How To Get A Joined Query To List Object

May 5, 2010

I have a dynamic sql query which contains more than one table joined. Normally I get this query to a datatable and use it. For now I want to get result of this query to a list object.

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SQL Server :: How To Query Return All Data In Array Object / Collection Object

Sep 14, 2010

how to query return all data in Array Object ,Hash Table ,And DataTable dataRow

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Forms Data Controls :: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object In Nested Repeater Control Of CheckBox List ...

Sep 24, 2010


I am getting error of in Foreach loop


How to resolve this situation or any other alternative to cum out of this problem.

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Linq Query - How To Select Inner Query Into List

Oct 17, 2010

I am writing a linq query to select a blogpost,


The blogpost i am testing got 3 tags attached to it. The table structure is:

(table)BlogPost -> (table)BlogPostTags <- (table)Tags

So the BlogPostTags table only contains 2 fields, BlogPostID and TagID.

When i run the query above i get 3 results back. Same blogpost 3 times but with 1 tag in each. It should return 1 post with 3 tags. The problem lies in the Tags query above.

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How To Convert List<user> To List<object>

May 8, 2010

i have list of user class but now i have to return it as a list of object, i try to convert it but it gives me error like. can not implicitly convert.

View 4 Replies - Gridview Filtering Via Joined Tables?

Oct 15, 2010

I'm trying to display data which comes from a join on two tables (or more) in a gridview I want to be able to filter the result set via user given input (text boxes on page)I have tried the standard tutorials but cannot find something which goes beyond displaying one table result sets in the gridview. If I go through the configure gridview and configure datasource wizard for any datasource (sqlDatasource, object, entitydatasource), when I use multiple tables I cannot use the 'where' parameters in the wizard, and therefore need to have the selecting code in the code-behind, but i'm unsure where exactly to put this.


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SQL Server :: Return Joined Data From Two Tables?

Dec 6, 2010

I know this has to be easy. I'm just not sure of the best method to use. Should I be using ViewData?

Table 1 has columns:


Table 2 has columns:


The tables are linked by a key on the TypeID column. I want to display:


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List In Never Assigned - Will Always Have Its Default Value Null - Error "Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object"

Feb 19, 2010

I am declaring a list in my class, populating the list in page load and using the list in various methods in this class. But, I get this error at every instance where I use this list in the methods. Error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

public partial class ViewBG1 : HealthServicePage

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SQL Reporting :: Joined Tables - Concatenate Rows Into Single Row?

Feb 13, 2010

Im having a go at doing a report for my application. I have 2 tables, one which lists a loan we have given to a customer, and another table which lists repayments against the loans.

I want to display each loan and how much is outstanding against it. My problem is that each loan is repeated in the table for each repayment against it. So when i try to sum up the loans awarded to a customer, if they only have one loan and have made 3 repayments against it, it sums up the amount awarded against each record.

eg, if i award a customer a loan of 200, and they make 3 repayments of 50, 3 records appear in the table. The amount awarded is repeated against each repayment, and when i total a customers loan amounts, it totals 3 x 200.

I have put the details into the grouping row, where it is grouped by loan_id, displaying the toal of repayments instead of each repayment. This stops it repeating in the table, but when i total the amount awarded field it still calculates 3 x 200.

I tried calculating the total on the report item after grouping but you cannot calculate on a report item.

Is there a way to stop the table from repeating the amount awarded against each repayment? Or even a way in the SQL statement of the dataset to make it display a total of repayments rather than each repayment. Cant see how to calculate a total repaid as i would need to pass a Loan_id in as a parameter.

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DataSource Controls :: L2E: Get ToList() On A Joined Table To Work?

Jul 1, 2010

from user in db.users

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Forms Data Controls :: FormView - Inserting A Value From A Joined Table?

Mar 11, 2011

I'm joining 2 tables and using the formview. When I insert a record, I need to place the value of the max id + 1 of the second table in a field in the first table so that the tables are linked. I'm not sure where to put the value. I try to put it in the insert command and I've tried the select command but that doesn't work.

Table 1 - Product: ID, ProductNum, Brand, Description
Table2 - Brand: ID, BrandName
(Brand from Table1 is linked to ID from Table 2)
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server"
ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionString %>"
DeleteCommand="DELETE FROM [Product] ..."
InsertCommand="INSERT INTO [Product] ([productNum], [Brand] VALUES (@productNum, @Brand)"
SelectCommand="SELECT Product.ID, Product.Brand, Product.Description, Brand.ID, Brand.BrandName From Product INNER JOIN Brand ON Product.Brand= Brand.ID"
UpdateCommand="UPDATE [Product] SET [productNum] = @productNum, [Brand] = @Brand ......"

I've Tried InsertCommand="INSERT INTO [Product] ([productNum], [Brand] VALUES (@productNum, MAX(@Brand.ID) +1)"

or setting BrandID =Max(@Brand)

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C# - Set A Value On A Linq Object During The Query?

Feb 16, 2010

I have a simple query i.e.

var trips = from t in ctx.Trips
select t;

The problem is that I have an extra property on the Trip object that needs to be assigned, preferably without iterating through the returned IQueryable.

Does anyone know how to set the value during the query? (i.e. select t, = "value")

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ADO.NET :: Sorting An Object Query?

Aug 12, 2010

I am trying to return an object from a web service and having trouble with the sorting. See the code below where the Order By is a.Account_Number. I need to be able to replace that with a the dynamic value strSort that is being passed to the function.


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JQuery :: Creating JSON Object From AD Query

Mar 23, 2011

I'm new to Jquery, JSON and MVC, and am trying to create a json object that contains AD info from an AD query. The ad query is working fine and returning data and I have 2 overloaded implementations of it.

#1 is a method from an older .net app that builds and returns a datatable that we bound to a grid view control

#2 was a modification of #1 that returns a System.Collections.Generic.List<> type. #2 returns data ok and i can display a table in the MVC view

however, I'd like to get the data results into a json object so i can bind it to a jqGrid object that has similar functionality to the old .Net server controls (Delete, Update, Sort) Here's the new method that's part of a C# static class:


Like I said...I'm new to this way of doing web development, so I'm not sure how to even approach getting this data into a json object.

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Insert And Query A DateTime Object In SQLite DB From C#?

Mar 17, 2010

Consider this snippet of code:

string sDate = string.Format("{0:u}", this.Date);
Command.CommandText = "INSERT INTO TRADES VALUES(" + """ + this.Date + """ + "," +this.ATR + "," + """ + this.BIAS + """ + ")";

Note the "this.Date" part of the command. Now Date is an abject of type DateTime of C# environment, the DB doesnt store it(somewhere in SQLite forum, it was written that ADO.NET wrapper automatically converts DateTime type to ISO1806 format)

But instead of this.Date when I use sDate (shown in the first line) then it stores properly.

My probem actually doesnt end here. Even if I use "sDate", I have to retrieve it through a query. And that is creating the problem

Any query of this format


returns nothing, whereas replacing '=' with '>' or '<' returns right results.

So my point is:

How do I query for Date variables from SQLite Database.

And if there is a problem with the way I stored it (i.e non 1806 compliant), then how do I make it compliant

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C# - Return Linq Query Into Single Object?

Mar 16, 2011

I have this code in my controller:

public ActionResult Details(int id)
using (var db = new MatchGamingEntities())


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Web Forms :: Globalized Datetime Object As Sql Query Parameters?

Dec 28, 2010

I have an application which uses globalization, hence the datetime objects are globalized based on current culture. These datetime objects are passed as sql parameters for a select query. The database stores the datetime in only one format (en-US style). Although the query is parameterized the final query generated does not contain converted values (format that Database is expecting).

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C# - Unable To Construct An Entity (complex) Object From A Query

Jun 8, 2010

I am very new to entity, sql, c#, and so this might be something easily fixed. I am attempting to display all the inactive products stored in my table called products in a datagrid.

var productQuery = from b in solutionContext.Version
where b.Product.Name == search && b.Product.ActiveNumber > b.VersionNumber
select new Product
Name = b.Product.Name,
Description = b.Product.Description,
ID = b.ID,
LastNumber = b.Product.LastNumber,
MiddleNumber = b.Product.MiddleNumber,
ActiveNumber = b.Product.ActiveNumber,
LastModified = b.Product.LastModified,
ParentID = b.Product.ParentID,
ProductType = b.Product.ProductType
ProductsGrid.DataSource = productQuery;

I am getting this error: $exception {"The entity or complex type 'SolutionsModel.Product' cannot be constructed in a LINQ to Entities query."} System.Exception {System.NotSupportedException}

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Rewriting This Linq Query To Move It From Code-behind To DAL As Reusable Object?

Apr 4, 2011

I'm working to move my simple website to a three layer architecture. Currently I have Linq queries like the one below in my code-behind files. Basically this code snippet retrieves a collection of customer data from the database and then binds it to a grid control.

I'm wondering if someone can guide me on how to rewrite this in order to move it to my newly-created data access layer. I'm thinking I will turn it into a class (e.g. GetUserBoxesByStatus()) that can be reused throughout the site.

var boxes = from p in sbm.Packages
where p.UserID == CurrentUserId && p.StatusID > 1 && p.StatusID < 3
select new { p.PackageTag, p.PackageName, p.DateReceived, p.DateShipped }; [code]....

Some of the options that I've investigated but have not had success implementing are the following:

DataTable --- returning a DataTable seems like the best solution but it also appears to require a lot of potentially unecessarry code to define a table (isn't the data source already mapped in my Linq 2 Entities dbml?)

IEneuerable --- I think I could pass an IEnumerable list between the layers but after reading many tutorials about Linq I'm still a little lost DTO --- Conceptually I think I understand what a DTO is but I am not clear on how to begin implementing this approach POCO --- Again, the concept seems logical enough but I don't know how to put this into practice

how they would tackle this using one of the above or some other solution.

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DataSource Controls :: Adding Attributes To A Linq Query Object?

Jan 11, 2010

Is it possible to add attributes in a linq query along with the other object data?

Here's what I have


But I'd like to add a custom attribute to each RadComboBoxItemData object in the query instead of having to do a foreach loop after the linq query to add the attributes on..

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C# - Order A Object's List?

Feb 16, 2010

i have an object's list where the object has 2 attributes, id and name. I have to order the list by the name of the objects

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Add Variable To A List Or In Linq Query

Aug 11, 2010


say i have the code above which adds a single row to a list how would i add all the information in a linq query or a var to the list?

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Query The List Using Linq To Get Words?

Mar 5, 2010

I have list of words. I type in a word misspelled. Can I query the list using linq to get words that sounds like (soundex) the misspelled word?

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C# - Mvc LINQ Datetime - Accommodate NewsFillter In The Postsidebar Query In The Pstmt Object?

Nov 23, 2010

string NewsFillter = string.Empty;
List<string> PublishDatePostMeta = (from post in postrepository.GetAllPosts()
join pstmt in postrepository.GetAllPostMetas()
on post.int_PostId equals pstmt.int_PostId
where (post.int_PostTypeId == 4 && post.int_PostStatusId == 2 && post.int_OrganizationId == layoutrep.GetSidebarDetailById(SidebarDetailsId).int_OrganizationId) && pstmt.vcr_MetaKey=="Publish Date"
select pstmt.vcr_MetaValue).ToList();
int DatesCount = PublishDatePostMeta.Count();
foreach (string PublishDate in PublishDatePostMeta)
if (PublishDate != "")
NewsFillter += System.DateTime.Now + ">=" + Convert.ToDateTime(PublishDate);
var postsidebar = from post in postrepository.GetAllPosts()
join pstmt in postrepository.GetAllPostMetas()
on post.int_PostId equals pstmt.int_PostId
where (post.int_PostTypeId == 4 && post.int_PostStatusId == 2 && post.int_OrganizationId == layoutrep.GetSidebarDetailById(SidebarDetailsId).int_OrganizationId)
&& (pstmt.vcr_MetaKey.Contains(filter) && pstmt.vcr_MetaValue.Contains("true"))
select post;

The thing is that how NewsFillter would be accomdated in the postsidebar query in the pstmt object after true ( i would be putting it in contains,equals join or what). is there any way that a chunk (between &&s) return enumerable and i can get away with this. at this moment it is not allowing that

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Create Object For List In Or Out Of While Loop?

May 28, 2010

Create object for list in or out of while loop?



My question is, is there any benefit to instantiating a new userDetails object in every loop, or can this be created outside the loop and title, forename and surname just written over with every pass of the loop?

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