MVC :: Html.RenderAction In MasterPage Expects Home Controller?

Jun 28, 2010

In my Site.Master View, I have the following line:


If I don't include the string identifying the Controller to use, I get an error stating that the PrimaryNavigation method couldn't be found in the Home Controller. Since the Site.Master View is in the Shared Views folder, I would have thought that the Shared Controller would have been used.

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Html.ActionLink() Gives An Empty Link When Use It Inside Html.RenderAction()?

Feb 18, 2010

I have a Microsoft MVC project with an action "Foo" whose view ("Foo.aspx") contains the lines:

<%= Html.ActionLink("mylinktext1", "bar") %>
<%= Html.ActionLink<MyController>(x => x.Bar(), "mylinktext2") %>

When I hit this from a web browser or load it from an AJAX call, it properly returns:

<a href="/bar">mylinktext1</a>
<a href="/Bar">mylinktext2</a>

But when I call the action from another view like this:

<% Html.RenderAction<MyController>(x => x.Foo()); %>

Then the links are rendered without targets.

<a href="">mylinktext1</a>
<a href="">mylinktext2</a>

Why would this be happening, and how do I work around it?

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C# - Difference Between Url.Action And Html.RenderActionLink And Html.RenderAction

Apr 12, 2010

Whats the difference between Url.Action and Html.RenderActionLink in mvc?

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MVC: When To Use Custom HTML Helper Methods Vs Html.RenderAction

Feb 10, 2010

It's a little unclear for me on when to use a custom helper method and when to use RenderAction and also when to simply use ViewData instead. Some of their functions overlap slightly.

For example, if I were to create a Category navigation bar, would I create a new helper method and place that in some partial view? I had initially though of doing this, but I read on some blog to use RenderAction instead.

Assume the list of categories is coming from some data source.

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Difference Between Html.RenderAction And Html.Action?

Jun 2, 2010

Does anybody know what's the difference between Html.RenderAction and Html.Action?

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MVC :: Pass ID Value To Home Controller Index Action?

Dec 31, 2010

My query is somehow related to passing the id values as parameters in MapRoute on RegisteredRoute method

routes.MapRoute("MachineGroupList:, PhysicalMachine/ListGroupMachine/{used}/Page/{page}", new {controller="PhysicalMachine", action="ListGroupMachine",id="XNA"});

How can i use {used} value in id ?

My Page have:

<%: Html.RouteLink("<<<", "MachineGroupList", new{used=Model.UsedBy,page=(Model.PageIndex-1),id=Model.UsedBy})%>

My controller for this Action is:

public ActionResult ListGroupMachine(string id, int page=0)

Everytime I call this Action the Id should be of groupBy column; over here it is 'Used' First time I have called this Action from <%html.ActionLink("Machine","ListGroupMachine", new {id=Model.UsedBy})%> But in my Html.RouteLink the id object is not identified in MapRoute method...

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.net - Call The RenderAction In Html Helper?

Feb 17, 2010

im extending the htmlhelper. but it i cannot call the renderaction of it.

using System.Text;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using System.Web.Mvc.Html;
public static class ViewHelpers
public static string Text(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, string name, object value, bool isEditMode)
htmlHelper.RenderAction(...) //cannot be called

how can i call the RenderAction?

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MVC :: Pass ID Value To Home Controller Index Action? (like

Jun 18, 2010

I want to have the following URL pattern in my MVC application: -> display welcome page -> display article with ID 5

I have set up my Home Controller like this:


When I request, everything works as expected (the Index action is invoked with the ID parameter set to NULL).

But when I request it says: HTTP 404 Resource not found. When I request it works.

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MVC Rendering (RenderPartial, RenderAction) Html From Another MVC Application

Sep 9, 2010

I am working in an environment with many teams who are responsible for specific content on pages. Each team is sharing specific information (common class libraries, and master pages) that each are going deliver different types of content.Is it possible for an MVC application to do something similar to RenderPartial and pass a model to another MVC application Controller/Action to return content?

So the code for this might look like:

<% Html.RenderAction("", "Home", "Index", AdModel) %>

Maybe this is not a good idea as another thread has to spin up to server a partial view?

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Get Html.RenderAction To Call The Get Method On A Post?

Sep 21, 2010

After rendering a view on a Post, a call to RenderAction inside the view will call for the Post method. Is there any way to specify I want to call the Get method instead of the Post?

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RenderAction Not Finding Action Method In Current Controller In Current Area?

Mar 15, 2010

I'm creating an ASP.NET MVC 2 (RTM) project that uses areas. The Index action of the Home controller of one area needs to use RenderAction to generate a sub-section of the page. The action called is also defined in the same Home controller. So the call should just be:

<% Html.RenderAction("List") %>

However, I get an exception:A public action method 'List' was not found on controller 'RareBridge.Web.Areas.Events.Controllers.HomeController'.

Note that I'm not in the "Events" area! I'm in a completely different area. If I remove the "Events" home controller, then the exception still occurs but names a different controller (still not the one I want it to call).

I've also tried providing the controller name and area to the RenderAction method, but the same exception occurs. What is going on here?

BTW: I am using Autofac as my IoC container

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MVC :: RenderAction() Ignores Model Validation, RenderAction() Does Not?

Jun 4, 2010

I'm using MVC 2 and MVC Futures 2.0.50217.0.

I started with a view which repeatedly calls RenderAction(...) to include some external content implemented by another controller in my application. This is from the containing view:


The subModel objects are instances of the model for the MyController.MyAction view which has some Data Annotations validation attributes upon it. MyController.MyAction checks the model state is valid before it renders its view and chooses a view appropriately. This works fine.

However, if I use the MVC Futures' strongly typed helper to call RenderAction like so:


...then the validation is not performed. Or at least, the model state does not indicate that the model is invalid.

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MVC :: HttpException In Html.RenderAction After Installing Visual Studio 2010 Pro RTM?

Apr 13, 2010

I get an HttpException (details below) after installing Visual Studio 2010 Pro RTM in an application developed using Visual Studio 2010 RC. The platform used was ASP.NET MVC2 RTW (already under VS10 RC).

I first uninstalled all RC software and even ASP.NET MVC 2, and then did a "clean" install of VS10 RTM. The ASP.NET MVC 2 version now installed on my dev machine is 2.0.50217.0.

Exception Message: Error executing child request for handler 'System.Web.Mvc.HttpHandlerUtil+ServerExecuteHttpHandlerAsyncWrapper'.

InnerException Message: <FilePath>ViewsLanguageRenderLanguageNavigation.ascx(6): error BC30451: 'Model' is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.

The error occurs on this "Html.RenderAction":


The "LanguageController" just calls into another service function as below:


Does anybody have an idea what is causing the problem?


By the way, I might also share the actual view (partial view) that would show the languages to select from:


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MVC :: Can Access Masterpage Dropdown Value In Controller Action

Jan 17, 2011

I have a masterpage on which i displays groups that user can access now i want to gets its selected value in other controllers for saving with the records. I want to know if it is possible in mvc 2 and if not then what is the way around for it

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MVC :: How To Pass The Value In Main View To Partial View When Using Html.RenderAction

Jan 27, 2011

Let's say there is a textbox and a dropdownlist in mainview page, these two values are used by three partial views as well. when I use Html.RenderAction to post action to those three partial views, how to pass these two values to those partial views and in those views how to get these two values as a part of a object to send to database.

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MVC :: Transferring Home Page Rank From A Traditional HTML To An Mvc Website?

Jun 20, 2010

i have been recently requested from a client to upgrade his static html web site (hosted from another provider) to a new mvc web application (hosted from my provider). The current home page rank is 3/10 and i woul not like to lose it ehwn transferring the hosting DNS to another hosting provider company.

Is it possible to keep the home page rank? I am realy not interested in all the other pages.

Also, my home page can be accessed via [URL] disadvantage when comes to SEO?

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MVC :: Why Isn't Views / Home / Home.Master File Published When Publish Website

Aug 19, 2010

I spent the better part of today hunting down an elusive error. I was getting a message saying that it couldn't find the Index view for the Home controller, and it gave a list of locations it searched, e.g., ~/Views/Home/Index.aspx. This was really confusing as the file definitely existing and was at ~/Views/Home/Index.aspx, the first place in the list of locations it searched for the view!

What I eventually discovered was that there was a file that did not get published when I used Visual Studio's "Publish" feature (this is on the "Build" menu). That file was Views/Home/Home.master, and (as you can probably guess) is the master file used by Views/Home/Index.aspx. Once I copied that file into place manually, it started working. But I am left wondering--why??? Why does this file not get published? It's a part of my project, I can see it in the solution explorer, and it's obviously a critical file that's necessary for the MVC app to run. It has the same permissions as every other file in my project. So why wouldn't it get copied? And how can I fix it so it does get copied?

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Make MasterPage In HTML For An HTML Website?

Jun 14, 2010

I don't have a knowledge developing website in pure html.

I have good knowledge of web development in


Instead of coding for menus on every page, I want to make a Masterpage and put all menus/submenus in it.

How to make masterpage in html?

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Web Forms :: How To Convert Home.aspx To (

May 13, 2010

when i hover over my links the url are usually like home.aspx, about.aspx, contact_us.aspx etc

what's the way to make these page name appear like, etc?

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Javascript - How To Run Jquery Script If Html Page Is The Home Page

Sep 14, 2010

I'm working with an external team with our website and they recently added one of my scripts to the .NET MasterPage of the site... well it did finally get my script running but now... it loads Banners on 'every' page on the site.

How can I write an 'if' statement that basically says... if this is the home page... run this script... if not don't...?

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Access Html.BeginForm Declared In MasterPage From Child?

Feb 8, 2011

I've run into an instance where I'd like to change the Enctype of the form declared in my current view's master page. I'd like to make the change in order to support attachments via Request.Files.

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HTML - Why Page Is Blank When Include Mootools In MVC 2 Masterpage

Mar 23, 2011

I included mootools le this

<script language="javascript" src='<%# ResolveClientUrl("~/Scripts/mootools-core-1.3.1-full-compat.js")%>' type="text/javascript"/>

It compiles but when running it's blank page. If I remove page shows up again.

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Web Forms :: Iterate Through Html Links On Page From Masterpage?

Jan 17, 2010

I have programatically added javascript to HyperLink controls on all pages in my site from the Masterpage as it is served up.

I have a new problem. I have a Masterpage wrapper around html pages without controls in them. Using the Masterpage, I need to parse through all html hrefs in each page and add javascript to each link if it includes "http" or ".pdf". Can the Masterpage parse the text of each page and programatically change it?

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Enable HTML Dropdown Through Controller In Mvc

Oct 25, 2010

i have an scenario where i have to perform some action according to selection of the
dropdown .

for basic refrence you can use the example of country,state,city.

i am able to populate the country list at that time i have set the other two drop downs to

after the countries are populated i want to select the is getting populated .

two problems

1) how to retain the state of country ddl as it is coming back to its orisnal state.

2) how to enable the drop down through my controller.


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MVC :: How To Pass Html.TextBox To Controller

Jan 14, 2010

I've a controller with different actions that calls the DB code and return result. I want to pass the value of text box to different actions in controller.

How to do it? I know that, I can pass values by using form. But, I don't to know how to call different actions in controller from single view.

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