How To Setup For Sharing Code Across Multiple Domain Names

Mar 8, 2010

I have built a website and now the customer wants to split it between three different domains. What is the best way to do this? This is what I have so far.

c:/website1/ points to
c:/website1/vd1/ points to
c:/website1/vd2/ points to

The webhost I'm working with has done it the following way, but now I'm getting a bunch of errors that seems like it's not seeing the App_code folder. Do I need to make a lot of changes? How does this affect the location references?

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C# - MVC: Correctly Serve Multiple Domain Names From One Site (different Content For Each)?

Mar 31, 2011

Hoping there's been a "best practices" way to accomplish this so far. Basically, I'm building an ASP.NET MVC 3 site that I would like to host from a central database and server. I'd like for [domain1].com and [domain2].com to point back to this one server. Ideally, I'd like this server to see a request from domain 1, and serve content relevant to domain 1 (which is essentially a category of topical information -- the rest of the structure would be the same). I'd like folks not to get redirected away from that domain if possible.I'm thinking I should map each domain to a specific static IP, have all connections through those IPs connect to the central site, and return relevant data that way.What experiences have folks had doing this with the .NET stack, and are there any "best practices" to consider in this case?This might not be as clear as it could be; I'll aim to revise as I get questions.

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State Management :: Sharing Cookies Between Domain / Sub Domain?

Jul 28, 2010

I have a main domain "" and then a sub domain "". If a user visits "" without being logged in, they are redirected to "".

The two scenarios are:

If they are redirected to the login page with "", then they are succesfully logged into the forums but NOT the main site.

If they are simply redirected to the login page with "" with no returnUrl, they are correctly logged into both the main site and the forums.

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C# - Sharing Domain Logic Between Similar Classes In Architecture?

Mar 24, 2011

My MVC ASP.NET web application is split up like this:

Web Application Layer Views


Now, I have a view in the database called "EquipmentWithCableDetails", which contains additional useful information with the equipment details - so I create a class to model that view (in order to be able to read from it). In the code I have that works with that new class, I want to display the EquipmentDescription - but that property only exists on the Equipment class.

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State Management :: How To Disable Session Sharing Among Different Applications With Same Domain

Jul 14, 2010

I have 2 applications App1 and App2 on same domain, both with Forms authentication, each using a different database instance for authentication.

First, I open a browser with application and log on.

After that, when I open another instance of the same browser with application and log on, first browser loses session and goes back to login page.

I need each application on same domain to have its own session so that both can stay logged on.

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Domain Names - Publish The Site Through VWD

Oct 24, 2010

If i get my own Domain Name and then create a site using VWD will i then be able to host my website on my own domain name i have made? sounds like a silly question i know; i take it i would have to publish the site through VWD before i would be able ot do this? Just dont get how i can create a site in VWD then attach it to my own domain name space to have my own site.

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Setup Local Domain With IIS7?

Mar 3, 2010

I want to setup local domains like and on my local IIS on Windows 7 to test cross-domain things ( app)... is there anyway to do that ?

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C# - Get Windows Group Members Along With Their Domain Names?

Dec 15, 2010

I have a windows group called "windgrp" it has three members in it:


I have this code to display the members present in a group:

using (DirectoryEntry groupEntry =
new DirectoryEntry("WinNT://./" + userGroupName + ",group"))
foreach (object member in (IEnumerable)groupEntry.Invoke("Members"))
using (DirectoryEntry memberEntry = new DirectoryEntry(member))

This gives me the result:


It does not show me to which domain the 2nd entry belongs to.

How can I get the domain?

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Security :: How To Get All Users (domain Names) On A Network Running An Application

Jun 2, 2010

i would like to be able to do is to, lets say i have 10 users running a web application , how can i get the names of all these users. There names , logon times and any other info availabel.

i would like to get this data into a dataset and just bind to a gridview .

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Configuration :: Hide File Names Ex. Default.aspx In Url After Domain Name?

Mar 11, 2011

Is it possible to hide the file names ex: default.aspx after my domain name and is it recommended?

I want users only to see whether they are on or any other pages, only should be visible in the url.

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Web Forms :: Create A Regular Expression From A String Or An Array Of Domain Names?

Feb 25, 2010

I need a way to create a regular expression from a string or an array of domain names. for example string array = [URL]. Once I click save I would want to create a regular expression that would match all 3 with or without '.com' extension. Then Another task would be to pull this data out of regular expression and put it back into an array.

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Controls :: Domain Names Get Removed From FreeTextBox Image URLs On Submit

Dec 17, 2012

I want to send FreeTextBox content (Both text and Images) via Email.when I check my email I can see text but inestead of Image there is Image name.this is html code when I add an image to FreeTextBox

<br><img src="http://localhost:4995/niceedit/images/butterfly-314-3.jpg" alt="butterfly-314-3.jpg" border="0" height="90" width="120"><br>Please look at srcand after click send mail button I check again html of freetextbox and you can see that below
<br><img src="/niceedit/images/butterfly-314-3.jpg" alt="butterfly-314-3.jpg" border="0" height="90" width="120"><br>please compare two src

before sending


after sending

"/niceedit/images/butterfly-314-3.jpg" alt="butterfly-314-3.jpg"why it changes? How can I don't let src changing?

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Sharing Cache Between Multiple Websites

Mar 11, 2011

We have about 50 web-sites, running in different application pools, that read from a common cache database (using Microsoft Enterprise Library Caching application block). We currently have a console application which populates the cache at 3AM every morning. However, we want to get rid of this application and get the cache to automatically refresh expired items, using the ICacheItemRefreshAction interface.

We were going to create our cache object in the Global.asax of each of the 50 web-sites. However, my concern is that if we set a cache-expiration policy in Global.asax, that each of the 50 web-sites will trigger a refresh action, causing the data to be re-cached 50 times. We don't want only 1 web-site to set the expiration policies, as then the 49 other web-sites will have a dependency on that 1 web-site, and that's an architecture no-no.

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Configuration :: How Many App Domain Created When Multiple Instance Of Multiple Application Is Running On Single

Jan 12, 2011

below written question :

1.) What is the name of the OS process in which App Domain resides.

2.)if suppose There are Three Windows application hosted on a same envoirment and two instance is working for each application at a Time, means now total instance are six .what will happen among the below written cases :

a.) There will be six different app domain in a single OS process

b.) There will three app domain(one for each application) in a single OS process and some Parallel thread will be executed in each app domain for another instance.

c.) There will be Three OS process corresponding to each application.

3.) If eveything will remain same except there are three web application in place of windows in point 2, will there be any change in functioning.

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Sharing State Databases Between Multiple Apps

Apr 7, 2010

Is it better for a collection of ASP.NET web apps to share the same session database, or should each one have its own? If there is no significant difference, having a single database would be preferable due to easier maintenance. Background My team has an assortment of ASP.NET web apps, all written in either Monorail 1.1 or ASP.NET MVC 1.0. Each app currently uses a dedicated session state database. I'm working on adding a new site to that list, and am debating whether I should create another new session database, or just share an existing one with another app.

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Web Forms :: Sharing CSS Files Across Multiple Projects?

May 5, 2010

I am trying to add multiple CSS files across several projects and have added them as a "link" but when I build my solution it does not copy the files. Is there any way to share a bunch of CSS files across several projects?

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C# - Sharing User Controls Across Multiple Websites?

Apr 14, 2010

I am currently working on a project which involves three different websites with a lot of common functionality. At the moment the common functionality is placed in a different website full of user controls.

The problem is sharing the user controls across the multiple websites. Looking around on SO and other websites, the only solution seems the be using virtual directories. As this is a workable solution (we us this at the moment) it doesn't seem as a "clean" solution.

Which "best practices" exist on sharing common functionality (including the GUI/HTML) between different site?

Is it (for example) possible to create a single Web Application project and deploy subdirectories (each with their own web.config) to different production environments?

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Multiple ScriptControl Instances Sharing Variable?

Oct 20, 2010

I have a ScriptControl that uses an image as an embedded resource and GetWebResourceUrl to generate the WebResource.axd URL. I am currently using GetScriptDescriptors() to send the URL to the JavaScript object.The ScriptControl can be in a Repeater, so you may have 20+ instances. They all use the same images (not customizable through property), so I would like to set the URL once in a variable and share it. I know I could register a script block with a global variable, but would like to avoid that if possible. Is there a way to set a variable within the scope of the control type (global -> control type -> control instance)?

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MVC :: Creating Solution With Multiple And Sharing Namespaces Across Projects

May 25, 2010

If MVC application has multiple projects (The solution may grow large in future). These projects may share controllers such as application controller accouts controller and there may also be a situation in which namespace of one project is shared by other project. What is the best way of implementing such solution. One approach may be to use areas.

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How To Prevent Multiple Browser Windows From Sharing The Same Session?

Mar 25, 2010

I have application that is basically a data entry screen for a physical inspection process. The users want to be able to have multiple browser windows open and enter data from multiple inspections concurrently. At first I was using cookie based sessions, and obviously this blew up.I switched to using cookie-less sessions, which stores the session in the URL and in testing this seemed to resolve the problem. Each browser window/tab had a different session ID, and data entered in one did not clobber data entered in the other.

However my users are more efficient at breaking things than I expected and it seems that they're still managing to get the same session between browsers sometimes. I think that they're copying/pasting the address from one tab to the other in order to open the application, but I haven't been able to verify this yet (they're at another location so I can't easily ask them).Other than telling them don't copy and paste, or convince them to only enter one at a time, how can I prevent this situation from occurring?

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Multiple Browser Tabs/windows Sharing Data?

Jan 27, 2010

I have a page where I display ASP.NET charts. There are two types of charts and I felt the need to separate them to some extent which I did by using a submenu which looks like this:

Charts > Goals Charts
> Reconciliation Charts

Clicking on either of the two chart links will take you to the same Charts.aspx page, but with the query string "Goals" or "Reconciliation" respectively. On the page load of the Charts.aspx page, I receive the query string into a session variable and create the correct charts based on that value. All of this works fine.

The problem I'm experiencing occurs when I open up a new tab in IE/Firefox. Here is the series of events I'm experiencing:

- In the original tab, I will click on the "Goals Charts" hyperlink which loads the Charts.aspx page with "Goals" as the charts type session value. The other controls on the page needed to produce "Goals" charts (eg. drop down lists, etc) are displayed correctly ie. the "Goals" version. At this point, I haven't done anything in this tab except for loading the Charts.aspx page from the "Goals Charts" link.

- In the original tab, I right click the "Reconciliation Charts" link and opt to open in a new tab (I just tested and the same thing appears to be working if you opt to open in a new window as well). When the new tab loads the Charts.aspx page, it loads with the query string "Reconciliation" which it stores in the session variable. So at this point I would expect to have two different, independent tabs: the original tab on the "Goals Charts" track and the second tab on the "Reconciliation Charts" track.

- This is where the problem occurs. I would expect the original tab/window to create a "Goals" chart when I make a selection using the other controls and I would expect the second tab/window to create a "Reconciliation" chart. The problem, however, is that when I go back to the original tab/window - the one which should be a "Goals" chart and which should have "Goals" stored in the session value - when I proceed to create a chart, it's a Reconciliation chart that is created.

Somehow, even though I'm in a different tab or window and I am navigating the site seemingly independently of the other tab/window, it seems to be carrying the most recently populated value from the session variable for both tabs/windows.

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Web Forms :: Sharing Code Among Pages?

Apr 29, 2010

I have some menu html code that I want to share among several pages, so that if I change a menu item it gets updated across all pages.

Is this possible in VWB? I'm using the 2010 Express version.

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Web Forms :: Sharing A Structure Or Class Among Multiple User Controls?

Feb 2, 2010

I'm building an application where custom modules may be developed and "dropped in" to the system, where they can be picked up and utilized.

I'm building a forum module and have a user control to create a login/registration region. I plan on using a struct to store the user session data. However, i need this class structure to be shared between the forum module and the login/registration control.

Because the functionality is to be contained in the module's folder, i cant add any assemblies to the app_code folder.

How can i share a class or struct among two user controls?

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Architecture :: Two Different Base Classes Sharing Some Of The Same Code?

Mar 21, 2011

I got loads of website, that share one of two baseclasses. I need the two baseclasses to be able to share part of the same code. I dont want to have to duplicate the shared code per baseclass.

so.. I got a page.aspx that inherits the baseclass and that inhertis 'sub' baseclass that inherits the class. So far so good :-)

In my baseclass I got a Public (at the top of the class not in any method- not sure of the proper term) Varable that is constructed from a structure in the BO class.

it Public PageDetails AS CoreDomainSetupBO.GetStartUpDetails = {database method}

I need the pagedetails to be available in the sub baseclass but it cant be defined there as the page details value is defined differently in the different base classes.

I hope that makes sense, I need to sub base class to be able to use a property that is defined at baseclass level.

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Web Forms :: Prevent Multiple Browser Windows Or Tabs From Sharing Same Session

Mar 6, 2013

Preventing user to open duplicate web application,while it is running .....

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