MVC :: Removing ActionMethod Property From Action Filter Contexts?

Nov 17, 2010

I'm trying to get the current action method by this way.

ActionDescriptor actionDescriptor = filterContext.ActionDescriptor;
string actionName = actionDescriptor.ActionName;
var controllerType = filterContext.Controller.GetType();
var actionMethod = controllerType.GetMethod(actionName);

But if there're two action method with the same name, the AmbiguousMatchException will occur there. Without the ActionMethod property, how can I get the current action method now?

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MVC :: Define Dynamic ViewModel Property Inside Action Filter?

Aug 22, 2010

How can I define a Dynamic ViewModel property in MVC 3 inside an action filter?

I am looking to have something like but inside the ActionFilter and not in the controller:


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C# - Run Both Authorize Filter And Action Filter On Unauthenticated MVC Request

Mar 17, 2010

I have decorated my base controller with a couple of action filters. They work fine.

One of those filters sets up the request - does things like set the culture based on the domain, etc.

I also have a handful of actions that require authorization using the Authorize attribute.

My problem is that when an user attempts to request a page they are not authorized to access, the authorization filter kicks in and redirects them to a page telling them that they cannot vie the page.

The issue is that the action filters never run so the culture and other request data is never set. This effectively causes language to be wrong in the view and other data to be missing.

I know that authorization filters run first but my question is this: How can I design this such that I can ensure that certain methods are always run before the view is returned, regardless of the authorization.

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Does An Action Filter Override A Controller Filter

Aug 25, 2010

does a action filter override a controller filter?

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MVC :: Dynamically Adding Action Filter To Action?

Jun 21, 2010

Does any one know how to dynamically add ActionFilter to an Action?

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Programmatically Removing A Header Context Menu Filter From RadGrid?

Jul 13, 2010

I've got a repeater I've bound to column names that are filtered, as they're applied (using sessions currently, I might change this to loop through the columns looking for filters now that I really know how the grid works).

I've got a button next to each filtered column name that is to remove the filter from the RadGrid.

<asp:Repeater ID="repCorpFilters" runat="server" OnItemCommand="repFilters_ItemCommand">
Current Filters:


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MVC :: Using Action Filter With View?

Feb 9, 2011

I am trying to return different views with xml and json result when say -/API/Security/Authentication/login.xml is passed or

API/Security/Authentication/login.json is passed . I have adde mapped routes for this path.

I have used the ActionFilter attribute for the Login Action Result to automatically check for xml or json and then return the appropriate view.

what to put in the Login.aspx file to render appropriate xml or json based on the above url passed ?

The code is below:


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MVC :: Add A Default Value To Action Filter?

Dec 10, 2010

I just learned about actionfilters yesterday and thought it would be great if i could put my meta data into a action filter and change the page title, page description etc from 1 location based on a value from the controller.

I've getting so far, but cannot seem to work out how to add the default value to the controller and pass that value to my actionfilter.


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MVC :: Handling Error Using Action Filter?

Jul 14, 2010

I need to create application wide error handling mechanism. I was evaluating Action Filter for that matter. But- Action filter will just exectute against actions/controller- what about error at custom view engine or Extension method for HTML helper.: to handle them i need to implement traditional mechanismCan anyone suggest best common approach which can handle error for all Controller, View, Model or custom helpers if any.

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MVC :: Override Controller Filter In Action?

Mar 4, 2010

If I have a Filter applied to a controller with a property defined as true.

Can I apply the same filter to one of its actions with value false to override the value for that specific action?

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MVC :: Edit The Content Of A View From An Action Filter?

Jan 6, 2011

Is it possible to edit the content of a view from a action filter.

What I am working on is a Resourcemanager that I can use to manage

my style sheets, js and other resources. I want to be able to put

lines in the the view any where like Html.ResourceManager.AddScriptFile("MyScript")

or Html.ResourceManager.AddCSSFile("MyCSS")

and at the end of the view call Html.Render(); this would then place the content of my resources at this point. My problem is that I want to put the CSS stuff at the top of the view, but them problem is that it is renderend at the end of the view, so I tought that I could use a ActionFilter to move it to the top of the view.

1) What would be the best way to do this task ?

2) Is there any resources that describe the way that the MVC framework works in more detail ?

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MVC :: Action Filter Attribute Breaking Change?

Jan 20, 2011

I have an app I am transitioning to MVC3 to see what the upgrade path is essentially. I've hit a snag. I believe I've run into a change that may be due to the changes for Dependency Injection in action filter attributes, but I have been unable to track down the cause, and the "correct" solution.This project uses StructureMap and NHibernate. The NHibernate session is started at the beginning of each request, and ends at the end of each request, thanks to a small module. This is just to give an idea of the stack involved...o I have a few custom Authorize attributes (Inheriting from AuthorizeAttribute) that perform some more complicated authorization logic for specific actions that they decorate. Part of their functionality involves using two repositories which they must either (a) have injected, or (b) get from the StructureMap ObjectFactory themselves. In MVC2 I was using option b, so that the CONSTRUCTOR of the attribute looked like this:


This worked fine, as in MVC2 the constructor was called each time the attribute was evaluated. This BREAKS in MVC3, where it would appear that this is no longer the case. Due to this apparent change, the FIRST time this attribute is evaluated, it runs fine, but each subsequent time, any calls in the repositories fails because it claims the NHibernate Session object hasn't been started! The reason being, as far as I can tell, that the CustomAuthorizeAttribute is created once, and then held in whatever state it exists in at that point for the lifetime of the application... Which means that the dependencies inside of it (Which SHOULD go out of scope at the end of each request, and be reinstantiated / fetched at the beginning of subsequent requests), are instead persisting with it becoming stale after the first evaluation.After banging my head against the desk for a few hours, I realized that simply moving these calls to the ObjectFactory into the AutorizeCore method made everything work again.Now, all of this was of course, a hack, because there wasn't a good easy to do real dependency injection into attributes in MVC2. I hear that is changed in MVC3, and I am wondering if this behavior is in response this change, and if so, what do I need to do to make this work?

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Javascript - How To Add Filter Action For File Upload Control

Mar 2, 2011

I need to get an image url using FileUpload Control. When i do it in the explorer it shows all files to select. But i need to show only ".jpg,.gif" files. How can i do it.

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MVC :: Unable To Unit Test The Custom Action Filter

Jul 17, 2010

I have a custom actionfilter that strips out the whitespaces before the html is rendered in browser and it is working fine. However I have been unable to unit test the custom action filter. Ideally I want to do an assert on the sample html that all whitespaces have been removed. Code looks something like this.


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MVC :: Modify Parameter Of Complex Type In Action Filter?

Feb 25, 2010

I thought this would be easy and maybe it is but it's eluding me.

In an action filter (MVC 2) I want to add/edit one of the parameters for the type I'm passing to my action method.

I have an action method:


Bar is a simple class for viewData:


In my BarFilter action filter OnActionExecuting method I want to add a value for paramA which is not set by the view so that Bar will be fully populated in my Foo action method. I've tried various methods of adding values to ViewData, ModelState, Model etc. but I always get a null returned in Foo.

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MVC :: Create Filter In Action Method For Filtering Particular User From Database For The Login Program?

Sep 27, 2010

i want to create filter in action method for filtering particular user from my database for the login program....

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MVC :: Setting Property On A Filter Attribute From Controller?

Feb 17, 2010

here's my situation - I've created some ActionFilterAttributes that I want to apply to a custom Controller class that my other controllers can inherit from. The problem is, I need to set a property on the attribute from the final inheriting controller. So I have something like this :



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C# - MVC AuthorizeAttribute Passing Values To ActionMethod?

May 14, 2010

I'm only a newcomer to ASP.NET MVC and am not sure how to achieve a certain task the "right way".

Essentially, I store the logged in userId in HttpContext.User.Identity and have written an EnhancedAuthorizeAttribute to perform some custom authorization.

In the overriden OnAuthorization method, my domain model hits the database to ensure the current user id can access the passed in routeValue "BatchCode". The prototype is:

ReviewGroup GetReviewGroupFromBatchCode(string batchCode);

It will return null if the user can't access the ReviewGroup and the OnAuthorization then denies access.

Now, I know the decorated action method will only get executed if OnAuthorization passes, but I don't want to hit the database a second time to get the ReviewGroup again.

I am thinking of storing the ReviewGroup in HttpContext.Items["reviewGroup"] and accessing this from the controller at the moment.

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C# - MVC - Using Model Property As Form - Post To Action?

Jan 12, 2011

public class BandProfileModel
public BandModel Band { get; set; }
public IEnumerable<Relationship> Requests { get; set; }
and the following form:
<% using (Html.BeginForm()) { %>
<%: Html.EditorFor(m => m.Band) %>
<input type="submit" value="Save Band" />
<% } %>
which posts to the following action:
public ActionResult EditPost(BandProfileModel m, string band)
// stuff is done here, but m is null?
return View(m);

Basically, I only have one property on my model that is used in the form. The other property in BandProfleModel is just used in the UI for other data. I'm trying to update just the Band property, but for each post, the argument "m" is always null (specifically, the .Band property is null). It's posting just fine to the action, so it isn't a problem with my route. Just the data is null.

The ID and name attributes of the fields are BAND_whatever and Band.whatever (whatever being a property of Band), so it seems like it would work. What am I doing wrong? How can I use just one property as part of a form, post back, and have values populated via the model binder for my BandProfileModel property in the action?

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C# - How To Return Json From Action Method With Array Property

Mar 14, 2011

I am trying to return some data as json from an action method.

I have an employee object that looks like this:

public class Employee
public int EmployeeID {get; set;}
public string FirstName {get; set;}
public string LastName {get; set;}
//Other irrelevant properties

Then I have a view model as follows

public Class EmployeeViewModel
public Employee Supervisor{get; set;}
public List<EmployeeViewModel> Employees

I need to return a json object that looks exactly like this:

{id: 1, name: John, children: [
{id: 1, name: Joe, children: []},
{id: 1, name: Rob, children: []}

For now I only need to go to the second level as above, returning and supervisor and their staff members beneath them.

How would I go about returning this in my action method(I have the viewModel object hydrated already I just need to return it as json). My problem so far has been that the children property does not get populated.

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MVC :: Runtime Sitemap Construction For Each Index() ActionMethod - Custom Attribute?

Jun 21, 2010

Recently, I wrote code that dynamically builds a menu / navbar for my site that uses Reflection upon the [Authorize(Roles="")] attribute to determine what Controllers and ActionMethods should be shown to the user. And it came out really well. See this post for the details on how I did it: [URL]

The next step that I've been thinking about is when the user clicks on the "Controller" listing, it takes the user to the Index page. (eg. [URL] ) Which is perfectly fine, but I was thinking that it would be nice to also have this Index page for each controller dynamically constructed based on the user's roles / permissions. For example, if the Index page from XYZ-Controller might look like:

XYZ-Controller Index
SomeMethod1 -- This method tweaks your widgets
SomeMethod2 -- This method unwinds your widgets, re-orders thems, and then re-winds them, but only on Tuesdays.
SomeMethod3 -- This method will delete some or all of your widgets and then you'll be sad.

I currently use Reflection to iterate thru all my Controllers and all the ActionMethods in each controller. I've been pondering the best way to store the Description of each ActionMethod. (Like, "This method tweaks your widgets.") Do I make my own Attribute called, say, Description which I would use to decorate ActionMethods with. For example it might look like this: [Description("This method tweaks your widgets")]

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Debug With Differing Execution Times In Different Contexts

Mar 17, 2010

The following question seems to be haunting me more consistently than most other questions recently. What kinds of things they look for when trying to debug "performance issues" like this?k, get this - running this in query analyzer takes < 1 second

exec usp_MyAccount_Allowance_Activity '1/1/1900', null, 187128

debugging locally, this takes 10 seconds:

DataSet allowanceBalance =

same parameters

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Visual Studio :: Unable To Locate Build Action Property For Any File Contained In Website

Oct 1, 2010

I've a website in VS2008. I can not seem to locate Build Action property for any file contained in website.

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Configuration :: Removing Login Account Without Removing User?

May 31, 2010

Long ago, I created an ASPNET user for development use.However, every time I boot up my dev system, I'm presented with a user login for ASPNET, among others.I don't want to remove ASPNET; I need it for dev work.But how do I keep it from appearing among the list of User Logins available at boot-up?

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C# - .net Development Code Structure -Controllers, Services, Repositories & Contexts?

Dec 11, 2010

As a new developer I'm getting thoroughly confused by naming and structural conventions for developing c# code using best practice.I appreciate it's perhaps applicable to each domain I am developing for but I've seen the code of many different open source projects and there seems to be a common theme. The successful projects have well thought out structure for maintenance and extensibility.The terms context, service, repository and controllers are used often and I wondered if these are open to interpretation or is there a consensus or convention on what, where or how these get used.

In an e-commerce platform I've seen there are order services, order contexts, customer repositories and product controllers for example. What should they do based on these names? Does a controller do something different to a service? When should you use a context? Is there a convention for namespaces? It's mind boggling when you try and push from a spoon fed newbie developer and try to move on.What software/tools should I really be looking at to develop quality code? Unit Testing, Continous Integration, Resharper, Mocking tools, DOI Containers, nHibernate.

I'm not really aware of blogs/books that will help me push on from being a proficient web developer into someone who can develop extensible, quality and testable code. There are big gaps in authors assumptions. You are either a newbie or a software architect. I want to push from being a junior developer with a long term aim of being a software architect. I realise it's all about patterns and practices but where are the training materials? I work on my own so don't have the opportunity of learning from others.

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