Forms Data Controls :: Trying To Populate A Datagrid Using A Stored Procedure

Jun 7, 2010

I'm tring to populate a datagrid using a stored procedure that returns about 20 fields (this part I figured out), but the kicker here is that for this one particular page I only want to display about 6 of those 20 returned fields.

I did find on passing the procedure the parameters that are required, and populating the datagrid, but haven't found anything (not that I can tell) that explains how to only view certain fields that have been returned.

I'm using VS 2008 and VB for my coding against a MS SQL 2008 server. All of the stored procedures are working with current windows applications.

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Forms Data Controls :: Populate Drop Down List Using Stored Stored Procedure

Mar 14, 2010

i want data to drop down list using stored procedure .

However im not able to do that.

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Forms Data Controls :: Trying To Populate Gridview From Stored Procedure?

May 12, 2010



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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Populate From Stored Procedure?

Oct 15, 2010

I'm pretty new at web programming but a lot of years as a client-server dev.

I'm populating a gridview from a stored procedure, but I don't want to actually execute the populate till I have all the values filled in the page. (some are static textboxes, a calendar (date) value and some drop-downs that are populated earlier) I see there's nothing like like there is in c# windows form programming. I tried



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Forms Data Controls :: Populate ListBox From Stored Procedure?

Aug 11, 2010

I have a listbox which I need to populate with the results from a stored procedure. I have a class Ethics and I can call my stored proc there but I don't know how to populate the listBox from this point on. Here's what I have so far:


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Data Controls :: Bind (Populate) Repeater Using Stored Procedure

Jan 24, 2016

I need to display  the results of a stored procedure in to table tag in c#. I do not know how to use reasonable control in this case.

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C# - Populate Many GridView Controls From One Stored Procedure?

Nov 18, 2010

I have a stored procedure in SQL Server which returns seven result sets. I would like to call this stored procedure from ASP.NET and populate seven GridViews on my ASP.NET page with the results. I am using a SqlDataReader to get the data, however I'm struggling with the C# code to fill the GridViews.

I have created a DAL class to get the data and I have this method in there:

public SqlDataReader CheckDataIntegrity()
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("cc.DataCheck");
return MultipleResults(cmd);

The helper method MultipleResults looks like this:

private SqlDataReader MultipleResults(SqlCommand cmd)
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(_connectionString);


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DataSource Controls :: Trying To Populate A Dropdown From A Stored Procedure That Includes Parameters

Nov 11, 2010

I am trying to populate a dropdown from a stored procedure that includes parameters. The parameters are programmatically defined variables. I have been working at this for hours, and scoured the internet for a tutorial. I have come up with the following solution below. However, it does not work. Its not pulling any data, and I am not even sure that the page is making it into the GetLast5Schedules_Selecting Event. There has to be a more efficient/less time consuming way to do this!




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Web Forms :: Should Write A New Stored Procedure To Populate Drop Down List

May 14, 2010

I am going to add a computed column to a stored procedure that will combine the last and first names of all of the customers in my db. This will be used to populate a drop down list that will allow the user to select a customer so a new record can be entered for that customer.

I was planning on creating this computed column on the procedure that returns all of the customers and all of there information. My db is small so this shouldn't be a big deal, as far as overhead. This doesn't seem like the best approach if the app was using a much larger db. It would unnecessarily return a lot of extra data and make it slower.

I'm curios when a procedure that's dedicated to returning just the customer's first name, last name, and ID should be used, instead of one that returns everything. There are a number of variables that could make this hard to determine, such as number of rows and columns. I wanted to try to get an idea of a cut off point or rule of thumb on this, if possible.

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Forms Data Controls :: Working Procedure With Varbinary From Existing Stored Procedure?

Feb 22, 2010


i have a stored procedure with this values and i need just to make a button that will send something to "Equip" column,how to do it? write the values on my webpage and make a button to exec the procedu

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ADO.NET :: How To Call Stored Procedure In Datagrid

Feb 20, 2011

I have datagrid that binds it's data from database.I have to select,update,insert,Delete data grid using stored procedure.I created a dataset and using dataset storedprocedures for this stored procedure is works fine,but I have problem in Update,Insert,Delete Storedprocedure.

I created them(storedprocedures) through wizard,But I don' know how to call them.I write the below code in "DataGrid2_UpdateCommand" event but it doesn't work

here is my code:


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Getting Results From A Stored Procedure To Populate A GridView?

Mar 4, 2011

I have a windows aspx form that I have a TextBox, Button and a GridView. The TextBox is stored as a variable @subschedule and passed to a stored procedure. What I'd like to do is to populate the results of that procedure into my GridView.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Convert The Oracle Stored Procedure To Sqlserver 2005 Stored Procedure

Apr 2, 2010

This is surareddy. i nead some small clarification in the "Stored Procedure"

how to convert the oracle Stored Procedure to sqlserver2005/2008 Stored Procedure.

right now i am enhancing the project that project already developed the oracle Stored Procedure. now our company is using sqlserver 2005/2008.

how to convert the Oracle Stored Procedure to sqlserver 2005 Stored Procedure

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DataSource Controls :: Do Not Use Or Call Any Stored Procedure But It Says "Could Not Find Stored Procedure 'xxxxx'?

Dec 9, 2010

Initially, I have tried to use stored procedure. But I changed my mind and preferred to call sql query in codebase with command text. However, it stills tries to find initially-called stored procedure (which is neither called or exists).I think that it is related caching. But I tried it with different browsers it did not work.What might be the reason?

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Forms Data Controls :: Missing Value In Some Rows When Populate Value In DropDownList (Datagrid)

Aug 10, 2010

So I have a dropdownlist and I'm trying to populate it with values in the database. For some reason, half of the rows has no value. It's happenning in a sequence as well, like the first row has no value, then the second row has value, then the third hasno value....

Does any one know why it does this?

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Forms Data Controls :: Populate A Datagrid On Selection From A Drop Down List?

Mar 17, 2011

This is my first post as a newbie to

I am in the process of creating a "news system", you can add, edit and delete news. The news items can be entered into the SQL database and you select a category where you want the news item to go into.

What I want is when someone comes to the "Edit" screen, they have a drop down list and what that does is allows you to select a category for you to edit news items from, so rather than at present having the "Edit" page display all the news items, I want people to be able to choose a category that they can edit news items in.

So far my edit page has a datagrid with the following code:


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Forms Data Controls :: Capturing SelectedIndex Values From Datagrid To Populate A Datasource?

Jan 18, 2011

I'm trying to populate a datasource for a dropdownlist (which is actually in an insertitem template field within a detailsview on the same page) with a selectedvalue from a gridview. When I select a row in my Gridview 1, I get the "no value for a required parameter" message. ( and I have tried various alternatives... setting the selectedvalue of the grid to a variable... setting the selected value of the grid to a textbox nothing seems to work. It seems like this should be a pretty simple thing. I think I'm missing something obvious! Here is my code:

Field in Details view to be populated by the datasource:


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DataSource Controls :: Execute A Stored Procedure Within A Stored Procedure?

Jan 18, 2010

Does anybody if it is possible that a stored procedure returns rows which is the result of the execution of another sp? Something like..


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DataSource Controls :: How To Call A Stored Procedure In Another Stored Procedure

May 13, 2010

i want to return output parameter from 1 storeprocedure. into another stored procedure.

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Forms Data Controls :: Using MSChart With Stored Procedure?

Jan 5, 2010

Does anyone have an example of using MSChart with a stored procedure? I have a chart control on the web page and have bound it to the stored procedure. I have also set the parameters for the stored procedure. However nothing shows in the chart. All the examples I can find only show adding points one at a time, but this seems to defeat the purpose of binding the chart to the stored procedure.

Some of the problems I am trying to solve:

The stored procedure returns about 6 columns of data. I only need to use two of them. How do I select which of the columns will be displayed in the chart?

I want to use two or more series on the chart. Do I have to run a separate stored procedure for each series or can I make one call to the stored procedure and then display the data in the two series? If so, how?

I am using VS 2008, MS SQL Server 2008, .Net 3.5 and VB .Net.

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Forms Data Controls :: Stored Procedure And Gridview?

Jul 31, 2010

I have one problem with stored procedure.

My table:


Stored procedure:

ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.Select_Customer

@PaymentId varchar(100)
@parameter1 int = 5, [code]....

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Forms Data Controls :: Executing A Stored Procedure Using A SQL Datasource?

May 13, 2010


SelectCommand="Execute ClassesSelect" runat="server">
<asp:ControlParameter Type="Boolean" Name="@all" ControlID="chkAll" PropertyName="Checked" />

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Forms Data Controls :: Paging Using Stored Procedure In Gridview?

Jul 12, 2010

i need an example of a paging gridview using stored procedure.

i tried finding on the web and i can't find exactly what i need.

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Forms Data Controls :: Paging Through Records Using A Stored Procedure?

Sep 7, 2010

i have a stored procedure i want to display the income of this procedure in a HTML table ona aspx page. It that possible.


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use A DetailsView And ListView With A Stored Procedure

Feb 3, 2010

I want to use the ListView and DetailsView to build a new aspx page

I have designed a database and defined three stored procedures for one of my tables. (one procedure each for Select, Insert & Update). The stored procedures use parameters.

My problem is with the "Define Parameters" dialog box of the SqlDataSource- Configure Data Source procedure.
Specifically, I'm not sure how to use the "Parameter Source" drop down box.

The "Parameters" box on the left correctly lists all of the columns in my stored procedure.
However, when I choose "Control" in the drop down box, the next dialog box asks for the ControlID.

But I want to use either the ListView or the DetailsView and I thought that these two controls somehow "read" the data source and sort of configure themselves.

In a nutshell, I can't find any way to "point" to either the ListView or the DetailsView.

I'm left with the impression that by asking for a "ControlID" for each parameter, the system seems to expect that I have already defined the "to be bound" controls before I can use the stored procedure.

So I'm wondering if it is the case that ListView and DetailsView don't work with stored procedures. True or False? Or is there some way of making this happen?

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