Delete Cache When Web Browser Is Closed?

Oct 13, 2010

I have issue about multiple login in

Case this happen:

User X login as "user1" in web browser.
Then user Y also login as "user1" also in another web browser.
User Y got error message "Another user log in some account".

That is work as expected.

If X, close their web browser. Then try again to login in as "user1".
X get also get "Another user log in some account".

So i trying debug then i found session is remove when web browser is close, but cache still remaining in web browser.

how to clear cache when user close their browser, (not tab).

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Aug 18, 2010

How does session expires when the browser is closed?

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Dec 29, 2010

When the browser is closed (w/out clicking on log out) and user launches the site using a new session, it does not prompt user to login credential page, rather it takes the user back to the previous session.

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How To Reset Task Of User Once The Browser Closed

Jul 15, 2012

I am working on roles. Allocated some tasks to Annonumous User and LoggedIn User.  What happen, once I login it shows me the correct task for LoggedIn  user. But if I restart the application then by default it shows me LoggedIn users tasks. I am testing chrome and I.E.

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Creating New Process Which Doesn't Get Killed Even Browser Is Closed

Jul 6, 2010

I need to perform an operation such as extracting the data for past one year from DB and doing some manipulations and finally displaying the excel graphs for the extracted data. The extraction of data takes almost 6-7 hrs. What i require is that user enters the required data (date and some other details )through an page and submits it and then closes the browser. Now a process should get started which will extract all data and create the graphs and finally send an email to the particular user.

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Session Variables Not Being Abandoned When Browser Window Is Closed?

Jan 20, 2011

It seemed to keep the session cookies from staying on the client after the browser was closed. Another strange this is that I can close the IE and open FireFox and the session is in there too. HOW IS THAT? I am thinking it is how my environment is setup. I have the sessions set for InProc and using cookies in IIS. What is different in IIS7?

Update: I am using integrated mode for my app pool. I looked at an older site I created using .net 3.5 and iis6 running on Sever2003. I can log into the site and it creates the session variable for me. I then go to FireFox and open the same site. It requires me to log in (my application will take you to your prfile if a session exists). If I then close IE and reopen IE, then go back to my site, it requires me to log in again. What is happening with iis7 and my current application, is quite odd. The only difference in how my session is pulled is that I am getting the variable while casting the current handler to the Page object: (Page)HttpContext.Current.Handler

Update: well, I think i found where the issues is and it has to do with casting the HttpContext.Current.Handler to the current page object. I have a configuration file where I wanted to put a property so all other classes could reference a central point to grab the User session object I created. The HttpContext.Current.session was always null and someone had suggested casting the HttpContext.Current.Handler. I created a simple page that checks to see if a session varaible has been created and if not it creates it. Then I print out the value. When I close the browser, the session is GONE. So, that is working. The code I had origianlly in this message was really for the back button, So I guess it is not clear why that session pulled from the Hnadler is always available until I speicifcally clear it.

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Web Forms :: Destroy Session When Browser Window Is Closed

Feb 25, 2016

If Someone has logged in to website and directly closes the window without clicking signout button where i have written a code to clear all session.

So in this case how i clear a session when user closes window directly?

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Web Forms :: Detect If Browser Is Closed Or Machine Is Switched Off

May 30, 2013

My program need to detect the user visibility, if the user is login or not. I Put the information on the database 

here the pseudocode:

if the user click "LOGIN" I Update the user information to ONLINE = TRUE;

else if the user click "LOGOUT"  I Update the user information to ONLINE = FALSE;

My Question is: How can I detect if the user leave the website or turn off the computer without clicking "logout"

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Web Forms :: How To Kill Session When Browser / Page Closed

May 7, 2015

How to kill the session when Browser closed/page closed.

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Web Forms :: Wizard Control Persist The State While Closed The Browser?

Feb 28, 2011

I am using Wizard Contorl in one of my project, I want to maintain the state of the wizard control at any step .Let me explain further , let suppose when user is at Step 4 out of Step 10 and then user would close the browser so the state should be persisted and when the user come back again to the same URL the step would be 4.

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VS 2010 - SQLState Server Destroy All Sessions When 1 Browser Is Closed

Oct 31, 2011

I have started using an SQLState server to store my objSessionData object and many more session data.

<sessionState mode="SQLServer" sqlConnectionString="Server=**********;UID=*****; PWD=***" cookieless="false" stateNetworkTimeout="20" timeout="60" />

I open two browser, log into the application, proceed in a few pages to store some information in the objSessionData for both browser (2 differrent session).If I close the first broswer, and now keep on going on the 2nd broswer, everything that was in session is now lost.It looks like Session 1 detroyed session 1 and session 2.I have tried to change the cookieless to TRUE and when it is set to TRUE, I do not get this problem at all.

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Web Forms :: Save (Insert) Logout Time If Browser Closed

Feb 25, 2016

[URL] ....

By using above query its fine to save logout time in database, if the user unfortunately close the browser without logout then how to store logout time in database...

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Web Forms :: Access And Update Session Data After Browser Is Closed

Apr 6, 2014

I want to store Session Data after Close browser.

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Delete Cache In Website On Same Server?

Jul 21, 2010

I have two separate websites on the same server. One site is a forum (written in ASP Classic) where users may post information in various sections and threads etc. The other website (written in ASP.NET VB) is used for a club where users may purchase and download videos, etc. The Forum site uses caching to retain member information on each registered user. The club website has do do updates to a few of the user data fields stored on the Forum database. The problem is that I need to delete the cached information saved to cache for a specific user whenever I update the users information from the club website. Updates done on the Forum work just fine because it does delete the cache.

I have tried to access the cache from the ASP.NET club website using: Application.Contents("_mbUI-2") Which is the proper key but I get "Nothing". Since I can't access it, I can't delete it either. I guess the "Application" is separate due to the separate websites.

If I could call a page on the ASP site using xmlhttp, I could write a program to delete the cache. But, I need to call it from the code-behind, not by an event such as pressing a button and using javascript to make the http call.

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Web Forms :: How To Clear Browser Cache

Dec 16, 2010

In my site i m redirecting to login page when i m clicking on loguot button. before that i have written follwing code for clearing cache/history-


but when i m pasting previous page url in address bar then it is showing that page. i dont want to show that page.

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.net - Browser Store The Cache Item?

Jan 24, 2011

If i enable client side cache in my application where it store that cache controls in my computer

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C# - Browser Cache Clearable Via Code?

Sep 18, 2010

I have a menu on my site that changes depending on whether the user is logged in or not. With browser caching, the menu "gets stuck" in either state and is confusing to users.They'll login, but the menu won't update because it's still cached in the unauthenticated state... and vice versa.How is this typically handled? Can we refresh the user's browser cache from our code? Or do I just not allow browser caching? (would rather use it, very nice bump in speed).UpdateHere's how I set client-side, browser caching in my mvc 2 app:

public class CacheFilterAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute {
/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets the cache duration in seconds. The default is 10 seconds.


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AJAX :: Cache ScriptManager Scripts In The Browser?

Aug 19, 2010

i am using ScriptManager in my webpage. i am also using a lot of pagemethods in this page. When i look at the viewsource of the browser after the page has been rendered i find a lot of javascript which has been generated by the scriptmanager.

how can i browser cache all these scripts so that they are not loaded everytime the page is rendered.

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Web Forms :: Browser's Back Button And Cache?

Jan 11, 2010

Not sure if i'm posting in the right forum, if not, please move it...i have the following issue... I want to "disable" browser's back button. Seems it's not possible, but using cache.setcacheability and timing it, kinda disables the option of navigating back. I need this because in some pages of my webpage, i keep values in a Session variable so when a page loads, i need to check that variable, and, if navigating back, cant do that. I also "set cache to false" because if someone closes session, and i allow cache, someone else could handtype a url in that same pc and see the page without login (though if he/she tries to navigate through it will be kicked out because when loading a new page, i'll know that he/she is not logged) but i dont want to allow even that,

that's why cache is disabled. The problem is that loading over and over again my masterpage (header, footer, menu and stuff) is going to slow down the webpage, because every time there's a request, the page has to be sent again completely. So, is there something like a "mix" mode where i can allow cache just for a few things? If not, what's the best practice to achieve both things i'm trying: speed and security?

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Unable To Remove Browser Cache Image?

Jan 22, 2011

i am using Jcrop to give users the option to crop there images, i have hit a small caching problem.

if you open an image which is already on the server and crop it. my jcrop works and crops the image fine but when i reload the image the old version is displayed. i have this inside an update panel.

so is there a way of removing the browsers cache before i reload the image?

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Configuration :: Manintenance Page - Browser Cache?

Apr 19, 2010

As part of the deployment, we need to have a maintenance page displayed for our web site. The issue we are experiencing is that when the maintenance page is active and ISA rule is configured to redirect to the maintenance page. We see the following behavior:

The user is not displayed the maintenance page, but is displayed a splash page with the English and French buttons. Click on any button displayed a 404 error regarding the URL / File not found. After clearing the local cache and reloading the browser, the maintenance page is displayed successfully.

The same behavior is noticed one we have disabled the ISA rule for the maintenance page and re-enabled the ISA rule for the the Website. The user is presented with the 404 error and once the cache is deleted, the user can see the Website.The issue is a cause by browser retrieving the website pages from the cache and not directly from the webserver.

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AJAX :: Cache A DropDownList Datasource In The Browser?

Jun 14, 2010

I have a form that has n dropdownlists, and the form has gotten so big that it now weights over 1.2MB...I was wondering, is it possible to load the datasource items once in the browser and have all related dropdownlist use that single datasource to conserve bandwidth?Something like, load datasource into div, and on page_load have all dropdownlist load from that div...

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Web Forms :: How To Remove Css / JavaScript File From Browser Cache For IE6 And IE7

Jun 28, 2010

how to remove css,java script file from browser cache for IE6 and IE7 ?

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Web Forms :: How To Clear Cache In Browser Back Button

May 7, 2015

I am inserting and updating the image from html file upload to my gridview / insertion goes fine , but when i update the image by clicking on edit using onselectedindexchanged event of gridview, I fetch the image then change it with other image, with this simultaneously i rebind the gridview, in the beck-end everything goes fine it updates and replaces the image but in gridview it won't show after updated. I am using postbacktrigger on my submit button, but gridview won't refreshes, until and unless i click on address bar and press ENTER , or until i won't press CTRL+F5 to clear the browser cache.

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Add Or Update Or Delete Cached Data - Remove The Entire List From The Cache

Jan 17, 2010

U are caching a list of items, then Add or update or delete method called. Approach 1)

A- Do the data change at the database. If success do B, C
B- Remove the entire list from the Cache.
C- Re-Cache the list on first read.

Approach 2)

A- Do the data change at the database, If success do B
B- Do the same change at the cached items, and save more time.

Approach(2) probably will cause nasty difficult to spot bugs, because the data come from BLL and placed directly into cache, One can't assume no bugs will happen at the sproc, I am not worry about database runtime errors, runtime errors will show up, but I am worry about invalid data, or miss calculation. Can I proceed with approach (2) with caution? Is there a "best practice" principle which suggest not doing approach(2)?

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