JQuery :: How To Pop Open A New Small Window That Has Text Boxes

Mar 15, 2011

I have a webpage that I would like to add a onclick event, that when a "add" button is clicked, a new, but small window pops open. In that window will be a few text fields. And when the user clicks save, the data entered in the text fields will be inserted into my database, the popup window will close, and the original page will post back to reflect the newly entered data. I know I'm not the first to want something like this, but I can't think how to do this. Is this part of the Ajax Control Toolkit?

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Web Forms :: How To Open A Small Internet Window In VB.net

Feb 21, 2011

I want to open a smaller internet window to show some data that is to large to go in the calendar control. I found the code below, but it says the following error:It puts a blue line under the last part: </script>" and says the error below. What am I doing wrong and is there any other way to accomplish this task?

Error 5
Statement cannot appear within a method body. End of method assumed.

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Forms Data Controls :: Space In Text Boxes & Drop Down Lists / Text Boxes Gets A One Tab Spacing?

Jan 20, 2011

Using C# and SQL as the database.I have a page with a gridview and some text boxes and drop down list boxes. A user selects a record from the grid view I query the database and fill the text boxes and drop down list boxes.

Some fields get updated periodincally thus there is no data in those fields in the database until some time.

A strange thing happens.When filling data some text boxes gets a one tab spacing .

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Create Text Boxes Dynamically Want To Bind Autosuggest With The New Created Text Boxes?

Feb 3, 2011

i can use auto-suggest with the text box txtCode like this...

as_jsonReportingTo = new bsn.AutoSuggest('<%= txtCode.ClientID %>', optionsRe);

Now I will create text boxes dynamically, i want to bind autosuggest with the new created text boxes. What should I do?

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JQuery :: Cannot Get A Dialog Window To Open

Jan 5, 2011

dialog.("open") with cshtml in mvc3? I was playing around with this and could not get this to work. I tried using anchors and jquery button clicks but could not get a dialog window to open. My codes is something like:


If it take out the atuoOpen the dialog box shows up but I cannot get this to open on a click event.

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JQuery :: How To Open Popup Window

Dec 17, 2010

i want to open attractive new window using jquery,

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Web Forms :: Custom Validator Validates Three Text Boxes And Give Errorto Fill The Boxes

Apr 20, 2010

I have a custom validator which validates three text boxes. my code is,


I fill in all the three textboxes.it still gives me the error message to fill in all the boxes and does not submit the page even when all the three boxes are filled.

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Unable To Open A Text File In Browser Window

Feb 25, 2011

i have an aspx page that loads and displays a text file in a broswer window and it used to work, I made no changes to it and now testing shows additional content appended below the file.

Here is the text file:


Here is what is displayed:


The additional output looks like the aspx page itself, which has only a close button incase the file load fails.

Here is the apsx page:


Here is the code:


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JQuery :: How To Open A Subform Model Form,Sub Window Form Using Jquery That Save The Data Ajex

Sep 15, 2010

how to open a subform model Form,Sub Window form using jquery that save the data ajex

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JQuery :: Open Masterpage Fulll Window On Load?

Feb 1, 2011

I want that when my application loads it open on maxium window no status bar no menubar nothing just addressbar.My applicaiton is using masterpage and various contentpage. I know how toopen normal page means just aspx page not in MASTERPAGE.But with masterpage it is not working.So please tell me how to do that.

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JQuery :: Open Modelpopup Window Based On Value Seleted In Dropdown List?

May 27, 2010

Is there a way to open modelpopup window based on value seleted in dropdown list?

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Not Open A New Window (JavaScript Popup) If JQuery Validation Plugin Returns False?

Sep 23, 2010

I have an .aspx page with a couple of textfields. I validate these with jQuery validation plugin when the user clicks the submit button. When the submit button is clicked I also open up a new window, but I only want to open the window if the fields are correctly filled out.How do I stop the window from opening if the fields are not validated?

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


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How To Pass A Parameter To The Child Window From Parent Window Using Window.open

Oct 18, 2010

i have an aspx page in which a link in the grid view opens a popup page . the data in the grid view would be dynamic and i need to send the id of the row of grid while calling the child window. i get the id using sender.id, but how would i send this using window .open()?

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Web Forms :: Creating A Small Pop-up Window?

Jun 2, 2010

Here is the general idea of what I am trying to accomplish.Upon page load of the aspx, I am dynamically creating a table (that is populated by database information), one of the columns in the table will display a "NotePad" image. When selecting this image, I need it to make a borderless small window pop up with a blank text box inside of it. The user will be writing notes and information in this text box and then selecting a close window button below it to return to the main page. I need to make this as seamless and fluid as possible, so much so that the pop up needs to look like it was still part of the main page when launched. I also will need to require that the user must close the pop up window before returning to the main screen as well.

Using VB.NET, Is there any way to create a pop up window when a specific cell is clicked on (On Click event) , that will display a small (set size) pop up window with it's border but no titlebar, status, menu, etc. That requires the user to click the close button (provided below the textbar) to return to the main screen?I have found numerous posts on pop-ups, title bars, etc, but none have been much help when I try to put it all together.

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Way To Display A Grid In A Small Page Instead Of Window

Jan 28, 2011

I have a .aspx page (it is a content form). When I click on a button on that page, I want to invoke another .aspx page in a small window. I want to display a grid in that small .aspx page.

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Web Forms :: FileUpload Focus / When Click The Fileupload Text Box , Choose File Window Have To Open?

Mar 19, 2010

I m using FileUpload Control , when i click the fileupload text box , Choose file window have to open.

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Visual Studio :: Maximize Query Builder - Window Is To Small ?

Jun 23, 2010

When i create a sql script in the Query Builder (going through the wizard in a DataSet) the Query Builder window is to small for me. Is there a way to maximize this window by default?PS, I have previously posted this in the forum "Visual Studio 2008.

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Web Forms :: Close Popup Window And Open Page In Parent Window?

Mar 10, 2011

I have a login page that is loaded in popup window (colorbox) and after user logs in it should be closed and parent window should be loaded with new page.

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Do While reader.Read()
If Trim(reader("ZAP").ToString()) = Trim(textBoxZap.Text) Then
Session("A") = "1"
lblErr.Text = "incorect"
End If

So once the buton is clicked and user name and password is corect popup window should be closed and user redirected to default aspx.

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Web Forms :: Retrieve Value From Popup Window Opened Using Window.open?

Apr 28, 2010

I am trying to open a popup window from main window using window.open() method. How to get back the value from the called popup window to the calling window in vb.net, basically i need to get back the value and populate in the text box available in the main window.

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Web Forms :: Reading Data From Text File And Displaying It In Corresponding Text Boxes

Jun 17, 2010

I have written the following ocde to save the data in to textfile.

using(TextWriter tw=new StreamWriter(file))
string refcode = txtReftypecode.Text;
string priorcode = txtPrioritycode.Text;
tw.Write(priorcode.PadLeft(2, '0'));
string date=txtFilecreatdate.Text.Replace("/","");
string time1=txtFilecreattime.Text.Replace(":","");
tw.Write(txtImmeddestname.Text.PadRight(23,' '));
tw.Write(txtImmedorgname.Text.PadRight(23,' '));
tw.Write(txtRefcode.Text.PadRight(8,' '));

Now i would like to represent the data in to the corresponding to text boxes when i open that text file.

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Web Forms :: Get Text From Dynamically Created Number Of Text Boxes?

Jul 26, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to get the text value from each textbox on a page that has a dynamically created number of text boxes. I need to store that value in a database row. I guess what i need is to be able to store the text box values in a collection or arrary of some sort and then be able to use textbox(i).value or something of that nature. Not really sure where to begin.

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Javascript - IE - Get Popup's Opening Window When Using Window.open (url)?

Sep 23, 2010

we are running a click-to-call service, my idea is basically like this: website have a link on their page, when the link is clicked, a web page(say it is popup.aspx) hosted on our server is popup, user can input their phone number, and click "call me" button to let the website call him. In the button click event, I want to get Request.UrlReferrer, then query the db to get website's phone. But in IE, Request.UrlReferrer is null(firefox is ok, not test chrome yet),my question is how to get opening window' url in IE? we put popup.aspx on our server because

our client website is not force to use asp.net. we have the control what we put on the popup window, and can modify the page just from our side, if we put the pop window on our partner's side, if we have 100 partner, and we change the page's design, we will notify everyone of them to change this, change that. we can implement a statics system to know how popup a day, which site is most popular,etc

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Using The Javascript To Open A Child Window Using Window.showModaldialog?

Sep 24, 2010

I am using the javascript to open a child window using window.showModaldialog(), i have retuen a value from the child page is working fine in IE and firefox but is not working in chrome browser, is there any work around or alternative for it to work in chrome as well.

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Web Forms :: How To Open The Redirected Page From Iframe To Open In The Parent Window

Feb 17, 2011

I have an asp.net page that contains an Iframe embedded with some data and a ImageButton. On ImageButton click event (server side) I have Response.Redirct:


This always open the results.aspx in iframe. I want that results.aspx should always open in the parent window. I tried the following till now but none worked:

Response.Redirect("<script language='javascript'>self.parent.location='results.aspx';</script>");
..and also tried the options from [URL]

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Web Forms :: Click Imagebutton Open Window.open In Class 2.0

Sep 11, 2010

Click imagebutton open window.open in class asp.net 2.0

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