Login With Google Account On Website?

Apr 9, 2010

I would like my users to be able to login with their google account on my website. I understand the basics. I have to use oAuth, but what "scope" should I use? I just want to verify the user has a valid google account. Once authenticated with Google I will force them to create a nickname, etc.

But my problem is I have to create a RequestToken but what scope should i specify? In google's example it give my app the ability to access their google calendar but I don't need that.

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Social Networking :: Login With Google Account API

May 7, 2015

All the facebook, twitter & LinkedIn api are working properly i have integrated this into my project. But still google api code is not findin in your site. 

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VS 2010 - Support Login To Specific Users Account Via Admin Account

Jul 28, 2014

I have a web app Which Uses Forms Authentication.

One thing that we want to be able to do on Support is login to a specific users account Via our admin account.

We are using the standard asp.net membership authentication.

The idea would be for the support technition to be able to login using credentials like admin(<Troubled User>) using the Admin Account password

We are using a a Standard ASP.Login Control

The real Issue is that the Me.Page.User.Identity.Name is set to the value on the CtlLogin.Username Property. I need it to be the the Support Login?

Login Control

<asp:Login ID="ctlLogin" runat="server" DisplayRememberMe="False" Font-Names="Arial Rounded MT Bold" Font-Size="12pt" ForeColor="Black"
MembershipProvider="MembershipProvider" Width="100%" TitleText="" UserNameLabelText="User" VisibleWhenLoggedIn="False" RememberMeSet="True"
PasswordLabelText="Password" EnableTheming="False" Height="35px" >

[Code] ....

Validate User Script

Dim objstrSupUser As String = ""
'Load the user from the membership provider
Dim strUserName As String = ctlLogin.UserName
If ctlLogin.UserName.IndexOf("(") > 0 Then
objstrSupUser = Regex.Match(strUserName, "(([^)]*))").Groups(1).Value

[Code] ....

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C# - Using Google Federated Login With Google Apps And .net Application

Aug 11, 2010

As an organisation, we use Google Apps. We have the paid version (mapped to our domain) etc...We are developing a web based application to manage orders, and other business functionality.I want to be able to use federated login with our google apps accounts-
For example, if a user is logged in to their email (gMail) - they should automatically be logged in to our ASP.net application

If they're not logged in - the log in form should auth. against our google apps account.How can this be done?Is it possible to be able to "get" the user who is currently logged in using this method etc...?

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How To Customize Login Account For Login Control

Feb 13, 2011

currently I have a website with authentication using Microsoft.IdentityModel.Web.WSFederationAuthenticationModule. It redirects me to login page (single sign-on outside my website) and upon login, I am redirected to default page.

Now, when I was using CreateUserWizard asp.net control, it seems that upon creation of user, the control tried to use my machine name to login to db server (i.e. '$') instead of using SSO login which has just been done.

Does anybody know how to customize the control to use federation login to connect to db server? In addition, how to set so that the control will use certain specified sql account to login to db server?

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Authenticate Users With Their Google Or Facebook Account?

Mar 25, 2011

I'm using ASP.NET MVC and I want to authenticate users with their Google or Facebook account

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Web Forms :: How To Populate Data From Google Analytic Account To Web Application

Mar 14, 2010

the following is wat i get when i access to my GA account.

may i know how do i retrieve data from ga account to my web application?

i need to know pageviews, avg time on page and etc and populate to my gridview control.

* meanwhile, may i know wat's bounce rate and exit rate in GA report?

i try to get code from net but failed..

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Social Networking :: Import More Than 10 Contacts From Google Gmail Account

Aug 18, 2015

I read "Import Contacts from Google Gmail Account in ASP.Net using C# " article [URL] .....

Its very nice, i follow all steps as per article, it working fine. But i face one problem, through this we get only 10 contacts. I need to fetch all contacts present in my email account. What should i do.

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Social Networking :: Google Account API Exception - No Connection Could Be Made Because Target Machine Actively Refused It

May 7, 2015

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it when the project deploy in IIS. But it is fine running the project in localhost. How to fix the error?

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VS 2005 Is It Possible To Use Facebook Account As A Login To Another Site

May 18, 2010

I am wondering - can you create a site that uses a users facebook credentials? I have heard they are using open ID but I don't know a lot about it, I found info about creating facebook apps with ASP.NET however I am really looking to let users sign in with their facebook ID so they don't have to sign up for another service.

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Security :: Login Page Using Domain Account?

Feb 8, 2010

I am trying to build a login page as follows.On the machine on which i want to host the application i have a windows administrators group in which some windows domain users are.Now on building the login page i only want those people to access the application on login. What is the best way to acomplish this.

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C# - SPFile.CheckoutBy Gives System / Account Instead Of Login

Jan 18, 2011

Description: i am user user1 (which is also the user of the app pool of sharepoint, so when i logon with user user1 it says welcome system account).

In my code, i want to test if a file is checked out by user 1, so the result of the following:

file.CheckedOutBy.LoginName.ToLower() == userName.ToLower())

is always false (which is not correct), CheckOutby value is (Sharepoint system) while username value is (user1). Im using SP2010

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Web Forms :: Account Activation Login Module

Mar 29, 2012

I make a login module. In registration page email is sent to user to activate the account.on login page what should i used code to not login the user who not acctivate the account .My code is

 Try con.Open()           
Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("select status from signup where name =" & "'" & txtname.Text & "'" & "and
password=" & "'" & txtpassword.Text & "'", con)           
Dim value As [Object] = cmd.ExecuteScalar()          
If value Is Nothing Then Label1.Text = "Invalid Login. Please Try Again!"   

[CODE] ....

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Web Forms :: How To Login Host Web Mail Account Through Application

Oct 12, 2010

In my application i have two textboxes txt1 and txt2, and a push button btn1, when the user enters his USERNAME and PASSWORD and press the push button, the application should directly connect to gmail and has to login into his gmail Account....


and also for gmail with same code.

but i dont khonw how can i distribute this for my web mail account because i dont khow urls and id and name that must give in the code

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MVC :: LoginUrl Setting In Web.config And Always Redirects To ~/Account/Login

Oct 24, 2010

i just have asp.net mvc 3 beta installed, and i get an issue with loginUrl.

my little project works fine with asp.net mvc 3 preview, but now it always ignores my loginUrl setting in web.config and always redirects me to ~/Account/Login.

i follow the instructions, install WebPages first then mvc 3 beta.

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Security :: How To Create Separate Login Account For Members

Sep 22, 2010

I have developed a web application in which i manage details of different companies,,,for that i as admin add companies and their details in my database...right now my role is administrator in my web application

The problem is everytime i have to update company details and other information

I want companies to update their own information...

so how i can create a role and create usernames for companies so that they can login to their individual accounts and update the company information by themselves ?

One important thing of my requirement: One company can have multiple usernames accounts..

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Not Redirecting To The Login Page After Deleting The Admin Account?

Nov 11, 2010

I have a user management section in which I have created two roles admin and user.the functionality is... admin can login in into user management wizard and can delete any other user. It is working fine. and here is the problem..I am logging as admin and after deleting myself i am able to navigate to any other page untill i logout. But what i need is once i am deleting my account i should not be allowed to navigate to any other page instead it has to be directed to login page.

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Security :: Building Login Form Via Goolge Account?

Jan 5, 2010

I'm trying to build a login form to authenticate google account using asp.net, I have read and found something but It's not clear.

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Security :: Login The Account With The Modifiedusernameproperly?

Aug 31, 2010

I have a site where I am using asp.net membership login. I have multiple companies creating login accounts, to minimize name collision I would like to append the company name on the end of the username during the login process. I can determine the company based on the url. I am able to authenticate the user in onauthenticate, but I am not sure how to actually login the account with the modified username properly.

Example: I use login JohnSmith

I append JohnSmith@company1 behind the scenes. And I authenticate the user in the onauthenticate event using validate user with this modified name.However, I really haven't stopped the JohnSmith account from being used so none of the Profile stuff works. this ability located in on loggingin or onlogged in events?

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How To Disable Login For Users In Membership By Locking Account

Aug 15, 2012

I created a user manually using Membership.CreateUser(). User created successfully but as soon user create Logged In User's tasks display. I want to use DisableCreatedUser() some how. or is any method to disable it?

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Connection String And User Login Create Account Database?

Aug 5, 2010

Is it possible to insert a connection string into a web.config file if it isnt there?Would this work?The connection string is for a APS.NET user login and create account database.

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Social Networking :: Login With Microsoft Windows Live Account

May 7, 2015

how to login with Microsoft Account in ASP.Net Website using C#

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Security :: How To Logout From Account Totally And Return Control To The Login Page

Apr 19, 2010

I want to logout from my account totally and return control to the Login page.I m not using Any Master Page

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Configuration :: IIS 6.0 With Custom Service Account - Login Password Required Every Time?

Jun 4, 2010

I just finished setting up the environment for an ASP based web app on a Windows Server 2003 machine, IIS 6.0, ASP.NET 4.0., with custom service account.This is not a domain based setup, so I have created mirrored logins on both servers (WEB server and SQL Server 2005). Everything works just fine except the fact that every time I try to browse the main page, a login pop-up window will request login password confirmation. I tried many things so far. Making sure IIS is in NTLM Authentication mode, checking access rights for the local login I created, workarounds I found on MSDN, etc.

This happens only if I change the Directory Security to not allow anonymous access (Authenticated Access - Integrated Windows authentication only). If I keep both, or only anonymous, everything works fine.Is this the intended behavior? Am I doing something wrong here?I already tried everything I found on MSDN regarding these types of errors. If I do not enter a password for three times in a row, the error says "HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized - Access is denied due to invalid credential."

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Security :: Allow Clients To Login To Website And Connect To Specific Server Based On Login

Jul 5, 2010

We have created a windows application which is distributed amongst our clients. The application uses SQL Server 2008 as the back end and each client uses their own database on their own server. The databases are all exactly the same but each clients data is specific only to them.

We would like to offer our clients the ability to log-in to our website which would then login to their own database so that when they are out in the field they can perform similar tasks to what they can do with the windows app.Each of the clients databases has a user table containing their login details, permissions etc.

Our server is running on IIS and has SQL Server 2008 installed but it only contains our data and nothing of the clients.How should we go about this?

What I mean is do we need to make each client have an additional login to our main server which would then hold each clients individual connection strings etc which would then be used to connect to there specific database and then they would need to login again?? Seems like a nightmare for the user.

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