How To Use Dataset In Code Behind Or SqlDataSource On The Form Designer To Fill Or Bind A DropDownList

Feb 1, 2011

Should i use dataset in code behind or SqlDataSource on the form designer to fill or bind a DropDownList in my page I am currently using SqlDatasource on the form and i bind the control to MySqlDatasource because i find it is very easy and to much faster but somebody told me to use dataset from code behind because of security and performance

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SQL Server :: Can Fill Dataset With SQLdatasource

Dec 7, 2010

i have a sqldatasource with complicated SQL select statement, but need to use that data. can i use that select statement to fill a dataset (or array)?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Fill Dataset Using SqlDataSource

Feb 23, 2010

Im currently filling a dataset using an SqlConnection and a SQLDataAdapter:


This method is causing other sql connections to timeout. What I would like to do is an SQLDataSource to fill the dataset. Is this possible?

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How To Fill DataSet By Store Procedure And Fill DataGrid From That DataSet

Jul 4, 2010

I am VB.Net Windows Application Developer Now i am going an ASP.Net Application. So, the Problem is that in Windows Application i Code this Project like given Below Actually i am Using SQL Server as DataBase and Store Procedure as Query.Becuase i had tried to control the ASP.Net Data Grid with Loop and i Failed to Control it with this method

Private Sub btn_Ok_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs) Handles btn_Ok.Click
Fill_dataset("Sel_MovNames", "Tbl_MovNames", Convert.toint32(cmb_MovID.SelectedValue))

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Put Tooltip In Dropdownlist Bind With Sqldatasource

Mar 4, 2010

I have a dropdownlist that's being populated from a SQL datasource. I would also like to have a tooltip for each dropdownlist list item on mouse over. I found the example below which adds a title attribute for each list item using the listitem text as a tooltip but I want to make the title/tooltip value another field in the database. In other words,

item.Attributes.Add("title", someotherdatabasefield);

The end result would be something like this where the text for 'title' comes from the database

<asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True">
<asp:ListItem Text="CompanyName1" Value="1" title="a really great company" />
<asp:ListItem Text="CompanyName2" Value="2" title="a really bad company" />


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Web Forms :: How To Bind Distinct Values To DropDownList From DataSet

Oct 6, 2010

I'm trying to bind a dataset (where the data is coming from a webservice) to a dropdownlist; the problem is that I'm getting duplicates in the list... how can I display distinct values only:


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Bind Dataset To Gridview With Vb Using Code?

Feb 21, 2011

How to bind dataset to gridview in with vb using code

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Data Controls :: Generic Method To Bind DropDownList With DataTable Or DataSet

Sep 4, 2012

i have 2 dropdown list and i need to create a Generic method so that I an reuse it...

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Web Forms :: Bind Dropdownlist Text Value To Dataset, But Populate The Value Based On Number Of Items

Mar 7, 2011

I need to bind my dropdownlist to my dataset that is returning application specific text values. But for purposes on that page, i need to assign the value to each one starting at 0 to the number of items returned from my dataset..

Example, if my dataset only returns 1 item, the value of that item needs to be 0


If my dataset returns 4 items, the value of those items needs to be 0 thru 3


Is it possible to assign values like that to a dropdownlist from the code behind?

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Show Value Of Sqldatasource And Value From Code To Dropdownlist?

Jan 4, 2010

I have a dropdown within gridview i have binded that dropdown with datasource values.

i will select any value from dropdown then it will save in database.

now i want to show the database value in the top value in same dropdown with sqldatasource.

Suppose i have value in dropdown from sqldatasource is test,test1,test2.

Suppose i have selected test1 then it will save in database now i want that dropdown show this values test1,test,test1,test2

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind Data From DataSet (DataTable) To A Selectrow DropDownList In GridView?

Nov 19, 2010

I have a Gridview and two link button in that GridView , one link button click is to add edit row ( Edit ), one link button click is to select row ( Select ). I have a dropdownlist inside row which selected when i click link button Select in the gridview edit template, as of my business logic i need to show the dropdownlist only when the user clicks Edit button and when the user clicks Select button . That mean when the user clicks Select button then they clicks Edit button on the gridvview i should allow him to edit the dropdownlist (showing the value to the user through a label).


[Code].... C#

When I click Select link button , then I click Edit link button . They have errors : Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index" I don't know what error?. How to fix it

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How To Use Only One DataSet For The RDLC Report Designer As Well As For The ReportViewer

Jun 28, 2010

When designing an rdlc report using the VS 2010 report designer, report items such as charts demand a dataset. After designing the report, I add a ReportViewer to a webform, and it demands all of its own datasources. How do I hook up the DataSet I have coupled to the report without duplicating the DAL functionality in the viewer page?

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ADO.NET :: How To Fill Dataset Using LINQ

Aug 20, 2010

I trying to fill dataset using LINQ for past 2 days, I could not able to make it.

This is my query.


How can i fill the dataset,make use of above query.

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C# - How To Fill Textbox From Dataset

Nov 28, 2010

i run this and i want to fill textbox txtFname with data - but it dont do nothing

using (Conn = new SqlConnection(Conect))
SQL = "SELECT * FROM MEN where id = '" + txtBAR.Text.Trim() + "'";
dsView = new DataSet();
adp = new SqlDataAdapter(SQL, Conn);
adp.Fill(dsView, "MEN");
txtFname.Text = dsView.Tables[0].Rows[3][0].ToString();

how to do it ?

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How To Fill Dataset From That Excel File

May 14, 2010

I have excel file.I want to fill dataset from that excel file & Have to fill the database. I m able to read the excel file,but there is one problem with column whose datatype is Date.


I have attached the excel file (Pic1).

In Pic2,I have attached the snapshot of dataset that is filled.

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ADO.NET :: How To Fill Dataset Based On Sqlserver

Mar 20, 2011

I want to develop some reports using RDLC and for that i am trying to make a DATASET using a sqlserver stored procedure which is based on dynamic SQL. and ends the procedure like this.


As you can see at the end its executing a sql at the end so my dataset is not coming up with the columns this procedure is returning.. populate these dynamic columns in dataset so i can build a report based on it.

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How To Fill A Dataset With Data (Using TableAdapter)

Apr 16, 2014

i will passing a parameter from within the program, but i can't find Fill Function!Do I need to use a specific namespace? (i using VS2008).

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Data Controls :: How To Fill Second DropDownList When First DropDownList Value Is Selected

Dec 17, 2012

I am having a 2 dropdown list, in the first dropdown I have 3company names,for each company I am having separate tables,every table have a empcode, if the user select theĀ  company name in the 1st dropdownlist, as per company selected the 2nd dropdownlist it will fill theĀ  list of employee codes as per the selection..

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How To Fill In Data From Dataset To Crystal Report

Jan 15, 2011

I create a blank crystal report

then use the following code, there is nothing to see after running. is it need to add field object into crytsl report corresponding to the field in data set. But i do not know how to add in this situation which is not connected through crystal report.


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Using Dataset Data To Fill Textboxes And Other Controls?

Mar 3, 2010

I have the following DATASET:


I have some data on it.

Lets say for example i fill a dropdownlist with the articles, and the selectedValue is the Articles.Id .
I want to get for example, the Title of an article, that has ID=2, for example and fill a textbox with that data.

How should i do ?

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Can Fill Dataset Using Adapter And Providing Min And Max Record Limit

May 1, 2010

to get limited records using this method? i.e. by filling dataset using adapter and providing min and max record limit?I wish to do custom pagination using this method.

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Databases :: How To Fill A Dataset From Multiple Foxpro Database

Aug 6, 2010

Well I Am Working On A Client Project Who Was Earlier Using A Software Developed On Foxpro database And Now I Am Developing Advanced Reporting Based On Same Data Of Existing Database

I Am Prohibited To Create New Database, I Have To Use Existing Database Now Problem is That There Is A Report Which Require data from multiple database

database are related Like This

Database (a) 1 Column is Common in Common In Database (b)

database(b) 1 column is common in database (c)

like that

what i am doing is that, I First Filled A Dataset With Required Value Then I loped This Dataset Row For Value On Which I Have To Get Data From Another Database Again I Stored new data in another dataset and After Looping, I Merged It With Previous One.

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Databases :: Oracle Dataset Fill Invalid ROWID?

May 12, 2010

I am using a Strored procedure which inserts data in to global temporary table and returns the result sets to Client. when i execute procedure from SQL Plus its working.where whene dataadapter.fill command is executed Invalid ROWID exception Is thrown.

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SQL Server :: Timeout When Calling SqlDataAdapter.Fill (DataSet)?

Sep 13, 2010

This issue has stumped me for a while. Hopefully someone here can give me some insight.

When my site runs the following code it works just fine 99% of the time.


The command is calling a SQL Server 2005 stored procedure that takes 20 parameters and returns 6 tables of about 5-50 rows each. The paramters are all NVARCHAR, INT, or BIT data types. Only one of the parameters is Input/Output. There is a total of about 100 rows returned. Normally this takes a fraction of a second, but for some queries, it times out after 30 seconds.

When I run the exact same query in the Management Studio query window it takes 1 second.

what I can do to get the same performance from .Net as I am getting from Management Studio?

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Component Designer Generated Code In Code Behind

Dec 21, 2010

I have inherited an ASP.NET/C# project written way back in .NET 1.0. I started programming in .NET 2.0, so some of the antiquated concepts are foreign. I noticed that 80% of the pages have the following snippet or something similar:

#region Component Designer generated code
//Required by the Web Services Designer
private IContainer components = null;
/// <summary>
/// Required method for Designer support - do not modify
/// the contents of this method with the code editor.
/// </summary>
private void InitializeComponent()
connSQL = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection();
connSQL.ConnectionString = Inventory.Properties.Settings.Default.connectionString;
/// <summary>
/// Clean up any resources being used.
/// </summary>
protected override void Dispose( bool disposing )
if(disposing && components != null)

Although this area is hit in the page load process, commenting it out has no obvious effects on the web page. I can guess that if the connSQL object is used and not initialized elsewhere, then problems can come up, this just hasn't been the case. So, my question is where does this designer generated code come from? I've never seen in it the code behind. Is this another .net 1.0 thing?

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