Forms Data Controls :: How To Get Filtered Items In A GridView

Apr 22, 2010

I use a GridView control in my web part to display data from sql server. I use the filter in this GridView. Can I only get those rows that are filtered. If I use GridView.Rows, it returns all data it got, Not only the filtered data.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Copy Only Filtered Rows From GridView Into Datatable

Mar 7, 2011

I am working with GridView/TelerikGrid control. It is having filter option. When I filter the data,
I need to copy only filtered rows into Datatable for further processing.

Suppose I am having total 10,000 records. and when I filter on column say Dept="IT", I get 1000 records in grid. So these 1000 records only should get copied into Datatable. So How to achieve this ?

Cwhat can be done over this ? I tried number of properties for grid. But there is no property which will return fileterd data source. Also I am not able to go every page of Datagrid and collect the data. I can get data for first page only. If I need to collect the data by going to every page of gridview, what is the way for this ?

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Forms Data Controls :: Filtered Gridview Option On Page Index Changing?

Mar 22, 2010

'm using a gridview with paging and sorting in (language = VB).The gridview shows all the artists in my database. I've added a searchbox above my gridview, so users can search for certain artists by name.The search option works. If I enter the name: John --> it shows the artists who have the name John.Now for the problem:If the user filtered the gridview (for eample searching for John) and switches to another page of the gridview, the gridview is again filled with all the artists instead of the artists that are named John.

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Data Controls :: How To Export Searched Or Filtered Records In GridView To Excel

Feb 11, 2014

I am trying to export a gridview that is returned from a search form.  The gridview also has paging enabled. When the searched records are found in gridview it is exporting all data.instead of exporting only the searched data.

How can I only export the records from the search results, but also the make sure the records on the different pages export also?

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Data Controls :: Display Data In GridView Using SqlDataSource Filtered Using QueryString Parameter?

May 19, 2013

in my web code in vb. There is three labels named (tata.text,tvs.text,msu.text) is there any option on clicking on the label named tata.text the data pertaining to tata be displayed in a gridview in another page or a popup display in same page.

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Forms Data Controls :: A Gridview Control For Displaying The Filtered Data And A Sqldatasource Control?

Mar 3, 2011

In my scenerio, i've a dropdownlistbox by which i want to filter, a textbox for the text to filter and two textbox for specifying from and to date.

A gridview control for displaying the filtered data and a sqldatasource control and a commandbutton called search.

The following code is used to filter the data in database and it works properly. But when i click on edit in gridview, the gridview displays no records and again when i click on search button the data is displayed on the gridview displayed with the selected row in editmode.

protected void btnSearch_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

string query;[code]....

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Data Controls :: Search GridView On TextBox KeyPress And Save (Insert) Filtered Rows To Database Using JQuery AJAX

May 7, 2015

I have used Jquery Qucik serach Plugin and Its working fine for me. But I want to get the each record after filter when click on save button.

let's say gridview has total records are 4 then filtered records are 2.When click on Save button 4 records are getting.

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Forms Data Controls :: Not Getting Filtered Results In Dropdownlists

Jul 22, 2010

am having three dropdownlists on my webform. On the based on their selection I am retriving records from a databas table. my code for retrieving records as follows.when I didnt select ant dropdownlist ans click the search button then it featch all records. but when i select an option from suppose i select from ddlDivision, even there is many records related to selected Division but it shows sorry no record found.

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Forms Data Controls :: Selected Value For Filtered Data In ListView?

Dec 14, 2010

My page has ListView with SqlDataSource. I set SqlDataSource as DataSet and EnableCaching = True.

BEFORE I filter SqlDataSource, I don't have problem to get the record value for selected record data in my ListView.

AFTER I filter SqlDataSource, my ListView can display the filter record data properly, but I have problem to get the record value for selected record data in my ListView. The record value for selected record data does not refer to the record value what I am selecting.

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Controls :: Export DropDownList Filtered GridView Records To Word Excel PDF And CSV

Nov 25, 2013

I have implemented excellent code for saving Gridview to Excel, CSV, Word.  

I also have a Dropdown control that filters rows by selected values in a  specific column, and then only rows with the selected values are displayed in the Gridview. 

However  when saving to Excel and other formats, all rows are saved, not just the selected ones. Is there a method to filter the Gridview by dropdown selection and be able to save only selected rows?

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Web Forms :: Forwarding Filtered Gridview To Microsoft ReportViewer?

Feb 10, 2010

I have a gridview that is bound to a dataset via dataview in a webform. I have added some controls alongwith logic in my webform for filtering the gridview at run time. I would like to pass this filtered gridview results to a Microsoft reportviewer so that my boss could print the report. What would be the best way to accomplish this? I would like to have gridview on one page and report viewer on another page. But I don't know how to refer to that gridview from another page.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Calculate Gridview Row Items

Dec 22, 2010

see the table below in which I calculated Grand Total of column in the Footer, but how to calculate GrandTotal at the end of each Row.


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Forms Data Controls :: Sum Of Selected Items In Gridview?

May 4, 2010

Im using Visual Web Developer 2008 and I have set up a gridview showing data from a sql database, it shows 3 columns, these are: item name, item cost and a check box column to allow the user to select certain items. I would like to have a text box that shows the sum of all the selected item costs.

Im coding in VB.

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Get Filtered Row In A Gridview?

Apr 21, 2010

Is there any way to get the filtered rows from a gridview control?

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Forms Data Controls :: Multiple Items In Gridview Or Datalist?

Jan 30, 2010

I have a webform that functions as a kind of a timesheet. The way it works now is that a user selects a project from a dropdownlist, the enters a date and the amount of hours worked. After that the user selects the link button "register" and the worked hours are registered and the result will be shown in a datalist (for each project a new one). Is there some possible way to show a user in advance all the projects he is authorized for in a datalist or so, so he can fill out the hours for all the projects at once? Now the selection for a project from the dropdownlist is a problem for some users cause they have a lot if projects and it is quit a workload on the manor now.

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Forms Data Controls :: Total Of Selected Items In Gridview?

Mar 24, 2011

I have a GridviewI have Click Button and two labels. (Risk_label and MV_label)Risk and MV column has price value.My Checkbox column names are




How can i calculate only "Which i selected in Gridview" Risk total and MV total in my labels?Example;


EDİT: I try this code;


BUT i getting an error.

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Forms Data Controls :: Sort Items In The Gridview By The Title?

Jan 11, 2010

I need to sort the gridview values when I click in the title of each colum.

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Forms Data Controls :: Save And Edit Gridview Items?

Feb 20, 2011

I have a gridview(gridview_1) in my website.Columns of this gridview includes label and dropdownlist.No.of rows may change each time.This gridview is to enter one survey.Once user selected values from dropdownlist,I have to save these values into database.How to do this?I have another gridview(gridview_2) which shows id,user and date of each saved survey (details of first gridview).There is no edit button in second gridview.When user double click on any items in second grid view,a page with first gridview will be loaded where selected values of dropdownlist will bethe saved values of corresponding survey.How to do this save and edit functions for a gridview?Please note there is no edit button in gridview_2 and number of rows in gridview_1 is not constant

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Forms Data Controls :: Manually Add Items To Gridview With Sqldatasource?

Mar 22, 2011

Can you add a row of data programatically and bind it to the gridview? If so, how?

I have a grid with 2 columns. One of these columns is a template that runs a function and delivers an output. Within that function I need to manually add data that is not present in the sqldatasource to the grid and use it when performing aggregate functions.

ColumnA - ColumnB
1 - MyFunction(1) - adds new row (1, B)and returns A to column B.
2 - MyFunction(2) - May return just A

Grid should look like
1 - A
1 - B
2 - A

Even though SQLDataSource only returns
1 - AB
2 - A

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DataSource Controls :: LINQ Suming Original Data Not Filtered View?

Jan 31, 2010

I can see the issue here but can't get my head around a dv and dv.Table unless I'm looking too deep into this.Essentially, I can't get AsEnumerable.Sum() on dv but on dv.Table but I need it on the filtered view (ie. dv).This is the framework the entire application is built on so I can't pass these parameters to the stored procedure! Well I could but cannot be bothered re-writing and testing eveyrthing!


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Retrieve The Data Items For Each Row In The Gridview

Mar 23, 2010

I want to retrieve the data items for each row in the gridview.

But it return null. How can I get the values??

foreach (GridViewRow gvrow in gvwOrderLine.Rows)
OrderLine order = gvrow.DataItem as OrderLine; // gvrow.DataItem is null.

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Forms Data Controls :: Transfer Selected Gridview Items To Another On Another Page Vb

Jun 3, 2010

i am creating a print view using checkboxes that a customer uses to select which items they wish to print. I am having difficulty transfering the selected gridview items to another page. I was using crosspage post.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Bold Specific Databound Items In Gridview

Jan 10, 2010

I want to created a messaging system and to display the messages. I want to use a gridview. My problem is how can I display the new messages in BOLD rows and the readed messages in normal text.

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Forms Data Controls :: Copy Rows From Gridview Selected Items?

Apr 1, 2011

have a page that has a results gridview where I have all rows with a chekbox. when I click on the checkbox I try to create an excel filethis is method content:

DataTable MyData = new DataTable();
//recorrido sobre los elementos seleccionados6
foreach (GridViewRow row in gvwDbf.Rows)


The problem is that excel file is totally empty. When I trace on the error I find that (item on bold above) dt datable has current record as I expected but Mydata table has nothing inside. shouldn't I use import statement? How can I get the row copied? I intend to have a full table made by every record coming from parameters of each query which is performed inside a for each sentence

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Not Updating Indexes To Include New Items?

May 26, 2010

I have a gridview bound to a List<> which shows all compliments received by our company. The list is refreshed every time the page loads and (IsPostBack == false).When I run the application, the list binds to the gridview and all is good. I am using the gridview.SelectedIndex value to return the correct item from the list, add it to a session variable and move to a new page to edit it.This works perfectly until I insert a new record on a separate page and then return to the default page. The list refreshes correctly and displays the new record in the gridview, but the gridview indexes seem to still be attached to their previous records i.e. clicking the edit button in the top row (index 0) returns the data from the 2nd row (index 1).I've tried binding the list directly, and I've tried using an objectdatasource. I've also tried setting EnableViewState and EnableCaching to false on the gridview (and the objectdatasource when using it). None of this has updated the indexes.

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