Forms Data Controls :: Get The Value Of Radiobutton From Gridview?

Sep 5, 2010

I have Gridview with three server-side radio buttons in each row. How will I be able to get the value of the row of the selected radio button?

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Forms Data Controls :: Radiobutton Does Not Appear In Gridview?

Sep 9, 2010

I'm building a data gridview with a column of radiobutton. I can get the data to bind to the grid but the radiobutton does not appear in the grid under the select column.

<a href="" title="grid-png">View grid-png</a>

Below are the codes. What could be the problem?


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Forms Data Controls :: Add Radiobutton List To Gridview?

Mar 15, 2011

I want to add 2 radiobuttons into a column:

- Present
- Absent

There is also a field in the database: 'Present'

I have googled his topic, most of the answers provide with the .aspx code.

I would like to do it from the 'Design' method, ie. from the Property box.

If the user select 'Absent' then a dropdown list have to be 'visible' on the next column for selection.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Or Listview & Radiobutton?

Oct 31, 2010

How to use radiobutton in gridview or listview to get selected value that meanhow to radiobutton work with Commandname or and other logic

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Forms Data Controls :: Radiobutton Select On Gridview?

Jul 23, 2010

I need a Radio Button Select for my gridview which is manually datasourced (manual data set)

I copied this post but converted to [URL] However, its not I'm not sure if its because I'm missing the conversion of some of the C# to or if I missing something else.

Heres my code.


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Forms Data Controls :: Add RadioButton Column Into A Dynamic Gridview?

Mar 26, 2010

Does anyone knows how to add a radiobutton column into a dynamic gridview? The problem with the radiobutton is that in a grid view is not mutually exlusive so actually it would have to be a literal type= "radio "control, but how to add it when the gridview is created dynamially?

Also, once I have the radioButton set up can I identified whether that row has the radiobutton checked or not?

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Forms Data Controls :: RadioButton In GridView - How To Check/uncheck

Mar 17, 2011

I got a GridView and 2 columns have a radiobutton in each, named rbStatus.

1 coulmn header name Aired and other column named "Missed".

They are not databound.

How do I check the radio button in code behind?

Or should I make it databound?

The field to be displayed in the column "Aired" is boolean type.

If the "Aired" is not checked, I need to set the "Missed" checked.


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Forms Data Controls :: TemplateField With RadioButton Inside A Gridview?

Jul 27, 2010

i have a website with a radiobutton inside a gridview, i set the groupname in the gridview but when i run the table, the radiobutton did not became exclusive or i can checked = true on all radiobutton. this is my code:


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Forms Data Controls :: Defaut First Radiobutton Selected On Gridview?

Apr 8, 2010

Im codiing in in C#. I'm trying to select BY Default the first radiobutton value of my gridview.

This is my current code for my aspx page:

Inherits="Template1.RegistrationSummary" %>


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Forms Data Controls :: Radiobutton List & Gridview Boundfields?

Apr 1, 2010

One of the gridviews looks like this:

Q1 SQ1 A1
Q1 SQ1 A2
Q1 SQ1 A3
Q1 SQ2 A1
Q1 SQ2 A2
Q1 SQ2 A3


All fields are BoundFields (except radiobuttons). They can't be converted to templates, I am using boundfields for row-level displaying in RowDataBound.Each row has a radiobutton and only one radio button should be selected per subquestion (SQ).How I can ensure only one answer is selected per subquestion? On radiobutton click or on submit?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Handle Radiobutton Click Event In Gridview

Dec 17, 2010

i have a gridview which consists of two columns.

1. name

2. radiobutton

when ever i click the radio button, the correspondng name should be saved in a variable in code behild(c#)

the gridview code looks as below:


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Forms Data Controls :: To Make A Single Selection In Radiobutton In A Gridview?

Aug 30, 2010

I want to make a single selection in radiobutton in a gridview. I have added "GroupName" in radiobutton attributes but it only works in column which suppose to have a single selection in the entrire gridview. Another problem is getting the value of the radio button. Selected radio button value must appear in a textbox once it was clicked/checked.

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Data Controls :: Select GridView Row Using RadioButton?

Dec 23, 2015

I am using a gridview to show data from database in my app.And for row selection i am using the artical 

ASP.Net GridView Radio Button Single Selection - Select only one RadioButton from Column.I want to send the selected row data on the other page.

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Data Controls :: How To Edit GridView Row Using RadioButton

Jul 16, 2013

I am using an grid in which inside the item template(the first one in which radio button is there). i use link button instead of radiobutton ,when i click on it iam able to edit as the textbox appears, but if i use the radio button,that editing option is not coming;


<div id="banner" style="background-color: #00FFFF">
<div id="loginblock">
<table> <tr>
<asp:TextBox ID="username" runat="server" onBlur="txtvalidation();" AutoPostBack="true"></asp:TextBox>

[Code] ....

protected void selectrd_CheckedChanged(object sender, GridViewEditEventArgs e) {
grd.SelectedIndex = e.NewEditIndex;

Here if we remove the radiobutton and insert link button, onclick of the link button we can edit the values, how to do the same operation with the radio button.

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Data Controls :: Group RadioButton Inside GridView ItemTemplate

Apr 28, 2014

There is a Gridview in my web page in which data is coming from below Table 1:

Id Name Value

1 aa 30
2 bb 80
3 cc 60


<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowPaging="True" PageSize="8" OnPageIndexChanging="GridView1_PageIndexChanging">
<asp:BoundField DataField="id" HeaderText="ID" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="Name" HeaderText="Name" />
<asp:BoundField DataField="" HeaderText="Value" />
<asp:Button ID="BShow" runat="server" Text="Show Data" OnClick="BShow_Click" />

1) I want to use RadioButton inside Gridview to select rows of gridview.

I tried using ASP RadioButton, but it is multi selecting the Grid rows.I want single selection of RadioButton one at a time while selecting rows.

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Data Controls :: Keep RadioButton Inside GridView Selected When Paging?

Apr 2, 2014

I have one gridview with page size 5. I have paging inside. I have radio buttuns on the gridview. If i select row in 1 first page indexwith radio button and back to second page index and when i come to first page index, my radio button selection has been lost.

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Data Controls :: Select (Check) RadioButton With Maximum Value In GridView

Apr 29, 2014

There is a Gridview in my web page in which data is coming from below Table 1:

Id. Name Value
1 aa 30
2 bb 80
3 cc 60


<head id="Head1" runat="server">
<script type="text/javascript">
function RadioCheck(rb) {
var gv = document.getElementById("<%=GridView1.ClientID%>");
var rbs = gv.getElementsByTagName("input");
var row = rb.parentNode.parentNode;


How to set the Gridview RadioButton ByDefault selected for a particular row whose "Value" (from above Table 1) is highest.

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Forms Data Controls :: Saving Radiobutton "state" On Manually Data Sourced GridView?

Aug 3, 2010

I want to use a radio button selection on a GridView. I can get this working with a regular DS. However, my table is manually DS'd. When the page frame holding the GridView is loaded, I trigger that event to fire off the subroutine that loads a DataTable and adds the DataTable to the DataSource of the Gridview.

The Gridview has a radio button in the first column as the "SELECTED ROW" appearance. Whenever I run the onchange event code for the radio button, I try and fix the radio buttons so only one row is selected with the following code:


This code works fine with the gridview if its got a built in SQLLDataSource. However, with my manual assigning of DataSourcing to the Gridview on Frame Load, I believe the gridview is being reinitialized everytime and I'm loosing the state of the radio button. I don't believe I can use the IsPostBack() because sometimes this frame and gridview will be showing sometimes it won't and yet other times it will need to be "recreated" with new data dynamically within the page. However, I tried to use PostBack and it looks like its working until I try and do a sort...than that crashes.


When I click on Sort, it crashes here

If (mydata.Rows.Count <> 0) Then

(its complaining about it being "null")


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Data Controls :: How To Bind RadioButton Inside GridView From Database Using Eval

Apr 24, 2014

I want to bind radio button with sql query in gridview

I want to make on off radio button according to sql query output in gridview 

How to make runtime radion button on off in girdview

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Data Controls :: Enable Disable TextBox In GridView Based On RadioButton Selection

Apr 26, 2014

i have radio button list and one textbox in gridview if the value is yes text has to enable otherwise i need disable the text box in grid view how do this?

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Data Controls :: Validate TextBox In GridView If RadioButton Inside Same Row Is Checked Using JavaScript

May 6, 2014

if radio button  selected as process in a row then i need check text box is empty or not using jquery or javascript in gridview?

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Forms Data Controls :: Using RadioButton Control Within Formview

Sep 28, 2010

I use a GridView control to select the row to display within the FormView. The FormView contains a RadioButtonList to facilitate the selection of one of its values. My C# codebehind contains a "selected_index changed event to grab the values from any of the modified FormView controls. My problem is that it is not picking up the selected radio button. Here's some code:


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Forms Data Controls :: Listview: Get Row Of Radiobutton Without Selecting Row?

Apr 3, 2010

I am using listview to rate jokes on my website. Here's my code.

<span ID="itemPlaceholder" runat="server" ></span>


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Forms Data Controls :: Specify The Command Argument Of Button With Radiobutton?

Jun 12, 2010

I have following datalist;


And I have following cs code;

What I want is here that ; I want to specify the button's command arguments according to selection of radio buttons which is in the same group. I want know that which price type is selected return or one way.

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Forms Data Controls :: Store Radiobutton State In FormView

Mar 13, 2010

I have a FormView on my page and each ItemTemplate consists of 4 Radiobuttons. Now, let a user select a RadioButton, say r, on PageIndex, say p, and then moves to PageIndex k. When the user comes back to Index p, he should see the button r selected. I'm not able to do that. I have been able to save the radio button that was checked, but when the user goes back to the index, none of the buttons are checked. I've tried a lot of things like setting the button during PageIndexChanged, PageIndexChanging and PageLoad, but none worked.

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