Installation :: Test Server - Some Of The Links Getting Redirected To Live Server

Dec 10, 2010

We had a website deployed on IIS server remotely say

We recently decided to make a copy of the website internal to the organisation so we brought a server and copied all the code from live server and configured it and say it is http//

Everything seems to work fine but while navigating and clicking on certain module links within http// domain name is getting rewritten to and user is made to navigate on the live site. I wonder where this configuration is with in IIS...

I looked under properties under website identification and everything is referring it as also thr is a file called and ifor handling errors and all the references have been changed and couldn't find anything in web.config.

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Web Forms :: Creating A Test Server - Certain Links Getting Redirected To Live Server

Dec 10, 2010

We had a website deployed on IIS server remotely say

We recently decided to make a copy of the website internal to the organisation so we brought a server and copied all the code from live server and configured it and say it is http//

Everything seems to work fine but while navigating and clicking on certain module links within http// domain name is getting rewritten to and user is made to navigate on the live site. I wonder where this
configuration is with in IIS...

I looked under properties under website identification and everything is referring it as also thr is a file called and ifor handling errors and all the references have been changed and couldn't find anything in web.config. where else to look for probable reference to live site?

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State Management :: Cached Dataset / Unable To Test In A Live Server Environment At Present

Nov 17, 2010

I'm currently developing a website using VS2010 Express/SQL Express 2008, and am using the applications development server to test.

I have created an access layer which effectively takes all my cachable data and creates datasets.

I've also created a system wheras for each dataset, For each dataset I also create a token cached object (a string), which is set to expire before the dataset. The theory behind this is that when my token expires and is removed from cache, it calls a routine to rebuild the dataset, and re-caches the new result, then creates a new token. Think of it as a poor mans SQL dependency.

What this allows me to do is rebuild datasets behind the scenes with little interruption/delay throughout the day. It all works great - for instance when a user updates a table containing 100,000+ records on the site, the dataset rebuilds at hourly intervals reworking and consolidating the data in the background before representing it in a smaller cachable form.

What I would like to know is this. If I was to replace the database during the usable day (only updating the tables that users don't update), lets say adding 50 new records, would it cause the cache to be dropped. The reason I ask is because it the cache remains until its exipry time, I can replace the database and rebuild datasets incorporating new data in the background when the token expires. If the cache is dropped when I update the database, it will mean interuption whilst I reload the datasets and will change my strategy on uploading new data.

I ask the question because I'm currently working on the development server and unable to test in a live server environment at present.

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C# - How To Set Img Scr From A Server That Is Not Live But Connected With Live Server

May 8, 2010

I want to display photo of employee who is login but our company doesn't want to expose the photos of all employees publically that is why we put that employees photos on a server that is not live but connected with the live server.Now problem it that when I run my website on localhost the photos of employees display but as soon as I publish it on IIS it doesn't display images.

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Installation :: SQL Server Express 2008 R2 Installation Failed

Jun 12, 2010

SQL Server Express 2008 R2 installation is failed...plese see the error log ...i gave the password "sa"..please guide me Overall summary Final result: SQL Server installation failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem, uninstall SQL Server, and then rerun SQL Server Setup. Exit message: The specified sa password does not meet strong password requirements. For more information about strong password requirements, see "Database Engine Configuration - Account Provisioning" in Setup Help or in SQL Server 2008 R2 Books Online.

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SQL Server :: Making Selections On Installation Of SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition Onto Laptop?

Mar 20, 2011

I need help making selections on my installation of SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition onto my Laptop (the only computer in my house). I need to develop a couple of different databases and use them from my Visual Studio applications. Then I will upload the SQL databases and the Web Applications to GoDaddy for deployment to general public.My question is that installation is asking me questions I honestly don't know how to answer because I am using a different SQL this time around after reformatting my hard drive"
1. Do I use Default or Named Instance?2. Do I use the Built-In System account or a Domain User account?3. If answer 2 is Domain User then I am in trouble because I don't think I have a Domain, and I don't know what one is. Where would I find the user name, the password, and the domain?

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SQL Server :: Windows Server Corrupted - Pull Back The Database In A New Installation?

Oct 24, 2010

I have a major problem. I have windows 2003 serverm in it I have installed sqlserver and on it several databases that was published for months. Now, the windows 2003 server crashed and I cannot login ti windows anymore. What I have done is to create a new installation of windows and installed again the sqlserver...

Now, how do I get back the latest database from the previous corupted installation? I still have access to the files in the previous installation.

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DataSource Controls :: SQL Server R2 On Windows 2003 Server Installation Error

May 17, 2010

i am trying to install SQL Server R2 on my windows 2003 server (I downloaded the x64 version) but on the installation directory, just before i click next, to get the error, the path is as follows: C:ProgramFiles(x86)Microsoft Sql Server im not too sure if thats the problem though, just guessing, since i dont know anyother problem, and its a new server. I also tried multiple server restarts and still got the same error.

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SQL Server :: SQL SErver 2005 Express Edition Installation & System Restting (10000 Times)?

Jan 12, 2011

In machine XPSP2, I tried to install SQL SErver 2005 express edition (downloaded from the microsoft site) - after mode selction form (Windows/SQL server authentication) - system restarted, automatically.Again restarted, Again restarted,Again restarted,Again restarted,a 1000 times or more.finally I unplugged the system from the UPS

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Installation :: Not Able To Browse VS2008 Aspx Pages From IIS7.0, Windows Server 2008 Production Server?

Jan 11, 2011

I am working on the migration of the server. Our new server is Windows server 2008 with IIS7.0 I have a great difficulty in browsing the pages hosted in virtual directories. I have followed the proper steps of creating a virtual directories and converting them into applications. But when i try to browsing the pages of the virtual directory, i get the 404 error. Note: The .Net Framework 4.0 is installed on the server and the web applications which i am trying to configure in the virtual directories are developed in Visual Studio 3.0. Even the http://localhost also don't work.

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C# - Update Panel Stops Working In IE 8 When Site Is Redirected Via A Proxy Server?

Mar 11, 2011

the site normally works fine in all popular browsers including firefox, chrome, safari and ie.

but doesn't work in ie 8 when it's redirected via a proxy server and it gives an error saying

"Message: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException: The message received from the server could not be parsed. Common causes for this error are when the response is modified by calls to Response.Write(), response filters, HttpModules, or server trace is enabled. Details: Error parsing near 'DOCTYPE html PUB'."

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Sitemap Links Don't Work On Live Site Windows Authentication

Feb 19, 2010

I have a intranet site with Windows Authentication. I have 'Administrator' pages in an 'Administrator' folder that will only show for those in the admin group (windows security group) These pages work

I have a folder with sub folders containing reports. These permissions are broken down for each type of report. They have similar role priveleges. When I test the application, I can navigate to the pages. When I deploy the site live on the intranet the links don't return a page. Error missing link 404. Do I need to set something in IIS?

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Configuration :: Making A Server Live?

Jun 20, 2010

I have a developed a new website for online document management. I have setup everything on the local network and the site is available on localhost. What I want to do is to make it available on internet. Its my first web project and configuring IIS and resolving database problems after publishing was real headache for me apart from development work (thats another long story). But i have made it up to here and now there is one more step.

How to make a web server live?

I am using asp .net 3.5. The server is in my home (windows xp, IIS 6, microsoft sql server 2005, 10MB bandwidth for internet connection).

I dont want to buy a domain because the website is not commercial. Its just me and my friend who will be using the website and we dont mind putting in ip address. Also, do I have to get a static ip from my ISP?

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Web Forms :: Postbacks On Live Server?

Feb 17, 2011

I am having a problem with postbacks on my live server.I have added a button to my page with postbackurl=" when I press the button it is doing nothing but If I put response.redirect("google..
in the code behind button click event it will work?Is there an simply reason that the postbackurl is not doing anything?

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Unit Test Web Application Using NUnit - Finding Links To Documentation

Dec 26, 2010

I want to unit test my web application using NUnit.

For this I have downloaded and installed NUnit from internet.

But since I am new to this tool , I am looking for documentation about this tool.

How can I use this tool for testing web applications? give me links to documentation?

Also is it possible to integrate NUnit with visual studio, if yes, how?

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How To Get MVC Application To Recognize The Stylesheet On The Live Server

Jun 1, 2010

I've been building my sample application using VWD2008 and the development virtual server that comes with that. I got to the point that I want to make sure that the application behaves correctly on the live server, so I went ahead and published it. Everything seems to working great accept for the stylesheets. None of the styles are being applied to the page. I double checked the link to the stylesheet and I double checked the server location. Everything seemed fine and it was identical to the version on my virtual server.


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DotNetOpenAuth Failing To Work On Live Server?

Apr 1, 2011

i worked on a sample application integrating OpenID into ASP.NET Web Forms. It works fine when hosted locally on my machine. However, when I uploaded the application to a live server, it started giving "Login Failed".

You can try a sample here: [URL]

Here is the source code that fails to process the OpenID response:


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Configuration :: What Charts Control To Use On Live Server

Sep 20, 2010

So in my project i need to display charts in an admin panel. I tried MSCharts first, works locally but doesn't work on live server, found later that it's a host permissions issue and most hosts won't accept it.

Then i searched around and found a control called WebCharts, used it and it worked locally, but on live server i got the same permissions issue.

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Live Connection Between Server And Client In A Webpage?

Jun 4, 2010

How do I implement a real time updating /live html streaming method in applications like FriendFeed, Stackoverflow, ?

Is it done using a jQuery/Ajax request from client to server every X seconds? (FriendFeed is like every 1 second) or there is another technique?

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Configuration :: Website Slow In Live Server?

May 22, 2010

I am using the 3.5. i have development a website using master page, user control, update panel, ajax such as loading box and message box etc. when i testing the site in my local, it show with the normal speed. but after i upload the website into the live server, the loading box and message box is slow loading.if there is a popup of messagebox, it is slower and when i click the ok button on the message box. it seem close in very slow and have a duplicate box come out. i have no idea on it. why it is so slow when uploaded to the server?

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DataSource Controls :: Sql Server 2005 Installation / Want To Go Back To Sql Server 2005?

Feb 3, 2010

i had the sql 2008 enterprise and i want to go back to sql server 2005 because in 2008 i created new database but when i did some changes in the table , it gave me an eror that i cant save thins and i need to creat new one if some one know what i'm talking aboutif not i need the sql server installation tutorial i tried by myself but probebly i did it wrong and now i cant connect well to the sql

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Stream Live Audio Without Using A Streaming Media Server?

Mar 8, 2011

Is there a way, without using a streaming media server, to stream semi-live audio from an web app? We want to have a microphone located at a remote site, and stream the data to the client machine for listning. Maybe somehow dynamically build the wav data, or somehow implement this using playlists?

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Configuration :: Attaching Database On Live Godaddy Server?

Jun 8, 2010

i m having an Hosting with Godaddy server , now my problem is i want to upload(attach) my machine database to godaddy sql server . i have also check all the function and configration on godaddy but i m not getting how i can do that. if i try to take remote connection , this also not possbile in godaddy ( due to security they are disable this function )wht is the other way i can attach my database (.bkp) file to live godaddy server.

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Using The Server Links To Determine The Database?

Feb 24, 2011

I have a test server link called http://en-test/application_report (this is just a sample example). The link is associated for when the application is placed on the test server

now if the application is placed on the production server, then it is[URL]. What i would like to do is to determine the link and if it is the test server then use the test database which is testdb and if it is the production server then use the production database which is proddb.

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SQL Server :: Changing From Ntext To Varchar(max) On Important Live Data?

Mar 23, 2011

So I have a ntext column in a table with a combination of large random data (hence why ntext in the first place) and sometimes contains a uniqueidentifier.

I need to find and delete rows based on the uniqueidentifier.

I can't do the comparison with it being ntext, but I changed it to varchar(max) in my dev enviornment and it let me do it without any warnings and I can now do my comparison like I want to, so all is good.

I just want to make sure I'm not changing any of my large random data by changing the data type.

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