How To Access External Resources From Website Aspx

Feb 26, 2010

My current solution consists of several Class Libraries and a Website. I'm in the process of globalizing the application and I realized that my resources need to be accessed by all the projects not just the website so placing my resources in the App_GlobalResources folder didn't work.

I added my resources to one my class Libraries and now I'm trying to figure out what the best way of accessing the resources are from my markup. When my resources were in the App_GlobalResources folder I was able to access them by using an expression such as this:

<$ Resources: MyApp.Name %> for server controls Or
<%=Resources.MyApp.Name %> for plain text

What's the best way of accessing my Resources from my website aspx files now that they are in a Class Library DLL?

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Configuration :: How To Compose Website With External Aspx Page

Mar 18, 2010

I have a simple webApplication. Now I have a second webapplication with few web aspx pages. When I build each project I get aspx files with 1 dll per project.

Now the structure of the first webApplication is like this



Is it possible to load the dll of the second application dynamically and put its dll into the bin directory. The result will be something like this:





The problem is that when I try to open application2default.aspx the compiler is throwing an error that it cannot find the class for that particular page because the assembly inwebapplication2.dll is not loaded. I tried to load the assembly from the web config like this <add assembly="myassemly, Version=, PublicKeyToken=null, Culture=neutral"/> and also from the code like this Assembly.LoadFrom( @"D:Projectsinmyassemly.dll" ); OR Assembly.Load( "myassemly, Version=, PublicKeyToken=null, Culture=neutral" ); but I still have no success. Can u tell me what is the logic here with the assembly load?

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Configure Website On Iis7 To Allow External Access?

Dec 16, 2010

i have server 2008 and real ip i need to publish the website on this server to allow external access for people what are the steps to host the website on iis7 under windows server 2008 should i configure dns first?

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Web Forms :: Embedded Swf File With Its External Resources To Content Page?

Mar 8, 2011

Under Visual Studio 2010, I'm developing an application. I added a folder to my project called Flash. Under Flash folder I added a swf file with its external resources to run.

The folder content:
1- ScrollingImages.swf file to lunch the flash
2- ScrollingImages.xml file that the swf file uses to read images from thumbnails folder
3-thumbnails folder which content images used by swf file. I can embed the swf file to html easily using this code:


But when I use the same code to embed it to page I will have a problem that the flash will run but I cannot see the images so the swf file unable to locate the xml file and the folder of the images location and they all in the same folder.Here is the code I used in the content page.


I also tested it in page and I'm getting same result no images appear. I know that the problem is related to who to embed the swf external resources (the xml file and the images folder) to the page but I searched a lot and I could solve it.

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Including Links To External Resources In Visual Studio 2010 Web Project

Jul 22, 2010

I have a ASP.NET project which relies upon the FreeImage .NET wrapper. This is loaded using a reference to a external directory. The wrapper relies upon the FreeImage.dll being present to work (clearly). How do I get Visual Studio to include a reference to the FreeImage dll. It's not a .NET assembly, i think it was built in something else (so I can't add it as a reference).

I don't really want to have a copy for this project as these files reside in a different SVN repository

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SharePoint External Facing Website Ability To Go Full Website And Non Full Website When Accessed In Mobile Device?

Dec 15, 2010

I've got an external site that's built in SharePoint 2007. the user of the site need to have an option to view the full site when accessed from a mobile device. I am thinking of just creating a button control to do this. The question is, what would be the best solution to do this?

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Auto Redirect User To Default.aspx If Directly Access Any Page Of Website?

Feb 28, 2011

I have the following pages structure in my 3.5 website. i want if anybody directly access any page of my site as [URL] then it will automatically redirected to [URL] How to do this using,

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C# - What Does The <% $Resources:My.Resource %> Access

May 25, 2010

I tried searching, but I guess the <% $ %> triggers something on google and it turns up nothing. What is this accessing in an .aspx page? I've used the = but never a $.

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Granting Access To Local Resources?

Apr 13, 2010

I have an ASP.NET web application that runs on a windows server 2003 server. there is a form that reads and writes data to an xml file inside the application's directory.

I always grant the NETWORK SERVICE user full control on my application folder so that it can read and write to the xml file. I put the application on another windows server 2003 server and did the same steps above but i was getting an Access denied exception on the form that reads and writes to the xml.

I did some search and found that if you grant the user ASPNET full control to the directory it would work, I did that and it worked fine. my question is: what is the difference between granting full control permissions to NETWORK SERVICE and ASPNET users ? and what can be the difference between the two servers that caused this issue ?

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How To Access Localised Resources In A File

Aug 24, 2010

I have an ashx file which returns a localised message. This is called from an Ajax request. I need to access the ResourceManager in the ashx file.

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Determine Account IIS 7 Is Using To Access Folders (and Other Resources)?

Apr 8, 2010

Often, out of sheer desperation I will end up enabling "Everyone" access on a folder that a web app is accessing (perhaps for file creation, reading, etc) because I can't figure which user account to enable access on.

Obviously, this is a very bad thing to do. Is there a way to determine what account IIS is using at that exact moment to access folders (and perhaps other resources like SQL Server, etc)?

Are there logs I can look at that will tell me? Or perhaps some other way? I usually use Windows Auth without impersonation. Not sure if that information is relevant.

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Web Forms :: Include Htm In Aspx From External File?

Jul 18, 2010

Depending on a parameter, I want to include html from different files in an aspx page (this is a section of the page). Here is how I am trying to do it:

in aspx file:


in C#


The problem is, whenever I edit the "include" files in VS, VS saves them as UTF-8. Then when I open the web page, there are three extra characters where the included html starts. If I go into a different editor, I can change the format to ANSI and then it displays okay in the web page.

I have two questions: 1. Is there a way I can save the file in VS as ANSI so I don't get the three garbage characters? (I tried saving as file types .htm, .txt, and .inc but none work.) 2. Is there a better way to do this so it does not matter if the file is UTF-8 or ANSI?

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Using JQuery To Load External Page(s) (aspx) Into Div(s)?

Mar 16, 2011

I've a page which consolidates different sections by different .aspx pages. Those pages will be loaded into corresponding div(s) dynamically by using jQuery.load(). They all are rendered properly, however, when clicking on any asp:button in any section page, the entire main page will be replaced by the section page even the asp:button is just popping up a message box.

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Web Forms :: How To Edit Global Resources After Publishing Website

Jul 8, 2010

how i can edit Global resources after publishin web site?

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How To Access Resources File From A Referenced Library Project

Mar 9, 2010

I have an ASP.Net website, "MyApp", which contains the following resources files:


The website references a library project, "MyLib" from which I want to access those resources files. Here is the code I'm attempting:

var rm = new ResourceManager("MyApp", Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly());
subject = rm.GetString("HelloMessage"); //always string.empty

The problem is that the executing assembly is always "MyLib" instead of "MyApp". Is it possible to access the resource files embedded in the website project from a library project?

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Web Forms :: Displaying External HTML Within Aspx Page?

Feb 15, 2011

What would be the most efficient way to inject just the contents of an html page into a user control or directly into a page?

In example if the html page I'm calling consists of a simple <div> layout how could I display that within an aspx page.

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Web Forms :: Post A Form In .aspx Page To An External URL?

Sep 24, 2010

I'm migrating an old ColdFusion site to ASP.NET. One of the pages has a form that posts to an external URL.


I just discovered that you can't do this in an .aspx page. Seems the page will just post to itself if you hit the submit button.What's the proper technique for achieving this in ASP.NET? There are a couple of hidden fields that pass parameters to the external URL.

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Localization :: How To Update Website's Content With Resx(resources) Files

Apr 20, 2010

I was just wondering guys, how did you manage to update website's content with resx(resources) files.Did you manage user's database with connection, accessing to this page. I need to make a poll as well, should I use sharepoint or c# with a database?

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How To Read External XML From Website

May 18, 2010

I want to read an XML file located here

The data looks like this


And I just want to be able to access those values. My limited knowledge of XmlTextReaders has lead me no where.

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How To Access Local Resources (file, Printer,scanner) - Attached To Client PC

Jan 24, 2011

My application creates some images at client machine using client side scripting VBScript. I want to store those images in database, so I need some way to bring those images to server without any interaction with users (means I can not use the file upload control).Along with this, application would also like to use the printer attached to client's machine (it could be her network printer), without showing printer dialog.

Basically I need to create some client piece, dll which will handle the scanning, printing and uploading images from client pc to server and web application will interact with this dll.How could I achieve this? I explored a lot on internet. many articles suggest that use activex control, but how in c#?

I am not asking any spoonfeeding. Please show me correct article or small working sample or example, I would figure out the rest.

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WCF / ASMX :: Way To Access External Webservice

Oct 21, 2010

I'm trying to connect to a webservice but my experiens of webservice i limited


The values that I would like to getis:carWorkOrderInfoResult.areaIdcarWorkOrderInfoResult.workOrderNumber

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C# - Access Images From External Storage In ASP

Jan 21, 2010

I have an ASP.NET site in a web server and the images are stored in NAS (some kind of lacie external storage), I tried UNC and other things but no success. how can I access images from external storage in ASP.NET Update: The images are reachable from the server but when I try to access in ASP.NET throws me error.

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Access ASP Rolesprovider From External Assembly

Jan 14, 2011

I have a RolesProvider properly registered and fuctioning. When the ASPX-page is executed I do some of the work in external assemblies (.dll-files referenced in, plain vanilla). I need to access methods on this role provider from the external assembly. How can I do that?

Note: I don't want to pass a reference from ASPX to the external class if possible. Something like "HttpContext.Current.Roles" would be great. Bonus: Shed some light on when and how is the custom ASP.Net RoleProvider used.

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Website To Communicate With An External API Using HTTP Post?

Feb 14, 2011

I'm currently developing a website using ASP.NET MVC.I need this website to communicate with an external API using HTTP Post.

I'm unsure whether I should be coding this up in ASP.NET to perform the http post requet and read the response, or whether I should be coding this up in a c# class.It seems when developing a site, you have the option to chose either for many scenarios.

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Better External Program To Format File Within The Website

Jan 17, 2011

I have the option of having a VB function to re-format a file within my website or to have the program given to my 12 member (only) user group to re-format. Which is better ??If its not part of the website, each of the 12 member user group will have the VB.exe code to run that generate the file and it can be uploaded to the website.If the webiste runs its own vb code, it will require the data to be upload and then generate the file.

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