Developing Rich Web Applications For Mobile Platforms (against Platform Specific Standalone Apps)?

Oct 18, 2010

I am new to mobile app development and I dont want restrict myself to one platform. Some days ago I read an article that stressed on the fact that soon web apps running on mobile browsers may replace dedicated apps (at least for non-game apps). I want to develop a social networking web app that any phone can run via the browser. These are the things I would like expert comments on:

Resources/Guidelines for developing great UIs for rich mobile web apps (HTML5?, existing APIs/Frameworks I should know)The best ways to increase performance(a reusable native simple browser app per platform that caches, provides a uniform interface to the web apps,access to sensors, APIs, features like drag drop etc for that there already one?) How do I test the apps for various major platforms and across various devices (small/large screens, touch phones etc)Best ways to manage multiple device compatibility.. (how to best handle non-uniformity of functionality on various devices/browsers on the server side using ASP.NET)

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Necessary To Use Mobile Controll For Developing A Mobile Compatible Websites

Apr 30, 2010

I have developed one website in and now I want to open the same website in mobile i want to develop that for mobile users. I tried with .net mobile controls but it is not full filling my requirements. In the web page if combine the .net mobile controls with controls Is it give any problem in the browser (at the time of rendering the controls in browser) in any of the devices like Nokia, iphone, BB. If use html controls in application

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Gotchas Of Moving From Developing .NET To Winforms Apps?

Jun 5, 2010

After developing ASP.NET apps exclusively for several years I'm about to start developing Winforms apps. What are the gotchas that I should be looking out for with this changes? For instance the way object lifetime is managed in the winforms paradigm. I'm sure there must be plenty of gotchas / differences between the two that I need to be mindful of.

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Iphone - Download File On Mobile Platform

Jul 5, 2010

I've some files stored in a SQL database. When a user visits a url with the given ID, the BLOB data is retrieved from the database to the webbrower via:

Byte[] myData = b.BlobContent;

Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";
Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "attachment; filename=" + fileName);
Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", b.SizeInBytes.ToString());

However, the iPhone (Safari) can't download a *.txt and *.doc file. It says: "Safari can't download this file". A pdf can(!) be downloaded and viewed.

On Android none of the files can be downloaded.

Is this because the iPhone and Android just can't handle all files? Or am I doing something wrong in the Response.

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Web Forms :: Mobile Friendly Rich Text Editor

Apr 6, 2014

I used ckeditor in  my page but it didn't show in android(in mobile)...

I want replace ckeditor with other contol that compatible with android...

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PHP Expert / Developing Oop Php Applications?

Dec 3, 2010

I'm a php expert, I'm developing oop php applications for over 8 years, I currently live in asia and I'm planning to go to USA, for better income in USA do you think it's good for me to learn ASP.NET too? Which one is better for me, ASP.NET or other PHP Related technologies like other advance PHP Frameworks

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Mobiles :: Developing A Mobile Version Of A Web Application?

Feb 3, 2010

I currently have a ASP.NET web application that was designed for desktops/laptops. Now we need a mobile version of this application. I have never developed mobile application before and am looking for any good tips before i start. Things that i have been thinking about like how do you know when load the mobile version or the normal version.

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Mobiles :: Basics Of Developing A Mobile Application?

Jan 16, 2011

Can any one teach me basics of mobile application development

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How To Start Developing Applications And Make Database

Jun 13, 2010

I have downloaded and installed the .net package from [URL]..What should i do to start developing to make database...

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Forms Data Controls :: Developing Oop Php Applications?

May 8, 2010

What does return the Eval() method in Markup portion?

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Mobiles :: Developing A Website For Mobile Devices - Objectlist Pagination ?

Feb 5, 2011

I am developing a website for mobile devices and i found the problem in objectlist is my code:


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Visual Studio 2008 - Developing Applications Remotely And Best Practice?

Jul 14, 2010

Can you edit a website (in Visual Studio) on a server from your PC by going:File -> Open Web Site -> File System -> My Network Places -> Entire Network -> Microsoft Windows Network -> FooDomain -> FooServer -> Foo_Public_Shared_Folder (which is actually a web applicaiton in C:InetpubwwwrootfoobarWebApp).I suspect it is bad practice to edit a website that is pubished on a server like this - or at least highly unusual? Would I be right in saying that you should create a new website on your local PC then build and publish to the server in question?

One last point as well -if you need to make a copy of a published website and make some enhancements without losing the original - how can you do this i.e. you don't have the original Visual Studio project only the published site (i.e. this could be made by some web site authoring/wizard tool).

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Mobiles :: How To Create Mobile Applications

Jul 21, 2010

need to create a simple mobile application for my college project using problem is in MVS Create New Project Option.... the Smart Device Sub option, there are only 3 options Pocket PCSmartphoneWindows CEand my teacher has asked us to create applications (not WAP related) that must work on ANY multimedia phone not just MICROSOFT's high end phone (like the one i have Nokia 5130)

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Creating Mobile Web Applications In VS 2010?

Jun 29, 2010

I am trying to create a mobile version of a web application using VS2010 (.Net 3.5, not 4). When I search for information on mobile I see a lot of references to mobile controls that adapt their HTML to the specific device requesting the page. Since I would like this app to be viewable on as many as devices as possible, it seems like it would be better to use the mobile controls rather than just create a smaller version of a web form. Apparently VS2008 and up do not include the mobile control templates, but you can download and install them separately. I did, but when I tried to create a test page I get a server error complaining that the assembly "System.Web.Mobile" could not be found. I double checked in my references and that assembly is included in the project. The file System.Web.Mobile.dll is also on the server running the app.

Is there something that I am doing wrong, or is developing a mobile web app in this way using VS2010 not possible?

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How To Create An IPhone / Android Specific Mobile Website

Jul 9, 2010

I would like to take our current mobile website and redesign it for iPhone use. All of the code on our website is currently run server-side and is split up in multiple pages, but I would like to get all the client-side features like transition animations and iPhone-like buttons that jQTouch offers. Where should I start?

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Standard Encryption Decryption Across Different Platforms?

May 28, 2010

i need to implement a standard encryption decryption logic across an entire project platform which has different clients implemented using different platforms as follows:

iphone app (objectiv c)
website (classic asp)
webservice (
samsung bada app (c++)

the iphone app as well as the website need to send info to webservice using encrypted query strings

the web service then decrypts this and processes the info further

wanted to know the simplest way to achieve this. is there some free and ready to use binary available with an easy to use api to achieve this?

encryption needs to be as secure as possible

edited: currently we use AES on the website and webservice front

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Visual Studio :: Possible Running Vs 2008 Under Different Platforms?

May 19, 2010

I am taking a couple C# classes at school and I finally got VS set up on my home computer. I am having one issue that I'm not sure where to go looking.

At school, the program is installed on XP Pro.

At school, I can read, output, and create files that are saved on my hard drive. I know any code I have used is correct because I can open up the files my code creates with other applications without issue.

At home, I have the program installed on Win 7. (I just upgraded my home comp so I'm still figuring out this new platform honestly.)

At home, everything runs, etc, but it will not create files. I can see the drives working, but nothing is written. I have tried several drives - all failing.

I'm assuming this is a flag or an environment setting somewhere on my installation but I have no idea where.

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Standalone Mocking In .Net 4.0 MVC?

Jun 21, 2010

I'm trying to unit test the logOn method of my .Net 4.0 MVC application. I'm pretty sure I need to mock a bunch of objects because I don't want to hit the actual database and I only want to simulate an HTTPcontext in a limited and specific way (if I have to do it at all). All the examples I've found online use mocking frameworks like Moq, RinoMocks or nMock. MVC is all about Test Driven Development, there must be some way to do simple tests without using third party software.

The specific problem,The basic problem is that the controller I'm testing calls Response.Cookies.Add(...) but since the unit test is not in an HTTPContext, Response is null and I get an exception.

My research so far,I understand there is a layer of abstraction which will help me somehow. For example HttpResponse inherits from HttpResponseBase. I think I'm supposed to make a class that inherits from one of the MVC base classes, overload some of the members and then
call the method I want to test in a way that gives it my object instead of one it would normally use.

The question is how to do that. One would need to set up existing code with the ability to construct future versions of objects. Intuitively however, it would seem that existing code could only be and use functionality that existed at the time it was written.
Fortunately, a dynamic runtime means that the code which is actually run can be determined things that change after it is written like config files and HTTP headers.

One way to do that is for the existing code to use some method typically referred to as a factory that takes a string and returns an instance of an object.I conclude that I should look through the code for this factory and figure out how to manipulate it.

My background,I've recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Now at my new job, I've been assigned to write unit tests for a large project. Admittedly, I'm new to MVC, many aspects of C# and large projects in general. I may have made simple mistakes or incorrect assumptions in my analysis of this problem. I will do my best to stay active on this post and make it useful for others in situations similar to mine.

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Installation :: Cannot Download 4 Standalone Or Web Installer

Oct 26, 2010

Can not download anything from Microsoft download, asp .net 4, sharepoint services 3.0, SQL server Express 8.0 and services pack

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C# - Can The Microsoft TextTransform Utility Be Used Standalone

Dec 22, 2010

Can the Microsoft TextTransform utility be used standalone? Since VS2010 is it still true as I can read: [URL] Preprocessed templates to allow embedding of template-based generation in arbitrary applications without a runtime T4 dependency. There is a new custom tool, new service APIs and new engine APIs to support this feature.

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Security :: Standalone Stored Procedure To Verify Credentials In Aspnet Database?

Apr 12, 2010

I have a requirement to develop an application in Excel VBA to talk to an MSSQL database.The client wants a login facility for a number of named users - I am going to setup these users in the aspnet tables in my database (aspnet_users, aspnet_membership etc).There is no facility in VBA to do automatic verification of a users credentials like there is in ASP.Net so I have developed a simple login form for the user to enter their username and password and send these to a stored procedure in the database. I am looking for a stored procedure that implements the ASP.Net hashing routine to convert the user supplied password into the same format as the database stored password so I can compare and return a true or false.

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Visual Studio :: Cannot Access Mobile Web Page Template Nor Mobile Web Control In VS 2008 Or 2010?

Feb 7, 2011

I am trying to start a new mobile web application project but cannot find the mobile page template originally available on VS 2005, nor can I get the mobile web controls to display in the toolbox even though I have then all selected in the tool-> select toolbox items why? and what can I do?

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Forms Data Controls :: Enter Key Will Not Click The Form's Default Button On Mobile Browser, IE Mobile 5.0

Aug 10, 2010

I am developing a web based application for a Motorolla Mc 9090, it is a wireless barcode scanner running windows mobile 5.0.

The idea is to centralize the inventory in one database, by scanning items, serials, bins etc.

I have a set of pages each containg forms, where the user will have to scan an item, and automaticall the scanner has a carriege return (ENTER key) the idea was to have the user simply scan, and the page would automatically click the button posting to server for processing and then the server would reply.

For some reason i cannot get the focus() to work as well as the defaultbutton propperty of the form. There is also 1 more problem, the readOnly textboxes look the same as the non readOnly textboxes, even with the backcolor property changed.(guessing this is just MS)

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Mobiles :: How To Create A Mobile App For All Mobile's Models, No WAP Browser Intrection

Aug 8, 2010

I have an assignment to develop a mobile application for My company's customers (around 250000). its could be download from our website or we can also provide to our customers those are visiting our branches, on their demand.Requirments:

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AJAX :: Finding Mobile AjaxToolkit To Develop Mobile Web Application

May 24, 2010

I'm developing a office site but i wnt to include popup in tht but all mobile is not support fully to javascript & jquery . ........

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