Forms Data Controls :: Foreign Key Text Values Disappeared From Gridview?

Aug 2, 2010

I have a strange problem. I suddenly noticed that the gridviews on my list.aspx page are now displaying the numeric foreign key value rather than the display column value. For example, instead of displaying:


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Web Forms :: The Dropdownlist And Radio Button Controls' Values Disappeared After Submit?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a master page with a form which has dropdown list control,text box,radio button controls.The entered and selected values get lost after I clicked on submit button.It goes back to original state when the page first loaded.Any idea why and how to retain these value?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Get The Foreign Key Values In DropDown List

Jun 12, 2010

I'm using objectDataSource and Formview. Currently I'm using a Text-Box to put the CategoryID.

I want to display the Category-Name instead of Category ID in Drop Down list.

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Forms Data Controls :: Insert Two Values From Text Box1 To Gridview?

Aug 26, 2010

using .aspx .aspx.cs lalso oledb connection should be used

i have two txt bxs: textbox1 ,textbox2



table a

a b
jhgd kljhskjd
sdghdshgd jkhdjhdjk

what i need is when enter some values(varchar ) in txt 1 and 2

it should be added in database and shown in gridview1 after i press butt1

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Values In Text Boxes When Clicked On Any Row In Gridview

Dec 31, 2010

I have a gridview in my aspx form. I have used template column & in that created a table. In the table of the Item template , I am displaying some fields. My requirement is that when I click on any row, the correspoding data should be placed in proper text boxes. Each row in itemtemplate has a unique id called UserId.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Foreign Key Names Instead Of Id In GridView

Jun 26, 2010

i want to display name of related table in my gridView insetad of it's id. one solution is using sqlDataSource or objectDataSource, but i don't want using this appproach. i want to do this without setting any dataSourceID or join tables, in other word, i want to do this like windows form datagridViewComboBoxColumn.

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Bind Field Foreign Key's Data Record

Dec 6, 2010

I have two tables

Employee Table : ( EmployeeID,EmployeeName,... Etc )
Bonus Table : ( BonusID,EmployeeID,BonusDate,Bonus Reason,... Etc )

I wanted to list the bonuses in a gridview, so i made a query to return list of bonus records and my data access object returns the result set as Bonus business object ( generic collections of bonus BO ). i have bind my gridview with the bonus collection.

now my problem is that collection has the property "EmployeeID" and it will be displayed but instead of showing EmployeeID, i wanted to show Employee Name in that grid. I have a gridview where i want to list the bonus records ( bonus ID, bonus date, bonus description, employee ID) ,

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Related Foreign Key Value In Gridview With Entity Framework

Oct 12, 2010

I have a gridview displaying "registrationtype id" (FK) from the registration table. I want it to display the related name instead of the id from the registartiontype table.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Change The Values In Gridview On Text Change Of Templated Control Without Databind Again

Apr 20, 2010

How to change the values in gridview on text change of templated control without databind again?the value of templated text boxes should change If i change the value of one of the templated textbox then accordingly(By mathematical calculations) the vlaues of all tempated textboxes should also change.

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C# - Int Values Get Automatically Converted Into Float Values On Binding The Text Values In Gridview?

Jun 29, 2010

I am getting int values from the stored procedure. But when i bind this datasource with the gridview i am seeing the values being converted into float. i am using Text='<% # Bind("Quantity") %' I wanna that to be displayed as int, with out zero'seg: let the value be 233, when i bind that its getting displayed as 233.00

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Displaying Values For Foreign Keys In Dynamic Data Web App?

Nov 4, 2010

I have the following tables in my database which are as given under:


My requirement is instead of getting the PromotionID values displayed for columns CustomerPromotionDiscountID & EmployeePromotionDiscountID, it should display the respective DiscountAmount. Which is not happenning for some reason.

I somehow found a workaround where if i define the datatype for columns CustomerPromotionDiscountID and EmployeePromotionDiscountID as nchar or nvarchar, it displays the DiscountAmount.

Wanted to know if there is any better way of doing this without changing the datatype for my columns?

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DataSource Controls :: SQL Data Disappeared?

Jun 3, 2010

a friend of mine at work had a department of the call centre stop working on a specific interface they were using because he needed to take the database that the system they were using reads from and writes to.It's completely irrelevant, but he did this to minimise overhead on the database while he ran a large query.Half an hour later, the database is back online, but all of the information that had been written to it before it was taken offline has disappeared - as if it never existed in the first place.What happened to the data? Is there any way to recover it?I'm thinking that the database might've been busy with a read/write operation before it was taken offline which could have corrupted the data, but I have no way to be sure.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Extract Gridview Old Values And New Values

Aug 4, 2010

i take data from Sqlserver database , and my prblem is that i want to get old and new values from gridview and base on that i want to change there background colors .. i try gridview rowupdating , editing ,updated Events but when i debug no break point hit and there was no value in ViewSate that i declare ,

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DataSource Controls :: TableAdapterManager.UpdateAll Shows Foreign Key Error When Insert Values To Master And Child Table

Mar 18, 2010

I am trying to use the TableApapterManager.UpdateAll to insert values to master and child table. I had set the relation to cascade for update in the dataset and the HierarchicalUpdate to true. But stil when I run TableApapterManager.UpdateAll(dataset), I get a foriegn key violation error. Following is the code I used:

int ID;
DAL.Datasets.dsMembers.MembersRow rwMem = m_dsMembers.Members.NewMembersRow();
rwMem.u_name = mem.Name;
DAL.Datasets.dsMembers.MemPhonesRow rwmemphn = null;
rwmemphn = m_dsMembers.MemPhones.NewMemPhonesRow();
rwmemphn.u_memberid = ID;
rwmemphn.u_phn = "test";
return ID;

The error I get is "The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_MemPhones_Members". The conflict occurred in database "Family", table "dbo.Members", column 'i_memeberid'.
The statement has been terminated."

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Text Values In Y-axis Of Dunda Charts

Mar 22, 2010

I have to display text values dynamically on Y-axis of a bar graph in Dunda charts.

Like Region 1, Region2 .....................

how can I do that?

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Data Controls :: Check For NULL Values Sum And Display Values In GridView Cells

Apr 3, 2013

i am using a gridview in my web page,i used to bind the database records to the columns are name,empid,company name,pl leave,sl leave,total leave taken here total leave taken is not a database fields,in the page i want to fill the records once loaded pl leave and sl leave is added and display in the total leave taken working properly when all pl ans sl columns fill with numbers,if some pl and sl leave having blank showing an error like input sting was not in correct format..this is my code


<asp:BoundField DataField="slno" HeaderText="SerialNo"
SortExpression="slno" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="ecode" HeaderText="Employee Code"
SortExpression="empcode" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="ename" HeaderText="Employee Name"


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Forms Data Controls :: Click On The Child Gridview And Get The Values Of The Parent Gridview?

Oct 25, 2010

I'm lost. I have a sub gridview in a gridview. In subGridbiview I have a button. How do I can clicking the button and get values outside the gridview? The subgridview not present the events ...

------------------------Gridview 1------------------------------------------

| cell(0) | cell(1) | Cell(2)| Cell(3 - ITEM TEMPLATE) | -
| | | | # # # SubGridview1 ######### -
! x1 | Y1 | Z1 | # Cell(0) ! Button #-
! | | | ######################-
| | | | # # # SubGridview1 ######### -
! x2 | Y2 | Z2 | # Cell(0) ! Button #-
! | | | ######################-

how do I click on the child gridview and get the values of the parent gridview? no events in the child gridview no number indexrow on the parent gridview I'm lost.

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Forms Data Controls :: Decrypt One Gridview Column Values Before Displaying It In The Gridview?

Mar 8, 2011

I have one filed that is encrypted using Rajindal algorithm and stored in MSSQL db.When I retrieve that column in gridview it's displayed in encrypted. I have the code that decrypts it but the problem is:How can I all loop throw this column values in the gridview and decrypt them all and display it in the gridview decrypted.See my code below:


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Get The Textbox Values To Gridview And Gridview To Database

Jul 19, 2010

how to get the values text box values to gridview..

if i enter any text in text box those values should display in gridview.

after entering of 2 or 3 records, i will click on save then all the values of grid should insert in to DAta Base.

i dont want to get the values form Database to Gridview.

how to retrive the values form Database to Gridview.

i just want to display the values which are there in Textbox...

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Forms Data Controls :: Loop Gridview To Update Values In Gridview To Stored Procedure?

Jan 14, 2010

I would like to ask a question on the visual basic codes to loop the gridview to retrieve the values and based on the values, it will be provided as parameters to update to the database table using stored procedure.

Firstly, I have a gridview named grvProduct. The page (ui) will be loaded with data from the database with the use of stored procedures. And only certain values can be edited through the use of template in gridview. So based on those edited values, I'm supposed to pass these values as parameters to the stored procedure which will then update a database table.

Let say, I have 3 records retrieved from the database and displayed in the gridview. And I would like to edit a values in the 3 records, how do I do batch update and pass those parameters to the stored procedure? I went to debug and step through the visual basic codes and realised there were too many arguments specified because I actually loop the gridview.

Below is my visual basic codes:


Below is my Stored Procedure code:

I believe it is the error in the looping of the gridview which results that I could not batch update the data/values.

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How To Delete Values In Case Of Foreign Key

Sep 7, 2010

How to delete values in case of foreign key?


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Forms Data Controls :: Datakeyfield With Foreign Key?

Jul 11, 2010

Has anyone used a control that would allow them to select and bind to another data control with a foreign key? I have a grid that I can filter with a datalist and listview, but, I have a many to many relationship in the table I want to use in a control to further filter the grid that only has a foreign key to the table data in the filtered grid.

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Database - Caching A Dictionary For Foreign Key Values?

Apr 10, 2010

I have a Dictionary<int, string> cached (for 20 minutes) that has ~120 ID/Name pairs for a reference table. I iterate over this collection when populating dropdown lists and I'm pretty sure this is faster than querying the DB for the full list each time.

My question is more about if it makes sense to use this cached dictionary when displaying records that have a foreign key into this reference table.

Say this cached reference table is a EmployeeType table. If I were to query and display a list of employee names and types should I query for EmployeeName and EmployeeTypeID and use my cached dictionary to grab the EmployeeTypeIDs name as each record is displayed or is it faster to just have the DB grab the EmployeeName and JOIN to get the EmployeeType string bypassing the cached Dictionary all together.

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Forms Data Controls :: Map Nullable Foreign Key To Dropdown List?

Apr 12, 2010

I have dropdownlist that maps from a SQL foreign key, which can be NULL.

Currently, I've added a "Please select..." to the top of my dropdown list and assigned it a value of 0.

I know how to map from the drop down list to SQL using a CASE statement in my UpdateCommand.

But how to I map from the SELECT statement to my dropdownlist? If this foreign key contains null I get "Item not in Dropdown list". I'd like to show "Please Select..." as the dropdownlist item if the SQL item contains NULL. I saw something online that says to use the value '''' for 'Please select...', but I don't think it's right, plus it doesn't work.

Do I have to do something in my SELECT statement or do I have to do something on DDL.Databind?

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Forms Data Controls :: Display Foreign Key Value In Grid View?

Aug 14, 2010

I have a search button ..The result will be displayed in grid view if the button is pressed .. i am able to do it

But now i want to do like this ..that is my grid view is only displaying the ResultId .. I want to display the ResultName rather than resultID in the table

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