Forms Data Controls :: Maintain Current Lists And Append A New List Below It?

Mar 19, 2010

I have a 'Read More' Button attached to the repeater control, and when it is clicked, the list currently displayed

should be remained and the new repeater list should be appended to the bottom of the currently displayed list.

And the 'Read More' Button should now be located below the newly created repeater list and it can be clicked again and the process above continues.

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Forms Data Controls :: Databound Dropdown List / Shows First Value In List Rather Than Current Value?

Jan 17, 2011

I have a databound dropdownlist and have a problem with the default value it selects.When I attempt to edit a record the dropdownlist shows the first value in the list rather than the current value. I want the dropdown list to display the current value.

I'm sure this is very simple but I'm very new to ASP.NET.

I'm using .NET version 4.

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Data Controls :: Get Data From Database And Append To List (Array) Of String Using C#

Feb 25, 2016

I used Autocomplete Without using web Method(ajax call). But I want get data for textbox from database. How I can this?

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Web Forms :: Append CustomPrice To The Current Page's Query String Before The Response.Redirect Takes Place

Apr 25, 2010

I have a page that is used to add info from a gridview into a user's profile. I have explained my issues after all of the code. Here is the applicable code(s) involved:

Protected Sub AddToCart(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As CommandEventArgs)
For Each gvr In GridViewItems.Rows
Dim txtGiftAmt As TextBox = (CType(gvr.FindControl("txtGiftAmt"), TextBox))
If txtGiftAmt.Visible = True Then
Dim customPrice As String = txtGiftAmt.Text.ToString
'HERE is where I would like to set the new price variable value somehow
End If
Dim scart As New ShoppingCart
End Sub

This sub is called by the following button when clicked:


Here is the sub from the ShoppongCart Class named AddCartItem:


Here is the problem that I am having: I have one specific item that allows user's to define their own price (for this item only). By putting this price in a session variable seems to be the easiest way to handle this (at least for me), but the session variable's value always "lags behind". By this I mean that the first time the items is entered, it uses the default value of cartItem.ItemPrice. The second time the same item is added (with the intention of a different price), this new item's cartItem.ItemPrice is set
as the first session("customPrice").

Because the user is selecting his/her own price for this item, I am not worried about lack of security involved with using query string to pass this price, but I can't get the string passed to the ShoppingCart class correctly (shows up null). Is there a way to append this customPrice to the current page's query string before the Response.Redirect takes place? If I understand this correctly, the Response portion "posts back" to the current page before the Redirect sends us on our merry way, right?

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Forms Data Controls :: EditItem Template Of Gridview - Template Field With Dropdown List - How To Make Current Value Sel

Dec 4, 2010

Setting up the editItem template of a gridview. I have a template field with a dropdown list for editing. When the gridview goes into edit mode the dropdown list is displayed with all the right options but the current value of the field (pre-editing) is not the selected value of the dropdown list? How do I make that happen? I have a couple fields where the editItem template will use a dropdown list and I'm sure a user will not realize those values have changed and they will just edit what they intended to edit and save the changes, inadvertently also making changes to other fields.

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Maintain Current Page When Updating Top Level Parameter In MVC?

Nov 23, 2010

After working on a page for quite some time, the customer now decided that they wan't to be able to change a top level setting but still maintain the current page they're in.

Say for example:

User goes to default page, clicks on the UserSettings which is loading a partial view. In that partial there is multiple links like Address, Password, Other. Click Address (any of these) and it will load a partial within the partial. This will of course maintain the link "MyProject/User/1" in the URL bar.

When the User now change in the drop down in the top level, from User 1 to User 2 this will update the URL to be "MyProject/User/2" and will load the matching action with that. However, I wan't to be able maintain the user selection from before (MyProject/User/2, click UserSettings, click Address).

If I knew this from the beginning I would have done it completely different, but this now a request from the customer after the project is done so I'm look into if there is any "easy" way


I can also add that I've tried to do something like this to figure out what exact page I'm on:

var foo = window.location.pathname;

but that only gives me what ever I already have in the URL bar, and not any information about what partial that potentially would be loaded. Is there any way to see what partials is dynamically loaded at the moment?

Basically loading View -> Partial View -> Partial View. Changing the setting for the View but still want to maintain View -> Partial View -> Partial View, but now for the new User

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C# - Append Items In A Dropdown List Using Another Class?

Feb 19, 2011

i have a class Parent in which i have a drop down list (ddlNames) it contains some name

i have another class Relatives form this class i want to append some more names to ddlNames

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Web Forms :: How To Highlight The Current List Item In The Unordered List

Mar 25, 2010

I have a master page which has an unordered list in this way:


These links are directed to my content pages. I am able to highligt the selected list item on hover and on active.

But I do not understand how I can highlight the selected list item as long as the user is on that specific page/link (current list item). I know that we can specify a seperate body tag and id for each of the content pages and then use CSS to highlight the current list item, but all this code rests already inside a body tag in the master page.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use Append Nodes To Xml File

Aug 19, 2010

I am working on xml file. and want to append nodes to xml file. its work ok, my code is below


here you see each time I select child node and insert record to it.

As there any way I insert entire datarow record in one step.

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Forms Data Controls :: DropDownList Append With Old Values

Jan 17, 2011

my c# web application populating dropdowns with datas at run time... i.e my web form contains 3 dropdowns and one gridview.. dropdown1 populate with 'pgmtitle' which is fetch from database,when user select one item-pgmtitle from dropdown1,participants(BadgeNo,Name)
of that pgm will be populated in gridview. when user click on the participant badgeno,dropdownlist3 will poputated with recieving officers name.. wen user select one of the recieving officer from dropdown3,his designation is dispalyed in a textbox,and dropdon2
will populated with feedback sentdate... this is my requirement... and my pblm is, when i choose another pgmtilte(say pgmtilte2) from dropdownlist1,previous value associated with(pgmtilte1) appended with dropdown2 and dropdown3.. here is my HTML code:-


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Forms Data Controls :: Append A New Row To Gridview Programatically?

Mar 26, 2010

i need to replicate or add one more row to the present row in a gridview on clicking a button in template able to add a new row which is having controls not only text....but the entire grid is resetting...i dont want to reset the gri and want to add new row to grid...

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Forms Data Controls :: Append Row In Dynamically Created Table?

Jan 10, 2011

i am working on Accounting this software i am to implement voucher entries form.In this form on page load a table (two rows and four columns) should be created after that one row should be appended to that table dynamically on button click event.

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Forms Data Controls :: Append Two String Fields To Display In Gridview Using LINQ

Feb 4, 2011

I need to display Name1 and Name2 in a single column in gridview. I am using Linq. How is this done.

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Forms Data Controls :: Dropdown Lists And Select All?

Sep 25, 2010

I have a number of dropdown lists which are populated from a database. They load depending on what the previous dropdown selection was so for example if the system was car based and I had chosen Ford then the next dropdown list would populate all cars made only by Ford. What I'm wanting to do is add a select all to one of the dropdown lists. Does anyone know how this would be done?

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Forms Data Controls :: Unable To Update The Data In Nested Data Lists?

Feb 16, 2011

i am unavble to update the data in nested data lists in, if any one have the code

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Forms Data Controls :: Two Dropdown Lists That Populate Gridview?

Jul 22, 2010

I have 2 drop downlists 1 gets the User hits my sql database and pulls back all my users in the database. I have post back on. The second drop down brings back all the account numbers for the user that is selected in the first drop downlist I have that post back on also.

My gridview then uses those 2 dropdownlists to populate for that user and that account number selected.

Now for the problem.

User Albert is in the drop down when page is loaded because its sorts by name the first account number for albert is in the 2nd drop down and the gridview works on page load for albert and account number 1 i can select account number 2 and the gridview changes.

I then switch user to Bill and it populates the 2nd drop down with Bill's account numbers however my gridview at this point is still showing alberts account information. I have to take drop down 2 and select another account say account 2 then my gridview displays bill's account 2 information i can then switch back to account 1 for bill and see that account information.

What do I need to do so that my gridview will populate when the first dropdown is changed to match the 2 new values?

Here is my code


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Forms Data Controls :: Using Asp:dropdown Lists To Filter Gridview

Oct 4, 2010

I'm trying to create a page with multiple fields to be used as parameters for filtering a GridView. I'm using a combination of two asp:dropdown lists and two check boxes. When I select a value in one ddl, I want to clear the value in the other ddl. I was trying to use the event "onTextChanged" but that doesn't seem to fire off on the client side and I cannot seem to find any event for an asp:ddl or asp:checkbox or asp:radio button that fires off on the client side.

Are there events, like onClientClick for asp:button, that fire on the client side for these controls when a selected value is changed or when the user clicks on them? or do I need to use html controls instead?

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Forms Data Controls :: Paged Sortable Lists And Efficiency?

Jan 13, 2010

I need to make a large Ebay-style list of listings (think of the page that comes up when you search for something in Ebay, with a photo, title, one-line description, price, that's paged, and sortable). My limited experience with DataGrids in the past always resulted in what felt like a sluggish page to me, but I'm not sure if it would have been faster if I had pieced it together with a data reader instead.So I'm wondering before I even get started, what is the fastest / most efficient way to retrieve and manage this data.Is it more efficient at runtime to use a DataGrid, or to write the paging and sorting in more manually and use a DataReader, or another way?Ebay manages to get thousands of listings to display very quickly, but they've obviously got a lot of manpower to squeeze every last bit of performance they can out of the site, and good high-powered servers.

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Forms Data Controls :: Create A Placeholder For Drop Down Lists?

Aug 25, 2010

I'm using VWD with a database back end. I have a list of teams which are marked off by league, level, division, teamid and then using gridview for the list of players per teams.I've got the drop downs working correctly but running into a little snag and that is on the auto postback.When I only have one option come up in a list, i obviously don't change that list and thus it doesn't change the next drop down because there is no post back. is there a way to use a "header" value?

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Editing With Inside Dropdown Lists

Sep 7, 2010

Example for Editable Grid with dropdownlist inside? Getting some problem in updating the data

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Forms Data Controls :: Populate Multiple DropDown Lists With One Query?

Jan 17, 2011

I am using a dataset control and I have 5 dropdown lists in which their content depends on what item is selected in each dropdown list.

I know I can populate the lists with 5 different queries taking the variables from each list but I am thinking there must be a better way.

Is there a way to populate each list with one query that takes the distinct items from each column returned without looping through the entire recordset?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Bind Hierarchy Grids From Ojects Or Lists

Aug 14, 2010

i have Successfully binded the Schedular from Objects and its looking Good and the Following code has done that.i am using the Telerik Grid , but the implementation to the grid is the same as the Gridview. What i need is a guidance on how to bind hierachy grids from ojects or lists


Now with the same results i want to bind a Hierachy Grid as it Shows in my attached image. I am using EAE that means the is no Fixed Column name, so the Binding of the Grid Should be Dynamically.

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Forms Data Controls :: DataPager In The ListView Lists Only The First 10 Rows Repeatedly?

May 26, 2010

To Start with, I am new to .NET. So I am not refer to the right word, but I'll write up whatever I can.

Basically I have 3 input fields and then a search field.

When I hit the Search field, based on the 3 inputs, it needs to get the DataSet and fill it in the ListView.

I believe it is doing it. But when I added the DataPager, it lists only the first 10 rows, even if hit NEXT

Here is the code ib the .aspx page to populate the ListView


Since the NEXT button is not working, I thought of Adding the DataSet to a Properties. The and getting it back.So I did something like


Even this doesn't work.

In simple terms, > After the 3 input fields are filled out, when a "Search" Button is hit, it should go and pick the list of items based on that criteria

> The result dataset needs to be binded to the ListView

> Next, the DataPager control should be paging. But it is not paging.

When I hit the next, it lists only the first 10 items repeatedly.

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Forms Data Controls :: Add Two Lists To The Same Grid Which Are Returning Different Values And Display?

Dec 15, 2010

I have 2 two listitems. Each list returns different rows. I want to combine both the list rows and disaply it in single grid.

List<somedata> grid1=new List<somedata>
List<somedata> grid2=new List<somedata>

I am getting values in grid1 and grid2. Each list values i am binding to 2 different grids

I want to bind both grid1 and grid2 to the same grid

For example: something like this : grd.datasource=grid1+grid2;


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Forms Data Controls :: Pass A Value To The 2 Master / Detailed Drop Down Lists?

Oct 5, 2010

using below code, I bind 2 drop down lists.


And using the below code, I pass the content of a cell of GridView selectedRow to those DopDownLists .


But there is an error when I try to change the selected value of ddlCity (Detail)...What shall I do ?

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