter a value of US, it returns the expected records

- When I assigned that value either programmatically or within the SelectParameters of my SqlDataSource, no rows are returned at all...

I have this as a parameter in the sproc:

@Country char(2) = NULL

and the relevant WHERE clause entry is:

AND (@Country IS NULL OR a.CountryCode = @Country)

My SelectParameter is:

asp:Parameter Name="Country" />

I've tried adding the "DefaultValue" property set to "US" and also tried setting it as sds.SelectParameters[4].DefaultValue="US"

When I do either of these things I get no records returned...

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DataSource Controls :: How To Define Stored Procedure For Values Passed In Using Multiple Controls

Jun 4, 2010

I am using 3 web controls ,two are cascading dropdownlists used to filter gridview control bound to a datasource.

My question is , How to define multiple queries in stored procedure that takes parameter values from the controls declared using sqldatasource.Also, return all data when i set default control value to say 'null'.

NB: one paramaterised query for cascading dropdownlists and another for other control.

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DataSource Controls :: Dynamic SelectCommand Won't Be Passed After Partial Page Update?

Mar 11, 2010

I have a page has Listview and Datapager inside UpdatePanel. When I refresh the new SQL results and bind by pressing link buton outside of the update panel, I get correct results. (get new SQLselect statment, rebind to listview, update updatepanel)

However, the SelectCommand is not bound right or some other reason, if I press datapager, I won't get no results.

I'm guessing it's caused by not passing new dynamic selectcommand since my datapager and listview works first update.

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DataSource Controls :: Copy Data From One Table And Insert With Extra Values?

Jan 27, 2010

Is there a way to copy a row from one table and insert to another but at the same time insert extra values to destination table?Let's say source table Item has values:


Destination table ItemHist:


I want to copy row from source table where itemid is 25, insert it into destination table and add extra values: ChangeDate, ChangeReason, ChangedBy. I tried:

INSERT INTO ItemHist (ItemID, ChangeDate, ChangeReason, ChangedBy, ItemType, ItemModel) VALUES (ItemHist.ChangeDate=GetDate(), ItemHist.ChangeReason="why not", ItemHist.ChangedBy="me")
SELECT ItemID, ItemType, ItemProducer, ItemModel FROM Item WHERE ItemId=25

but obviously it didn't work ("The name 'ChangeDate' is not permitted in this context. Only constants, expressions, or variables allowed here. Column names are not permitted.").

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DataSource Controls :: LINQ To SQL Add's Extra Precision To DateTime - Causing Error

Apr 26, 2010

I am having an issue when trying to update a ModifiedDateColumn in the database via LINQ. I am setting the ModifiedDate property (which is a DateTime in both SQL Server and my code) using DateTime.Now. I am getting an error where LINQ is generating too many precisions when generating the SQL to execute. Here is what the LINQ is generating (see @p3 & @p5)


How do I get LINQ to only generate to only 3 decimal places?

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Forms Data Controls :: Interrogate The RBL And Set The Label So The Correct Value Is Passed Back To The Datasource?

Mar 1, 2011

I have a Gridview with a templated column that gets a True/False value from the SQL Datasource. The value displays as a string in a label in the template. I added a RadioButtonList and in the RowDataBinding event put in some logic to set the appropriate radio button based on the text value of the Label.

Now I want to be able to interrogate the RBL upon update and set the Label text accordingly. I tried the Row_Updating event but that doesn't have a handle on the row itself and the RBL is not in the NewValues or OldValues collection since it's not one of the bound fields. I tried the RBL_SelectedIndexChanged event but I can't get the current row (got a handle on the Gridview but Gridview.SelectRow and Gridview.SelectedDataKey are both null).

how to interrogate the RBL and set the Label so the correct value is passed back to the datasource for update?

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DataSource Controls :: VS 2005 - Can't Find The 'Advanced Properties' For The XSD File - Can't Find The 'Custom Tool'?

Jan 29, 2010

I am trying to create strogly typed datasets for my project. When I right click on the xsd file that I need to generate a strongly typed dataset for I can't find the 'Advanced' properties as described in the below article (almost half way down)[URL]As I do not see the Advanced properties option I can't find the 'Custom Tool' property/option to set its value to 'MSDatasetGenerator'. Do I have to install some kind of patch on my VS 2005?

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DataSource Controls :: Procedure Or Function "editdoc" Has Too Many Arguments Specified?

May 10, 2010

Procedure or function "editdoc" has too many arguments specified?

Stored Procedure: set ANSI_NULLS ON

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DataSource Xml Reads Xml With Extra Letters

Oct 29, 2010

I receive lists from a web service and then I convert the lists to datatable and then I add the datatables to a dataset and from there I get the xml from the dataset where I can save it into a sql database. But the problem is that the xml has /r/n between all attributes and elements. I dont know how to get this out of the xml. Can this be because of my converter. If so can anyone give me a better way to get multiple lists into a dataset.

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Forms Data Controls :: Adding Controls To A Webpage Based On The Results Of A SQL Sproc

May 11, 2010

Depending on the data returned from a Stored Procedure, I need to add specific controls to a page and then when they are populated by the user, write them back to the database. What is the easiest way of doing this?

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DataSource Controls :: Find The Five Last Records?

Feb 19, 2010

How can I find the 5 last records ?

@NB_NEWS int,
@ID_NEWS int,

This does not work

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DataSource Controls :: Could Not Find Stored Procedure?

Jun 17, 2010

I created a database on SQL Server 2005 developer edition with MS SQL Server Mangement Studio Express. Now I created code that accessess a stored procedure named 'pS_TableData'. However I have one problem the code raises an exception "Could not find stored procedure 'pS_TableData 'Letters''."the code looks like this:


Note I am using (for now) the same connection that I used to create my database so in essence my web site is the administrator. I tried a simple SELECT from a table with the same connection and it raised no exceptions!When I run EXECUTE ps_TableData 'Letters' in SSMS it has no . I also tried EXECUTE ps_TableData 'Letters' as the command paramated for SqlCommand but it had the same effect

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DataSource Controls :: Find The Biggest Two Numbers Out Of Three

Mar 30, 2010

I have to write a stored procedure to get the biggest two values out of three in three different columns in the same table.

I have a table , for instance,

total marks1 - column1 ( eg values - 1000)

total marks2 - column 2 (eg values - 500)

total marks3 - column 3 (eg values - 800)

i have to get (return the value) 1000 and 800.

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DataSource Controls :: Best Way To Find Out If Record Exists?

May 14, 2010

best Way to find out if record exists?


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DataSource Controls :: Find Particular Date Is Sunday Or Not?

Jun 12, 2010

how to find particular date is Sunday or not? in sql 2000

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DataSource Controls :: Cannot Find The Object 'AspNet_SqlCachePollingStoredProcedure'?

Jan 22, 2010

I have a Windows 2003 test server hosting an 2.0 application and Sql Server 2005 running as Sql Server 2000(80).During a recent a security review we decided that it wasn't such a hot idea to use sql authentication with an sysadm user as the database user for the application. Having done a bit of reading ( I decided to use a lower privilege database user account and windows authentication.Starting from scratch I created a new custom service account ( and assigned this to the process identity for the application pool.I then created a new database login and user for this account. I added the db_datareader and db_datawriter roles to this user and I also granted EXECUTE permissions for user defined stored procedure and functions. However when I started the application I got this error 'User does not have permission to perform this action.Cannot find the object 'AspNet_SqlCachePollingStoredProcedure', because it does not exist or you do not have permission.' - after a quick hunt I found this and followed the advice here and granted the user CREATE TABLE and CREATE PROCEDURE permissions.Still no joy - after digging around and looking at sql profiler I found what I believe to be the offending piece of sql:

/* Create notification table */
/* Create polling SP */
..more sql
GRANT EXECUTE ON dbo.AspNet_SqlCachePollingStoredProcedure to aspnet_ChangeNotification_ReceiveNotificationsOnlyAccess

My understanding is that to issue 'GRANT EXECUTE' the user must db_owner or db_secadmin. Indeed it all works fine if I give the service account user login the db_owner role.This sql is caused by: SqlCacheDependencyAdmin.EnableNotifications(ConnectionString), this is called once and once only by the application start event.Is there a work around for this? I would like to use the lower privilege account as per best practice but this issue is making it tricky.

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DataSource Controls :: Could Not Find Any Links About Data?

Feb 10, 2010

I think that type of data types is really smart.and hope some can help me with something more.I could not find any links about it.Right now, I can only make a getdata (), which shows all data:


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DataSource Controls :: Find A Table Row With 2 Columns?

Apr 2, 2010

I have created a table in my SQL database that has a primary column (Title) and another column named Callsign. How can I access the table row that has a certain title and Callsign using C# in a web page event handler?

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