Extend Legacy Site With Another Server - Side Programming Platform - Best Practice

Jun 13, 2010

Company I work for have a site developed 6-8 years ago by a team that was enthusiastic enough to use their own private PHP-based CMS. I have to put dynamic data from one intranet company database on this site in one week: 2-3 pages. I contacted company site administrator and she showed me administrative part - CMS allows only to insert html blocks & manage site map (site is deployed on machine that is inside company & fully accessible & upgradeable).

I'm not a PHP-guy & I don't want to dive into legacy hardly-who-ever-heard-about CMS engine I also don't want to contact developers team, 'cos I'm not sure they are still present and capable enough to extend this old days site and it'll take too much time anyway. I am about to deploy helper asp.net site on IIS with 2-3 pages required & refer helper site via iframe from present site. New pages will allow to download some dynamic content from present site also. Is it ok and what are the pitfalls with iframe approach?

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Javascript - How Much Client-side Programming Is Needed When Doing Server-side Programming

Mar 16, 2011

but I am rather confused about what to invest in. I heard that server-side code translates into client-side code. So, if you have an .aspx file, it will be converted to HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I have experience with the latter three technologies put into a rather dull text file and rendered by a web browser. My question is how much HTML/CSS/Javascript coding would I have to do when server-side programming? In other words, can someone using ASP.NET program purely on the server side and not bother to write for the client side? Of course, I don't care about server-side being translated into client-side, but I am wondering if client-side programming needs to be done explicitly and to what degree.

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Jumping Across Servers Necessarily A Bad Programming Practice?

Feb 23, 2010

I have a system created that a user at one of our other locations and on their server inserts a record. That data is then replicated to a central server. Users working on the central server are allowed to edit that record which means I have to lock the editing capabilities at the location the record was created.

However, i would like the creator of the record to be able to edit it so I am thinking about redirecting them across servers to edit the record on the central server. IS that bad practice and why??The reason I only allow editing on one of the copies of the record is to prevent it from being copied over in replication

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Server Side Web Programming Model Replaced By JavaScript / Ajax?

Dec 14, 2010

ASP.NET server controls has a few categories, for example, normal ones e.g. TextBox, Button which can be done in HTML/JS; Validation controls: can be done in JS; Login controls: I have seen them implemented in JS. Data bound controls: not sure, but maybe JS can work directly with databases, implementing controls like photo slider. So in the time span of next 5-10 years, will server-side web programming model fall out of mainstream and be replaced by JS/Ajax that interacts directly with databases?

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Call C# Or C++ From Html Pages For Server Side Scripting / Programming On Localhost?

Sep 25, 2010

I am running Aprelium Abyss Web Server from my home computer and I have a plain old normal website. You know how you can have separate PHP files, and then call the functions inside of then within the HTML page using the onclick="" of a button? Well, I have a C# and C++ program on my computer (where the server is located), and would like to know if I can somehow send a command from my html page to my C# or C++ program which will then execute a function, and return a result. Here's a scenario: User visits [URL] User clicks the 'Create some files' button on the webpage Webpage sends command to C# application on my computer/webserver C# application creates a bunch of empty files C# application sends back filenames of the generated files to the webpage the webpage then displays a list of the filenames that were generated byb the C# application. Can somebody please guide me in the right direction?

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Best Practice To Develop Widget Using On The Server Side

Dec 27, 2010

I have a hosted web application written in asp.net and would like to publish widgets for use in remote websites. For that purpose I believe I want to use embedded widgets over IFrame. I therefore need some client side code to retrieve the widget's HTML from the server. I need assistance in the Client Server communication. If you have sample code to call a .NET webservice (or any other way) so that I can start by embedding this code within the widget's client UI.

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How To Extend Server-side Validation Controls To Raise An Event If Validation Fails

Feb 23, 2010

I am using ASP.NET's server-side validation. In the page_load event I'm calling Page.Validate(), and if Page.IsValid is not true I'm then polling the controls to figure out which ones are not valid, and then determining what actions to take.It would be much easier if each control would raise an event as validation fails, allowing me to take action for that particular control. I'm very much a naive programmer when it comes to validation, but is there a way to extend these controls so that a validation error raises an event?

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Web Forms :: Present Video And Audio In A Site With 3.5 Platform?

Feb 19, 2010

I want to present video and audio in a site with 3.5 platform. Using mediaplayer or flv player?

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Youtube Site Programming - Player To Use?

Apr 9, 2010

i am developing video uploading and play functionality just like You Tube for my project. which player i user for site? should be run all this file

* Windows Media Video (.WMV)
* .3GP (cell phones)
* .AVI (windows)
* .MOV (mac)
* .MP4 (ipod/psp)
* .FLV (adobe flash)
* .MKV (h.264)

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Improve Site Using On Page SEO By Programming?

Jul 20, 2010

I have designed site for my customer site and this Commercial Loan site for the users who are willing to take a commercial loan.I wan to know what should I do from programming site of view so that when user search it must be there in first 5 link.Site name is http://commercialloans4all.com

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WebMatrix :: Programming With WebPages Vs Using As Site Tool

Mar 4, 2011

I'm new here. Noticed that most posts are related to WebMatrix as a tool, not WebMatrix-WebPages programming. Also WebPages does not require WebMatrix at all. Perhaps there's another forum for WebPages, otherwise I would suggest to split this forum into two. WebMatrix | WebPages,

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Jquery - Programming With Js In Client Side With Ajax Technology?

Nov 12, 2010

I'm want to build web site in asp.net(because I know this language) in server side, and js (probably jquery) in client side, with Ajax technology. I heard that ASP.NET AJAX is too slow, if it's true (is it?) - what are the other options (to combine ASP.NET and Ajax) for me? Which tool combine all that technologies?

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Visual Studio :: Team Foundation Server 2010 - Legacy Code & VSS?

Jul 12, 2010

Going to install TFS 2010 today, however have few doubts here:

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Custom Server Controls :: How To Extend A Web Control's Methods?

Jan 19, 2011

How do I extend a web control's methods?

For example, I want to do this:


I know how to create the loop that checks for the value, I just don't know I to create an method extension to a control.

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Custom Server Controls :: Extend FormView To DeleteItemTemplate?

Dec 28, 2010

all i want to extend FormView with DeleteItemTemplate

<asp:FormView id="sth" runat="server"....>

<%-- here goes my custom template %-->


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Custom Server Controls :: Extend Existing Asp.net Button?

Mar 19, 2010

I want to know if it is possible to extend the properties of a button and possibly override the render() method?I know how to create a custom server control and that is not what I want to do.I have a lot of web application that need to inject some java script on the button render event based on a new properties value.So what I want to do is extend the properties and hook into the Render method of the button control that ships with .net, I want to do it this way then I can still use the default button control but am able to effect all of the buttons in all of the web applications by simply re-publishing them.Inheriting from the System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button class enables me to add the property but then I have to register the "new" control and I have to go and change all of the buttons in all of the web applications.

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DataSource Controls :: SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Failed Install Via Web Platform Installer

May 7, 2010

I sucessfully installed SQL Server Express 2010 on my windows server. I then tried to install the SQL Server 2008 management studio via Web Platform Installer but it failed (it did however sucessfully install powershell).


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Custom Server Controls :: Extend A Datagrid Control And Use It In Program

Mar 6, 2010

I want to extend a datagrid control and use it in my program.

public class MyDataGrid : DataGrid

Now i want to make use this new control in my web page. so i need to register this user control in page.

<form><sam:MyDataGrid id="test" runat="server" /> </form>

When I build it is fine. When i run the application it throws the error.

MyDataGrid is a unknown element.This error occurs due to compilation error or web.config does not exists. But there was no scenario like this.

Unknown server tag 'sam:MyDataGrid.Error occured due to parsing.

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Custom Server Controls :: Extend The TreeView To Create A HierarchicalTreeView?

Mar 29, 2011

how we can extend a TreeView control and change its appearance to look like a hierarchical tree structure (or binary tree)? so that it can be used for generating a MLM tree from the database with clickable nodes.

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Server Side - Themes Won't Work When Using Server Side Tags

Apr 8, 2010

The code for the asp.net page is:

<div class="facebox_content">
<% if (CurrentUser.Role == "Free")
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse:collapse;width:380px;">

User Name :


Membership Cost :

<td style="width:190px;">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtUserName" Enabled="false" runat="server" Text="<%= CurrentUser.Name %>"/>
<td style="width:190px;">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtCost" Enabled="false" runat="server" Text="2000"/>

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SQL Server :: Table Design In Sql - Best Practice For This Scenario?

Oct 26, 2010

I want to track equipment between three types of allocations. A piece of equipment can be allocated to an employee, to a customer facility or to a warehouse.

I have an equipment table, employee table, a customer table and warehouse table. Warehouse is where equipment is temporarily held and shared between multiple employees, it is a holding area.

Obviously each equipment item can only be allocated to one employee, customer or warehouse.

My original thinking was to make a table for EquipmentAllocations where it linked the EquipmentID and the id of the employee, customer or warehouse (all guids).

Eventually I will need to query the equipment to see where it is located/allocated. I will also need to query the employees to check what equipment is allocated to them.

I am trying to figure out the best way to handle this and I am looking for some guidance. I am sure many of you have had situations similar to this that you could draw upon to offer up some advice.

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SQL Server :: Best Practice With Uploading Images To Sql Database

Jan 18, 2011

I am sorry to ask this general question. But I could not find any comments sharing about real world experience when it comes to uploading photos. I knows a little bit about uploading photos to SQL database. One is uploading the photos insidea folder and the link to the photos will be stored inside the imagemap (not sure about this datatype??) column and perhaps the other way is to store the photos inside the database itself. Which one is the common and best practice?Any links that I can refer to?

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C# - Best Practice For Uploading Excel Data In SQL Server Using .NET

Mar 4, 2010

I am looking for best practice for uploading excel data in Sql server 2000 database through asp.net web application. Excel data will be predefined Format with almost 42 columns and out of 42 10 fields are mandatory and rest are conditional mandatory. i.e. if data exists it should be in defined format. I also need to validate for special character, length, specified format and so on.After validating, i need to store valid data into sql server table and provide export to excel functionality for invalid data for exporting in same excel format with indicator to identity the invalid cells.

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SQL Server :: Is 2008 R2 Express Edition Reasonable For Use With Visual Studio 2010 Pro In Website Programming

Oct 8, 2010

I am considering an upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 Pro from my Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition while the price is still $299. I have successfully used Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition along with SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition to produce websites with database backends. I am assuming that I will still be able to do this with Visual Studio 2010 Pro without any heart-stopping transitional problems. Anyone have any experiences/advice about this? And just for the record, I cannot afford Visual Studio 2010 Premium which I believe would make this a moot point.

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SQL Server :: Best Practice To Save And Retrive Data Using Properties

Mar 2, 2011

I have created one class as Employee.

Then i created properties, as below


and same properties to be used while retriving data from sql server.

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