Forms Data Controls :: Binding Gridview's Columns From Different Tables?

Jul 14, 2010

I want to know the procedure of binding a gridview. but the condition is that thefre are three columns in this gridview. if I wud bind it from one table then it wud ok for me. but now I need to bind it from three different tables. onw column from one table, another from 2nd.. and so on.

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Forms Data Controls :: Binding Gridview To Related Tables Of A Dataset

Mar 24, 2010

i have this xml file which i read using the DataSet.ReadXml( path ) method . The tables created from the Xml file is Related in such a maner that each product has many options. Product is in one table and Options are in another.Now all i want to do is display the related tables in One Gridview. For your reference below is the products Xml file,


Now this is what i have done in the Code behind , have a look below


Now the Grid works Great if i want to Display Individual tables out from Dataset but not when they are related . Please do shine your Knowledge on what should be done to display Child ~ Master relationship. By the way , its a definite NO for someone who would show me that link from msdn about displaying XML data using Xmldatasource and gridview [That's a lousy way to display data]

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Forms Data Controls :: Binding Complex Property To Gridview Columns?

Oct 15, 2010

We know that using something like Bind("CustomerName") can be used in the Text property of a label control inside a gridview, where CustomerName is a property of the object whose collection is bound to the gridview. If that property is of a complex type (object of another class), how do we use a property of that inline object as a binding for the gridview column?

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Forms Data Controls :: Binding The Datatable To A Gridview And Format The Date Columns To Short Date?

Jan 27, 2010

I'm looking for the best way (Performance) to do gridview columns formating RunTime /Dynamic depending on the datatable Columns type ,I want to bind the datatable to a gridview and format the Date columns to short date, and currency columns formatted with comma ex 10,000.00 inplace 100000.00 at datatable the column type is double run time (without converting them to String) since I do a filtering and sorting at these columns.

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Forms Data Controls :: Hide All FK Columns In All Tables?

Apr 1, 2011

I want to hide all FK Columns in all tables. I am using Asp.Net Dynamic Data 4.0.

I tried to use this code:


And then in List page template call:


But this does not work. If I set breakpoint in function GenerateFields it newer stops there.

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Forms Data Controls :: Tree View Binding To Tables In Database?

Feb 16, 2011

I have three tables

tbl_Cus CatID (Int) CustID(int) CabID(int)
tbl_Cat CatID(int) CatName(varchar) CusID
tbl_Cab CatId(int) CabID(int) CabName(varchar)

I am using Tree View control for the first time.

The above tables I want to bind it to a tree view control the tree view should look some thing like this.

Cus Name1
Cat Name1
Cus Name2
Cat Name3

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Forms Data Controls :: In Page User Able To Select Gridview Columns And It Will Hide Remaining Columns

Mar 18, 2010

in page user able to select gridview Columns, and it will hide remaining columns and that selection done by check box with column list bellow is Image link , what exactly I am looking for [URL] it look bellow after selection of column done [URL]

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DataSource Controls :: Sum Data From Two Columns In Different Tables - SQL Query

Feb 9, 2010

I am trying to create an application in which there is a summary of outstanding payments.

One table is Table_Bills.

The other table stores records of Payments made and is called Table_Payments.

In summary i want to show 3 figures - each in separate one field datagridview with a data_source in separate data_adapter:

1) Ammount_Due 2) Amount_Paid 3) Balance.

The first two are no problem but the last is giving me a headache.

I tried this:

SELECT SUM(DHB_New_Jobtable.DayWage) - SUM(DHB_Payments.Ammount) AS Expr1

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Binding Gridview From Two Different Tables

Sep 23, 2011

I have two tables:

Table 1: QuestionsBank

Table 2: Answers

Example first table:

ID The Question
1 what is mean cat?
2 what is mean forum?
3 How you can register in vbforum?

Example second table:

QuestionID Answer Result
1 it's mean tomcat 10
1 mean cat 10
2 Nothing 0

I want gridview display as in below:

ID The Question Answer Result
1 what is mean cat? it's mean tomcat 10
1 what is mean cat? mean cat 10
2 what is mean forum? Nothing 0

etc ...

Note:No any relation between tables only ID column is primary Key and i have also primary key in second table.

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Binding Dataitem To Columns In Gridview?

Mar 17, 2011

<%# ((DataRowView)Container.DataItem)["SomeProperty"] %>
<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "SomeProperty")%>

From Google i figured out these can be used to bind the columns in GridView to ArrayList. But what is "some property" ?For example i have a ArrayList in .aspx.cs as

static ArrayList componentSelectionArray = new ArrayList();

so can i just write in grid view to bind a arraylist to grid view columns as:

<asp:GridView ID= "GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="true">
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="ComponentName">


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Forms Data Controls :: What Is The Code For Dropdownlist After Binding All Columns Name In A Dropdownlist

Mar 28, 2011

Currently,below is my code.

protected void DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source= E\SQLEXPRESS;" + "Initial Catalog=k;Integrated Security=SSPI");
SqlDataAdapter adapSel;
string mySQL = "select column_name from information_schema.columns where table_name='examtimetable' '" + dd_list + "'";....

I receive an error "Incorrect syntax near 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.DropDownList'."

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Columns Of Two Related Database Tables In One GridView With EntityDataSource

Feb 17, 2010

I have two SQL Server tables with Primary Keys (PK) and a Foreign Key (FK) linking the two tables:

1) Table "Order"

OrderID, int, PK
AddressID, int, FK

2) Table "Address"

AddressID, int, PK
City, nvarchar(50)

Then I've created an (ADO.NET) Entity Data Model out of those two tables. Now on my (ASP.NET) webpage I put a GridView with an EntityDataSource. In my GridView I want to display two columns:

OrderID City (belonging to that order and linked by the AddressID-key) How can I do that? My problem is: When I configure the Entity Data Source I can select an "EntitySetName" which can be either "Order" or "Address" but not both, nor can I select any kind of relationship. If I select "Order" as EntitySetName
then in the GridView I can add the columns


Adding the column "Address" displays empty cells. Adding "OrderID" and "Address.AddressID" displays the expected IDs. But how can I add the "City" of the related address to my GridView? Edit: Clarification:

The Entity Framework has created a class "Order" and a class "Address" corresponding to the database tables. The class "Order" has a reference to an "Address" object as a navigation property, corresponding to the 1-n relationship between Address and Order table. Basically I want to have a column in my GridView which displays Order.Address.City. I have tried to add a bound field with "Address.City" as data field to the GridView but it results in a runtime error ("no such property...").

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C# - Adding Columns And Mid Binding A Dataset For Gridview?

Jul 7, 2010

I am using subsonic in forms C# and I have an instance where I need to loop through a recordset and for each one call the Database to get specific information from a view about that record.

in this instance it is a venue, loop through and for each venue I show there spend and there budget, but I am at a loss as to how I can say use a gridview, execute more code on each row and then add more columns to that row.

just as an update i have been playing with the idea of something like this:

DataSet ds = new DataSet();
ds.Tables.Add(LinqToDataTable(club.All().Where(x => x.level == 1)));
ds.Tables.Add(LinqToDataTable(ViewBudgetSpend.All().Where(x => x.periodfrom == curperiod)));
DataRelation relation = new DataRelation("budgets",ds.Tables[0].Columns["clubId"],ds.Tables[1].Columns["clubid"]);
still working this out though.

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VS 2008 Hiding Columns In Gridview After Binding All Rows?

Jul 22, 2010

I am trying to set come columns to invisible after all of the rows are binded but I'm having trouble. I'm hiding columns that have empty data which I save in a session variable. This works fine. Then I tried changing the columns visible property using the ColumnByName routine in the DataBound but that must be the wrong event because I do not think the columns exist yet.

The columns are autogenerated btw.

Where can I set the columns properties after it has binded? Can i do this before the columns are autogenerated the the screen itself?

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Changing The Order Of Columns When Binding DataTable To A GridView

Mar 31, 2010

How is it possible to change the displayed order of columns from a DataTable?

For example, dataTable "dt" contains two columns "a" and "b". I bind it to a GridView like this:

gridView.DataSource = dt;

But I'd like the GridView to display "b" first (leftmost).

Important point: I'm using this to export to Excel and there's no actual output to screen, using:

HtmlTextWriter htw = new HtmlTextWriter(sw);

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Convert Gridview Rows To Columns And Columns To Rows

Mar 4, 2011

I'm binding a gridview from a webservice with 30 columns and 10 rows, I need to print the same in a PORTRAIT, for that i decided to display columns as rows and

rows as columns like below:

EMP1 1 2 3 4
EMP2 1 2 3 4

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ADO.NET :: Compare Columns In Two Data Tables

Dec 3, 2010

is there an easy way to compare two columns in two datatable to see if they match? I need to check if the values in column["x"] of datatable1 occur in column ["y"] of datatable2, without iterating through both tables (for each value in column of dt1, check column of dt2). I tried:

foreach (DataRow dr in dt1.rows)

if (dt2.rows.find(dr["x"]) but this checks the whole row and if finds an "x" in any column, "if" condition is true. I need to only check one column of dt2. Tables have different columns but the same primary column and that's what I need to check

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SQL Server :: Add New Columns (with Data) To The Existing Sql Tables?

Jul 14, 2010

I have two sql tables.

- (Fields:PersonID, FirstName, LastName, Role, Department)


- (fields: PersonID, Unit).

I want to merge those with a single table ( Fields:PersonID, FirstName, LastName, Role, Department, Unit). How can I query to accomplish this so that same personID data go to same row ? ANY QUERY ?? (I have an idea : both export to excel and merge into a single excel file and import to SQL table but due to very long data it was truncated last time when importing so I don't want to reimport again.)

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Forms Data Controls :: Binding DataSet And GridView, Apply Bulk Rows Edit And Update On GridView

Dec 10, 2010

I have a set of dataset with different column retrieved from DB. I need to present the datasets in one GridView (or other ListView etc...) without specifying the column_header. It should present automaticly since the GridView is bind to the DataSet.

In additional, I want this GridView to handle multiple rows edit and update the dataset, idealy, show data in textboxs in initially.How could I set the GridView to edit_model without hardcode column_header and textboxs in 'itemtemplate' or filed.

How could I achieve the bulk edit and update, so that I can assign 'mydataview1.table' to the dataset.

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Forms Data Controls :: 1 Gridview From 2 Or More Tables?

Oct 2, 2010

How do I create 1 gridview for data found in 2 or more seperate tables? Is that even possible?

I have a Customers Table and a Business Owners Table... I need to get at the data from both?

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview For All Tables?

Sep 30, 2010

I have a task to create grid view for 8 different tables. I am wondering if there is a better way to create those gridviews. The following features has to be in almost all 8 gridviews

1. Add / Edit / Delete / Sort
2. Some of the grid view has to contain a combo box when editing the row
3. A check box has to be in first column of the gridview
4. When editing the grid view, I need to have an edit form pop up
5. Confirm delete dialog box has to show before delete.It is not smart to create 8 grid views ( I am trying to avoid creating the grid manytimes)

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Forms Data Controls :: Updating GridView With GridView Columns That Are Readonly

Feb 20, 2011

I have a GridView with 5 fields. Only two of the fields are edittable (the others are READONLY).

I have an UpdateCommand as follows

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server"
ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:NHLPOOL %>"
SelectCommand="SELECT [PlayerID], [Firstname], [lastname], [Goals], [Assists], [Goals]+[Assists] as Points, [AsOfDate] FROM [PlayerStats], [Player] where [PlayerStats].[PlayerID] =[Player].[ID] ORDER BY Points DESC"
UpdateCommand="UPDATE PlayerStats SET Goals =@GOALS, Assists =@ASSISTS, AsofDate=GETDATE() WHERE PLAYERID = @PLAYERID">

The issue is I want the PLAYERID GV column to be READONLY but I get a runtime error when updating if the PLAYERID is READONLY.

I get the error "

Must declare the scalar variable "@PLAYERID"."

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DataSource Controls :: No Of Tables And Columns In Database?

Jun 15, 2010

I want to know that how many tables we can have in database and what is the maximum no. of columns.I also want to know the maximum size for each datatype.

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DataSource Controls :: Columns To Join Tables?

Apr 27, 2010

I need to join some tables to get the matching records. I often have to ask around to see how certain tables could be joined. Is there any way to query the information schema or some thing else to see what columns/values match in certain tables in order to figure out how tables should be joined.

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView PopUpEdit Form - Show Fields Not Shown In GridView's Columns

May 4, 2010

Currently I have something like this, but when I click "update" the record doesn't get updated (but no error is returned).


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