Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Pagination In 3 Tier Web Application?

Dec 20, 2010

I have a Web Application in 3 Tier(UI,BL,DAL).

I have a repeater control and I just can't figure out on how to implement the pagination in the repeater control.

Here's my code:


private void QSearchProductsWheels(int catid, int brandid, string keyword)
this.wheels.DataSource = QSearchProductsDS(catid, brandid, keyword);



of course the data access...

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Forms Data Controls :: Numeric Pagination In Repeater?

Feb 14, 2011

i need code for pagination in repeater which is exactly same as pagination in gridvicw.

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Forms Data Controls :: Use A Repeater Or A Listview For Pagination?

Oct 22, 2010

I've completed a page that has several repeaters on it. Everything works perfectly and the data is all formatted and presented just how I want it. I'm now trying to add pagination to the repeaters since there may be some large datasets returned, but I'm reading that this is apparently not a simple task.

Would it just be a simpler solution to change my repeaters to listviews or does anyone know of an easy way to add pagination to a repeater?

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DataSource Controls :: Retrieving Of The Data Using 3-tier Application?

Feb 6, 2010

but i have a problem to retrieve value from the database in the textbox using 3-tier application. ]

in the App_data i have following folder.

1> employeeBAL in this i have 1class file called empbasicinfoBLL.cs

2> employeeDAL in this i have test_data.xsd

in the basic details folder i have one page Basic information(employee basic info) in this i want that when user will log in the site [using username and password] after successful login when user will click on the Basic information then he will able to see his [name, employee no, first name, last name] etc on the page [i don't want to use grid-view to retrieve the details becoz i am using the table in this i am using Lable and Textbox for each] and this data should come from the EmployeeBAL.

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.net - Pagination Support For Repeater?

Jul 15, 2010

I was trying to play with Pagination Support in Repeater, PagedDataSource rescued me. I made the following method and would like to share with all of you whether there is any pitfall or is there any chance for more improvement.

/// <summary>
/// Create pagination for Repeater
/// </summary>
/// <param name="context">HttpContext</param>
/// <param name="obj">System.Collections.IEnumerable</param>
/// <param name="rptr">Repeater Control</param>

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Adding Pagination To A Repeater To Display Say 5 Items Per Page?

Jan 17, 2011

Is there a way to add pagination to a repeater to display say 5 items per page?

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Architecture :: Data Validation In A 3 Tier Application?

Aug 31, 2010

Say you have a form designed in Silverlight(Front end)-Asp.NEt(business layer)-SQl(bakcend)Should data validation occur on all 3 layers or just the presentation layer or a combination of the front end with the other 2 e.g. validating an email address? I'm trying to undestand as to why if data has been validated on the presentation why further data validation would be necessary especially if there would be large amounts of data being validated and this could potentially slow down database transactions?

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DataSource Controls :: LinqDataSource In A N-Tier Web Based Application?

Mar 10, 2010

I am upgrading and re designing my current ASP.NET 2.0 website to ASP.NET 3.5 to take advantage of the 3.5 feature set.As part of the re design I am going to use Linq to SQL classes.

The web based application I am working on is an N-Tier application. In the past I have always used an ObjectDataSource when binding against UI controls.I just read an article about the LinqDataSource.After reading this article I am toying with the idea of using the LinqDataSource for selecting data into controls where I only want to select and not change the data (i.e. drop down list boxes or gridviews that don't perform inserts,updates or deletes).Before I go down this path,I was wondering if this is a bad idea and that I should just stick with the ObjectDataSource?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Set Pagination Using Datalist Control

Dec 15, 2010

how to set pagination using datalist control in

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Forms Data Controls :: Have A GridView Using LINQ And Need To Do Pagination And Sorting?

Sep 9, 2010

I have a GridView using LINQ and I need to do pagination and sorting.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Partially Load The Grid View With Pagination

Jan 18, 2011

how to partially load the grid with pagination? I have a grid with 1,00,000 datas. It takes more time to load intially. How to load the first page of the grid intially and also load the datas of the page which is selected only. I want the datas to be loaded partially based on the paging not all page datas to be lodaed everytime.

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView, ObjectDataSource And Custom Pagination With MySQL?

Jul 22, 2010

I am trying to hook up custom pagination with an ObjectDataSource to my GridView. However, this thing renders no data, but does render the column headers. The debugger clearly indicates a populated DataTable being returned.


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Forms Data Controls :: Pagination In Gridview(pages Repeated Multi Times)?

Jan 4, 2011

my gridview shows multiple repeated pages for one page and I dont know from where come the problemand im treating the event of the paging well

Protected Sub GridView1_PageIndexChanging(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridViewPageEventArgs)
GridView1.PageIndex = e.NewPageIndex
If lstCustomer.Visible = True Then


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C# - Custom Pagination Vs Default Pagination In A Gridview

Feb 3, 2010

I have the following questions regarding pagination in a gridview.. First as a beginner i used default pagination for all my gridviews..

After checking out some articles on performance they all focus on custom pagination...

Is it a bad practice to use default pagination of a gridview? When to use custom pagination over default pagination in a gridview?

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Forms Data Controls :: Webpage Not Found When Clicking Sort Or Pagination Links On Gridview Control

Feb 3, 2011

I have created a website that has some gridview controls that call stored procedures in a SQL db and display the results of the procedures. Two of the gridview controls have sorting enabled, and one has pagination enabled.

The site loads for all users who have tried it so far.

However, one user gets a "webpage not found" (HTTP 400 Bad request) error whenever they click on the pagination links or sorting links on the gridview control. It seems like it's not a security issue because the website runs as a user with permission to the database.

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Forms Data Controls :: Page Sorting Through N-tier Architecture?

May 24, 2010

i m using GridView through n-tier architecture(BAL,DAL etc). Data binding is fine but problem is that there is no page sorting , edit, delete functions are not coming in smart comes when m using SqlDataSource connection. The many functions will come.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Print A Message In Child Repeater If No Data Corresponding To Parent Repeater

May 12, 2010

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Inside A Repeater (dataBound) Code Behind?

Jan 31, 2010

got an example of a repeater inside a repeater (dataBound) code behind?

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Forms Data Controls :: ImageButton Inside A Repeater That Is In Another Repeater & Events?

Jan 18, 2010

I have a user control that displays a shopping cart in an ecommerce application.

The main cart display is a repeater that renders as a html table. In one of those table columns, there is another repeater to display people associated with the products int he cart (it's a repeater in case there is a line item >1 with multiple people).

I've added an ImageButton that I want to use to change the person associated with the item. At first, when I'd click on it I was getting this error:

Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using <pages enableEventValidation="true"/> in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %> in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation.

So as an experiment I disabled EventValidation on the page (not the control it's self) and now I do not get an error, but I also do not ever hit the breakpoint I set in the innermost repeater's ItemCommand event.

So I wonder how I might do this without disabling EventValidation, because this control will show up on multiple pages and we don't want to edit them all. Also, I'll need to know not only the repeater containing the control's row that the event came from but also the row index of the repeater containg this one. Is this possible?

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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Paging - Retrieve Hyperlink Variable Inside Repeater?

Jul 12, 2010

I have repeater in which I have 2 hyperlink in the footer of the repeater and I want that the hyperlink can navigate from the page_load

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Forms Data Controls :: Binding Parent Repeater Item Index In Child Repeater Control?

Jun 17, 2010

I want to bind parent repeater item index in child repeater control using inline code not code behind side.

For example


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Forms Data Controls :: Hiding A Repeater Div Using A Link Outside The Repeater?

May 25, 2010

I'm so confused I wasn't even sure what to make the title so that it would make sense.

Here is what I have:


I have links at the top of the page that are the letters A-Z. What I want to do is click on one of the letters, then show only the div IDs that start with that letter. I can't figure out how to do this since I'm dynamically creating the ID names. I had it set up nicely with Javascript and CSS, but the function call was inside the repeater. The layout is changed now, and I don't understand how to make the div ID available outside the repeater.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use Button In Repeater Inside Repeater

Feb 6, 2011

I am using Nested Repeater repeater1 and repeater2 in my project . one button is there inside repeater2 but i cant use that button using e.commandname

so how to use that button and how to write code on it.

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Recommended Tier Framework For Web Application?

Mar 1, 2010

trying to switch to better coding practises, I am totally confused about which path to choose. For the past year I was just coding through classic asp coding methodology. Now I know about things as

3 tier custom 3 tier with Strongly typed data sets N tier applications Custom entity objects and so on

Can someone recommend me an approach for designing web applications from these? Some book or tutorial reference with simple CRUD application that would help me. I am currently stuck with strongly typed data sets as I cant find CRUD tutorials with that approach. I would like to just choose the right approach and build on it.

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Data Controls :: DataList Pagination Direction

May 7, 2015

According to thread [URL] .... 

I used pagination for datalist and pagination look like below:

Last Previous ... 4 3 2 1 Next First

 it is work correctly  I want right to left pagination but problem is that here in below code:

  private void PopulatePager(int recordCount, int currentPage) {
double dblPageCount = (double)((decimal)recordCount / (decimal)PageSize);
int pageCount = (int)Math.Ceiling(dblPageCount);
List<PagerPage> pages = new List<PagerPage>();
if (pageCount > 0) {
pages.Add(new PagerPage("Last", pageCount.ToString(), currentPage < pageCount, "button"));

[Code] .....

when I changed "first" "Next" "previous" "Last" to persian character:"First='اولین'"   "Next='بعدی'"   "previous='قبلی'"   "Last='آخرین'"

again page number direction changed to left to right:

  1 2 3 4 ...

private void PopulatePager(int recordCount, int currentPage) {
double dblPageCount = (double)((decimal)recordCount / (decimal)PageSize);
int pageCount = (int)Math.Ceiling(dblPageCount);
List<PagerPage> pages = new List<PagerPage>();
if (pageCount > 0) {
pages.Add(new PagerPage("آخرین", pageCount.ToString(), currentPage < pageCount, "button"));

[Code] ....

why this happen? Above code worked correctly just when text be in english character when I change to persian or this character "<< < >> >"  it changed number direction. what should I do?

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