Detect Wifi Connectivity In C#?

Jul 18, 2010

I am working on an (or winforms) app that is supposed to detect wifi connectivity and strength. The intention is to provide the field agents with an indicator that they can connect to our main office

What would I need to detect wifi connectivity?

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C# - Is It Possible To Integrate Nokia Connectivity API

Jun 14, 2010

Is it possible to integrate Nokia connectivity API with If so, How to get started?

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C# Database Connectivity Getting Into Mess

Jan 31, 2011

I'm just starting development on a new website and am trying to do it correctly, that is, with a DAL and not with queries in code which I had before. I understand the principles of it all, but I am finding this DAL with table adapters and wizards that do too much to be really messy to work with. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should be using instead and a link to a tutorial on how to get going quickly with it?

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SQL Server Connectivity Using ConfigurationManager.ConnectionString?

Jun 5, 2010

I am not able to use

String connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DevBackup"].ConnectionString;

I am getting error 'The name 'ConfigurationManager' does not exist in the current context' I have used namespaces

using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Data.Sql;

what should be done..?

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DataSource Controls :: Database Connectivity Without Using

Sep 2, 2010

Can we perform Database connectivity without using

Can we create our own architecture to connect to database?

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Web Forms :: Data Connectivity From Webconfig File?

Apr 28, 2010

I have a dropdownlist which is connected to object data source for displaying data, now what I need is to connect to database using semicolon seperated list from web.config connection strings and then connect that to dropdownlist.

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Security :: Forms Authentication And Databse Connectivity?

Jul 31, 2010

I have an asp.net3.5 app. It has multiple client folders in the root folder. There are multiple web.config files. One is in root folder and one each in client folder. The web.config in client folder contains connection string for the database to be connected. I am using FORMS authentication. Each client has a specific page which are lying in root folder. This page redirects to the client specific folder and user logs in the application using the one more login page which is in client folder. And this page uses the connection string which in this client specific folder web.config.Now my problem is that I am not able to connect to the database using the client specific web.config on my live server. Live server is a Windows 2008 Datacenter and IIS7 machine. And my local system is XP IIS6 machine.Please help me to resolve this issue. Or how can I configure my application on IIS 7 &Win2008 DC system in WINDOWS authentication mode?

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DataSource Controls :: Database Connectivity Probs Through IIS?

Jun 29, 2010

I have MS SQL Server2005 enterprise edition. And MS VS.NET 2008. And have IIS 5.0 (which is available in XP professional). Now I want to run .net web application in our intranet (LAN). But I can't access database. Only static pages remain ok....but can't invoke database

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Database Connectivity Mvca[[lication -looking For Configuration Setting?

Feb 14, 2011

I have Visual Studio.When a create a new ASP website (so not a project), I can go to the configuration management and enable roles and an aspnetdb.mdf is automatically created in the app_data directory.When I create a new ASP (MVC 3) project, the configuration management says: can not load MvcApplication1.MvcApplication .Is there some configuration setting for this?

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Iphone - How To Create JSON Webservice In C# With Database Connectivity

Jan 3, 2011

How to create a JSON webservice in ASP.NET that connect to MS SQL Database and update/delete values from the database?

This webservice will eventually be used to communicate with iPhone SDK.

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Configuration :: Custom Web App Integration Into Sharepoint With MS-Access Connectivity?

Jan 10, 2011

Ive integrated a custom web application into a Sharepoint site by creating a virual directory, that contains my web app files, that points to a directory in the Sharepoint inetpub folder.

On my local dev server I can access all my web app pages just fine by typing in /virtualdirectoryname/page.aspx

My Problem is that: When I deploy to my Live Test server that is internet facing, none of the pages that make a MS-Access database call will work.

The Error I receive is '[SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Data.Odbc.OdbcPermission, System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed.]'

I have researched the issue online and tried numerous solutions which include giving all the assemblies in my application a strong name, and modifying the security policy to trust this strong name.

My Custom Web App consists of 2 projects

1. A Class Library Project (Data Layer)

2. A Web Application Project (Web Layer)

My .mdb database file is stored at root level within the Virtual Directory.

I have 1 class in the Data Layer (ClassConnect.cs) that when instantiated, creates the ODBC connection for all other pages to use (OdbcConnection dbConn = new OdbcConnection();)

I have a Connection String stored in the web.config file that is as such. When I deploy to the Live Test Server I change the path in this connection string, because I haven't figured out yet how to get a relative path that works.

I also place the dll's for my 2 projects in the Sharepoint bin folder.

Could anyone suggest what might be the dfference between my Local Dev Server and the Live Test Server and why I might be getting these errors.

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Code To Write In Web.config For The Connection String For DB Connectivity?

Feb 6, 2010

what code should i write in web.config for the connection string for DB connectivity woth component??

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VS 2010 - How To Pass Username And Password And Test Service Connectivity

Aug 24, 2011

I have added a web reference using the wsdl file that was provided to me. I also created an instance from the proxy class as follows :


Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
Dim DLObj As New WebReference.DrivingLicenseInfoServiceService

But after this am totally confused on the next steps and how to pass username and password and test the service connectivity.I have attached the autogenerated code.

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How To Detect The End Of Stream

Jun 29, 2010

1) I notice that the module gets it's data in chunks. This is problematic for me because I'm using a regex to find and replace. If I get a partial match in one chunk and the rest of the match in the second, it will not work. Is there any way to get the entire response before I do my thing to it? I have seen code where it appends data to a string builder until it uses a matches on an "" end tag but my code must work for more that just (xml, custom tags, etc). I don't know how to detect the End Of Stream or if that is even possible.

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Detect .net 4.0 In Client?

Sep 28, 2010

I am trying to detect wether or not a client has version 4 of the .net framework installed. Using theRequest.Browser.GetClrVersions() method, I only get versions listed up to 3.5 SP1, but I do not get anything back indicating version 4. Does anyone know how I can determine this?

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How To Detect Mac Address In Website

Aug 19, 2010

how to detect mac address in website?

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How To Detect Network Card ID

Feb 15, 2011

Is it possible to know network card id of the user host computer from where the request is coming like IP address. I am interesting to know if it is possible at IIS or level or any other possible way of knowing it?

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Web Forms :: How To Detect Refresh In IE

Nov 23, 2010

When <F5> in Internet Explorer is pressed, my page is reset.

How can I detect <F5> press?

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MVC :: Detect Page Refresh In MVC

Oct 5, 2010

I have been developing a quiz application in mvc. In this quiz user is give a list of topic to take quiz. On click of one of the topic the user is taken to new page. In the get part action of this page i have taken some parameters, generated questions for the quiz, register quiz for the user (save in db)and save the generated questions in db.

Now the problem is:

User see the page, if user hits the "submit" button after selecting the answer than it is ok but If user refresh the page. Then the get action is called again and new set of questions are generated and new quiz is registered to user.

How can i avoid this?

Is there any way to detect that the get action is called the second time or to detect page refresh in mvc.

If you could suggest design changes that it is ok too? i just need to make sure if user refresh the page the question need not be generated again and new quiz should not be registered to user.

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How To Detect Default Page

Jan 28, 2011

I have a sitemappath that I want to surpress on the home page of a website. Assuming the homepage is "", what is the best way to detect when the base URL is being displayed?

IOW: I can do something like:

if request.servervariables("url") = "/default.aspx" then
end if

but how do I detect when the default url is being used, like:

without a page url at the end?

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MVC :: Detect Release Of 2 Installed / Used By VS

Jan 14, 2010

I tried to install MVC2 RC AspNetMVC2_RC_VS2008.exe [URL]? aiming it to use from VS2008SP1(Windows XP Pro SP3) but initially I got an error: Component Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2 has failed to install with the following error message: "A different version of ASP.NET MVC 2 is already installed on your system. Please uninstall this version before proceeding with this install." The following components were not installed:

- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2 - Visual Studio 2008 Tools The following components failed to install:
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2

By my distraction in "Add/Remove Programs" I deleted the entry "Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2" instead of
"Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2 - Visual Studio 2008 Tools" (told me by error text) and then succesfully installed
AspNetMVC2_RC_VS2008.exe Now I see entries in "Add/Remove Programs":

- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2 - Visual Studio 2008 Tools
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2 - Visual Studio 2010 Tools

Well, it was the same before uninstall/install. I know that only MVC2 Preview can be used with VS 2010 and I gues that I uninstalled MVC2 Beta that was installed before for VS2008. Now I am in doubt: Had I installed MVC2 RC or what do I have with VS2008? How can I determine/check which release of MVC2 is installed with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (or VS2010 Pro Beta 2)?

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C# - How To Detect Running Version

Jul 22, 2010

How can I see the version of .net framework which renders my aspx page on remote server?

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How To Detect Bots Programatically

May 5, 2010

we have a situation where we log visits and visitors on page hits and bots are clogging up our database. We can't use captcha or other techniques like that because this is before we even ask for human input, basically we are logging page hits and we would like to only log page hits by humans.

Is there a list of known bot IP out there? Does checking known bot user-agents work?

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How To Detect A Partial Postback

Jun 4, 2010

How do I detect whether a postback is a partial postback from any of my Update Panels?

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How To Detect If SessionState Has Expired

Nov 9, 2010

What would be the best way to detect if the SessionState has died in order to send the user to a "Session Expired" page? I've successfully configured the app (in Web.config) to do this when the authentication cookie is gone (there's a setting for that), but so far I haven't found an effective way to do something similar when the SessionState is gone. The app in question holds some data in the Session, and should present the user with a "Session Expired - login again" page if any of them is gone.

So far, the only option I can think of doing it in each of the places I access Session, but this is obviously a less than optimal solution.

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