MVC :: Nerddinner LogOn And Authentication Method?

Mar 14, 2011

i created a mvc project and looked to account controller LogOn action method. methood defined as bottom.



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MVC :: Get Same Nerddinner.Entities As Mvc Sample Nerddinner Using ADO Entity Framework

Oct 10, 2010

DbClick the code behind file of NerdDiner.edmx,It reads "This code was generated from a template." on the top comment lines. I generate my own .edmx file automatically with VS2010, just found that the .designer.cs file didnt contains Objectset,Methods as nerddinner does IDK which template hanselman used to generate this .edmx files´╝îdont tell me he wrote it all by himself! Shoud .edmx and its code behind file be generated automaticlly without hard-coding?

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Security :: Using Logon Form With Windows Authentication?

Oct 13, 2010

I have created an Intranet site using windows authentication based on role membership. It is working great. My Web.config is shown below.

<authentication mode="Windows" />
<roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider="AspNetWindowsTokenRoleProvider" />
<allow roles="D820Developers, D820IT, D820Staff, D820Providers, D820Supervisors, D820Directors, D820Interns" />
<deny users="?"/>

Now my user wants the capability of being able to login to the intranet site as another user. For example, IT guy needs to login on a user's system to set some data.

I have created a standard MS Login Page. However when I try to login on the page I get the message

Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again

I do not have a database (aspnetdb.mdf) storing user information but login against the active directory. Can you use the login form with windows authentication without a database?

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Configuration :: MVC 2 On IIS 7.5 Forms Authentication - Can't Find LogOn Page?

Aug 30, 2010

I've got an MVC 2 app that works fine when launching from VS 2010. However, when I deploy (using File System on the server in the same box) and attempt to run I get the error shown below. The wierd thing is that the Physical path shows: C:inetpubwwwrootWorksheetsSiteWorksheetsAccountLogOn which leaves out the "View" folder in the path.


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Security :: Force To Show To The Logon Popup When The Session Is Timeout In Integrated Windows Authentication Enabled Website

May 31, 2010

I am trying to force to show to the Logon popup when the session is timeout in Integrated Windows Authentication Enabled website. The session_timeout is firing during the session timeout, but the User.Identity.IsAuthenticated is true. How force to use the Windows Logon Screen when the session is timeout.

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Security :: Authentication Method - Enable Anoymous Access And Basic Authentication?

Jul 14, 2010

This could be very straight forward for some of you, but I got caught up. I am doing very simple test - browsing from IIS Manager to see the default page or "under Construction", however I am being challenged to provide my login credential . When I provide my login credential, I am able to see the default page. I wanted to see the default page without providing my credential since Enable anoymous access + basic authentication I am simply wanted to see the default page asit is working on other servers except this one. I have included screen print to make sure may question is clear.

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Security :: .net Session And Remember Authentication Method?

Dec 18, 2010

I'm currently developing a website using .net MVC 3 and I'm on the authentication layer...Here is the scenario: user is logged with the "remember me" option checked : a user Session is created on the server as well as the authentication cookie on the client side.The Session timeout is set to 20 minutes.After 25 minutes of inactivity the user goes back onto the website and Session, now expired, does not exist anymore but the authentication cookie still exists

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MVC :: NerdDinner And Logo Link?

Sep 17, 2010

I have uploaded the nerddinner sample to "". When a mouse is on menu tab such as "Find a host" then the link is shown at the bottom of Internet explorer as "" with the contoller name "Dinner". When the mouse is on the main logo which is on top and left, the link shown as "". So it direct me to "" instead of ""

When can I change it? I have tried change the "start url" from the application property, but it did not work.

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MVC :: Change Needed To NerdDinner Mvc Example?

Mar 15, 2010

As I am working thru the NerdDinner MVC example. I found that after implementing step 6 that edits to a dinner were no longer saved. After some investigation I found that I needed to add the ValueProvider to the UpdateModel function call in Edit (HttpPost) example. My updated code is below.


1. Was this code change really necessary?

2. Is there a better way to do it?

Modified Code:


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MVC :: Nerddinner Using The Database From SQL EXPRESS Server

Mar 26, 2010

I have problem when I am working on the NerdDinner tutorial. If I create local database (in the project local) then it is working OK, but if I added connection with the database already existed in the SQL EXPRESS 2005 (using Data Connections -> Add Connection; from the Server Explored in the VS 2008) then I got GPF. Does anyone know how to use the database for server instead of local project?

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Mvc Nerddinner Question Linq To Entities Join?

May 13, 2010

I am working on a website similar to nerddinner. Is it possible to perform similar join
using Linq to entities what is done with linq to sql in nerddinner.I am posting the codes below.

public IQueryable<Dinner> FindByLocation(float latitude, float longitude) {
var dinners = from dinner in FindUpcomingDinners()
join i in db.NearestDinners(latitude, longitude)


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MVC :: NerdDinner: Map / Ends Up On The Exact Same Coordinates On The Map Regardless Of The Address?

Nov 21, 2010

I started a website based on the NerdDinner source code, everything worked fine (more or less) but whenever I post an event, it ends up on the exact same coordinates on the map regardless of the address (Somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea!)

No idea what to do: I didn't alter the map code at all!

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MVC :: Funy Error While Trying To Imitate Nerddinner Datarepository?

Jan 23, 2010

I created a repository, just the way it was done in nerddinner but i cnt seem to get any intellisense on the word "db'..the code is below;


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MVC :: 2 NerdDinner - Data No Longer Saves After Adding ViewModel

Sep 3, 2010

I am creating the NerdDinner application via the Professional ASP.NET MVC 2 book, and once I got to the ViewModel part (pages 88-91), I noticed none of my data was saving any longer. I discovered several errors and areas of confusion in these pages of the book, which I will list now.

Page 88: When it says to add the DinnerFormViewModel class, it doesn't say what folder to add it to. On page 89, the Inherits example (NerdDinner.Controllers.DinnerFormViewModel) implies it was added to the Controllers folder, but if that were so, the code on page 88 would need to use Models.Dinner instead of just Dinner. No big deal; just put it in Models and change the Inherit statement on page 89 to use NerdDinner.Models.DinnerFormViewModel.

Page 89: At the bottom of the page is some wrong code. Since the properties of Dinner are now one level deeper, all references to m.Title, m.Country, etc, need to be m.Dinner.Title, m.Dinner.Country, etc. The statements above the code are also incorrect ("Notice... we are not changing the names of the input elements... the form elements will still be named...") -- the form elements will actually change from "Title", "Country", etc to "Dinner_Title", "Dinner_Country", etc.

Page 90 (Code Snippet 1-53): This was the one that broke the data saving. Now that the form elements have prefixes, the TryUpdateModel(dinner) needs to pass a prefix, like TryUpdateModel(dinner, "Dinner"). This will append "Dinner_" to the element names so that they can be found on the form.

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MVC :: NerdDinner Sample - How Does Delete Work - How To Control Deletes

Jun 7, 2010

I am still at the elementary stages of Linq To Sql and Entities usage. I started practicing MVC developement by following the NerdDinner tutorial here at, and I back myself up with fully developed NerdDinner sample (1.0 -- still on VS2008). I am also at the first half of the NerdDinner tutorial (I think -- maybe I'm further along) - so far I have gotten up to the Delete View. In the fully developed sample I noted that it uses ascx file (which I guess I will find out if the tutorial also will use
ascx files down the road). My sample app, which I am developing from the tutorial, seems to work OK so far. My issue is that I am not clear how the Delete mechanism works. In the DinnerRepository.cs I have this code (from the tutorial):


It looks like a dinner object is being passed to these mechanisms and the delete occurs based on a row ID value. But what if I wanted to delete multiple rows - say where ID between 15 and 20 - how to go about this? I was looking for a Delete statement but am not finding it either in what I have developed so far from my tutorial sample or from the fully developed sample. How can I control Deletes in MVC?

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MVC :: Nerddinner Repository Dinner Edit Fails To Save?

Dec 10, 2010

I'm trying to use the Nerddinner as a model to built my own project. I'm using the repository method but I cannot fiqure out why the Edit does not save to the database. I tested in the Nerddinner and it failed to save as well. Is this not functional in Nerdinner or could it be due to me using VS 2010 express?

I also started using MVC3 so I thought that could be the problem. I did some testing and was able to get my Edit to update to the database if I have the controller access the database instead of the repository.

Here's the relevant code from NerdDinner:


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Visual Studio 2010 Express C# Limitations When Develop The Nerddinner Mvc Website

Jan 22, 2011

I am trying to develop the nerddinner mvc website, so I downloaded Visual Studio 2010 Express but I do not see an option for MVC or even website. Can I download this for Visual Studio?

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C# - What's The Difference: Windows Authentication, Passport Authentication And Form Authentication

Sep 17, 2010

Just going to start making a web application and was wondering which was better, or at least what are the main differences between them (as it probably matters what I am using them for)?

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Concurrent Viewing And Logon ID?

Aug 19, 2010

I am a windows application developer doing a web application with and SQL 2008 for the first time.I have developed a web application where users are supposed to view a file after selecting from a listbox. I then pick the users logon ID from windows then store in database and produce statistical reports later. It was working fine on my local machine till i deployed it on server to make it accessible on the intranet. The server OS is Windows 2008 Server and runs IIS. My issues are as follows,1. The application is unable to store the user logon id from the client.2. When more than one user uses the application, then there are errors but one user does not produce errors.

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VS 2008 Concurrent Viewing And Logon ID?

Jun 7, 2010

I am a windows application developer doing a web application with and SQL 2008 for the first time.

I have developed a web application where users are supposed to view a file after selecting from a listbox. I then pick the users logon ID from windows then store in database and produce statistical reports later. It was working fine on my local machine till i deployed it on server to make it accessible on the intranet. The server OS is Windows 2008 Server and runs IIS. My issues are as follows,

1. The application is unable to store the user logon id from the client.
2. When more than one user uses the application, then there are errors but one user does not produce errors.

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SQL Server :: Sql Native Client For Logon CR?

Sep 25, 2010

As i have developed my application with crystal report using sql server 2005.... on windows xp OS machine x86

My hosting provider is using sql server 2008 on windows server 2008 OS x64...

Please let me know the sql native client version of ms sql server 2005
and sql native client version of ms sql server 2008

will sql native client version of ms sql server 2005 will work on sql native client version of ms sql server 2008..

or we need the same sql native client version of ms sql server 2005 to run my crystal report

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MVC :: 2 File Referencing From Within LogOn.aspx

Apr 10, 2010

I have written a custom membership provider for my MVC 2 app, and it all works fine. I wanted to force people to log in as soon as they went to the site, so set the authorization section of the web config to deny annonymous users. As expected, when you try and access the site, it re-routes you straight to the LogOn.aspx page. The problem I'm having is that when it initially jumps to the LogOn page, it cannot find any of the files referenced in the html header section.

The strange thing is I set a path to a css file as follows:

yet in the page it shows up as

I even wrote a html helper that uses Url.Content on the paths passed in, but this still does not solve the problem. If I go to the LogOn page after the application has initially loaded, it references all the files correctly.

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Blank LogOn View In MVC Application?

Jul 12, 2010

On Friday I gave a demo of an MVC application using the Authorize attribute on my JobCardController, and all was well. This morning, when I attempt an unauthorized action, I still get redirected to the LogOn view, using the below URL, but I appear to have what my reading tells me is called a White Screen of Death, i.e. nothing but white background and no actions invoked.


ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that I have moved the Account models and services out into my DataObjects and Services projects, but I had done this last week already without this problem.

I'm not asking what is wrong, but what are the common faults that could cause something like this and how can I start debugging this mess?

SOLVED: Somehow an Authorize attribute had landed up on my whole controller class, as in,

public class AccountController : BaseController

I removed that and everything is working again.

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MVC :: RTM Authorize Always Redirects To Account / LogOn?

Feb 7, 2011

I have configured forms authentication for my MVC 3 RTM application. I updated the configuration to the following and set the autoFormsAuthentication per the Gu and StackOverflow to false. However, when my application is deployed to my web server (W2k3 Standard SP2, II6) the controllers marked with [Authorize] are always redirected to /Account/LogOn instead of the configured value.


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Security :: Logon Box Appears Every 5 Minutes?

Jan 8, 2010

I get about 5 minutes of inactivity before a logon box appears for a site I manage. Once logged in, our users must be able to stay logged on all day with no annoying logon popups. This started happening after a change i made to IIS6. We formerly had digest authentication and windows integrated authentication checked and everything worked fine but our users complained because they had to put creds in as <domainuserid>. We want to get rid of the domain requirement. To do this i unchecked windows integrated authentication and added the domain to the "Realm" text box. I can log in now without the domain, and everything works as before but I only get a few minutes before I have to relogon. I tried increasing the connection timout to 36000 and have keep alives checked on the web site property page. I also tried setting the web servers registry setting: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesInetInfoParametersDigestContextCacheTTL to 36000 (ten hours). these changes had no effect that I can see.Our setup:we use SSL and have a test certificate that is expired We are hitting the site on our intranet with IE7 or IE8. The production version of this site is on the internet though.IIS6 on a 2003 serverkeep alives is checkedanonymous authentication is uncheckeddigest authentication is checkedwindows integrated authentication is uncheckedIISRESET was run after each change.

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