Forms Data Controls :: Dropdownlist Width / Can Set The Width Property Of The List To Display Wider Than The Field Itself

Oct 4, 2010

I have a dropdown list in a gridview field. The DataValueField for the ddl is an 8 digit item code. The text to display through will be quite longer, 40-60 characters because it will combine the item code and item name into a single string. I don't want the dropdownlist field to be that wide though, only what is displayed when the ddl is selected.In Access you can set the width property of the list to display wider than the field itself. Is there that capability in ASP.NET and if so where do I find it?

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Web Forms :: GridView DataRow Width Is Displayed Wider In Firefox Than IE?

Jan 7, 2010

I am facing a problem with GridView DataRow Width (defined by CSS) in FireFox.I have a GridView which has headers and items which their width is defined in CSS file.When I test its layout in FireFox and IE 8.0 I got a problem about width.- Headers in 2 web browsers : OK (the same)- Items : In Firefox, the items' width is wider than headers' width so the row is broken.Here is its CSS and render code :


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Forms Data Controls :: To Set The Width Of A GridView To A Pre-determined Width?

Oct 5, 2010

Is there any way to set the width of a GridView to a pre-determined width?

I have set the width of the gridview and all the columns to a % and then to a number of pixels but it does work. The gridview always sets itself to a width required to display all fields and it goes beyond the resolution of the screen. I would like to contain it to 1024 pixels.

Here's my .aspx


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Web Forms :: DropDownList With Multiline ListItems - Expands The Width Of The List

Jul 28, 2010

I have a DropdownList where some of the items are longer then the width of the list. Firefox expands the width of the list and shws the full length of the ListItem, but Explorer (som people still use that) doesn't do that which results unability to read the whole of the ListItem. I added a "Title" attribute (Tooltip) to the ListItems which shows the full text but even though, the client asks if it's possible to split long ListItems in several lines so user will be able to read it without needing the Tooltip.

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Forms Data Controls :: Width Property In EmptyDataRowStyle Doesn't Seem To Work

Feb 17, 2010

No matter how I set the width in the EmptyDataRowStyle in a GridView, it gets ignored. The width of this construct always takes on the width of the text instead of what is asigned to the width property. This is also true if the property is set as a CSS style width.

If the width is assigned to the GridView construct then the EmptyDataRowStyle will take on that width.

I used this construct to test this:


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Set The Width Property The LayoutTemplate In A Listview Through Codebehind

Sep 4, 2010

How to set the width property the LayoutTemplate in a listview through codebehind



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Forms Data Controls :: Set Width Of Editable Field In GridView?

Dec 9, 2010

I have set up an editable GridView using the AutoGenerateEditButton property. When the Edit link generated is clicked I only get a small editable area, is there a way to customise this to show more text?

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Forms Data Controls :: Can Control The Width Of The Field Header

Feb 27, 2011

I have the FieldHeaderStyle-Width set to 100px for a details view and it works fine unless the fields have no data. Then the width is adjusted automatically. How can I control the width of the field header when there is no data in any of the fields?

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Forms Data Controls :: Change Width Of Column In Gridview Bound Field

Nov 25, 2010

I want to change the width of column in Gridview bound field but it is not changing. Code Is;

<asp:BoundField DataField="Address" HeaderText="Address" SortExpression="Address">
<ItemStyle Width="500px" />

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Forms Data Controls :: Dropdownlist Width Greater Than Control Itself?

Jul 12, 2010

How do I make the dropdownlist in my gridview wider than the control there a Dropdownlistwidth property??..or do I have to use css..

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Data Controls :: How To Set Column Width In GridView Using Bound Field

Apr 19, 2013

I want to fix the gridview column width using bound field and also template field using ... How can i ?

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Width / When Add Columns To Gridview The Width Shoots Out Of The Page And The Page Design Is Seems Ruined?

Feb 11, 2010

.I am new to there any way we can limi the width of the gridview in the design mode.

I have to put 15-20 columns on the gridview.When I add columns to gridview the width shoots out of the page and the page design is seems ruined.

i placed it inside the panel and added scrol bars to it. it looks ok when debuggin i.e looks ok in internet explorer but in design mode it ruins the page design.

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Forms Data Controls :: Display A Label With Specific Width In A Gridview?

Nov 28, 2010

I want to display a GridView with 3 Columns: a Name, a Score, and a sort-of-ProgressBar reflecting the score. So far, I haven't been able to display the 'ProgressBar' correctly.

I placed a asp:Label inside a asp:Label [URL]. Visually, this looks nice, but the 'ProgessBar' is rigth now 50% for every row. For every row, the width of the lblProgressBar has to be the value of Score, but I can't get this to work.


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Web Forms :: Drop Down Width Is Different In IE And Mozilla - How To Make Constant Width In Both Browsers

Mar 23, 2010

MY Drop Down width is Different in IE and Mozilla

How to make constant width in both browsers.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display The Content Of The Paragraph In The Full Width Of The Page

Feb 2, 2011

how to display the content of the paragraph in the full width of the page

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Data Controls :: Long Text Of Items Causes DropDownList Width To Be Large

Oct 7, 2012

I have a web in and code in vb and sql database. There is a dropdownlist ina page the length is too big. How can I set to multi row or some other kind....

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Data Controls :: Set Height And Width Of AJAX ComboBox Item List?

May 7, 2015

I have this combobox and I cannot reduce the size and width of the combo list.

on the pic 1 is Height and 2-3 is the width.

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Web Forms :: Set Panel2 Width To 1px Less Than Panel1 Width?

Aug 13, 2010

I have 2 panels.

What I am trying to do is to set the Panel8:s width to "1px" less thatn the Panels7: width.

The code compiles but the width does not get correct?


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AJAX :: Restricting Width Of ResizeControlExtender To Width Of The Parent Controlcontainer?

Jun 10, 2010

I'm sure this question has been asked before but I have been unable to find an answer so far. I want to create a control consisting of a label, an editor control and make the editor control resizable using the ResizeControlExtender:


I have is to extend the control vertically, effectively making it longer, but I don't want the user to make it any wider than it parent control - effectively disabling the option to make it wider. Hopefully that makes sense - for an example, look no further than the control used to input text when creating a post.

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C# - Get Width Of Column/cell In GridView When 'width' Property On Column/cell Is Not Set?

Mar 16, 2011

I have a GridView, in which the width of each column is dynamic and changes depending on the dataset. I need to get the width of each column for use in my PDF exporter, but the column/cells width is always '0', presumably because I haven't set the width property.

Is there a way around this?

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Custom Server Controls :: How To Set Default Height/Width Property Value Of Composite Control

Nov 3, 2010

How to set default Height/Width property value of Composite control


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How To Constrain The Width Of The Browser To The Width Specified In A Css Class

Mar 4, 2011

In css I use a class named bodyClass to set the aspx page's body width:65%;

In the page I have <body class="bodyClass".....

I can see my page is sized... But the browser still opens itself at the last width that was in use when it was closed...

I try width:650px; as well, same result.

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Control Table Width Width In Cs Code?

Feb 9, 2010

is there possible to control the table (tr, th, td) width in cs code? i dont want in HTML.

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Web Forms :: To Style The Width Of Columns Of A Checkbox List

Feb 26, 2011

been trying long time now to style the width of columns of a checkbox list, trying to group text by similar lengths, something like this:

small width [] wider width here [] widest width of all here []
small wid [] wider width h [] widest width of all h []
small widt [] wider width her [] widest width of all her [] (of course the checkboxes line up in the actual form)

so smaller length texts are not too far away from their checkbox, the checkboxlist control seems to have an iron grip on those col widths

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JQuery :: How To Set The Aspx Page Height And Width (automatically )or Based On Control Width And Height

Nov 12, 2010

how to set the aspx page height and width (automatically )or based on control width and height

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