MVC :: Nerddinner Repository Dinner Edit Fails To Save?

Dec 10, 2010

I'm trying to use the Nerddinner as a model to built my own project. I'm using the repository method but I cannot fiqure out why the Edit does not save to the database. I tested in the Nerddinner and it failed to save as well. Is this not functional in Nerdinner or could it be due to me using VS 2010 express?

I also started using MVC3 so I thought that could be the problem. I did some testing and was able to get my Edit to update to the database if I have the controller access the database instead of the repository.

Here's the relevant code from NerdDinner:


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MVC :: Get Same Nerddinner.Entities As Mvc Sample Nerddinner Using ADO Entity Framework

Oct 10, 2010

DbClick the code behind file of NerdDiner.edmx,It reads "This code was generated from a template." on the top comment lines. I generate my own .edmx file automatically with VS2010, just found that the .designer.cs file didnt contains Objectset,Methods as nerddinner does IDK which template hanselman used to generate this .edmx files´╝îdont tell me he wrote it all by himself! Shoud .edmx and its code behind file be generated automaticlly without hard-coding?

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Edit Fails On DropDownList

Jun 30, 2010

I have created a Gridview (using ObjectDataSource) for Edit/Updates. I am getting an error on my DropDownList which is configured with the list items Yes and No only for both text and values.

Most of my data in my SQL table has values of either Yes or No, however there are some records that are BLANK or even NULL sometime.These rows fail in my GridView when attempting to Edit.

I tried going into the DDL Edit List items and adding a Blank with and empty value however each time i try to save the page VWD removes it.

How do i account for reverse lookups of all possible values Yes/No/Blank or Empty/NULL in my DDL?

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Web Forms :: Generating RDP Files On Web Server Fails On Save?

Jul 7, 2010

When trying to generate rdp files on a web server with C#, when I try to save the rdp file it always fails with access denied. ASPNET and Network Services has full access, and even added EVERYONE as full permissions and it still won't save?


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Mvc 3 Pre-select Html.DropDownListFor Not Working In Nerd Dinner?

Jan 26, 2011

Learning about dropdown lists, Im trying to add a RSVP create page for nerddinner as in Scott Gu's blog with a Html.DropDownListFor listing available dinners. I can get the dropdown list populated but I cannot get the dropdown to pre select the value ("Sample Dinner 2") I want. Im using an initilizer to seed a few dinner objects in the db. The database is sql ce 4 using a EF 'code first approach'. Sorry I know this is a v common problem and hate to ask, but honestly have spent quite some time on this but cant get it to work:


public class RSVPViewModel
public SelectList DinnersList { get; set; }
public RSVP Rsvp { get; set; }
public string SelectedItem { get; set; }

So is not preselecting the dropdownlist with the value "Sample Dinner 2" when the page loads. The list displays ok and sets the correct DinnerID when I make a selection and click Submit.Tries this also:

@Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.SelectedItem, Model.DinnersList)

but doesnt set or bind to Rsvp.DinnerID.This preselects from the list but doesnt bind (or set Rsvp.DinnerID)


I want to keep it mvc3 so want to implement with strong type using ViewModel approach (no ViewData) and preferably using Html.DropDownListFor (not Html.DropDownList).Viewbag seems unnecessary for this case.Thinking I should be using a selectList of selectListItems I tried this verbose approach :

RSVP rsvp = new RSVP();
string selected = "2";
List<SelectListItem> dinners = new List<SelectListItem>();

foreach (Dinner dinner in dbc.Dinners.ToList())
SelectListItem slDinner = new SelectListItem();
slDinner.Value = dinner.DinnerID.ToString();
slDinner.Text = dinner.Title;
slDinner.Selected = (slDinner.Value == selected);
var dinnersList = new SelectList(dinners, "Value", "Text", selected);
var viewModel = new RSVPViewModel { DinnersList = dinnersList, Rsvp = rsvp, SelectedItem = selected };

However still no work. Should I be making use of the ViewModel SelectedItem property in: @Html.DropDownListFor.. somehow? Something like :@Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.SelectedItem, Model.DinnersList)but how to I get a selected value to set Rsvp.DinnerID. I think thats called binding.

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Web Forms :: Save Data With "" In Textbox Fails Before Savebutton_click

Sep 29, 2010

I'm trying to save the text in a textbox that was loaded from sql server and changed by adding a "<b>" to the text.

The call fails with a Server 500 error, *BEFORE* it even gets to the btnSave_Click.

It's failing somewhere in the Java Script in the dynamic ScriptResource file.

The old text in the box was "This is a test"

I changed the text to "This is a <b>test</b>" and clicked btnSave.

The Java Script it fails at is:


_this._responseAvailable =
_this._xmlHttpRequest.onreadystatechange = Function.emptyMethod;
_this._xmlHttpRequest =
true;try {finally
{if (_this._xmlHttpRequest !=
null) {null;


Which would probably tell me something if I could read Java Script better... but using the immediate window to try and get the value of *anything* just gives me null.

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Open, Edit And Save A Word Document?

May 30, 2010

I want to get a word document from data base by ASP.Net and show it on Internet Explorer, then I want to edit some text and replace this document with the original one, exactly same as Sharepoint. I couldn't find any tutorial or example for this situation.

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DataSource Controls :: Save An Edit In A Gridview?

May 1, 2010

I get this while trying to save an edit in a Gridview. I removed the @albumUID whivh it automaticlly gerneated when a new record is enteredinto the database. BanUID is the only other uniqueidentifier but in this table it is not set to auto generate,I get the same response if I make a Detialviews and unsert.Here's the code

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDSAddAlbum" runat="server"
ConnectionString="<%&#36; ConnectionStrings:MyCDsConnectionStringHome %>"
DeleteCommand="DELETE FROM [Album] WHERE [AlbumUID] = @AlbumUID"


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VS 2010 - Editable Grid That Does Not Save On Every Edit

Aug 7, 2011

I am in need of a very simple grid which the user should be able to edit very quickly. The grid will display a list of food items (name and price) that make up a menu.

My usual approach here is just a GridView bound to a collection of the food items with an Edit button to the left of every row. When the Edit button is clicked I navigate to an Edit page where the user can edit that item and click OK to save it to the database and then go back to the grid page, where the grid is reloaded and shows the edited item.

This approach however is much to slow, the user should be able to edit the grid much more quickly, ideally without posting back (either fully, partially or via ajax).

What I'm thinking is really simple, but I don't have the necessary javascript skill to create this...:

A UserControl that simply creates a new row of TextBoxes for every food item (along with maybe a Delete button). The 'grid' is thus always in 'edit mode' (it always shows the textboxes in every row) and the user can type in any textbox to change the name or price. When this change is made, nothing happens server side, yet. When the user presses Save, I finally run a save method that just checks all rows and saves the new values to the database.

Since the grid is so simple (just Name and Price and the underlying data has a unique Id as well obviously) I think this should be possible, but I wouldn't know how to create this...

I did try, I had a UserControl 'MenuGrid' that was nothing but a PlaceHolder (and two labels for the 'Name' and 'Price' menu headers). It has a DataSource property that I set to a collection of food items in the menu, and then for each of those food items I add a MenuGridRow (another UserControl) to the Placeholder. This MenuGridRow contains two TextBoxes and the Delete button. It also contains a HiddenField control that gets the Id of the food item.

Loading works fine, I can get all the data in this 'grid', but I don't see any way to save it back. Once I changed the items and want to Save on the server, I don't see any way to access the MenuGridRows from the MenuGrid (let alone accessing the TextBoxes on that in turn). I think the problem is that it's all just rendered to html and during runtime there is no such thing as a MenuGrid or MenuGridRow anymore. So all I have is a couple of TextBoxes with seemingly random names and there's no way for me to determine which Textbox belongs to which HiddenField (which contains the Id).

Also, I don't see any way to handle the deleting of a row; I was thinking to just run some javascript that deletes the MenuGridRow from the MenuGrid, but again same problem, there's no such thing as a MenuGridRow at that point and I'd have to figure out which TextBoxes and HiddenField belong to that row and then delete them via javascript.

I tried looking for an editable ajax enabled grid as well, so I don't have to do it all by myself, but I didn't really find anything useful. Most of the grids I found don't even work properly, some work but are still very slow (there's still a postback, they just put the grid in an UpdatePanel but that doesn't make it any faster).

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Forms Data Controls :: Retain Values In A FormView When Validations Fails Or The SQL Fails On An Insert?

Oct 6, 2010

To me this should be much easier, but I can't seem to retain the values that are put in the Insert template upon a validation failure or when the sql fails. This will prevent the user from having to retype everything agin in the event of a failure.

As you can see I am using the Sub Insert_Click and not using an insert through the wizard. so the fields are unbound textboxes on the form. There are 2 dropdowns that provide choices for the other fields.

I pasted in the code using the text only option becuase the format was getting messed up. I probably need more background on why the fields are blanking out.


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Web Forms :: How To View Edit Save Source Of A Page

Dec 17, 2010

i m trying to a Front End which will allow me View Html Souce of a particular aspx page where i can edit it and save it alsoright now i m doing this [IMG][/IMG]now i suppose i add some paragraph text to it and now i want to save this particular aspx page with the same name and at same place

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Web Forms :: Is There A Way To Edit Excel File On Browser And Then Save It On Server

Feb 15, 2010

Is that a way to edit excel file on browser and then save it on server?

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Javascript - Changing Value In ASPxGridView.OnCustomCallback When Already In Edit Mode Will Not Save The New Value/

Mar 8, 2011

I have an ASPxGridView shown to the user with an edit command button. When the user clicks the edit command button the selected row will change into the edit form.In the edit form I have a control which when clicked will do a custom callback through javascript, the custom callback handler will then change a value on the selected row and call UpdateEdit() to save the changed value and return to the regular grid view layout.

However the new value is never saved to the underlying datasource, in fact if I debug the DataSourceControl's ExecuteUpdate method I see the updated value in the oldValues collection and the values collection has the original value.The javascript that is called from the control in the editform:


The custom callback handler which runs on the server:

protected void gdOrders_CustomCallback(object sender, ASPxGridViewCustomCallbackEventArgs e) {
if (e.Parameters == "CloseOrder") {
var row = gdOrders.GetDataRow(gdOrders.EditingRowVisibleIndex);[code]...

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Forms Data Controls :: Save And Edit Gridview Items?

Feb 20, 2011

I have a gridview(gridview_1) in my website.Columns of this gridview includes label and dropdownlist.No.of rows may change each time.This gridview is to enter one survey.Once user selected values from dropdownlist,I have to save these values into database.How to do this?I have another gridview(gridview_2) which shows id,user and date of each saved survey (details of first gridview).There is no edit button in second gridview.When user double click on any items in second grid view,a page with first gridview will be loaded where selected values of dropdownlist will bethe saved values of corresponding survey.How to do this save and edit functions for a gridview?Please note there is no edit button in gridview_2 and number of rows in gridview_1 is not constant

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DataSource Controls :: Update Query To Edit Records And Save To Database?

Feb 22, 2010

I am doing update query to edit my records and save to my database...I am getting the query expression exception...syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'WebLogin=krish'.

string strUserName = Request.QueryString["UserName"].ToString();
DateTime dateTimeNow = DateTime.Now;
string ConnString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Data"].ConnectionString;[code]....
I am getting the exception syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'WebLogin=krish'.

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MVC :: NerdDinner And Logo Link?

Sep 17, 2010

I have uploaded the nerddinner sample to "". When a mouse is on menu tab such as "Find a host" then the link is shown at the bottom of Internet explorer as "" with the contoller name "Dinner". When the mouse is on the main logo which is on top and left, the link shown as "". So it direct me to "" instead of ""

When can I change it? I have tried change the "start url" from the application property, but it did not work.

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MVC :: Change Needed To NerdDinner Mvc Example?

Mar 15, 2010

As I am working thru the NerdDinner MVC example. I found that after implementing step 6 that edits to a dinner were no longer saved. After some investigation I found that I needed to add the ValueProvider to the UpdateModel function call in Edit (HttpPost) example. My updated code is below.


1. Was this code change really necessary?

2. Is there a better way to do it?

Modified Code:


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Architecture :: Should The Unit Of Work Point To The Service Layer Or The Repository And Then The Repository Point To The Service Layer

Jan 26, 2011

Just wondering, in an ASP.NET MVC3 environnement with entity framework. Should the Unit of Work point to the service layer or the repository (and then the repository point to the service layer) ?

Ive saw two example:

* One where the unit of work and repository both have an instance to the service layer..

Link: Entity Framework 4 CTP 4 / CTP 5 Generic Repository Pattern and Unit Testable

Doesn't use a service layer but its obvious that one could be use in that case.

* Second where the unit of work have an instance to the repository which have an instance to the service layer..


What would be better ?

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How To Edit Images Using JavaScript In Real Time And Save The Edited Image On The Server

Jul 10, 2010

Is it possible to edit images using a javascript library and then send the edited image to the server for saving.

Edits will be in real time, means the user can see the edit result in the same time he is editing without the need to refresh the page.

I want a javascript library to do some edits on an image on a webpage 'such as crop, resize, rotate,...' and send send the edited result to the server.

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MVC :: Nerddinner Using The Database From SQL EXPRESS Server

Mar 26, 2010

I have problem when I am working on the NerdDinner tutorial. If I create local database (in the project local) then it is working OK, but if I added connection with the database already existed in the SQL EXPRESS 2005 (using Data Connections -> Add Connection; from the Server Explored in the VS 2008) then I got GPF. Does anyone know how to use the database for server instead of local project?

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MVC :: Nerddinner LogOn And Authentication Method?

Mar 14, 2011

i created a mvc project and looked to account controller LogOn action method. methood defined as bottom.



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AJAX :: How To Modal Popup Extender Inside A Gridview With Edit Delete And Save Buttons

Jul 8, 2010

I have a gridview (gridview-a) with a link button when the user click on this link button it opens a separate modal pop up extender with another grid view (gridview-b) (working fine) I added a close button inside the panel. When the user click on it the modal pop up is getting closed. Excellent.

Now my problem is When I add Edit,Save and Update buttons to the gridview-b ( i.e. Present inside Popup) when ever I click on the edit , or save or update buttons it is going to the gridview-a. How can I avoid that? Do I have to keep the gridview inside a update Panel and make the update mode conditional? If thats true how can I edit , save and delete the rows ( I need to call stored prcedures and all row-databound functions to do that)

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Mvc Nerddinner Question Linq To Entities Join?

May 13, 2010

I am working on a website similar to nerddinner. Is it possible to perform similar join
using Linq to entities what is done with linq to sql in nerddinner.I am posting the codes below.

public IQueryable<Dinner> FindByLocation(float latitude, float longitude) {
var dinners = from dinner in FindUpcomingDinners()
join i in db.NearestDinners(latitude, longitude)


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MVC :: NerdDinner: Map / Ends Up On The Exact Same Coordinates On The Map Regardless Of The Address?

Nov 21, 2010

I started a website based on the NerdDinner source code, everything worked fine (more or less) but whenever I post an event, it ends up on the exact same coordinates on the map regardless of the address (Somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea!)

No idea what to do: I didn't alter the map code at all!

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MVC :: Funy Error While Trying To Imitate Nerddinner Datarepository?

Jan 23, 2010

I created a repository, just the way it was done in nerddinner but i cnt seem to get any intellisense on the word "db'..the code is below;


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