Javascript Store Not Removing All Elements Before Readding

Oct 7, 2010

So I have a dropdown setup on the page called ddlVehicleType that is populated from a store. This method gets called when another dropdown is changed, and it's supposed to remove all items from the aforementioned store, re-add them as needed, and then populate the dropdown with the new values. It's doing everything it's supposed to EXCEPT clearing the store before it re-adds the values, so the result is, when I switch, I'm getting what it used to be PLUS the new values that should be in there by themselves. Here is the weird thing though, when I switch back, the values are removed without re-adding anything. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Method is below:

function filterVehicleTypes() {
var masterStore = Global.getComponent("vehicleTypeStore").getStore();
var Source = Global.getComponent("ddlValuationSource").getRawValue();
var isIncuded = '';
var IncludeFlags = '';
if (Source == undefined || Source == null)
Source = '';
masterStore.each(function(rec) {
switch (Source.toUpperCase()) {
case 'KBB':
if (rec.get('Code') == 'KBB') {
case 'NADA':
IncludeFlags = rec.get('MiscCode1');
if (IncludeFlags != null) {
isIncuded = IncludeFlags.substr(1, 1);
if (isIncuded == 'Y' && rec.get('Code') == 'NADA') {
IncludeFlags = rec.get('MiscCode1');
if (IncludeFlags != null) {
isIncuded = IncludeFlags.substr(0, 1);
if (isIncuded == 'Y') {

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I want to delete all elements except root element. How to accomplish this.

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In ASP.NET 4.0 RC2 the Menu Control by default emits Javascript like this:


There should be a feature coming up to disable this, but I think it's not in RC yet. At least it's not working for me.

Now, the problem is, that this Javascript kills my own Menu Javascript (I use an CSS Adapter). Is there a way to overwrite the stuff that comes from the Menu control? Can be a hack, just need something until this is fixed by MS.

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Selecting Elements In Usercontrol Using JavaScript?

Mar 16, 2011

I have a web form that contains a usercontrol and I would like to be able to access the html elements within the usercontrol from the form page using javascript.

I tried the following:

document.getElementById('<%= usercontrol.clientid %>')

but this returned null.

I had a look around with firebug and found that the tags in the usercontrol render with clientids like usercontrolid_myelement. I'm guessing that something like this might work:

document.getElementById('<%= usercontrol.clientid %>'+'_myelement')

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I'd like to change some properties of ASP Form Elements via Javascript and I am having a very difficult time doing so. The element is defined as:


But Im not having any luck modifying it with Javascript like this:[Code]....

one thing I noticed is that (At least in VS2010 intellisense) the elemtn doesn't seem to have a disabled attribute like a standard HTML


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Javascript - Keep Track Of Dynamically Created DOM Elements?

Mar 26, 2010

Assume you have a page in ASP.NET where it makes sense to use JavaScript/jQuery to modify the DOM with values that will eventually be read by the server on submit. For example, you have a form that allows end users to add/remove objects (like dependents on a health insurance form or assets on a loan application). What are some ways to ensure that these items are detected and retrieved by the server once the information is submitted?

I've tried a few things that work, but none of them seem perfect so I wanted to see what the community had to offer. Also, I'm not looking for suggestions that avoid dynamic DOM elements (like use a Wizard, etc.). I'm specifically trying to improve my technique with dynamically created DOM elements.

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JQuery :: Get Those Elements That Are Created Dynamically Through JavaScript ?

Mar 10, 2011

in an aspx pege, on Page PostBack we generally get thsoe control that were created either in aspx or code behind (dynamic controls ). But in jQuery its common practice to craete new set of controls on the fly. Supose i have created 10 spans with some id and text . So, can we get these spans on server side on Page PostBack ?

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Using Javascript (DOM) - User To Drag Individual List Elements From One Box To Another

Jul 6, 2010

I have an page with several list boxes. I would like to include some javascript on the page that allows a user to drag individual list elements from one box to another. On a normal web page, the script to do this is reasonably simple, however, with the element IDs generated by ASP.NET, I don't know what identifiers to have my script look up?

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Javascript - How To Get Elements In JQuery UI To Style And Format Correctly

Jun 23, 2010

Here is my problem. I have on multiple occasions downloaded jQuery UI and tried to use it. What happens, though, is that in the examples provided in the download the UI elements look great, but in my pages when I try to use them all the formatting and style stuff is messed up. Here is an example of a date picker:

Bad Example

Here is my code:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" >
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<meta http-equiv="CACHE-CONTROL" content="NO-CACHE" />
<meta http-equiv="PRAGMA" content="NO-CACHE" />


For my page (an '.aspx' page, if that makes any difference) I have all the images in the image folder one level below the css file, just as it is in the example folder, and the script files are all together in another folder. Is there something I need that I don't have. I shouldn't need the "demo.css" file, should I? Is there a special naming convention for items in the form of the site? Is there some special way that I need to have the folders/css files/source scripts set up, like a certain folder configuration, to make it work? Kind of lost on this one. Probably a really simple fix, but I'm pretty new to using this.

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Configuration :: Removing Login Account Without Removing User?

May 31, 2010

Long ago, I created an ASPNET user for development use.However, every time I boot up my dev system, I'm presented with a user login for ASPNET, among others.I don't want to remove ASPNET; I need it for dev work.But how do I keep it from appearing among the list of User Logins available at boot-up?

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Execute JavaScript From Code - Behind After UpdatePanel Has Finished Loading Its DOM Elements?

Jul 7, 2010

I have an UpdatePanel with a repeater in it that is re-bound after a user adds an item to it via a modal popup. When they click the button to add a new row to the repeater the code-behind looks something like this:

protected void lbtnAddOption_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
SelectedOption = new Option()
Account = txtAddOptionAccountNumber.Text,
Margin = chkAddOptionMargin.Checked,
Symbol = txtAddOptionSymbol.Text,
Usymbol = txtAddOptionUsymbol.Text,
Presenter.OnAddOption(); // Insert the new item
RefreshOptions(); // Pull down and re-bind all the items
mpeAddOptionDialog.Hide(); // Hide the modal
// ... Make call to jQuery scrollTo() method here?

This works fine and the new row will show up quickly via the UpdatePanel. However, there are often hundreds of rows and where the new one is added is based on the current sorting column used. So, I wanted to take this as a chance to use the sweet jQuery ScrollTo plugin. I know that if I give it the ID of my overflowed container div and the ID of an element within it, it will smoothly scroll straight to the users newly added row. However, there are two problems:

I need to find the appropriate row so I can snag the ClientID for it. I need to execute the jQuery snippet from my code-behind that will cause my newly updated repeater to scroll to the right row. I've solved #1. I have a reliable method that will produce the newly added row's ClientID. However, problem #2 is proving to be tricky. I know I can just call ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript() form my code-behind and it will execute the JavaScript on my page.

The problem I'm having is that it seems that it is executing that piece of JavaScript before (I'm guessing) the newly refreshed DOM elements have fully loaded. So, even though I am passing in the appropriate jQuery line to scroll to the element I want, it is erroring out for me because it can't find that element yet. Here is the line I'm using at the end of the method I posted above:

string clientID = getClientIdOfNewRow();
ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, typeof(Page), "ScrollScript", String.Format("$("#optionContainer").scrollTo("{0}", 800);", clientID), true);

What do I need to do so I can ensure that this line of JavaScript isn't called until the page with the UpdatePanel is truly ready?

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Javascript - Accessing Elements Of JSON Object Without Knowing The Key Names

Feb 25, 2011

{"d":{"key1":"value1",2":"value2"}}s there any way of accessing the keys and values (in javascript) in this array without knowing what the keys are?The reason my json is structured like this is that the webmethod that I'm calling via jquery is returning a dictionary. If it's impossible to work with the above, what do I need to change about the way I'm returning the data?

Public Function Foo(ByVal Input As String) As Dictionary(Of String, String)
Dim Results As New Dictionary(Of String, String)
'code that does stuff
Return Results
End Function

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Data Controls :: How To Get Access Elements Inside GridView Using JavaScript

Mar 26, 2016

I am trying to get access the elements inside gridview by validating this requirement: if checkbox is checked then 1) Role must be selected from the dropdown 2) And the Title textbook must be filled. I am getting this error now:

Error: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


<script type="text/javascript">
function validate() {
var flag = true;
var gridView = document.getElementById('<%= gvTest.ClientID %>');
for (var i = 1; i < gridView.rows.length; i++) {

[Code] ......

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I have...a dynamic populated select box several input boxes a submit button form fields are loaded initially using cookies several dynamic populated divs

I want... start loading the content of my DIVs after all FORM elements have been loaded completely (= filled with data, select boxes are populated)

Sample code:


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May 11, 2010

I have some javascript code that processes json output from web services built with framework 2.0. Now I need to support data returned from framework 3.5 web services. My javascript code assumes a list of objects as return value, which works fine in 2.0. However In framework 3.5, the list is wrapped in a "d" object. Is there any way I can remove the "d" wrapper and just return the list?

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Jul 7, 2010

I have an aspx page with a set of controls. A small JS script written on top of jQuery allows the user to drag "li" elements from one list to another. What I would like now is for my C# code to be able to figure out which items the user has placed in which list after the page is posted back to the server.

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Javascript - How To Store Value To ViewState

Jan 26, 2011

I can tried save some data to ViewState, but i get this Error:

Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Error serializing value 'HeRMeSSAAS.BussinesProcess.BussinesServices.CandidateService' of type 'HeRMeSSAAS.BussinesProcess.BussinesServices.CandidateService.'

private IActionService ActionService
get [code]...
How i can store value to ViewState?

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How To Store An Application Variable By Javascript

Feb 10, 2010

how could i store a Application variable by javascript.

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Store Javascript Value In Mysql Database?

Feb 6, 2010

I have a text value of javascript and I want to store this value in a mysql database.

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Javascript - Correct Way To Store Data In The DOM

Dec 22, 2010

I have recently been using the title tag in various HTML elements to store data in JSON format in the DOM.

Is this a bad approach (I am assuming it is)? What is the correct way to accomplish this that works well with jQuery? By "works well" I mean

$("myButton").click(function (e) {
var myData;
eval("myData=" + $(this).attr("title"));

Works pretty well but again I am assuming there is a better way to do this no?

PS: BTW how does the title tag of HTML elements actually work? I cant seem to find where it actually ends up getting used?

PSS: Can I also get a jQuery based and Non jQuery response?

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Security :: Store Db Keys In Javascript?

Sep 26, 2010

I'm working on a mapping application and will be allowing a user to make a query and have the resulting locations display on a map.I want the users to be able to interact with the map, but I need to know exactly which item they're interacting with, so it would be easiest if when the original query is made, the id's are put in a hidden field somewhere so I can just perform an insert statement based just on the key, rather than having to to another query to find out the key by saying "where location name is x and the coordinates are y, and the description is z" etc.Is this a bad idea, i.e. could anyone do any harm if they discovered that I was storing the primary key in a hidden field?

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C# - Store Javascript As HTML Code In A Website?

Dec 16, 2010

I use Web Forms and Asp.Net with MS SQL.

For my Web Site I need store these codes belove, maybe others in future:

Google Analytic Code
Some JavaScript codes
HTML Footer and Header for my template.

I need a solution which could be centralized, use CACHE, easy to update:

01 Use a DATABASE with a Table (configure table) which for every records (VARCHAR) would allow storing of these spinets of code as string.

02 Use simple Text Files in a specific folder, so I can include these files in my code. I could update codes using FTP and NotePad (Here I am concern about cache).

03 Use Web.Conf file.

04 Use Text File and a Class wich would manage storing in cache the content of these file.

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Configuration :: Application Directory Should Store Javascript Files?

Apr 3, 2010

Where is the best place to store a javascript file in my website?

Should they be stored in the App_Code folder allong with C# files or should I create a dedicated folder in the root of the website? Or are there any other options?

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