IIS Configuration :: Web Application When Kept Idle Takes Time To Load?

Dec 6, 2012

I have developed a web application in .net & if the web application is idle for some time & after that if we perform some action on that web page then it doesn't respond.

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Web Forms :: Webpage Takes Long Time To Load For The First Time?

Apr 30, 2010

I am working on a ASP.NET 2.0 application. It is hosted on IIS 6 on Windows 2003 server.

Few pages have jpeg images (around 50 images and 50 KB each). It takes long time to load the page for the first time. But when i open the same page for the second or third time it is faster.

why does a web page take long time to load for the first time?

Is it cached somewhere when it loads for the first time? Do we have any control over it?

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How To Calculate The Web Application Idle Time

Oct 21, 2010

I have a requirement to calculate the Web application idle time. Say the user doesnt use the web application for 15 minutes, then a message needs to be displayed to the user.

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Configuration :: IIS Turn Around Time To Long After Page Is Idle?

Nov 12, 2010

I have IIS 7.5 running on windows 7 64 bit machine.

My problem is that in my web application after any page request if the page remains idle for more than 2 mins, it stops responding. For e.g. lets take the following scenario:

1. Initial page request

2. the page stays idle for 2 mins

3. Click a button to save data

4. It takes very long for the aspnet worker process to reach page_load, and firefox shows "connection was reset" message.

I put breakpoint on page_load. It strikes the breakpoint after a long time and also it does not go to the event handler of the button that was clicked.

The web application works perfectly if the page is not kept idle.

I am not using sessions in my web application.

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Web Forms :: Steps To Be Taken If The Page Takes Time To Load?

Feb 12, 2010

if I hit the .aspx page on the browser and if the page takes time to load say may be 25-30 seconds then what are the steps to be taken to make sure that the page loads quickly. In other words what could be the reason for this slow loading.

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Web Forms :: Takes Time To Load Data In Dictionary

Jan 13, 2010

I have 10 000 000 words, I need to use


to search for specific word. It is very quick in finding the word, but when loading that amount of data to my dictionary it takes a while. Could you say what is the efficient way deal with such data? This is not homework or work related, but it is my personal project.

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Web Forms :: SQL DataReader Takes Lot Of Time To Load Data

Nov 29, 2012

i am having the problem that i am using datareader to get contents in my asp.net page.But the page takes a lot of time to load.How to decrease the loading time of the apage and increase the performance of my page.

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Web Forms :: ImageButton Hover Takes Time To Load Image?

Jan 10, 2011

I've dynamically made an ImageButton, the problem is when I hover the Image, it takes a few seconds to load the hover image (imgHover.png in my code)..

Is there a way to preload the images or something?

heres my code:


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Architecture :: Designing Heavy Page (Takes Time To Load)

Aug 17, 2010

What should be the approach while designing when you know that your page would take considerable time to load? e.g. if it has controls which are heavy & some which are lighter? Can we make use of any of the design patterns to solve this issue?

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Web Forms :: Displaying Loading GIF Image Whenever Page Takes Time To Load

Apr 27, 2016

Displaying loading gif image whenever my page takes time to load but not for particular single control. i had seen this. URL...but it working for button , can i check it for my whole page  and all controls whenever it takes times to load.

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Stop Debugging Web Application On IIS In VS2010 Takes Long Time?

Jan 3, 2011

Whenever I stop debugging an ASP.NET IIS web application it seems to take very long before VS2010 becomes responsive again (2 or 3 minutes). This happens when I close Internet Explorer 9 (which stops the debugging session), stop debugging in VS (which closes the browser) or when I detach the debugger from the debugging menu (which leaves the browser open).

My CPU time for devenv.exe goes up to 25% during this period of time. I use the professional edition (no intellitrace). Starting without debugging performs ok when I close the browser. I have some add-ins and extensions installed like TestDriven.NET, Resharper, PowerCommands, Productivity Power Tools, VisualSVN,...

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Forms Data Controls :: Web Application Project Performance Takes Long To Load Data

Dec 13, 2010

I there I have recently created an ASP website wich uses .net 4 and SQL db but soem some reason even displaying 20 records in a gridview is slow... So after some reading I converted the website to a Web Application Project so its compile prior to publish.. But yet again this is a bit slow. pages loading time is not of a bit issue...

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C# - Web Service Response Time After Idle Time Out?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a webservice which returns the content of a pdf.

I've noticed that when I've left the website for a while and I call the method of the service it takes a long time to respond.

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AJAX :: Trying To Create A Progress Bar For Page Load As It Takes Long To Load?

Jul 7, 2010

I am trying to create a progress bar for page load as it takes long to load. I need help to resolve jscript error 'null' is null or not an object on line $get("btn").click();


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C# - Connection Time Out After Being Idle For A While?

Apr 23, 2010

My ASP.NET website while trying to connect to the database for first time after a period of inactivity throws an time out exception.

I understand the connections in the connection pool get terminated after some idle time for some reason (Firewall or Oracle settings) and the pool or app doesn't have a clue about it.

Is there any way to validate the connection beforehand so that the first try doesn't throw an exception?
I don't have much control over the DB or Firewall settings. So I have to deal with this is my application.(would prefer if there is any web.config settings)

I am using: ASP.NET 2.0. Oracle server 11g, Microsoft Enterprise Library DAAB to do all my DB operations.

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Configuration :: Application Crashing From Time To Time?

Apr 26, 2010

From time to time my application crashes and I start getting all sorts of weird errors like "object reference not set to an instance of an object", that then turns to "failed to enable constraints..", etc. Sometimes then the application starts to work again properly by itself, and sometimes not until I restart IIS, after which everything is ok again.

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Configuration :: Site Take A Very Long Time To Load?

Mar 26, 2010

i developed a website already and it was hosted in live too. My Problem is , site take a very long time to load , it take nearly 30-60 seconds to open , once it opened then it is some what better, MY Url Ishttp:\shoesrus.msinternational.bizplease verify and give me a solution , is their is any setting changes has to be taken in iis or server side etc..

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Increasing The Idle Time Of A Webpage?

Aug 21, 2010

I have an Asp.Net web application system ,just wanted to know the procedure for increasing the idle time of a webpage

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Delay In Web Service After Idle Time?

Jun 11, 2010

Every time my VB .NET Web Service is idle for about 30 minutes or more, the response for the next request is very slow.

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C# - How To Exploit Idle CPU Time In An IIS App Pool

Jul 13, 2010

I have an IIS 6.0-based C#/ASP.NET web site with a SQL server backend.I want to generate some computationally expensive reports (summaries, search engine indexes, etc...) in idle CPU time. I need the reports to be generated from WITHIN the IIS App Pool so it knows the proper configuration settings and (harder to fix) avoids the nightmarish security restrictions I've been placed under.

Can I start threads inside the AppPool's process that won't tie up the CPU, so it can continue serving requests unfettered? If so, how? What code and libraries?

I imagine it involves ThreadPool and thread priorities, but I couldn't find good coverage of low-pri threads and their interaction with the IIS web server and App pool.

[EDIT] [URL] discusses using a Timer for this but doesn't directly state that the .NET framework will insure that the Timer thread is low-priority. This might be a solution, but is that assured?


[EDIT] Interestingly, Stack Overflow itself seems to use IIS background threads for my purpose:

[URL] in the comments, everyone says their (no longer used) technique sucks, but this one in the comments makes sense to me...

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Web Forms :: How To Get System Idle Time

May 7, 2015

How to retrieve system idle time in asp.net..?

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Firefox __doPostBack Not Working After Idle Time

Feb 22, 2010

Got really strange Firefox issue. Using the Microsoft __doPostBack javascript function in web forms page. Used for tab control, we have got each tab click calling the __doPostBack function. Works ok on my dev machine with all browsers but got a colleague who has an issue if he leaves the page idle for circa 3 -4 minutes. After this delay if he selects a new tab which calls the __doPostBack function the call to theForm.submit(); just hangs and get requested timeout. No .net calls are seen in Firebug. The __doPostBack event is called just theForm.submit() function just doesn't execute. If he does not have this idle time works ok. It is also ok for him on all other browsers.

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Web Forms :: Page Idle Postback Time Out?

Jul 19, 2010

when i leave my page idle for about 2 minutes.

When i do a postback from my linkbutton it fails.

The browser then shows "Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage" I then also receive a Request Time Out in the event log.

Does anyone have similar experience with this, not sure what could be causing this since it happens on all pages in my application.

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Session Destroying Automatically Before The Idle Time

Feb 18, 2011

i made an web application for my client, he is from usa, I deployed application to [URL], at my local system, the project function proper. But what is happening that at main server the session is destroying automatically, before the idle time. I have been figuring out this problem for long but could not solved it. what may be the reason behind this session out. I am using in process session.

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Web Forms :: How To Find The Client Idle Time

Feb 25, 2010

How to find the client idle time .i deployed the application in the server .whenever the client access the site then i need to find that client system idle time in asp.net .

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