Forms Data Controls :: Wrapping Content Of Gridview?

Aug 30, 2010

I have a gridview and a css file that is giving it a style,colors, font style etcThe gridview is showing blog comments in it.If someone posts hyperlink in the blog comments, the gridview width gets increasedOnly in mozilla the hyperlink is getting wrapped and works fine but in I.E, opera, safari, chrome and all other browsers the wdith of the gridview is going out of the page.In my css. style sheet also i have defined width:.grid

font-family:lucida grande,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;


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Forms Data Controls :: Wrapping GridView Columns?

Oct 11, 2010

I have a gridView that returns 12 columns / Fields. I want to only allow 6 columns per row and on the 7th have the 7th column move below the first 6. Example: ...

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Forms Data Controls :: Wrapping Gridview Columns

Feb 18, 2011

I have a gridView that I want to only show 5 columns per "Row". To explain, lets say I have a gridView that has a total of 20 columns. Normally this would mean that the grid would show all 20 columns in a single row side by side:col1 col2 col3 col4 col5 col6 col7 col8 col9 col10 ... etcI want it to instead show the columns underneath each other like so:

col1 col2 col3 col4 col5
col6 col7 col8 col9 col10
col11 col12 col13 col14 col15
col16 col17 col18 col19 col20

of course the prespective data associated with the columns would show below each column header.I have read some posts and they are pointing me to a repeator but I am not sure how I would impliment a method like that. Any suggestions / examples of ways you have done so or read about?

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Forms Data Controls :: Page Number Wrapping At Top Of Gridview?

Nov 2, 2010

In a gridview control, what is the property I set to wrap the page numbers at the top and bottom?

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JQuery :: Ajax From My ASMX Wrapping Content?

Aug 9, 2010


And it seems to work...Im returning some tabular html data in the asmx....however in firebug everything is coming out encoded with the xml header...?? Im not appending that anywhere I can see...<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><string xmlns=""><table class='whoinner'><thead><tr><th>Resident</th><th>Off</th><th>Returning</th><th>Type</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr dateid='6e220daa-b25b-4528-b402-fdffa009dfff' reqid='a03cb1d8-7150-481d-81a3-e1e7670cc10a' onclick='visualizeDate("Wednesday, August 04, 2010","Thursday, August 12, 2010")'> <td class='resident'>Steve</td><td class='from'>Aug 04 2010</td><td class='to'>Aug 12 2010</td><td class='type'>Vacation</td></tr></tbody></table></string>

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview MouseOver To Get Cell Content?

Jan 30, 2010

I have been looking to see if there is a simple method that would allow me to get the contents of a cell when I mouseover it. The purpose would be to use the data (in this case CustomerId) to display more detailed about the contents (in this case First Name + LastName).I am looking for something like this - but instead of changing the cell or row colour gives me the cell content so that I can create a popup



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Forms Data Controls :: Access Content Of Lable From A Gridview?

Nov 17, 2010

I have a gridview and a lable on a page...

In the gridview I have a column called "% of Points" and another column called "total of pot". Outside of the gridview I have a label called (label Total) and it has a total amount of 6335.

The idea is that as each gridview row is created, it will check the amount in the label and based on the % amount in the % of points, it will work out the total of the pot (6335) each row has. So for example, paul would have 1583.75 in his total of pot (25% of 6335 = 1583.75)

Anyone know how I should go about doing this? I presume I'd need to do a find control for the label, but not sure where to go from there.

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Forms Data Controls :: Edit Gridview Content On Different Page?

Nov 30, 2010

How can I edit a gridview row in different page?

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Forms Data Controls :: Unable To Retrieve Cell Content In A Gridview

Oct 4, 2010

myString is always empty in the code below.


Here's the .aspx file:


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Forms Data Controls :: Select A GridView Row Based On Field Content?

Jan 18, 2010

I have a page with a Listbox and GridView.

The Listbox has a list of students. The Gridview has a list of classes offered during a period, such as:

Math Science English etc. When I click a student in the Listbox, I call a sproc via Linq, and get the ClassID and ClassTitle that student is registered for.

What I need to do is Highlight the record in the GridView that matches the ClassID or ClassTitle returned by the sproc.

Previously, I used a ListBox for the Class Offerings. This is easy with a Listbox using the FindByText method:


What is the right way to do this with a GridView?

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Forms Data Controls :: Update GridView Content With A Stored Procedure?

Jul 12, 2010

I'm getting problems to update a database table shown in a gridview using a stored procedure.

My table has 3 columns and my stored procedure is something like:

spUpdateMyTable(@column1 varchar(20), @column2 varchar(50), @id_table integer)


update mytable set column1 = @column1, column2 = @column2 where id_table = @id_table

The stored procedure works perfect when I try to execute it in the SQLServer query analizer, but my problem is when I call the sqldatasource update command.

When I do that, it seem that there are problems whith the parameter's names...

I'm doing that whit updateparameters.Add(parameter) and parameter is created whit the same name, tipe and the value that Is shown in the gridView.

I'm looking for in the msdn but everything I founded was about doing that through an update query but I need the stored procedure.

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView TemplateField Vanishes On Second Postback With Some Dynamic Content?

Dec 23, 2010

(Example code below)

I have a GridView. It has a 'static' TemplateField (in the .aspx page). I add and remove BoundFields to it depending on user preferences on postback. Affter the second postback, the template field appears empty.

Here is a stripped down mockup of what I'm doing. You can click the "Regular Postback" button as much as you want, and nothing bad happens. But if you click the "Recreate" button once-- it's all ok. Click it again, and the "one" column goes on Christmas break.

So is there something else I should be doing, or is this going to be a "halcyon1234 to code interface" error.


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Forms Data Controls :: Showing GridView Cell's Content Using AJAX AnimationExtender

Mar 8, 2010

Is it possible to show a GridView cell's content using AnimationExtender control in AJAX control toolkit?

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Forms Data Controls :: Mailing Gridview Content Using C# And VS 2008 With Access Database

Feb 8, 2010

I am using C# and VS 2008 with access database. I have a nested gridview (2) with two access database tables. Date1 (takes System date) is the primary key in table1 and also present in table2 as foreign key. User data is stored in gridview 2 w.r.t to the date in gridview1. What i am tryin to do is to mail todays date (System date) data of Gridview 1 and data corresponding to it in Gridview 2 to a specific mail id.

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Forms Data Controls :: Multiline Textbox In Gridview - How To Make # Of Rows Depend On Content

Jan 26, 2010

Language: C#

Values for multiline textbox in gridview are coming from SQL db "text" type previously entered by user...sometimes a small amount, sometimes a lot. Want to display enough to make it readable without wasting space on the screen. Can't believe this mechanism is not built in but have researched & see I may have to count lines then set the "number of row" property.

Question 1: Should this be done in databound or rowdatabound event?

Question 2: Could someone provide the "row counting" code (in C#)?

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Forms Data Controls :: Multiview Writing The Wrong Content But Showing The Correct Content?

Feb 26, 2010

I'm in a little bit of a bind and have some weird behavior happening with a multiview control behaving differently between two machines, and of course, the production machine is the broken one. The page renders the correct content on both machines, but if I save the html file the production machine's source is wrong.

For example, if for step 1 the output should be just the letter A, and step 2 the output should be just the letter B, and step 3 the output should be the letter C, here is what happens:

Step 1:

Production - The source and output are both the letter A

Dev - the source and output are both the letter A

Step 2:

Production - the source is the letter A and the ouput on the browser is the letter B

Dev - the source and output on the browser are both the letter B

Step 3:

Production - the source is the letter A and the ouput on the browser is the letter C

Dev - the source and output on the browser are both the letter C

Is this some issue with SessionState? I'm very new to Multiviews and by no means an ASP expert.

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Display Data Horizontally - With Wrapping

Apr 9, 2010

I would like to display data horizontally - with wrapping.. Is there some control that can do this??! I know how to do this using a plain table.. Guess I'm just feeling lazy, or wanting an easier alternative..

eg:item#1 - item#2 - item#3
item#4 - item#5 - item#6
item#7 - item#8 - item#9

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AJAX :: Wrapping Controls In UpdatePanel?

May 17, 2010

I have a page that is essentially a group of controls on top, a button in the middle and a DataGrid at the bottom.

I wanted some asynchronous code to get ran; so I wrapped the bottom DataGrid in an UpdatePanel and made the button in the middle as the async trigger. This is working great. However, the button also needs to clear out the values of the controls up top after it adds to the bottom DataGrid.

The code to clear these controls out gets ran, but nothing changes on screen. I assume this is because the top controls need to be wrapped in an UpdatePanel as well. I did this, but I'm having a problem.

One of the controls up top is an asp:ImageButton. Clicking on this button executes a handler for the click event in the VB code behind. This VB constructs a Javascript snippet that opens a new window with a different page (don't ask me why it is done this way). That VB code gets executed, but nothing happens.

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Create Few Custom Webcontrols Wrapping Some Existing Controls?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm trying to create a few custom web controls wrapping some existing controls. One of them, for instance, is a wrap for a textbox (because I need additional behaviors such as corresponding validators). The problem is, I'm not sure how to get the data of that control to be sent in the postback.

A very simplified example:


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DataSource Controls :: Wrapping Multiple TableAdapters Inside Transactions?

Jan 9, 2010

In my project's earlier version I used Stored Procedures (SPs) & directly used them inside presentation layer. SP contains multiple Insert & Update queries for multiple tables.

Now I have decided to use a DAL(Typed DataSets & TableAdapters)

How can i use the same SPs with TableAdapters or If not possible how to wrap Multiple TableAdapters inside Transactions.

1 more thing in my earlier version i was using Transaction in SPs & Presentation Layer.

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How To Display Data In Grid Without Wrapping The Data

Jun 7, 2010

I have a grid control which is bound to a DataTable. Iam facing problem in the display of data. Though each line in DataColumn of grid having enough space yet the data is being wrapped to next subsequent lines. But I need the data to be displayed without wrapping.

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Web Forms :: Loading HTML Content Data Dynamically Into Placeholders In Content Pages

Jan 30, 2010

I will be getting data through wcf service coming form commerce server (instead of DB). Data which is coming will be in the form big html content with all html tags or may be a single line sentence. I should display this dynamic data into the placeholder in the content page (master content page). I have been trying but not able to load when the data is in the form of HTML page. html content or may be single lline of senetence.

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Web Forms :: Wrapping A Long String (website Address)

Jan 25, 2011

I have a large(ish) text-box on my page that needs to hold a website URL. The text-box is reasonably wide however most URLs will not fit in on a single line. I want the website address to wrap a single line like this:


However what my textbox is doing is this:


Does anyone know how to automatically wrap a string that does not contain line feeds / white space? (Yes - Wrap is set to true!)

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Web Forms :: Keeping The Button From Wrapping Around With The Following Div. White-space?

Feb 15, 2011

For some reason, the 20px button wraps around to the next line even though the div is 500 pixels wide.What am I doing wrong?


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Web Forms :: Implementing Microsoft Word Text Wrapping Square?

Feb 23, 2011

I want label to set its width automatically. For example, 8 lines beside image with 400px of width and other lines on top and bottom of image, with 800px of width. In fact something like Microsoft word text wrapping-square mode.

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