Generating A Post Request For PayPal Button In C#

Jan 5, 2010

I'm trying to allow a web form to use a PayPal buy it now. The relevant page is: [URL]

Based on which radio button a user selects, depends on which paypal button they are "redirected" to.
The subscriptions are easy - they are just a simple redirect.

The last option, requires a user select a venue. For this, i require to use the form below:

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
<input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="10956105">
<tr><td><input type="hidden" name="on0" value="Venue">Venue</td></tr><tr><td>
<input type="text" name="os0" maxlength="60"></td></tr>
<input type="image" src="" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online.">
<img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1">

But of course, I want to do it without using that form.

What I have so far is:

if (singleOneOff.Checked)
paypalForm.Text = getPaypalForm(venueSelect.SelectedItem.Text);
var strJS = getPayPalPostJS("_xclick");
paypalJs.Text = strJS;
var xxx = "dd";

This determines if that particular radio button was ticked.

private String getPaypalForm(string venue)
StringBuilder strForm = new StringBuilder();
strForm.Append(@"<form action="""" name=""_xclick""


However, if i select the radio button, and a venue, and press the button, nothing happens....

I followed this guide: [URL]

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This is so frustrating to me. I'm doing this via standard .NET 2.0+ web services (not WCF). My application is in .NET 3.5 but I'm just adding a service reference. I've not done any SOAP WSDL sending before. I've used NVP which to me seems much more error prone and burdensome because you have to create all the wrappers yourself and if any of that third party API changes, it breaks your code. I have not a clue how to make a call using the latest PayPal WSDL. I added the service reference and I see proxy classes such as [className]Request and [className]Response but how do you actually make the CALL and send the request over the wire?

I see people have used the outdated (.NET 1.1) PayPal SDK. We do not want to use an SDK just to send a request. Isn't it much easier nowdays in .NET when using any SOAP API to invoke the request? People for example using PayPal are relying on a caller class from that SDK but again it's way, way outdated. So onto today, .NET 2.0+, I thought that you don't need all that plumbing anymore?

How would I do this? I see no good documentation on the net period on .NET 2.0 or 3.5 web services especially SOAP and it's frustrating. Sure add the service reference, use the WSDL and proxy generated class wrappers but outside this HOW to make a request is impossible to find. I'm seeing legacy ways of doing this in .NET and then I hear this is all done under the covers for you in .NET..I guess that must be .NET 2.0+ ?? Is it as simple as just making the proxy class method calls and .NET under the covers takes care of the plumbing to actually send the request over Http unlike .NET 1.1 where you had to do all the plumbing yourself?

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I need some help to finish of my PayPal page.

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At the bottom of my code you will see my first attempt at the table (highlighted by ****************)


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I was having trouble getting my shopping cart to connect to paypal. So I wrote a simple webform that has one button and one label. If I comment out the response.redirect(url) and look at the content that get written to Lable1.Text it looks find. Also, if I copy the content of the label and paste it into my web browser it goes to Paypal and displays correctly.

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I am testing from localhost??? Should I be able to test this from localhost?

I have put ??? where my Sandbox email address is.....I don't know if letting other see that or not is an issue....otherwise I would have left it in for someone to try this code.


This is what displays in the lable1.text when response.redirect is commented out


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MVC :: How To Integrate Paypal Donation Button

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when i click on that button it works fine,it goes to paypal site and after completing d transaction it comes back to my application.

But my problem is :i am not able to get any detail of the person who did that donation.

i want that persons information from paypal.

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Asp Pages And Paypal Button Not Trigging Refresh

Apr 6, 2010

I have an page in 3.5 that I have a pay pal button on but when I click on the button it just refreshes the page. I think I need to encapsulate the paypal button in something so it is not trigging the refresh but goes to pay pal. Can I use an updatePanel or iframe?

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I stick the code in an aspx page.Ignoring any warnings, form problems etc etc.

So when i try to pay it just tells me to log in to the site and nothing happens.

And the reason i get mad is because when i try it with a paypal button it works and send me to paypal with the amount written above.

I tried when logged in on sandbox, i tried when logged in on sandbox and logged in as a seller.I tried i tried i tried....

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How do you add a PayPal button inside of a content detail of a master page. Since a MasterPage automatically encapsulates and nests ALL of the code of its contentplaceholder, by definition...all design and coding in a contentplaceholder cannot encorporate a form. This is true because w3 specs do not allow the nesting for forms.


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Vb - Post And Get Request In Asp

Mar 24, 2011

I want to make two request to submit a form of another web application. How can I create post and get request. And how can I use secure this. I don't want to create ajax request. Just httpwebrequest.

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Post-Request When Debugging?

Feb 11, 2010

is it possible to debug an ASP.Net-Website with a post-request and post parameters? Visual Studio 2010 only debugs withGET and no parameters and I wasn't able to find any option about this.

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Diagnose 404 For Net POST Request?

Jun 24, 2010

How can i diagnose the 404 errors on my application.It seems in iis logs that GET request to my *.aspx page return success ( code 200)The POST request to same page returns a 404 error , not able to diagnose why.Is there a seperate setting to allow POST request to this page or some where in the application.

Edit #1 The Page has a grid ( ingragistics grid, third party control) that makes a xmlhttprequest to the page itself to load some data on the fly. It sometimes work but mostly give a 404.fidler also confrims the 404 error with the url & that url does exist and is correct. I also verified the logs in IIS it confirm the 404 error.

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C# - Paypal API And Paypal's Sample Code?

Oct 30, 2010

The sample code returns ACK, but where is the proper response?

For example
Getbalance, sample code returns ACK

but the document shows it returns other values?

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I am using an Zencoder API to transcode video files. Once the job is completed they will do a HTTP POST with XML or JSON data containing the Job ID and other info to the url we provide.

So if URL is or .ashx, how can I read the data they post?

excuse me for the underlines, i thought that would make my query stand out.

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and when it does send it it looks nothing like the request I want. The server is very sensitive and unless I copy the request headers 100% it will return an empty page. Why can't I just type in the headers and send it that way? What would be 5 minutes of
work in php is taking the whole evening in

This is what I am trying to send, simple as it gets: ...

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For the sake of a ridiculous example let's say on I have an page with two inputs that accept numbers and a submit button. When the button is clicked I want to send a post to with a post data parameter "AdditionTotal" which contains the sum of the two numbers entered.

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JQuery :: Ajax Post Always Return Bad Request?

Feb 7, 2011

im working on a MVC 3 webapp where i want to post to a controller function using jQuery ajax. However, every time i post to the server i get a 400 Bad Request response and i can't figure out where this comes from as the site runs fine with the VS2010 devserver.

See the function im using to send the ajax post below:


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Web Forms :: Difference Between Post-back And New Request?

Apr 4, 2010

I am confused about the new request of page and the Post back! what is the difference between them? when we click on any control like button the post-back is called for the same page! why it is no re-requested or so on.?

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Post A Http Request From Command Line?

Nov 25, 2010

I need to post a request to aspx page within dos command line.. How can I do that ?

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