Migrate Vb To Vb.net?

Jun 14, 2010

I having the project in Vb i want to migrate that project in the vb.net. i have tried a lot.i have not installed the visual basic.

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How To Migrate Website From 1.1/2.0 To 3.5

Jan 19, 2010

I have inherited an ASP.net website that was originally started back in 2007. I believe that a lot of the codebase was written in version 1.1, patched to 2.0 where necessary. The client is still not happy with some features and has requested changes to be made. In "peeling back the onion skin" I found that the codebase is rather outdated. I have asked and received approval to upgrade the entire application (website plus VB library) to ASP.net 3.5. Besides following the standard help instructions in VS 2008 and the advise of other posters on this site, can anyone direct me to specific resources to utilize in reviewing the 1.1/2.0 codebase and selecting the best 3.5 constructs that are most compatible? Do you favor the approach of converting the codebase in VS 2008, or do you start with a clean slate and copy/paste code where necessary? The original codebase uses Anthem and Free Textbox libraries. Do you favor upgrading these libraries to 3.5 where available, or are there other (free) libraries that will do a better job?

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Way To Migrate Website / Application From IE6 To IE7 / IE8

Oct 28, 2010

At the moment I have to migrate a web-application (ASP.NET 2.0 with Masterpages) from IE6 to IE7/IE8. Where can I find hints and guidelines for this topic? The webapplication looks fine in IE6 but completely awful in IE7 and IE8. In IE8 I cannot see the compatibility button.

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Migrate A VS Project To A Website?

Jul 28, 2010

If you started developing as a project, how difficult is it to migrate into a web site development process?

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Way To Migrate A Website From A Proprietary System

Aug 24, 2010

we are migrating a website from a proprietary system a new system built inSQL 2008. about 6,000 pieces of content with individual hard-coded aliases. How could we go about creating a match table to ensure these resolve with our new system (based on Intellgentsia URL rewriter)?

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MVC :: Migrate 2 Project To 3 - Razor View

Sep 8, 2010

I have an application which has been built in MVC 2.0. I need to upgrade it to MVC 3.0 and that too by using Razor CSHTML engine. All the information which I got on the net was for MVC 3.0 Webform engine but nothing much for migrating to Razor.

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How To Migrate A SQL MDF File To A Production SQL Server

Aug 18, 2010

I have an ASP.NET project that also uses a SQL MDF File. My target server is SQL 2008R2 or SQL Azure.I would like to know what deployment options I have as I migrate from DEV to PROD. In case it matters I'm not under any regulation to maintain PII or similarly private data.

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How To Migrate From BuildProvider To Web Application Project

Aug 11, 2010

Currently we have a bunch of web sites (web site projects) that I think should be converted to web application projects. Everybody agrees.

But a number of custom BuildProviders are used to generate controls and unfortunately MSDN says that

Adding a customized BuildProvider class to the Web.config file works in an ASP.NET Web site but does not work in an ASP.NET Web application project

Are there some ways to migrate though without full discarding of custom BuildProviders mechanism?

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Migrate Windows Based Application From 1.1 To 3.5?

Apr 28, 2010

main steps to consider while migrating 1.1 to 3.5 windows based applicatoin?

what are the steps need to consider at initially while planing for migration? as per i know this application i need to migrate like wsf and wpf and soon on.

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Visual Studio :: How To Migrate The IDE Of VS2010 RC

Feb 19, 2010

Before you start using VS2010 RC, knowing that the RC version was launched with a serious bug as reported on the link below.The bug is related to the use of controls within containers in an ASP.Net application, and like almost every ASP.Net application has any container, it is impossible to migrate an application VS 2008 to VS 2010.Before you start any work or migrate to the IDE of VS2010 RC, you know this bug.

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C# - Migrate To Google OAuth From AuthSub?

Nov 18, 2010

I have an existing application that displays Google Analytics data. Currently, it stores the username and password which I do not like, so I wanted to convert it to use OAuth. I have isolated the authentication method to get the token in hopes that all I would have to do is change this method:

public static string getSessionTokenClientLogin(string email, string password)
//Google analytics requires certain variables to be POSTed
string postData = "Email=" + email + "&Passwd=" + password;
//defined - should not channge much


Is there an easy way to convert this to OAuth? I can change the parameters, but I am hoping I do not have to make architectural changes to the rest of my app.

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Migrate Multiple Mail Server?

Jan 2, 2011

how to migrate two mail server, just passing source and destination mail id .

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Migrate From .NET1.1 To .NET3.5 Version?

Feb 3, 2011

currently iam using .NET1.1 version in next few days i will be migrating this .NET1.1 application to .NET3.5 version...so my question is how to migrate this .NET1.1 to .NET3.5..? How to migrate this & what precuations i need to take.?

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WCF / ASMX :: What Are The Steps To Follow To Migrate From Web Services To WCF

Nov 14, 2010

What are the steps to follow to migrate from Web Services to WCF-Webservice?

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Databases :: How To Migrate From Mysql Version - 3.23.38 To Sql Express

Mar 12, 2010

I have an old mysql database, version - 3.23.38. I'd like to migrate from this database to ms sql express 2005. When reading through about MySQL Migration Toolkit, I found this fact - it is designed to work with MySQL versions 5.0 and higher. So, which toolkit could do for mysql version 3.23.38? Or let me know how to migrate it.

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How To Migrate Web.config Files To New Versions Of Framework

May 27, 2010

I've migrated two ASP.NET MVC 1 solutions to MVC 2 and therefore kept my web.config almost the same, just changed the necessary stuff in it as documented in Release notes.Although I created a few new test MVC 2 webapss from scratch, until now I haven't really checked out the default new web.config. As I created a new empty MVC 2 Web App today and opened the web.config, I discovered it's much smaller. There's almost no modules, no handlers, etc.

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Security :: Migrate Existing Users / Trying To Use GetPassword()?

Dec 9, 2010

I need to migrate existing users, I will be creating the users account and setting a dummy password for the first time login... My problem is that by doing this they will not have their security question and answer filled in... I am trying to create a page that will force the user to set up their question and answer at first long ... The problem that I am having is when i try to get the password i get the following error..

here is the code that I am using:



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Migrate Session Data From One Browser To Another? - Web Development

Apr 5, 2010

I need to transfer a user to a page which requires session data which is stored within a different session.

Is it possible in some cases to migrate the session data by setting the session cookie on the user's browser?

Currently I have no workaround, and using session data seems like the only option I have at the moment.

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Migrate Existing Users To Forms Authentication?

Feb 19, 2010

How do I migrate users from a existing users table to Forms Authentication?

There seems to be three options:

T-SQL - Iterate through the existing users table and insert into Forms Authentication tables using the stored procedure aspnet_Membership_CreateUser Code - create a utility that will iterate through the existing users table and insert into Forms Authentication tables using Membership.CreateUser() Code - as users login verify credentials against existing users table and insert into Forms Authentication tables using Membership.CreateUser()

Which is the most practical?

I have been currently trying option 1 but I am running into difficulties using the password salt to create the encrypted password from a plain text password

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DataSource Controls :: Migrate Data From SQLite To MS SQL Server

May 19, 2010

I want to migrate data from SQLite to MS SQL- Server using ASP.NET (not third party software).

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Visual Studio :: Way To Migrate A 2008 Web Site To 2010?

May 19, 2010

I tried copying the .aspx and .aspx.vb files from my existing VS 2008 web site directory into the VS 2010 project directory (which is how I converted projects from VS2005 to VS2008), but that doesn't seem to make the files appear in the project/solution in VS 2010.So, I've got this site I built in VS2008, and I want to start editing it in VS2010. What's the best way to do this?

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C# - Migrate Users From Custom Table To Membership Tables?

Mar 9, 2011

I'm creating a new middle tier where all of our client calls will go through a WCF service. We're using ASP.NET membership with the service in order to authenticate users. The middle tier will be hitting an existing database in which we already have an InetUsers table containing usernames and passwords.This is where it starts to get messy. This new middle tier will be used by our web application, but not by our existing desktop application, which will - until we rewrite it at some point in the future - be using the old COM+ middle tier. Administration of the users for the web application takes place in the desktop application. In other words, users will be created and passwords set and changed from within the desktop application, which in turn hits the already existing InetUsers table.Ideally, what will happen is when we deploy the new middle tier, we'll take all of the users from the InetUsers table and create records for them in aspnet_Users and aspnet_Membership. Then we'll set a trigger on the InetUsers table to keep aspnet_Users and aspnet_Membership up-to-date.There's a whole bunch of questions wrapped up in this, so I'll try and list them all out here:Is this the right approach? Obviously having this data in two places isn't ideal, but bear in mind here that I'm not the final decision maker here and we're kinda stuck with some legacy stuff here, at least for now. Still - maybe there's a better way.In the same vein - would we be better off coding our own membership provider rather than using the SqlMembershipProvider? How difficult/easy is it to do so?If we use this approach, I plan on using the aspnet_Membership_XXXX stored procedures for the initial population of the tables as well as in the triggers. Having done some research into this, it appears that if I want to call aspnet_Membership_CreateUser directly from SQL (ie in a trigger...) rather than using the API, I have to store clear text passwords since I can't get the salt and the hash right otherwise. Is this true?Does any of this even make sense or am I going about this the wrong way to begin with?

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Correctly Migrate Urls From Custom Solution To Wordpress?

May 12, 2010

I have a web site built using asp.net with ugly URLs like /DisplayContent.aspx?id=789564.

I know how to migrate the database, but the Wordpress urls will be (naturally) different.

Can I simply write some mapping or do I have to include a rewrite rule for each subpage (300 pages) in .htaccess?

Should I provide a rewrite rule for each existing page that would transform a full old url to the known new url, like for example:

/DisplayContent.aspx?id=789798 -> /2010-5-10/Title-Of-The-Post

Even if I manage to migrate the URLs, the structure of the HTML for the new content will naturally be different. How does this affect SEO?

Should I run asp.net and wordpress side by side and issue the redirects from the asp.net application?

What is the most efficient solution to this kind of migration of URLs without doing PHP programming?

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Architecture :: Make An Proposal To Migrate An ERP Like Software From Delphi To .Net?

Jul 29, 2010

I want to make an proposal to migrate an ERP like software from Delphi to .Net.The existing software is in Delphi 6 and it is a desktop application.I want to highlight the benefits of moving to .Net (May be Web application) rather than upgrading to latest version of Delphi.


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C# - .NET Migrations: Setup And Migrate Multiple Databases At Runtime?

Jul 15, 2010

Brief introduction:I have this ASP.NET Webforms site with the particularity that it doesn't have only 1 database, it has many.Why? Because you can create new "instances" of the site on-the-fly. Every "instance" share the same codebase, but has its own database. These all databases have the same schema (structure) but of course different data. Don't ask 'why don't you put everything in one database and use InstanceId to know which is" because it's a business policy thing.

The application knows which instance is being requested because of the url. There is one extra database to accomplish this (I do know its connection string in design time). This database has only 2 tables and associates urls to 'application instances'. Then, of course, each 'application instance' has its associated connection string.

Current situation: There is nothing being used right now to help us with the job of mantaining every instance database in sync (propagating schema changes to every one). So we are doing it by hand, which of course it's a total mess.

Question: I'd like to use a rails-migration way to handle schema changes, preferably migratordotnet, but could use any other if it's easier to setup.The problem is that migratordotnet needs the connnection string to be declare in the proj.build file and I don't know them until runtime. What it would be REALLY useful is some kind of method running on *Application_Start* that applies the latest migration to every database.How could this be done with migratordotnet or any similar?

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