Forms Data Controls :: Storing Datetime Into The Database?

Jan 27, 2010

I want to store Date as well as time in a label. The code that i am writing is Label1.Text = Datetime.Now.ToString();

I want to save this value in to the database. This is what i am writing

com.Parameters.Add ("@Dt ", SqlDbType.datetime).Value = label1.Text; // this is the problem.

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Forms Data Controls :: How Show Local Time In Datagridview Collumn DateTime From Database With Universal Datetime

Jun 2, 2010

How show local time in datagridview collumn DateTime from database with universal datetime

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DataSource Controls :: Saving/Storing DateTime?

Mar 23, 2010

had a look around and a couple come close to the problem I have, but there more evolved than me, so it seems quite basic.I basically, want to store the current DateTime of when a button is hit. In order to achieve this I have a field in the table of SQL DB called 'TimeStamp' (Although strictly speaking its not, thats just what I've called it) using Datetime Datatype. I think I'm skipping some stages in order to accomplish it, although I'm not sure what it is I'm missing/doing wrong :SHere is my code:


I just have DID have "obj.TimeStamp = DateTime.Now;" but states I need to convert it (unsure how to do) Adding "ToLongTimeString" after .Now asks if I invoked the method. I've also tried a few other ways (saveNow.Now etc... ) but to no avail.

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Forms Data Controls :: Storing Uploaded File Content Into Database?

Dec 15, 2010

I am working on the application that allows user to upload a file (from their local machine) and store the uploaded file in database.Then,the content of the file (such as ContentType,FileSize etc)can be view in a DetailsView control.

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Data Controls :: Incrementing Counter Variable And Storing It In Database

Mar 19, 2013

i m having 4 radio buttons on default2.aspx page on the same page i m using a database it's columns are uname and status whenever the user clicks on the radiobutton the status of that name should increment by 1(counter variable).

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;


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Forms Data Controls :: Storing Image In Database As Image Type And Viewing It On Grid View

Oct 5, 2010

how can i store image into database and view it in grid view?

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Cache And Storing A Datetime Format?

Oct 29, 2010

I know i can store a string in the cache, but can I save a date in cache and retreive it back into a data variable without having to convert.todatetime.

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Web Forms :: Storing Remotely Posted Data To Database?

Oct 29, 2010

I am writing an application in which a remote url web site ( says url1 that is sender) sends xml data to another web site (says url2 that is receiver) by using .NET WebRequest. On the receiver url2 if I use .NET Page.Response and .NET Page.Request to store posted/received xml data into an external text file, then the data is stored. However, if I store the received data into database, I do not see the data is stored into the database.

trouble shoot the codes so I can store such remotely posted data into database on the receiver side url2.

I host both url1 site and url2 site in my computer using IIS like [URL]

1/ Receiver page's codes that store remotely posted xml data into database do not work:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Page.Response.ContentType = "text/xml";
StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(Page.Request.InputStream);
String xmlData= reader.ReadToEnd();
ProductNameSapce.ProductCollection.InsertReceivedProduct(xmlData).ToString(); // data is not stored ; the method is tested and works well with hard-coded data

2/ The version of the receiver page at url2 that stores into an external text file works:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Page.Response.ContentType = "text/xml";
StreamReader reader = new StreamReader ( Page.Request.InputStream );
String xmlData= reader.ReadToEnd ();
StreamWriter s;
s= File.CreateText ( Server.MapPath(".")+@""+ Guid.NewGuid () + ".txt" );
s.WriteLine ( xmlData); // data is stored in an external text file
s.Close ();

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Web Forms :: Storing Videos And Images Into Database (binary Data)?

Apr 15, 2010

Friends have quick question for you.i want to know storing videos and images into database(binary data) or local hard drive is efficent. What way general websites stores them in their websites.

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying A Null Or Empty Cell For A Null Datetime Database Value In Gridview?

Dec 6, 2010

I have setup my business object to have a create_date and edit_date members both datetime datatypes. My company want to display the create_date and edit_date fields in a gridview for each transaction. The problem i have is that after insterting a record it will have a valid create_date but no edit_date and when displayed in the gridview it defaults to datetime.minvalue (My default). How on earth do i show an empty field in my gridview for a null datetime field in the database?

I am using similar architecture to the Imar Spaanjaars example of a tiered solution. With a few small tweeks it has worked well for me for ages. I am passing a List<Database> to my object datasource which connects to my gridview.

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Data Controls :: Convert To DateTime And Money While Adding Dynamic TextBox Values To Database In GridView

Sep 22, 2013

I am using this reference to make some application .. In this article we can only save with varchar data types

So how to use some other data types like datetime, money, int..or how to use parameters to convert data.

[URL] ....

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SQL Server :: Storing Form Data In Database?

Nov 29, 2010

i made an asp page for registration with the following fields name, address etc. i also created database in sql server. how to save these field data in my database.

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Storing Data From Database In Static Property?

Mar 25, 2011

I have got an ASP.Net website, where the data is brought in from ISeries.The data connection to ISeries is quite slow and the speed is quite important for this website. Because of the slow speed of data retrieval from ISeries, I want to make as less database connections as possible.So, I was thinking about storing tables from the database which rarely changes as static properties in my website. Whenevera user logs in I submit a thread which refreshes the data in the static property. Is this approach correct? If not, what are the problems with this approach and what are the possible alternatives?


For list of ports, I submit the below thread when user logs on:-


In class Ports, there are 2 methods -

one for populating the static property PortList, and the other checks if the thread is alive and waits for the thread to complete and retrieve the list of ports, once it is complete. The second method is the one which I use in my application whenever I need the list of ports (populating a dropdown, etc).


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DataSource Controls :: Storing Email Ids From Notepad To Database?

Jun 20, 2010

I have some email ids (around more than 1 lakhs) in notepad like

these i want to store in a table in ms sql.

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DataSource Controls :: Storing Large Files In Database?

Aug 6, 2010

I want to upload some large files from a web page to MS SQL Sever database, I am very sure that it is sounding weird.

File sizes are around 100MB.

I am having following settings,

SessionTimeOut period = 60 Mins,

Server Operation timeout = 60 Mins,

SQL Connection Timeout = 4 mins (Not sure if this is helping)

This is page is going to be used by our client only once a week & as they are having web farm environment we are avpiding to store these files on file systems.

Currenty we are able to upload files with sizes upto 8 MB succesfully. But when we are uploading a file of 100MB it fails, its for sure that operation takes lots of time.

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State Management :: Taking Too Much Time To Fetch Data From .xls File And Storing It In To Database

Nov 6, 2010

I am fetching data from .xls file and storing it in to database. Then my users work on a single table where I stored all .xls data. But the problem is that it takes tooooo much time.. So, I want to use cache. But I never used this... Can any one tell me this example how can I use cache with database for increasing application speed?

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DataSource Controls :: Storing An Attachment Uploaded By User In RadGrid Into Sql Server 2005 Database

Jun 9, 2010

I am a new-bie in Asp.Net.I am working in a project where I need to store an attachment which will be uploaded by the user in radGrid into Sql server 2005 database.After storing this attachment, I have to retrieve this attcahment and show the same to the other users in radGrid so that they will be able to download the attachment and see that.How should I do that?what kind of datatype would it be?

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DataSource Controls :: Update Sql Database Datetime?

Feb 10, 2010

I am beginner to sql database and want to fetch datetime from sql database and display it in textbox.I have wrote one stored procedure.The Procedure is

declare @o_Output varchar(30)
SET @o_Output =
select @o_Output

Using the above procedure i'm getting current date and time.but my problem is i am hitting ql database while page loading itself. if i am hitting db on 12.40pm means, the textbox showing always the sametime only. I am trying to insert or update some data's into db that time only, i am hitting the db.The textbox datetime(12.50pm) has been changed that time alone. i want to update datetime to textbox at every minutes or seconds.

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DataSource Controls :: Right Syntax For Datetime In Database?

Feb 13, 2010

working with sql server 2005/ visual studio 2005 c# i just wanted to know ... to insert a date to the database in a field that gets "dateTime" i need to insert the origin syntax. what is the right syntax for the datetime in the database? and to invent for users to insert a wrong sytax ... wich validations i need to put on the field? same question on the type "image" in database it gets like a jpg file? how do i insert an image to the database? If i have a textbox that contain a number ... and i want to ask somthing about the number. how do i do it ? .... like i now that i need to convert it to int i tried this way but it didnt work:

linkbutton1.enabled = true;

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Web Forms :: Calling Images From Database Or Storing In Folder?

Dec 22, 2010

I suppose this question has been asked to death all over the web, but I can seem to find a clear cut answer. What I am trying to achieve is as follows: I have a web application that lists various products, their descriptions, names etc and also an image of that specific product. The user will type in a product code or name of the product and a page will pop up with al the previous mentioned info and image or images of that specific product. The problem I am having is: I read somewhere that storing images in a database is 'bad idea' since it effects performance, then I read somewhere else to keep it in the images / or app_data folder. But what would be the best approach and how would I call it from the database (if that's the best way)? And if App_Data / images are the way to go how many images can I put in there (??) already the product catalog has several hundred images of various products. So how would one go about sorting everthing in those folders without having a few hundred images rolling down in my solutions explorer.

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Web Forms :: Storing Foreign Characters In SQL Database And Display?

Dec 29, 2010

I have a web application, which I have a SQL express database attached. I tried to upload a Japanese character into a varchar (max) column, and the result when displaying in the web page is '?'.

I tried to fix by the web config and in the page display to display japanese but it doesnt work.

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Web Forms :: Storing A Constant Table In Database For Reference?

Jun 30, 2010

I am building a website that have a number of dropdownlists. The user selects his/her choice and this is sent to a number of companies. Therefore the choice has to be changed to the corresponding value of the individual company i.e value 1 will be coverted to the corresponding value of "AB" for company "x". What way would be most efficent to achieve this. A database seems to be unefficent with the calls to the database. Would a 2-D array in a class be best?

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Forms Data Controls :: Retrieving Data From A Web Serivce And Storing The Data Into A Dataset?

Aug 27, 2010

I am retrieving data from a web serivce and storing the data into a dataset.

I'm then populating a gridview with the data from the dataset.

Before each row of data is displayed on the website, I need to check and make sure the user has proper permissions to view that data.

Can this be done with a gridview(or any other .NET data control)?

Or would I need to loop through the data manually, and then write each row out manually?

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DataSource Controls :: Reading Datetime - Write It To Another Database?

Jun 4, 2010

I have a record created date stored as" 2010-05-16 15:44:18.700" in sql server database. When I read this date it gets converted to "5/16/2010 3:44:18 PM" . How should I read it so that I don't loose the ending '700' value so that it gets written exactly to another database.Code for reading the record:

String myConn = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DBConnectionString"].ToString();
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(myConn);
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();[code].....

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Forms Data Controls :: Storing A DataTable In ViewState?

Oct 7, 2010

If I create a DataTable and give each column a type, such as Boolean, String, Int32, when I store it to a ViewState Variable will those types persist?

I'm using the DataTable in conjunction with a GridView that has an add row button. I'd like to store the current state in the DataTable then bind the GridView with the previous state.

I was having trouble at first trying to store objects in the DataTable, but now I'm treating like the SQL table I will eventually write to and it's making much more sense. That's why it has fields like boolean, for checkboxes.

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