Forms Data Controls :: Position The Second Gridview Next To The First Gridview's Selected Row

Jun 7, 2010

I have 2 gridviews, the first gridview is row-selectable. When selected it displays some details in a second gridview. What I need to do is position the second gridview next to the first gridview's selected row.

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Forms Data Controls :: Adding A New Row In Gridview At Any Position?

Jun 16, 2010

i am using a gridview without any template or bound field....

SkinID="GridView_Regular" Width="732px">

here the template field i added for hidden column... but i am not setting any values to this hidden field. i am setting the values to the grid from code behind like this....

grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[0].Text = Convert.ToString(dTable.Rows[i]["PatientId"]);
grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[2].Text = Convert.ToString(dTable.Rows[i]["Name"]);
grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[3].Text = Convert.ToString(dTable.Rows[i]["PatCode"]);
grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[4].Text = Convert.ToString(dTable.Rows[i]["Phone"]);
grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[5].Text = Convert.ToString(dTable.Rows[i]["Mobile"]);
grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[6].Text = Convert.ToString(dTable.Rows[i]["Status"]);
grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[7].Text = Convert.ToString(dTable.Rows[i]["Comments"]);

i need to add a new row at 0 position in gridview if a condition satisfies..... Condition is

if ((i == 0) && (Convert.ToDateTime(dTable.Rows[i]["Time"])
< Convert.ToDateTime(grvSchedule.Rows[j].Cells[1].Text)))
Here i need to add a new row to a 'GRIDVIEW'

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Forms Data Controls :: Getting Gridview Column Position

Jun 7, 2010

I have a gridview bound with sql data. The data size fluctuates very much depending on certain parameters, thus the gridview columns often vary in width. What I need to do is be able to get the location of a gridview column so I can line it up with a textbox underneath it. I realize this sounds like a footer but for a number of reasons I cannot use a footer. Is there a way I can dynamically get the location on the page of the start of a particular column so that I can place a textbox in this same location?

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Forms Data Controls :: Position GridView After DataBind?

Mar 7, 2011

I have a gridview positioning issue that may have been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't seem to find a similar post...

I have a webforms app containing a paged gridview (e.g., 200 records - 50 rows and 4 pages).

When the user clicks on a button in a specific row, another web page is launched to process that button click. When the user closes that page to return to the main gridview, the databind event is rerun and the page redisplays the gridview starting at the top. However, I want to have the previous position maintained (like an html bookmark), so that the grid will automatically be scrolled to the the previously clicked gridview page and item.

Setting attributes such as "MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback" do nothing in this case.

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Forms Data Controls :: Selected Checkbox In Gridview Should Be Added From One To Other Gridview Using Objectdatasource

Aug 2, 2010

table a
a1 a
1 qw
2 asa

i have two grid views

gridview1 has check box[a1] and one value[a](in total two columns) with objectdatasource1 for datareferencing from database

another gridview2 has to select only the selected/checked value of gridview1 of checkbox1

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Set Selected Value Of Dropdown In Gridview After Gridview Databound

Nov 30, 2010

I have a gridview with dropdown boxes. As soon as the complete gridview is databound, I want to loop through ALL the rows and set the values of the dropdown boxe in a row based on the value of another column in the same row. The gridview is databound, all data shows up. The condition "If ddl.Items(j).Value = searchstring Then" evaluates as true, but somehow the selected item in the dropdownbox is NOT changed and remains "<ignore>"


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Forms Data Controls :: Assign Value Of Internal Field Of Gridview's Selected Row To Textbox Outside The Gridview?

Jan 7, 2010

I have a Gridview with ID "GVSeasonsOfResort" which has selectable rows.

One of the fields in that gridview is RSLinkID which is an ID field of the table from which ths SQLDataSource driving the gridview gets its data.

I have a textbox outside the gridview with ID TxtBxRSLinkID and when I select a row of the Gridview, I want to assign the value of the RSLinkID field of the selected row to the TxtBxRSLinkID.


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Forms Data Controls :: Controlling Scroll Position Of Gridview

Jan 13, 2011

I have a gridview inside a div and everytime i scroll to the bottom rows of gridview, it throws back to the top of the grid.

<div id="divGvIncidentDetail" runat="server" style="overflow:scroll; min-height: 10px; max-height: 250px;" onscroll="SetDivPosition()">
<asp:GridView ID="gvIncidentDetail" runat="server" ...>

To prevent it, i tried implementing following javascript code by user Sun Rays:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function () {
var strCook = document.cookie;
if (strCook.indexOf("!~") != 0) {
var intS = strCook.indexOf("!~");
var intE = strCook.indexOf("~!");
var strPos = strCook.substring(intS + 2, intE);
document.getElementById("divGvIncidentDetail").scrollTop = strPos;
function SetDivPosition() {
var intY = document.getElementById("divGvIncidentDetail").scrollTop;
document.title = intY;
document.cookie = "yPos=!~" + intY + "~!";

I get the following error when i run the code: Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object Am i missing something? or is there any other better solution to maintain the scroll position

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Forms Data Controls :: Finding The Position Of A Column Name In A Gridview

Dec 2, 2010

I have a gridview with the following information





Now, I would like to find the position of NAME in the this gridview

I tried doing this

int index = 0

index = Convert.toInt32( GridView1.FindControl("Name").toString())

but that isnt working. Kindly note, I do not want to hardcord the position as 0, instead I would like to find it

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview SelectedIndex / Unable To Access The Data In The Gridview's Selected Row

Jul 31, 2010

I am unable to access the data in the gridview's selected row. I have done this lots of times but must be forgetting something.

Here is my gridview:


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Forms Data Controls :: Two Gridviews Same Page - Unselect Selected Row When Row Selected In Second Gridview

Sep 30, 2010

I have two gridviews on same page - If a record is selected in Gridview1, I need to unselect a record (if one is selected) in Gridview2 - and vice-versa.

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Forms Data Controls :: Retain Scroll Position Of Gridview During Postbacks In Firefox - Chrome

Feb 3, 2011

I have a gridview with scroll enabled. Means i have a gridview like this-


I want during postbacks scroll position of my gridview will not change. I have tried many articles on the web, but in some scrolling is retained only in IE, in some others scrolling position changes on clicking edit link of gridview. I want a good solution for IE, FF, Chrome

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Restore Gridview Vertical Position After Clicking Edit Link Button

Oct 15, 2010

Is there any way to stop Gridview to turn back to first row when user click edit link button. Say there are 50 rows in gridview, user scrolled down to 45th row then click edit button. Gridview shifted to editmode but user need to roll down back again to reach the row 45th.

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Forms Data Controls :: Stay With The Selected Position In Grid View?

Sep 13, 2010

I've got one columns of check boxes in a GridView, when i select the checkbox entire record(75 columns) is poupulated into formfileds resided just below the gidview. The problem I'm having is that when i selelect 50th record of database(db have 100 recrds) the view state should be on 50th record level but it is scroll over to the toplevel after selecting the checkbox, if user wants to select the 51st record again he scroll to that level.

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Data Controls :: Pass (Insert) Selected GridView Rows From One GridView To Another Using JQuery

Oct 21, 2015

I have a requirement in my project, wherein i have to move the records from one datagrid to another datagrid. Basically there will be a source grid and target grid with 2 buttons in betweeen. Data row have to be moved in between the rows based on the button click (buttons are in between the grids). Can we do this on client side using the Javascript, JSON?

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Data Controls :: Display GridView Selected Row Details In TextBox Outside GridView

Dec 18, 2013

[URL] .... In this I have a select option gridview property enable selection. i want when i click the select butoon the data of this come to the text box ... like if gridview row contain item --unit --cost

item comes to textbox1,unit comes to textbox 2 and cost comes to textbox 3 

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Data Controls :: Pass Selected GridView Row To Another GridView With TextBoxes?

May 7, 2015

I have two gridviews.I want to know how to pass selected gridview row from gridview1 to gridview2 that has rows of textboxes in it.Each row selected in gridview1 should be should be displayed in textbox row of gridview2.

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Data Controls :: Populate GridView Based On Selected Row Of Another GridView?

May 7, 2015

how to display data in a gridview2 which is depends from the selected row in gridview1?

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Selected Row Highlighted / Keep The Gridview Rows Highlighted As The User Clicks Through The Grids?

Jul 16, 2010

I have a few gridviews on my page. Each gridview row click drives another grid. I need to keep the gridview rows highlighted as the user clicks through the grids. So it is eazy to figure out which rows are being selected on each grid. How can I do this.

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Data Controls :: Set RadioButtonList Selected Value Based On GridView Selected Row?

May 7, 2015

how to display GridView Selected Row in dropdownlist and radiobutton outside GridView in ASP.Net?

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Forms Data Controls :: Get The ID Of A Selected Row In A Gridview?

Nov 12, 2010

I have a Grid defined like this


and now as you can see i have a link Button and i have its handler. Before i used to have a Check box and i could find with row has been selected, but now my style is different , i want to get value of "lblOrderID" for the selected record. I dont use a Checkbox to get the selected item because i dont allow multi select into functionality.

How can i get that on the server or client side.

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView - Selected Row?

Mar 23, 2011

I have to GridViews, say grd1 and grd2.

grd1 is bound programmaticaly in Page_Load, it contains hyperlink column that loads the same page with ID value in request.

grd2 also is bound in Page_Load and it depands on ID from request (so, after grd1 is clicked grd2 loads data).So, actually grd2 depands on grd1.

After page is reloaded with id in request, I should know the row from grd1 where user has clicked and display some of column data seperatly (say in label lblColumnData). How to know which row was clicked?

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Forms Data Controls :: Get The Selected Row In Gridview?

Dec 31, 2010

I am using Gridview to display the database of BookShop

My Gridview display the name of the book and the number of the books (Bound Fields)

I make a third column in Grid view which contains the Button Field and I want to display the name of the book on the Label1 if the user press this Button

My problem is How to get the selected row ? How can I make the code behind recognize which row in gridview has been chosen

I folllowed the following steps but it dose not work

1- I went to the SelectedIndexChanging

I write

GridViewRow row=Gridview1.SelectedRow;

when I press the button the error message says::

""Object reference not set to an instance of an object""

what should I do exactly?

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Forms Data Controls :: Getting Row Selected From GridView?

Jan 1, 2011

I have a gridview that uses a dynamic dataview as the datasource. Only some of the items in the dataview are included in the columns of the grid.

Dataview: Name, Address, Phone Number

GridView: Name, Address

When a user selects a row, I want to access the datafield not shown on the grid. Here is how I chose to do it.


Everything works fine with every row I select. The problem comes when I add the following code:[Code]....

I get the error:

Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.Parameter name: index

This error occurs at the first part of the code where it is referring to the selected index. How can the second part of the code cause an error in the first part of the code that was working perfectly?


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Forms Data Controls :: Getting Row Value When A Row Is Selected Or Clicked In Gridview

Sep 11, 2010

I have a gird view,which has only one field displayed,and a text box. (Grid view has 2 data rows.)

On the gridview i have a button field named "Detailed View" which has command name "Detailed".

When i click on the row 1 i wanted to display the value on the text box

How will I execute it?

I have given the following code but its not giving me the expected result.

textbox1.Text = datagrid.Rows(e.CommandArgument).Cells(0).Text) and on the gridviews _RowCommand event

Its showing null

I am using VS 2008 (.net version 3.5) AND MS ACESS DB

In visual studio 2005(.net 2.0) the same code is working absolutely fine

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