Forms Data Controls :: How To Store Datatable

Nov 12, 2010

i need an example of DATATABLE.. with gridview

like i have fields name..

product_name(using dropdown and filled by database)

product_price (using label price comes on dropdown item name selection from database)

Product_quantity(using textbox and user make input)

product_amount(using label display calculated amount by quabtity and price)

and i want to store in datatable... row by row

and after sometime press on submit button i want to store in database ..

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Forms Data Controls :: Store Gridview Datatable In Session And Then Retrieve From Session And Store Database

Nov 11, 2010

Its related to datatable in gridview store in session and then session retrive and store to database. basically i am using gridview here creating new row for button click and these row adding untill user's last entry then submit all these entry to database. so i want to use session variable to store this data temporarily and after final entry user click on submit button and all data shold be save in db.

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Forms Data Controls :: Store Gridview's Checked Items Into Datatable?

Mar 23, 2011

have a grid view with chkbox column and sme other columns ,whn i clk on the submit btn the page redirectsto next page and in the new page load i need a grid view of previous page but only with the items i checked and some extra columns .

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DataSource Controls :: Is Datatable Data Store In Dataset

Apr 24, 2010

is datable data store in dataset.. ?

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Data Controls :: Store Datatable Into Hidden Field?

Feb 25, 2016

can we store datatable into hiddenfield.

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DataSource Controls :: Store Sorted GridView Data Into A DataTable

Nov 19, 2010

I have a GridView that sorts and has paging features. I need to grab the data from the SORTED DATA from the GRIDVIEW and put it into a DataTable. Who Do I get that sorted data gridview and store it into a DataTable. I am an ASP.NET Programmer. Goal: Get and Store Sorted GridView Data into a DataTable.

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Forms Data Controls :: Set A Column In A DataTable To Be A Primary Key For An Existing Datatable

Apr 2, 2010

If I am passed a datatable and I cant change the column there anyway to set an existing column to a Primary key so I can easily Find() the row I am looking for?

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DataSource Controls :: Does Dataset Store All Its Datatables' Records Into Memory If I Just Call One Datatable From It

Apr 2, 2010

Does dataset store all its datatables' records into server memory if I just call one datatable from it?Lets make an example, a dataset with three datatables - tbCompany, tbCompanyStaffs, tbSalesOrderwhere tbCompany is the parent of tbCompanyStaffs. tbSalesOrder is an independant table.Does dataset load all tbCompanyStaffs records into the server memory as well when a class retrive data from tbCompany?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Copy The Data From One Datatable To Another Datatable Based On The Schema

Jan 11, 2010

i have the dataset with one table.Table contains three column like 'Name','Location','Pin'.I would like to move the data from another table based on schema.

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Data Controls :: Copying Specific Records From One Datatable To Another Datatable

Aug 22, 2012

im trying to copying specific record from one datatable to another datatable i used below code

public System.Data.DataTable selectspecificdatarow(System.Data.DataTable dtg, int count, int startindex)
System.Data.DataTable dtn = dtg.Clone();
for (int i =startindex; i < count; i++)


its taking too long time in cloneing is there any better way to do this task which is Time effecent

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DataTable Doesn't Store New Rows?

Mar 16, 2010

In my simple starter asp page I create a DataTable and populate it with two rows. The web site allows users to add new rows. My problem is the DataTable doesn't save the information. I've stepped through the code and the row gets added but the next time a row is added it's not there, only the original two and the newest one to get entered.

I have gotten around this, in an inelegant way, but am really curious why the new rows are being saved.

My code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
_Default.NameList = new DataTable();
DataColumn col = new DataColumn("FirstName", typeof(string));
col = new DataColumn("LastName", typeof(string));
DataRow row = _Default.NameList.NewRow();
row["FirstName"] = "Jane";
row["LastName"] = "Smith";
row = _Default.NameList.NewRow();
row["FirstName"] = "John";
row["LastName"] = "Doe";
protected void AddButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
DataRow row = _Default.NameList.NewRow();
row["FirstName"] = this.TextBox1.Text;
row["LastName"] = this.TextBox2.Text;
_Default.NameList.AcceptChanges(); // I've tried with and without this.

I've tried saving them to GridView control but that seems like quite a bit of work. I'm new to ASP.Net but have done windows programming in C# for the last two years.

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ADO.NET :: Store The Datatable Values Into The 1-D Array

Oct 25, 2010

how to store the datatable values into the 1-D array , i know in for loop

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Error "DataTable Is An Ambiguous Reference Between System.Data.DataTable And Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.DataTable"

Jan 20, 2011

'DataTable' is an ambiguous reference between 'System.Data.DataTable' and 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.DataTable'

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Optimization - Why Should Or Shouldn't Store A Dataset - Datatable As A Session Variable In Page

Feb 25, 2010

I am working on a web application that is consuming a Dataset returned by a web service. As the application is running I store that Dataset as a session variable to be used over and over again as the user navigates to the different pages that will edit the tables within the dataset. The idea was the user will only have to wait for the data once when the application loads then the application would use the session variable until the user saves the changes they made, when that happens it would pass the edited tables to the service to update the database. Is there problems with this design and the storage of the Dataset and Datatables as a session variable?

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Forms Data Controls :: Add 01 In To Datatable?

Apr 19, 2010

i am new to

I tried to add value 01 from text box to datarow and add to datatable. result shows to gridview.

however, only value -'1' shows on grid view not 01. how to fix it?

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Forms Data Controls :: What Is The Name Of The DataTable In The Following Syntax

Oct 19, 2010

What is the name of the DataTable in the following syntax:


DataTable named

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Forms Data Controls :: Getting The Index Value Of A Row In A Datatable?

Jan 24, 2010

I'm trying to set up two hyperlinks on a page (Previous and next) to navigate through datatable rows, but I dont want the link to show if it the first and last row - I know I can hid the hyperlink and such but I just need to know (in VB.Net) how you would get the row id of the page you were on so that you can go backwards and forwards.

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Forms Data Controls :: Add Multiple Row Into DataTable?

Jul 26, 2010

I'm want to add multiple DataRow into a dataTable Based on the number of selected GridViewRow ?



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Forms Data Controls :: Add A Control To A Datatable?

Apr 8, 2010

I am using ASP.NET and Sharepoint and I'm getting a list of documents and displaying them in an SPGridView (sharepoint grid view)

How I seem to be only able to add data as a string to my DataTable.

See the line :

row["Title"] =
"<a href="" + itemUrl +
"">" + item["Title"] +

Is there anyway I can add a control here (say for example a HyperLink)

DataTable myDataProvider = GetDatatable();
view = new
//grid is of type SPGridView (sharepoint grid view)


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Forms Data Controls :: Send Grid View Data Back To A Datatable

Jan 28, 2010

i have a problem that is, I am calling data form database in agrid view and taht gridview contain both bounded and unbouded field now i wat to send this grid view data back to a datatable is it possible if yes then how?

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Forms Data Controls :: Change Data Column Value Format From Mm/dd/yyyy To Dd/mm/yy In Datatable

Mar 14, 2011

I have on datatable in it there are columns like TimeStamp,value....Timestamp formate is mm/dd/yyyy

i want to convert all Timestamp value in dd/MM/yyyy format...i cant do it on database site not using orcale,sql.

Is it possible without loop?

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Forms Data Controls :: Select Data From Datalist Using Jquery And Store It In Session?

Mar 31, 2010

i am using a datalist in usercontrol.. i need to select data from datalist using jquery and store it in session?

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Forms Data Controls :: Use Dataset And Datatable To Bind Data To A Gridview?

Aug 27, 2010

on which all conditions we use dataset and datatable to bind data to a gridview?

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Forms Data Controls :: Pass Data From GridView To DataTable And Back Again

Feb 26, 2010

I need to pass the data from GridView1 to a DataTable, and then pass the DataTable to GridView2 and preview it. I have BoundFields and ImageFields in the GridViews. I think I am doing something wrong but I can't figure out how to do it. I know I have to iterate through the GridView.Rows, but I don't know how to pass it to the DataTable.

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind Data From DataSet (DataTable) To A Selectrow DropDownList In GridView?

Nov 19, 2010

I have a Gridview and two link button in that GridView , one link button click is to add edit row ( Edit ), one link button click is to select row ( Select ). I have a dropdownlist inside row which selected when i click link button Select in the gridview edit template, as of my business logic i need to show the dropdownlist only when the user clicks Edit button and when the user clicks Select button . That mean when the user clicks Select button then they clicks Edit button on the gridvview i should allow him to edit the dropdownlist (showing the value to the user through a label).


[Code].... C#

When I click Select link button , then I click Edit link button . They have errors : Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index" I don't know what error?. How to fix it

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