Forms Data Controls :: Clicking A GridView Hyperlink To Go To Another WizardStep?

Oct 9, 2010

Within a WizardStep in the AccountManagement.aspx page, I have the following Gridview:


When a UserName HyperLinkField is clicked, I want to go to the another WizardStep.

With DataNavigateUrlFormatString="AccountManagement.aspx?user={0}, I think the page refreshes rather than posts back.

How do I get to another WizardStep? Do I have to cause a PostBack rather than a refresh?

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Forms Data Controls :: Get Cellindex In Dynamic Gridview After Clicking A Hyperlink On It?

Jun 29, 2010

i have a problem with my asp project.i have a gridview that is created dynamically and all rows cells contain hyperlinks that are created dynamically also

all i wanna do is after clicking at any on this hyperlinks i can get the index of the cell where this hyperlink i clicked exist or even the text of the hyperlink i clicked but i don't know how i can do this

The eventhandler for the hyperlink is as follow:


i write in this code selectedrow.cells[0] but this is not what i want.What i need to replace 0 with the index of the cell i clicked

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Forms Data Controls :: Select A Row In A Gridview By Clicking Anywhere On It?

Sep 7, 2010

I want to give my users the ability to select a row by clicking anywhere on the GridView.

So based on the selected Row i will change one particular column value based on my validation.

How can i add the click event on the GridView?

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Forms Data Controls :: PageIndexChanging For Gridview - Error While Clicking To Page

Jan 19, 2011

i have a gridview which Pagesize set to 5. There will be some error while i click to page2, i knew it was caused by what but i got no good idea how to solve it.

Me.GridView.DataSource = DT.DefaultView
For x As Integer = 0 To DT.Rows.Count - 1
If DT.Rows(x).Item("status") = "Verifying" Then
Me.GridView.Rows(x).BackColor = Drawing.Color.Tomato
ElseIf DT.Rows(x).Item("status") = "Processed" Then
Me.GridView.Rows(x).BackColor = Drawing.Color.CadetBlue
End If

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Forms Data Controls :: Change Gridview Datasource By Clicking A Link?

Apr 20, 2010

i'm working in visual studio 2005 c#

how do i change gridview datasource by clicking a link ;

how do i insert code to the onclick evvent to change the data source ?

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Clicking The Hyperlink Which Should Open New Page In The Iframe

Nov 29, 2010

I have a main page which display the results when clicked on the search button. Those results are in the gridview. one of the column is a hyperlink. when clicked on the hyperlink, it will display the detail page in an iframe(iframe is in the main page below grid view) which is on the same page.

now i need to make changes to the main page, to display directly the detail page in an iframe when there is a single record. or the grid view when there are multiple recoreds so that user can choose which details they want tlp see when a search button is clicked.

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Web Forms :: Open One Document File By Clicking On Hyperlink On Webpage?

Mar 29, 2011

in my web application i am trying to open one document file by clicking on hyperlink on webpage,

when i run the appication open the that page click on the link file gets open.

but, when i run the application through iis, when clicking on that link file not found alert comes.

that document file present in separate fileserver.

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Forms Data Controls :: Pass Value From SQL Server Table To Textbox By Clicking Gridview Row

Mar 20, 2010


So it works fine i can hover on gridview rows. Now I need to add OnClick event. When Row is clicked I need to pass value from SQL server table to textbox. How can I Add something like onrowclickevent? where I can use clicked row arguments?

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Forms Data Controls :: Clicking Edit Changes GridView Back To Original Query?

May 28, 2010

I have a gridview that I have bound to a sqldatasource. However I have the gridview changing data shown per a drop down list and textbox so I can choose how I am searching.

My code includes changing the select command of the data source and rebinding the gridview.

My issue is that if I implement the edit button and click edit the grid view seems to resort back to the original select command that was entered when I created the datasource.

Is there any way to get the gridview to do what I want it to?

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Not Updating / After Clicking Update Command Field?

Mar 12, 2011

I have a gridview and sqldatasource in a form. My sqldatasource has select,delete and update command. The delete command is working but the update doest not work when I click the update command field.

Here is my code [Code]....

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Forms Data Controls :: Clicking On Gridview Item To Retrieve Info From Database?

Feb 4, 2011

I am Working on a project(, i have a gridview to display names of "Patients". Each patient has a unique "labID",

I have stored the patients "diagnosis" information in seperate tables( stool,urine, blood etc)

what I need is to retrieve this info when I click on a patients name in gridview.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Row Height Get Increased And Color Of The Row Become Red While Clicking On Edit Button?

Jun 3, 2010

I created a grid and successfully done update, delete, filled functionality.

But whenever I m clicking on Gridview row, its hieght get increased and color of the row become red while clicking on edit button. But this problem is occuring in Mozilla,IE7 not in IE6. Project is running good in IE6. What could be the solution for this.

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Forms Data Controls :: Select Row On GridView By Clicking Next Button / Want To Display 3rd Row Results In A Panel

Oct 27, 2010

I have a button called Next outside the GridView. If I click on Next, I want to highlite the 2nd row and display the details of the 2nd row below in panel. If again I click on Nextm i want to highlite 3rd row and want to display 3rd row results in a panel

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Forms Data Controls :: Add Hyperlink To Gridview?

Dec 28, 2010

i have database like this (ID , NAME1 , NAME2 , CAT1 , CAT2 )

my database is for people that i have devied by two arguments , CAT1,CAT2

I would to do hyperlinks to access database with some argumets , for example , i want all the view all the people with CAT1=7 && CAT2=4

i have build function that get 2 arguments and return to me all the data i have try it with MICROSOFT SQL and the all work perfect

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Forms Data Controls :: Use A Hyperlink In A Gridview?

May 28, 2010

How Can I use a hyperlink in a gridview so that when a number is clicked on in that gridview it would direct me to a new page showing a new gridview

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Forms Data Controls :: Put Hyperlink In Gridview?

Mar 13, 2011

i need to put hyperlink in gridview ,and that hypelink that give you more details

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Restore Gridview Vertical Position After Clicking Edit Link Button

Oct 15, 2010

Is there any way to stop Gridview to turn back to first row when user click edit link button. Say there are 50 rows in gridview, user scrolled down to 45th row then click edit button. Gridview shifted to editmode but user need to roll down back again to reach the row 45th.

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Forms Data Controls :: Webpage Not Found When Clicking Sort Or Pagination Links On Gridview Control

Feb 3, 2011

I have created a website that has some gridview controls that call stored procedures in a SQL db and display the results of the procedures. Two of the gridview controls have sorting enabled, and one has pagination enabled.

The site loads for all users who have tried it so far.

However, one user gets a "webpage not found" (HTTP 400 Bad request) error whenever they click on the pagination links or sorting links on the gridview control. It seems like it's not a security issue because the website runs as a user with permission to the database.

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Disable Hyperlink After Clicking On It?

Oct 15, 2010

I have a link

<asp:HyperLink ID="BtnPrint" runat="server"
NavigateUrl="~/CrystalReportViewer.aspx" Visible="false"
Target="_blank" ToolTip="Print pdf">Print</asp:HyperLink>

I want that when I click to show it should be visible.. that's working... but I want that when I click to this hyper link it should be invisible or not enabled...

or is it possible to show page in new tab or window by using asp button or asplinkbutton?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use As A Hyperlink Field In Gridview

Jan 6, 2011

I have the following grid on an asp page:


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use Gridview Cells Like Hyperlink

Nov 30, 2010

I have a Gridview with one column (news title).

i wan to when user click this cells go to another page to show full news.(i know how to use querystring


How can i change this cells(i think DATABOUND) to hyperlink

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Forms Data Controls :: Passing An ID From A Hyperlink In A Gridview?

Sep 2, 2010

I have gridview that lists a column of hyperlinked names. A procedure is passed to get the data for the gridview. I am also pulling an ID to use once the name is clicked. Once clicked the ID is used in another procedure to populate a formview. I am having a problem getting the ID to be associated to each hyperlink name in the column and figuring out how I am going to grab the ID from the asp:hyperlinkfield and then assigning it a variable to use elsewhere. Right now I trying to create a datarow with a new attribute.


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Forms Data Controls :: HyperLink Control On A Gridview

Apr 14, 2010

I have created a Gridview and as part of the GridView I have created an ItemTemplate which has a HyperLink field. I would like the user to possibly select a different hyperlink for each row in the Grid. I have tried using the FileUpload Control and getting the Posted.FileName property and setting this but to no avail.

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Forms Data Controls :: Hyperlink In GridView Does Not Contain A Property With The Name 'ID'?

Oct 4, 2010

<asp:HyperLink runat="server" ID="HyperLink1" NavigateUrl='<%# string.Format("Tiff.aspx?ID={0}", Eval("ID")) %>' Target="_blank" Text="View" ></asp:HyperLink>

I m getting an exception Like This..DataBinding: 'System.Collections.Hashtable' does not contain a property with the name 'ID'.

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Forms Data Controls :: Event For GridView Hyperlink?

Dec 27, 2010

I have the following code for HyperLink written inside the GridView Code as


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