Listing Folders In Folders Then Creating Arrays In JS For Each Of The Folders?

Jun 21, 2010

Listing folders in folders then creating arrays in JS for each of the folders?

Directory Structure:

I have a directory structure as follows;

other Folder
files folder

Task at hand:

I want code in VB.NET to create javascript arrays of the folder contents that can then be used on the client end. I only need arrays for all folders contained in folders starting with ad_ and an array for all the base folders . like so:

var folders=["ad_folder","ad_code","ad_prep","ad_bin"];
var ad_folder=["folderA","folderB","folderC","anotherFolder","etcfolder"];
var ad_code=["folderA","folderB"];
var ad_prep=["folderA","etcfolder"];
var ad_bin=["etcfolder"];

note that I do not know the number of or the names of the folders, they can be different in different cases, I only have the root path.


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I am just getting started with MVC so pardon the bonehead question, as I am sure that it is one: I understand the conceptual MVC pattern and the basics of routing in the .Net MVC implementation. My first little (VS 2010, Framework 4) project works great, until I get to this: In the project there is a physical folder structure like this :


Each of the folders contains an Index.aspx file (View). I want to link from "~/Views/Recipies/Index.aspx" View to the other Views with something like this:


where I have created an Outdoor controller to handle the Index View. The runtime unfortunately insists on looking for the Index view in "~/Views/Outdoor" rather than in "~/Views/Recipies/Outdoor". I have no doubt that I am falling victim to my years of coding .Net Forms, am missing a link in the chain of conventions relies upon, or some other painfully obvious thing, but I am nonethless stuck.

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I was nosing around with Sysinternals Procmon today, just to see where some disk activity was coming from. In the process (pardon the pun) I noticed that Visual Studio was constantly testing for the presence of a bunch of web folders which didn't exist. Procmon log: "D:wwwroot" is my web root. The folder "csharp" doesn't exist.

This happens continually, every few seconds. When I create "csharp" and those subfolders, VS stops checking for them. But they don't exist in my project file and there's no need for them as far as I know. I don't know what they are for. Does anyone know why VS wants those folders? Their absence doesn't seem to affect anything, yet VS keeps checking if they exist, which is weird.

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Not quite sure what you would call these but I am looking to create sub folders for my users eg

What I have done up to this point is make a 404 page that handles unknown pages. It takes the part after the / and looks it up in the database. Then I redirect them to the relevant page.

I am having a few issues with this and to be honest am not to keen on handling it this way.

Does anyone have an alternative method for achieving this.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64 on my development machine. I am trying to setup my development environment. I have discovered something strange. When trying to set breakpoints in my ASP.Net application the breakpoints will only work if they are in the root folder. My ASP.Net project has various sub folders and any breakpoints in code that is stored in the sub folders turns yellow when debugging starts and states breakpoints will be missed.

I have deleted the temporary folder in c:windowsmicrosoft.netframework .... etc. etc. etc. I have checked the folder permissions in the root and all sub folders (they are the same). I have deleted and rebuilt the subfolders. I have right clicked VS2008 and said to run as administrator. Nothing seems to fix it. I can debug root level code behind pages but anything stored in a subfolder will not debug.

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it's possible for multiple projects to reference/share the same bin folder?

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I got one remote website and two local websites. All the .asp files are the same in 3 websites. In the remote website, there is a file aaa.asp, its url is

In the first local website, the url of the same file is

In the second local website, the url of the same file is

My question is: In any .asp files (may be in different folders) of any above website, how can I get the url of aaa.asp by use the same code?

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I have a bunch of controls and a bunch of pages, and I was going to throw them into Controls and Pages folders with subfolders, but I didn't know if it was bad form to do this if I wasn't also going to seperate them out into namespaces.

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I have an ASP.NET website with two different sections, root website and an /Admin sub-folder. I want to have two different forms authentication/login pages for them. /Admin folder should use/redirect /Admin/Login.aspx and root pages should use /Login.aspx. What should I do in web.config to accomplish this?

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Webpages Cannot Access Folders (IIS)?

Jan 1, 2010

What setting must I change under IIS to allow access to the folders? I am looking for that settings for hours, nothing found.

It seems like it is giving a 403 error when I tried to access the folder.

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Deploying Web App With CruiseControl.Net And SVN - Getting Rid Of .svn Folders?

May 7, 2010

I have a CruiseControl.Net project set up to build an ASP.Net project, using an <svn> task to pull the latest code from source control.

On a successful build, I use a <buildpublisher> to copy the site to a deployment folder. My problem is that the buildpublisher is copying everything to the destination folder, including every .svn folder and its contents. What is the easiest way to strip out the .svn folders before copying to the deployment folder?

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C# - Adding Folders In App_LocalResources?

Feb 22, 2010

I want to add folders to keep things organized in App_LocalResources. Because when adding a lot of resorce files for different languages in this folder, files are getting messy. I added folders like

Default.aspx (Folder)
Contact.aspx (Folder)

Edit :

FYI : Actually what I did is working. I mean the way I mentioned above is the correct way. The reason why it wasn't working is something else so you can define your folders and the resource files above.

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I have created a Folder and inside this folder, I have put a default.aspx and a default.cs file. I wonder how it is possible to find out what is the folders name as the default.cs is located in. This meens that I am looking for a code to determine what folder that is above in the hierarchy of folders?I cant use this code as this goes all the way back to the root:


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I just got a windows vps setup at a hosting company and about to install a big web application that is a store front. Do I need to set any of the folders as virtual directories? I'm so confused on all of this. Do I just copy the folders and files over and thats it? It has Plesk to use for the control panel. I know I have to set the directories to run as application but is there anything else?

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Web Config - How To Apply The Authorization In Two Different Folders

Feb 18, 2011

I have two folders in my website namely VENDORS and ADMIN

i want when any user access any of the page inside the ADMIN folder it redirects to Admin/login.aspx until they login ....

i want when any user access any of the page inside the VENDORS folder it redirects to Vendors/login.aspx until they login ....

How to do that using web.config authorization ....

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Scan For Files In Folder And Sub Folders?

Feb 19, 2011

write a script in Visual Basic.

i want to be able to scan a folder and its sub directories for all the files that exist in it. the results are then feed into a list box or any similar control

additional it would be great if the results are entered and also its path
File1 C:folder1folder2file1.exe
File2 C:folder1folder2dd.dll
File3 C:folder1explorer.exe
File4 C:folder1folder2folder3document.docx
File5 C:folder1

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Visual Studio :: Add Folders Instead Of Items One By One

Feb 22, 2011

VWD 2010 Express.

I have a folder contains 3 sub-folders and each folder contains sug-folders and files.

Anyway I can add into my project by including the parent folder instead of add the files one by one?

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Web Forms :: Delete Files And Folders From .cs?

Jun 18, 2010

How do i delete files and folders from .cs ?

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How To Organize Code Within An Application (sub Folders)

Jan 23, 2011

In a website, I see some developers put code into app_code, and sometimes appcode (due to some bug), other files into DataModel, and other files into miscellaneous folders.

Is there a standard approach to organizing code within an application?

How is it different between an ASP.NET, MVC, Silverlight, Console, Database, and WCF application? The reason I mention WCF is because many people seem to have a shared types library that is linked between the server and client code.

Where can I learn these common practices without having to try, fail, and try again. I'd rather just learn it once from the experts.

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We have an application that is currently required to be accessed using two authentication schemes, Forms Auth and Active Directory or NTLM / Windows Auth.The way the application is now, there are two IIS sites pointing to different folders with the same set of files, everything identical except the web.config.Before anyone flames me this was an inherited application, but nevertheless one I am now responsible for. We have an opportunity to do some refactoring and I'm trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

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I am trying to hide the content of the folders on my website. I can redirect the anonymous user to the login page, when he try to access to prohibit individual pages, but when the user is regiestered in the website, he can see the folders' content. For example:

he types in the address www.mydomain.coma/account/ and he can see all the pages there: shoping.aspx, shoping.aspx.cs,

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Aug 6, 2010

I have a folder, 2010/08/06, 2010/08/05, a total of 30 such maps. In each folder there is one picture 01.jpg. When I click on the link I need to create a page that will be 30 photos, each of your folders. It should create a script that will count from today's date back 30 days,also each of these images (01.jpg) should be a link.

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C# - Structuring Of Asp Controller Folders For Better Cohesion?

Oct 1, 2010

When building complex applications the controllers can start to get unwieldy and very large, which may mean that you split them out into separate controllers. This may not be suitable as it will be reflected in the users experience. Ie. They will see the controller name in the URI. For example: The default project that ships with MVC has an AccountController, that has actions for login, logoff, register etc.. which seems to violate the Single Responsibility Principle. So the question is how to resolve this problem and separate out the concerns? An initial response could be just to create separate controllers. Ie.


But this would not be a great experience from a customers point of view as it would effect the URI when requesting the resource. A solution could be to have separate folders for each controller which contains separate class files for the action, each one with a single responsibility like so.

Controllers (folder)
Account (folder)
AnotherController (folder)

The above would separate out the functionality and be highly cohesive. So, this is a long explanation, but my questions are. Has anyone implemented this before? If so how do you go about it? What are your thoughts regarding this pattern?

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