Forms Data Controls :: Databound Checkbox Default Check Not Working?

Oct 6, 2010

I have a datagrid which is bound to a stored procedure in the code behind. This works fine. But the datagrid contains a checkbox which I need to be default checked. First I didn't bind the checkbox and just used:

<ItemTemplate> <asp:CheckBox ID="chkSelection" Runat="server" Checked= "true" /> </ItemTemplate>

but they show as unchecked. then bound it using:


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Forms Data Controls :: Databound Checkbox List, Default Values And SelectedIndexChanged Event

Jul 12, 2010

i have a check box list control that is used for showing related files to some post.

what i want to do is set the databound items "checked" to true by default


if a user unchecks some item and clicks the save button. then the selectedindexchanged will fire and i will do some logic.

what i have done is.

--Set All Databound items to "checked" --


in the end i want the item that was unchecked to be removed (all other items will remain checked). but even before that, when the user control is loaded all the files that were bounded are being deleted by the index change event.

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Forms Data Controls :: DataBound GridView Checkbox Field Not Updating SQL?

Jan 14, 2011

So I am uding a GridView bound to a SQL data source.

I have a template feild bound to a SQL BIT

<EditItemTemplate <asp:CheckBox ID="chkSelected" runat="server" Checked='<%# Bind("Selected") %>

The original Item Template was Enabled ="false" I changed this so that you did not have to set the row to a state of edit in order to just select a row. I enabled it so that you could "select" any row with out putting it in a state of edit. the only value changing is if its selected or not. What i am trying to do is use the Data Source Update method to update the bit in the database based on the check box. Currently Update() returns 0. I believe this is because the row/feild is not marked as changed so the Data Source does not see it as something that needs to be updated.

What I am hoping for out of this is post is a way that the rows whom check value has changed to be marked as changed/edited so that the data source will update the database with the values of the check boxes. If all rows are updated this is acceptable as well. I know this is a super simple solution but i have been out of the .NET for a little bit.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Check If A Row Is True Or False In A Databound Item

Mar 4, 2010

how do i check if a bit value is true or false and if false, then write another value.

Here is my code

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "gp_referral").Equals("False")?"":"xxx"%>

Am trying to check if gp_referral is false, and if so then write xxx, but in my code, whether true or false it evaluates to xxx

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Forms Data Controls :: Check Values In A Databound Dropdownlist When Opening A Page?

Jan 22, 2010

I want to accomplish is to check the value of a field against the values within a databound dropdownlist.


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Forms Data Controls :: "Select All" As Default In Databound Dropdown?

Nov 12, 2010

I have a dropdown list which is bound to a gridview. I would like to add a dropdownlist item which, when selected, will default to displaying ALL gridview rows. So I would like as the first dropdown list item "All Items" and have this as the default.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Check CheckBox Is Already Checked

Feb 8, 2011

I am using following code on SelectedIndexChanged of Dropdownlist in GridView for filling txtCallCompletion.Text. When i am selecting first time it is coming correct and i am changing value of txtCallCompletion then i am selecting second checkbox then previous checked checkbox's txtCallCompletion value will be same as it is.

how to solve this issue in gridview checkbox i already checked.


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Data Controls :: Check Uncheck All CheckBox In Child (Nested) GridView When Parent GridView CheckBox Is Checked Unchecked?

May 7, 2015

when i checked the checkbox in parent gridview, all checkbox in child gridview will be checked.

how can i select the checkbox of child gridview checkbox in the when i select the checkbox from the parent gridview?

code behind
protected void OnCheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Check If At Least One Checkbox Is Checked In A DataGrid

Nov 18, 2010

I was trying to find out if there are any check boxes checked in the datagrid, if non of them is checked it should show me an alert to select atleast one.

My problem starts when there is paging in datagrid...

not able to check the entire datagrid at a time in itemDataBound event for the checked check boxes.

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Forms Data Controls :: Top Gridview Row Checkbox Doesnt Check?

May 12, 2010

Im using the following code to get the gridview rows that are checked and then add the values to the database.Its all works correctly unless apart from when i check the row at the top of the gridview where when i check the checkbox it doesnt even change to checked so i cannot add that row into the database.


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Forms Data Controls :: Programmatically Check If A Checkbox In A DetailsView Is Checked?

Feb 8, 2011

Here's part of my markup

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Approval" Visible="false">
<asp:CheckBox ID="Approved" runat="server"/>This must be checked to allow the insert.

Here's my code


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Forms Data Controls :: Check A Checkbox In Gridview Depending On Database Value?

Jan 6, 2011

I have a field "Active" which can contain either 1 or 0. In the aspx form, I am displaying it in a checkbox in gridview. If the database value is 1, I should have the checkbox as checked, otherwise it should be unchecked. How can this be done.

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Forms Data Controls :: Making Checkbox Check If Values Are Not Null?

Feb 28, 2011

I have a Sql Data Source that queries my class database. What I'm trying to do to save myself some landscape is to check a checkbox if any of the pre-requisite fields are not empty. I have this laying inside a gridview. My code doesn't error out but it doesnt' do anything either.


My query is like this:


So in a nutshell, if there is any value in PR1 - PR7, I want to check my checkbox in the gridview.

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Forms Data Controls :: Checkbox Displaying, To Create A Row Check Type Of Event?

Oct 24, 2010


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Forms Data Controls :: Access A Servercontrol (checkbox ) From Jscript And Check If It Was Selected?

Jan 25, 2011

I have a gridview that contains check box in first column for each row. I also have a check box outside the grid view called >>>>

<asp:CheckBox ID="chkSelectAll" runat="server" Text="Select All" AutoPostBack="true"
OnCheckedChanged="chkSelectAll_CheckedChanged" />

I either can select more than one checkboxes from gridview then click on a button to get the number of checkboxes selected OR I click on SelectAll checkbox ( which is outside the gridview ) which check all the checkboxes in the gridview and give me the number of checkedboxes. When I select inidividual checkboxes inside the gridview, th e count of number of checkboxes is correct ( displayed in a lable ) However;

When I click "SelectAll" check box, it give me total of all checkboxes chekced in the
gridview + 1 ( extra ) I am trying to get rid of this extra one by checking if this "Allcheckbox" is selected to so I subtract one from the total count .. like this

// java code ... code not shown does capture the total count into c variable
varAllChecked = document.getElementById('chkSelectAll');
if (varAllChecked.checked== true)
litCount.innerText = c - 1;
litCount.innerText = c;

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Data Controls :: For Loop Inside Gridview Row Databound Not Working?

Mar 1, 2014

This is my for loop code, it is working fine , just the problem is, if there are 10 rows , it runs for 9 rows and not for 10th time? What correction is needed?

protected void gvouter_RowDataBound1(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow)
int count_rows_for_saving_answers = gvouter.Rows.Count;
for (int ii = 0; ii <= count_rows_for_saving_answers - 1; ii++)
Label lblsubid = (Label)gvouter.Rows[ii].FindControl("lblsubid");


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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Checkbox Check Change Event Not Firing On Certain Browsers

Feb 10, 2010


It works on Internet Explorer but I have few users who started to use apple's snow leopard and event is not at all firing on those browsers.

I believe some browsers have different JavaScript implementation

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Forms Data Controls :: Check Box In Gridview - Checkbox Are Checkd If Database Values Are Match

May 15, 2010

i got my checkbox control in each row.actually my problem is i bound checkbox in a gridviw and i need those checkbox are checkd if database values are match.i do it like below


but problem is only one checkbox is page_Load i bind gridviw in ROwDatabound event i check Duecode in another i need only matching checkbox should be checked.

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Forms Data Controls :: Checkbox In Gridview Not Working?

Dec 17, 2010

I have gridview with check box in every row. I also have a button which is not a part of gridview.

My target is to do something on the button click event for the checked rows.

My code is below;


and my code behind is:


But my problem is, if I click the check box, My code shows "cb.checked=false".

So I never go inside the "IF(cb!=null && cb.checked)".

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Forms Data Controls :: Assign Value To Checkbox - Not Working?

Jan 26, 2011



This does not :


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Data Controls :: Check Uncheck All Checkbox In GridView

Dec 26, 2013

If I check the header checkbox all the items are getting inserted If i deselt some of the items its not taking it.

If I deselect some items it must not insert inot the checkbox

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="StateName">
<asp:CheckBox ID="checkAll" runat="server" onclick = "checkAll(this);" />
<asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox2" runat="server"/>

[Code] .....

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Data Controls :: How To Check Checkbox In GridView Row Based On Another Row Value

Apr 27, 2016

Here I have two gridview controls and both controls have some data. And gridview1 has checkbox1.

My question is I want compare both gridview1 and gridview2

And if the gridview2 row data is present in gridview1 

I want to make if  compared row is same.In that row's  checkbox1.checked=true.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Checkbox Sorting Not Working

Sep 13, 2010

I have a grid view which populates data just for viewing purpose(report) . One field shows the Active/inactive status for which I am showing a checkbox..if data in database is 1 then the checkbox will be checked otherwise it'll not be checked. This field is inactive so that the User does not check/uncheck it. The issue is that this field cannot be sorted. All the fields in the gridview are being sorted.

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="InActive" SortExpression="Inactive">
<HeaderTemplate >
<asp:Label ID="lblStat" CssClass="copyLabel" Text="Inactive" CommandArgument="Inactive"

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Data Controls :: How To Check CheckBox In GridView Based On Database Value

May 7, 2015

My query is to access the true/false value of checkbox in gridview.

I bind data into gridview where i used a checkbox in itemtemplate and bind the value with database field with checkbox Checked Property.

here in below code active is field where i stored the checkbox value True/False.

<ItemTemplate> <asp:CheckBox ID="cb_active" runat="server" Checked='<%# Eval("active")%>' /> </ItemTemplate>

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Data Controls :: Check Uncheck All Items (CheckBox) In CheckBoxList

Sep 26, 2013

Checked list box in form application in ,it contain 6 items but i want adding two more items one is select all,and other clear all, select all press mean -select the that 6 items,and clear item -press mean deselect the all items.

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