IIS Configuration :: Browser Hangs When Too Many Requests Due To Session And Need To Start

Mar 10, 2013

I have developed an online exam application in college where we fix the timing for an exam the students conduct there exams at that time. this application is stored in local iis server in the college. i am using inproc session. here there are 200 students writing exam at a time .the problem is the browser stuck after some time and not resopnce unless we restrart the iis on the server. i checked the windows even log .the warning details are listed below. my question is ,is the inproc session is ok for here or i need to use the sql server session or state server session ... 

Log Name: ApplicationSource: ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0Date: 3/10/2013 12:36:52 PM
Event ID: 1309Task Category: Web EventLevel: WarningKeywords: ClassicUser: N/AComputer: ZCW-HV01.zahracol.edu.om
Description:Event code: 3005 Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred.
Event time: 3/10/2013 12:36:52 PM Event time (UTC): 3/10/2013 8:36:52 AM

[Code] ....

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Configuration :: System.diagnostic.process.start Not Working From Client Browser

Jul 15, 2010

I've an application where in am trying to show a slideshow directly on page load.. for that am using the following code


Its perfectly working on the dev environment but when deployed onto iis7.. am not able open the file..

I've given all folder rights for asp.net account and network service..

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Web Forms :: Browser Hangs On File (video) Streaming?

May 4, 2010

I'm having a problem with file streaming where this file is a video that is streamed to a FLV player.

Essential components for understanding the problem:

- An asp.net page called Viewer.aspx that has de FLV player incorporated in the HTML.

- An asp.net page (It could be an http handler but in this case it's not) called Downloader.aspx that gets a flv file from somewhere on the web and writes it to the Response Output Stream.

Everytime Viewer.aspx is called, it makes Downloader.aspx the source of the the FLV player and the video is correclty presented and streamed into the player.

The problem I am having now is that any user interaction with the page (even typing an URL inside the same website domain on the browser address bar) becames hung until the video download ends.

I can measure this video download with HTTP Watch for example, and confirm that just after the video download into the player ends, the command issued by the user is immediately processed (or the browser goes to another page if the user typed a new address in the browser address bar).

I tought that it could be the limit of 2 connections per domain, but HTTP Watch only shows one active connection (the video download into the FLV player).

Even if it was this 2 connections limit, I think a nice solution would be to somewhat detect the user interaction with the page and abort that video download.

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C# - Registering Routes On Session Start Not Application Start?

Jan 26, 2011

I am trying to register the route collection in .net based on each session. The code I have works fine, you goto website/username and it loads the correct sub pages, but you have to restart the application to goto website/username2 to load those sub pages. But when the application is restarted the second one works, but then not the first one. Is there some way to create a different route collection per session not per application using system.web.routing.

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Configuration :: Web Site Hangs After Publish?

Oct 4, 2010

Developing a website in ASP.net. On the development site all is working fine.We decide to publish the site using visual studio 2008's publish mechanism.The publish goes flawless.When we go to the live site, it hangs anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes before it starts serving pages.All other sites on the same server seem to work fine.If we reboot the server it starts serving pages right away.It is not a programming issue, as once the site kicks in all seems to work fine.VS 2008, .NET 3.5, On both IIS 6.0 and 7.5

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Configuration :: Debugging One Application Hangs All Others On IIS Server?

Mar 10, 2010

I have a server running Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition (Service Pack2) and our IIS server is hosting about 20 different asp.net websites. I've never noticed this in the past, but when I debug an application and it stops at a breakpoint, the other websites hang as well. If I try to go to any of the other websites, then I just get a while page that's loading until i pass the breakpoint or I stop debugging.Does this have anything to do with application pools and if so, how do i fix it? Or if it does not, any ideas on how to fix this issue? I find myself debugging my apps often and I can't bring down all other applications when I do it.

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Configuration :: Deployed Website Hangs After EndRender?

Aug 25, 2010

I'm currently in the process of deploying my C# website. In the development IDE everything works fine but when i deploy to ISS 7 some of the pages work fine but others will just randomly hang. Ive been using the tracing utility and debug code to see where the problem is occurring. This is where it gets weird. If I turn on the tracer and set the pageoutput to true it works as fast as it does in the IDE without the hangs but displays all the tracing information. If i set the pageoutput to false and leave the tracer on, it will return to having the same problem. Ive put time outputs through the system and everything is running through quickly. So im at the point now where if i have the tracer displaying on the website there is no problem. But if i don't display the tracer the problem occurs and i cant see the logs to pinpoint it. The problem is occurring after EndRender. Sometimes it loads the top of the page and then hangs. The pages do complete but can take up to 10 seconds. . The same problem is happening in both IE and firefox.

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Queues Up All Requests That Use The Same Session ID

Nov 30, 2010

It seems to me that ASP.net queues up all requests that use the same Session ID. Let's say you've got 3 pages. Default.aspx

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Session["asdf"] = "LOLZ";

Hitting this page would obviously create a new session if one doesn't exist.

X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727
Set-Cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId=ibjphuv0aiafqi453tyze345; path=/; HttpOnly

Then you hit Hang.aspx

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

And immediately after you hit any other page that this session ID would be passed to, doesn't matter if it does anything, let's call it Test.aspx. The sequence for loading is like so.

Request Timeline
"GET /" |*|
"GET /Hang.aspx" |******************************************|
"GET /Test.aspx" |**************************************|

I guess my question is how do I disable this feature. I understand it's useful to have so that session state can be more predictable, however in my case a long running reports page load is killing users' ability to multitask.

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Session.SessionID Changes Between Requests?

May 20, 2010

Why does the property SessionID on the Session-object in an ASP.NET-page change between requests?

I have a page like this:

SessionID: <%= SessionID %>

And the output keeps changing every time I hit F5, independent of browser.

I've seen this work correctly in other projects.

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C# - Access Session Value During Concurrent Requests

Mar 9, 2010

in one request i am updating session variable. in the other request, i am trying to access that session value, but it was blocked until the first request finish. I am using C# with ASP.NET 2.0 UPDATE: My page code looks like this.

while(int progress = DoWork() && progress <= 100 ){
Session["Progress"] = progress;

and my handler just return Session value.


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Web Forms :: Concurrent Requests From Same Session?

Feb 15, 2010

concerning requests being blocked from a main window after a popup window had initiated a file download. Further requests from the same session are being queued until the download is complete. So, is there any way to override this? Is there anyway to tell asp.net to not serialize same session requests? Is there any way to tell asp.net to ignore session for a specific request...httphander(module) or otherwise?

why requests from the same session are being queued until the download is complete. please tell me the funda behind it and how to overcome it.

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Start Batch Job From IIS / Start Exe File With System.Diagnostics.Process.Start With Another Account Is Disabled?

Oct 28, 2010

What is the right approach when users (authenticated domain admins) should be able to start batch jobs (usually exe files) from an IIS (7.x) aspx (c#) page? This is an intranet site. The batch jobs have to run on the web server as Domain Admins. The website pool is executed by network service or some similar restricted account in AD.

Approaches I can think of (and their disadvantages):
1. Start exe file with System.Diagnostics.Process.Start with another account. This feature is disabled in IIS 7.x, how do I allow it?

2. Create a sheduled task and call scheduled task-api. This unmanaged dll is giving VS compiler warnings because it's unsafe to call from managed code.

3. I suppose there's a better approach, because the previous suggestions doesn't appear safe or robust.

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State Management :: Session - User Closes Browser, The Session Does Not Get Killed?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a website live in asp.net

now if user closes browser. the session does not get killed.

I spoke with friend and he said that cannot be done as sessions are on server.

but i see banking website who kills session when browser is closed.

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State Management :: Session Variable Persisting Even After Abandoning A Session - Closing Browser Windows

Aug 5, 2010

I have been spending a better part of a week trying to track down why I am not able to clear all session variables in a web app (vs 2010, vb.net). What I have tracked it down to is that when I remove or abandon sessions that my html pages or codebehind access, it works, but for some reason in any of my class files where I use "Public Shared strConnection as String = HttpContext.Current.Session("strConnection").ToString" to access a session variable, it finds the old one and not the current one. I have to wait for it to time out, go in again, and it will find the new one.

I do not use Linq, and there is only one place in the whole web app that I place the connection string in a variable whcih is when a person logs in. It points them to the correct database. The sqlconnection is set for all of my listviews in Page_Init to make sure that they aren't using any session variable that they create on their own. Interestingly enough that if I use debug to go in each time, exit debug, enter debug again trying to access a different database, it works correct each time. I assume that debug is correctly killing the session variable for the classes for me.

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Configuration :: Website Stops Working After Few Requests

Jan 27, 2010

I developed and deployed a web application using ASP.NET,C# successfully. The application was running perfectly until few days back. [NOTE: It still works fine on local machine (tested using both development server and IIS)] What happens now is: The website opens perfectly. After few operations which involves database interactions, in all the pages, the pages stop responding. I mean, after a few clicks, if I try another operation the page starts postback for unlimited time period and never gets rendered
and a following message is given: The connection was reset: Firefox 3.5... IE cannot display the web page: IE 7, 8 There is no database connectivity issues. I checked event logs on the web server and found few unhandlled exceptions, I corrected those. Now the event log doesn't show any error. But the problem is same.

I tried accessing the page from web server's browser, everything works fine. Even my boss can browse all pages with no problem (both have Win Server installed). Other machines (mostly XP) can't browse after sometime(as described above). I checked the memory usage, cpu time - NO ISSUES.

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Configuration :: Setting IIS 6 To Handle Sub Domain Requests?

Jun 16, 2010

I need to make my IIS6 to handle sub domain request to the main website so that i can handle it by using HTTPHandler

But i don't know what modifications should be done on IIS to accept unlimited subdomain name requests

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Configuration :: How Does IIS Handle A Large Volume Of Requests

Jul 26, 2010

How Does IIS Handle a Large Volume of Requests

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Start The Session Again In The Code?

Jun 11, 2010

if anyhow my session have ended then how can i start the session again in the code.

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Start Session On Page_load In Vb?

Apr 26, 2010

i have 1 master page with 5 pages that call it. now on the master page, I have few dropdowns and textboxes, and the calling pages only have a small article in the corner. I want to start a session on page_load event, so that if the user chooses to select a dropdown or put data in textbox, even if he clicks on the other 4 links of other pages, the data should stay.

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State Management :: When Does A Session Start

Sep 18, 2010

If i am using Session management in my asp.net website, when does the session start, i.e. will the session start as soon as any user hits the website or does the session start only when we put some data into the Session?

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State Management :: Session Start

Mar 18, 2011

As per i know session start when application start and i want to session should be start when any user login that application but it not happening.

I want to get date and time both when user login and logout that application in Asp.net. please help me how can i manage this.

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Configuration :: After Installing VS2010 IIS5.1 Does Not Respond To Remote Requests?

Nov 17, 2010

I installed VS 2010 on XP machine with IIS working good. after the installation the IIS stoped answering when yrying to get to web pages in my server from othere IP's in the network

localy it is working .

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State Management :: Get Session Age/start Time?

Apr 15, 2010

I want to be able to detect from C# code how long ago a user logged into the site. I need to take a particular action if it is their first time logging in. IsNewSession does not work, unfortunately.

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C# - Initiate User Scope Class At Session Start?

Jun 16, 2010

I want to initiate a class for each user at the start of the user's session so that a single class can be used throughout the user's session. I checked out this post but I'm not sure where I should be placing this Sessionhandler class. Inside global.asax? How do I go about accomplishing this?

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C# - How To Check Session Upon Start In Masterpage Or In Global.asax

Jan 12, 2011

i am new in asp.net form authentication and sessions

i would like to know how to save session in masterpage or in global.asax and how to clear session.

how to better handle session timeout by redirecting to a page.

this is my web.config session settings

<sessionState mode="InProc" cookieless="false" timeout="1"></sessionState>

code in my masterpage


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