MVC :: Controller Not Called From Actionlink Or RedirectToAction

Mar 4, 2011

I am new to MVC2 and have hit a wall. When I use an action link to jump back to a previous page that I have already been on, my controller is not called but the page is rendered correctly. Is this some sort of caching that I am not aware of? This also happens with a RedirectToAction call from another Controller. rfm is the Model...

return RedirectToAction("Search", rfm);

Here is the actionlink...

<%: Html.ActionLink("Search", "Search", "Reference")%>

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MVC :: RedirectToAction Crashing When A Controller Is Specified?

May 18, 2010

I've been using MVC since the previews of 1.0 and I think I know what I'm doing, but for the life of me I can not figure out why sometimes when I use RedirectToAction it crashes saying there is no route available. Consider this in MVC 2.0:

I'm registering on my site and I first hit the SiteController, which does its magic then I am to be redirected to my new dashboard, controlled by the... DashboardController. I never make it there. I specify the action and the controller in the redirect call, but it still crashes and burns. The only thing I can possible think of is because the DashboardController is its own area, but that still doesn't help me because by my understanding it should still work regardless.

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Passing A Controller As A Parameter - Can't Get To RedirectToAction Method

Jun 15, 2010

My method looks like:

public static RedirectToResult(Controller controller, ...)

when I do:


I don't see RedirectToAction, how come?

I get RedirectToAction from within the controller's action, but not when I pass the controller as a parameter to another classes method.

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MVC :: Cannot Call Different Controller Using Actionlink?

Feb 5, 2010

I have one problem with actionlink. My Example is: i have one view and controller named as XYZ.aspx and XYZ.vb controller , in this view i put below line

<%=Html.ActionLink("Manage", "Index", "Advertisement", New With {.aintCampaignid = Cam.CampaignID})%>

I have another view and controller named as Index.aspx and Advertisement.vb if click on manage link in XYZ view it will call to advertisement controller and index function But iam getting [URL], it wont call ..

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MVC :: Possible ActionLink To A Different View / Controller?

May 13, 2010

I have the following code and wanted to know how to use the ActionLink par to to a page with a seperate controller/view and pass the Mode.ProjectId into this other controller/view.

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MVC :: Display Html.Actionlink Through Controller?

Oct 16, 2010

I am trying to display Html.Actionlink through controller(MVC). Here is the example what am trying to do...

public string test(){
string testString = "<%: html.ActionLink('click', 'test', new AjaxOptions() { UpdateTargetId = 'test' }) %>";
return testString;

i want to display testString in view. but am not getting the actionlink in view..i can display anchors which is given below:-

public string test(){
string testString = "<a href ="test"> click here</a>";
return testString;

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Controller AJAX Method To Return ActionLink

Apr 4, 2011

I am fairly new to MVC and just trying to achieve something which I think shouldn't be too complicated to achieve. Just want to know what the best approach for that is. I have an Event-RSVP application (NerdDinner kind) where you go to view details of the event and then click on an AJAX link that will RSVP you for the event.

if (Model.HasRSVP(Context.User.Identity.Name))

You are registered for this event!

Ajax.ActionLink("Click here if you can't make it!", "CancelRegistration", "RSVP", new { id = Model.RSVPs.FirstOrDefault(r => r.AttendeeName.ToLower() == User.Identity.Name.ToLower()).RSVPID }, new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "QuickRegister"})

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Make Mvc Configurable Html.ActionLink Controller / Method

May 7, 2010

I have ascx partial view with html-layout like that

<%=Html.ActionLink<PersonController>(x => x.Publications(param1, param2, ... )) %>

My ascx is pretty big & I'd like to reuse it, changing controller/method in Html.ActionLink with another controller/method. Method of another controller has the same signature as PersonController.Publications. Whats best way how to make controller/method configurable for my layout.

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Html.actionlink Doesn't Pass Parameter To Controller Action

May 12, 2010

m having problem in passing parameter to controller action, i have done the following

Url.Action("SchoolDetails","School",new{id=item.SchoolId}) and my controller action follows

public ActionResult SchoolDetails(string schoolId,_ASI_School schoolDetail)
schoolDetail = SchoolRepository.GetSchoolById(schoolId);
return View(schoolDetail);

i dn't know why the schoolId above in action is getting null..

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MVC :: How To Check In Controller Where The Maproute It Was Called

Nov 29, 2010

This two maproute maps to the same controller, how to check in the controller which maproute it was called from?

routes.MapRoute( _
"Categories", _
"category/15", _


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Controller Method Not Always Called From $.getJSON Request?

Mar 9, 2010

I have a controller method that returns a jSON object and in one calling situation, it works and in another calling situation, it does not work. When the URL in my browser is this:

http://localhost:65247/Client -- it works.

But, when my url looks like this:

http://localhost:65247/Client/UserAdmin?id=6 -- it DOES NOT work

In a nutshell, clients have users. From within the client, I wish to work on a specific user (this is the UserAdmin view). In this case, the client id is 6. From within the UserAdmin view that was launched with Id=6, I then wish to select a user from a dropdown. The idea was to use javascript and $.getJSON to fetch data for the specific user so as not to have to refresh the entire page. I use this approach in other parts of the app. The only difference I can see is with the URL in the browser. It would appear the presence of parameters via the '?' is futzing things up a bit.

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.NET MVC Controller FileContent ActionResult Called From JQuery?

Feb 10, 2010

I have a controller method "SaveFile" that attempts to download a binary stream to client's PC using the FileContentResult. If I make the call as a post from the controller corresponding view everything works OK. I want to call the same controller method "SaveFile" from a jquery function via an .ajax call, when I do the function returns an error and the responseText is the contents of the file to be written. What would I have to do to get the same behavior from a jQuery function as if the MVC framework handled the call via the submit button? Or an alternate solution would be to determine how can I catch the browser's download dialog close event.

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MVC ::Session Variables Called From The Owning Controller?

Feb 19, 2011

I'm calling an action from another controller using this code


But inside "ApproveOperation" action, I needed the Session variables. It seems when I called it from another controller (not the owning controller), the Session variables can not be accessed (null value).How can I get the same Session variables just like it was called from the owning controller?

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MVC :: Can't Reach Controller - Javascript Library And Method Called From View

Jul 23, 2010

I have a javascript library and in there i have a method that is called from my view. Here it is:

<li><a href="javascript:void 0" onclick="deleteAll('image', '<%= ViewData["FileGroupId"]%>')"><div><%=GetGlobalResourceObject("default", "Delete_all") %></div><div></div></a></li>
and here is my js code in the javascript library:
var deleteAll = function(module, groupId) {
jConfirm(_deleteConfirmAll, _deleteAll, function(r) {
if (r) {
cache: false,
type: "POST",
url: _baseUrl + "/" + module + "/deleteall/" + groupId,
success: function(msg) {
if (msg == '0') {
location.href = _baseUrl + '/' + module;
else {
jAlert(msg, _errorTitle);
My problem is that i cant reach my controller. Here is my controller code:
#region common methods
List<.CMS.Core.File> GetList(int groupId)
List<CMS.Core.File> list = new List<CMS.Core.File>();
CMS.Core.FileFilter filter = new CMS.Core.FileFilter();
filter.GroupId = groupId;
int res = CMS.Core.File.Search(_connection, filter, ref list);
return list;
public ActionResult DeleteAll(int groupId)
List<CMS.Core.File> list = GetList(groupId);
foreach (File item in list)
return Json(list);
And at last her is my Index method
public ActionResult Index(int? id)
if (Request.IsAjaxRequest())
JsonPaging paging = new JsonPaging();
int offset = 0;
int page = 0;
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["page"]))
Int32.TryParse(Request.QueryString["page"], out page);
if (page > 0)
offset = (page * paging.PageSize) - paging.PageSize;
FileFilter filter = new FileFilter();
filter.Deleted = false;
filter.MaxRecords = paging.PageSize;
filter.Offset = offset;
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["keywords"]))
filter.FilterType = FilterTypes.AND;
filter.Name = Request.QueryString["keywords"].ToString();
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["sort"]))
filter.OrderBy = Request.QueryString["sort"].ToString();
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["direction"]))
filter.OrderBy = filter.OrderBy + " " + Request.QueryString["direction"].ToString();
if (id > 0)
filter.GroupId = id.Value;
List<CMS.Core.File> items = new List<CMS.Core.File>();
int results = CMS.Core.File.Search(_connection, filter, ref items);
foreach (CMS.Core.File current in items)
JsonItem item = new JsonItem();
item.Id = current.Id;
item.Name = current.Name;
item.ImageText = current.ImageText;
item.Aperture = current.Aperture;
item.TakenOn = current.TakenOn;
item.Camera = current.Camera;
item.ExposureTime = current.ExposureTime;
item.FocalLenght = current.FocalLenght;
item.Tags = current.Tags;
item.Url = current.Url;
item["Active"] = current.Active.ToString();
item["Created"] = current.Created.ToString();
return Json(paging, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
ViewData["FileGroupId"] = id;
return View();

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MVC :: Controller Base Class Initialize() And OnActionExecuting() Not Called When Unit Testing?

Nov 16, 2010

I'm using a simple base class for my controller that sets a piece of ViewData and makes use of the HttpContext. My understanding is that I need to put this code in Initialize() or OnActionExecuting(). I tried both, but believe Initialize() is what I want.

This works when running the app in VS just fine.

I wrote a unit test that calls the action and checks the ViewData for the expected value. When unit testing, neither method is called.

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C# - Using Grasp Controller With MVC Controller - How To Make An Object Always Visible For A Controller

Dec 28, 2010

UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development, that follows the UP(Unified Process). It uses a Grasp Controller pattern to interact with domain classes by some methods like NewSale(), AddNewItemToSale() and CloseSale. In windows form, I can instantiate a object of this class in the UI and then use its methods to perform the actions. This works well in Client apps, but when I use mvc, I cannot find a way to instantiate an object (one for each user) that was always visible for a Controller (MVC). I cannot insert as an attribute inside Controller because it always create a new one.

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RedirectToAction Usage In Mvc

Dec 6, 2010

i want to make some questions about MVC,actually,i am not familiar with web developing.

But,i am assigned for web part.we are using like this.first,we create get set
properties for person data

public class Person
public int personID {get;set;}
public string personName {get;set;}
public string nric {get;set;}

and then after login,we put data in that class and we use RedirectToAction method like this,

return RedirectToAction("profile","person",new { personID = Person.personID});

it's working normally,but,parameter are shown at URL,how i hide them and also can i hide action name?

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MVC :: Using ModelState With RedirectToAction?

May 18, 2010

I have created a custom validation attribute for a class. The validation is actually against one property of the class, but since it needs to be compared to another property of the class at runtime, I had to pull in everything from the input form, perform the validation and output the errors. This being the case, I manually added a ModelError to ModelState if the ModelStats.IsValid returned false. I have another thread that goes into this, as I still haven't been able to make the client-side validation work for the custom validation (built-in validation runs client-side without a problem).

Here's the issue: I want to use the Post/Redirect/Get pattern to avoid issues where users refresh their page and cause another post of the form data. If I complete my Controller action and return a View after assigning an error with ModelState.AddModelError, I get the user feedback with the red input field and error message shown. However, just returning a View like this makes you vulnerable to the repeated posts issue. I want to use RedirectToAction to perform a get and avoid this problem, but when I do that I no longer have the ModelState error feedback on my rendered View. Here're the calls I'm making:


I'd like to be able to redirect to a get action and retain the ModelState.

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MVC :: Passing Int Value From RedirectToAction Method?

Nov 15, 2010

I want to pass a int value using RedirectToAction() method .

Here i have a Action method Index() which takes 1 parameter id in most of the cases this id cannot be null.

When i submit the form using Action method Edit(), i want to come again on Index page,so i am using method RedirectToAction("Index")

but here with Action Name i want to pass the id also. How can i do it?

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Is There A Strongly Typed RedirectToAction In MVC 2

Oct 2, 2010

I wish to do something like this:

return RedirectToAction<SomeController>(c => Index(someparameter));

How to do this ?

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Use Custom Route With RedirectToAction ( Mvc)

Mar 8, 2011

I use the RedirectToAction with parameters in my action method

return RedirectToAction("ListThreads", "View", new { category = "1", subcategory = "49"});
After redirect the url comes out like this
I want it to be generated like

How to do it?

Note : I already have a route in global.asax that is used by all the pages/links.

new { controller = "View", action = "ListThreads", category = "", subcategory = "" }

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MVC :: RedirectToAction And Instance Of Class?7

Jan 27, 2010

I've a class that hold all the necessary properties. I want to pass the instance of that class in RedirectToAction. Right now, I can pass the instance but the action to which it redirect, doesn't receive that same instance. The target action has new instance of class.

AbcFilter a = new AbcFilter();
Public ActionResult AbcAction(AbcFilter a)
{// this method receives the "a" as new instance, but not the same that I pass in RedirectToAction

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MVC :: Unit Tests For Action Which Uses RedirectToAction?

Oct 13, 2010

I have Action method in a controller which uses RedirectToAction(actionName, routeValues[])I want to write the unit test for action method to check the following - 1. action name2. ViewData after executing the RedirectToAction.

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MVC2 And MVC Futures Causing RedirectToAction?

Apr 12, 2010

I've been trying to get the strongly typed version of RedirectToAction from the MVC Futures project to work, but I've been getting no where. Below are the steps I've followed, and the errors I've encountered.

I created a new MVC2 app and changed the About action on the HomeController to redirect to the Index page.

Return RedirectToAction("Index")

However, I wanted to use the strongly typed extensions, so I downloaded the MVC Futures from CodePlex and added a reference to Microsoft.Web.Mvc to my project.

I addded the following "import" statement to the top of HomeContoller.vb

Imports Microsoft.Web.Mvc

I commented out the above RedirectToAction and added the following line:

Return RedirectToAction(Of HomeController)(Function(c) c.Index())

So far, so good. However, I noticed if I uncomment out the first (non Generic) RedirectToAction, it was now causing the following compile error:

Error 1 Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'RedirectToAction' can be called with these arguments:
Extension method 'Public Function RedirectToAction(Of TController)(action As System.Linq.Expressions.Expression(Of System.Action(Of TController))) As System.Web.Mvc.RedirectToRouteResult' defined in 'Microsoft.Web.Mvc.ControllerExtensions': Data type(s) of the type parameter(s) cannot be >inferred from these arguments. Specifying the data type(s) explicitly might correct this error.
Extension method 'Public Function RedirectToAction(action As System.Linq.Expressions.Expression(Of System.Action(Of HomeController))) As System.Web.Mvc.RedirectToRouteResult' defined in 'Microsoft.Web.Mvc.ControllerExtensions': Value of type 'String' cannot be converted to 'System.Linq.Expressions.Expression(Of System.Action(Of mvc2test1.HomeController))'.

Even though intelli-sense was showing 8 overloads (the original 6 non-generic overloads, plus the 2 new generic overloads from the Futures assembly), it seems when trying to complie the code, the compiler would only 'find' the 2 non-gneneric extension methods from the Futures assessmbly.

I thought this might be an issue that I was using conflicting versions of the MVC2 assembly, and the futures assembly, so I added MvcDiaganotics.aspx from the Futures download to my project and everytyhing looked correct:

ASP.NET MVC Assembly Information (System.Web.Mvc.dll)

Assembly version: ASP.NET MVC 2 RTM (2.0.50217.0)
Full name: System.Web.Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35
Code base: file:///C:/WINDOWS/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Web.Mvc/
Deployment: GAC-deployed

ASP.NET MVC Futures Assembly Information (Microsoft.Web.Mvc.dll)

Assembly version: ASP.NET MVC 2 RTM Futures (2.0.50217.0)
Full name: Microsoft.Web.Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Code base: file:///xxxx/bin/Microsoft.Web.Mvc.DLL
Deployment: bin-deployed

This is driving me crazy! Becuase I thought this might be some VB issue, I created a new MVC2 project using C# and tried the same as above.

I added the following "using" statement to the top of HomeController.cs

using Microsoft.Web.Mvc;

This time, in the About action method, I could only manage to call the non-generic RedirectToAction by typing the full commmand as follows:

return Microsoft.Web.Mvc.ControllerExtensions.RedirectToAction<HomeController>(this, c => c.Index());

Even though I had a "using" statement at the top of the class, if I tried to call the non-generic RedirectToAction as follows:

return RedirectToAction<HomeController>(c => c.Index());

I would get the following compile error:

Error 1 The non-generic method 'System.Web.Mvc.Controller.RedirectToAction(string)' cannot be used with type arguments

What gives? It's not like I'm trying to do anything out of the ordinary.It's a simple vanilla MVC2 project with only a reference to the Futures assembly.

I'm hoping that I've missed out something obvious, but I've been scratching my head for too long, so I figured I'd seek some assisstance.

If anyone's managed to get this simple scenario working (in VB and/or C#)

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MVC :: Nested RedirectToAction After JQuery Post?

Jun 6, 2010

i built an MVC application, in one of my views, i'm activating an ActionResult using JQuery.$post in this ActionResult i'm using RdirectToAction to another ActionResult, this ActionResult is really reached and executed, but when i'm trying to use another RdirectToAction from here, its not happened.

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