Moving Button Events To 1 Event And Calling From Multiple Buttons

Aug 12, 2010

Since i have 5 buttons that pretty much run the same code, except for the database updates, i found some examples of how to do this.. so i created 1 button event, and put my general calc code then some if statements to determine what button was clicked.. but doing this now i get a NullReferenceException

and here is the code its complaining about, why would this work within the other button events, but not this one? Ive compared and and all the buttons on the page are the same with the except of the database entries.

Button b = (Button)sender;
Label tfive = (Label)FormView1.FindControl("five");
Label ttwo = (Label)FormView1.FindControl("two");


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Button Controls Calling Wrong Control Events?

Jun 10, 2010

I have a couple of buttons controls in my gridview pagetemplate. when i click in next page button it is calling wrong events calling my dropdownlist_selectedIndexChange event?

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Web Forms :: Displaying A JavaScript Dialog Box With Two Buttons / How To Handle Button Press Events

Feb 14, 2010

I am developing and website. Occsionally I will have to display A Java Script dialog box. The dialog box will have two buttons on it. One labeled "Proceed" and the other labeled "Cancel". Then I need two Java Script methods to respond to which button was pressed. So I suppose my java script methods to handle the button press might look like the code below.

Anyway, I don't know how to invoke these methods when the dialog button are pressed.


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Forms Data Controls :: Calling Button Events Once Pop Up Window Closed?

Jul 2, 2010

How do i call click event of a button once my pop up window closed? My code is below:


I would prefer not to add anything in my popup window ftb.imagegallery.aspx

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C# - Multiple Rows Have Multiple Submit Buttons, Should I Make A Form For Each Button?

Jan 28, 2010

I am listing about 20 rows, each row represents an Order.Each row needs to have 3 buttons, each button click will perform a different action.I have 3 actions to handle each button post request, I am just unsure how to setup the Html forms for each button.

<form method="post" action="/orders/do1"><input type=button ... /></form>
<form method="post" action="/orders/do2"><input type=button ... /></form> [code]....

Should I create 3 forms for each button, per row in my listing?(that would mean 20 rows x 3 forms = 60 forms on a page)Is that 'ok' to do? (i.e. or is there a better way to do this?)

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JavaScript - Multiple Create Requests Means Multiple Button Click Events For The Same Time?

Oct 19, 2010

I have a form which inserts data in DB on Submit button click but the problem is when client click the button multiple times its sends multiple create requests means multiple button click events for the same time of same data, which must not be.

I tried to disable the button when client click the Submit button first time but after this it does not call server click event handler or not fire the server click event once it got disabled.

How to handle this multiple click problem..

I used the following code to disable the button


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Web Forms :: Working With Events / When A Button Id Pressed Only 'Click' Event To Be Fired And Not The ComboBox's 'TextChanged' Event?

Jul 13, 2010

I have one Button (Refresh Button), One ComboBox (containing DEV and UAT as its items) and a GridView on my asp page.

I am filling up my Grid with values from database on the ComboBox's 'TextChanged' event and Buttons's 'Click' event.

First time when page is loaded, there is no information in the grid, but when i choose DEV/UAT from the ComboBox 'TextChanged' event is fired, the grid is filled with the relevant data. That is what i want.

When i click the Refresh Button to refresh the data again, first comboBox's 'TextChanged' event and then 'btn_Click' event is fired.

I want then when a button id pressed only 'Click' event to be fired and not the ComboBox's 'TextChanged' event.

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C# - Moving Button Stops Click Event Happening?

Dec 23, 2010

I have a button, contained in a panel, with a click event, that works fine. However when a users presses another button, I need to move this button into another panel (this is actually a panel with a modalpopupextender), so I this code to do so:


It all get's moved and looks fine. However now when the button is clicked it doesn't fire the associated event. I have tried re-adding the event in the page_init, with this code

((Button)this.FindControl("serverModalSave")).Command += new CommandEventHandler(modalSave_Click);

But with no luck. How can I get this button to fire it's click event when moved, and why does it stop working when it's moved?


This Button needs to be added to a panel specified by the user at run time, so there is not a way to determine where the button will go in advance.

I could instead of moving this button, create a new one, but because this button is not created in the page_init I am having issues getting that to fire an event either.

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C#: Calling A Button Event Handler Method Without Actually Clicking The Button?

Mar 5, 2010

I have a button in my aspx file called btnTest. The .cs file has a function which is called when the button is clicked.

btnTest_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

How can I call this function from within my code (i.e. without actually clicking the button)?

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Web Forms :: How To Assign Multiple Buttons To A Single Event

Jul 16, 2010

I am trying to learn C# web programming. I am trying stuck and am unable to proceed for 2 days.I have a simple table with three columns (ISBN, Book Name and Delete).The column has a delete button. When the delete button is clicked, the book is removed from the session. The books are stored as objects within the session.The trouble I am having is when a user clicks on the "Delete" button, how do I pass the ISBN value to the onclick method. Can someone kindly tell me the best way to achieve this?I tried doing it below but am going nowhere.


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Single Event Handler For Multiple Links/buttons?

Mar 3, 2011

I have a dropdown list that contains a collection of names. My entire names list is very large (over 2,000) so I would like to pair down the names in the drop down list to those starting with the same letter.To do this I would like to have 26 links all on the same line, one for each letter in the alphabet ..


The idea being that the user clicks on the letter they are interested in and the stored procedure that obtains the list of names is re-executed to only grab those names starting with the letter that was clicked and then the resulting dataset is rebound to the dropdown list.

What is vexing me is how to handle creating all the "Click Events" necessary to deal with the user "clicking" on a link. I could create 26 different event handlers, one for each link, but I have to believe there is a simpler way I am not seeing.Form demonstration here is the click event for one link, the letter "A" ...

Protected Sub lnkLetterA_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles lnkLeterA.Click
Call LoadNamesIntoDropDown("A")
End Sub

Is there a way to create one event handler that could handle all 26 links?

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Web Forms :: Can Process Multiple Buttons With One Click Event

Sep 23, 2010

I want to dynamically build a table where each of the first three cells may or may not contain an image. If a cell contains an image, it may or may not contain a radio button. The last cell contains a button or link button. I want all the buttons to be handled by the same click event. The number of rows, which cells will have an image, and which cells will have a radio button is not known at design time. Finally, the images are displayed using the better image control.

I'm trying to get this to work usinging a repeater, but at the moment I can't get the radio button checked propety to change from the default value. I'm using an arraylist as a datasource. I thought of using a gridview, but I don't know how to add a radio button and a better image control to a cell.

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C# - How To Create Dynamic Buttons On Button Click Event

Oct 27, 2010

I want to create dynamic buttons on button click event(for example., btnCreateDynamic_Click).

I tried creating dynamic buttons on page_load event and Pre_int event.They are all working but i want to create them in button click event. How can i do this in c#

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Web Forms :: One Button And Two Separate Events / Fire One Event Only?

Aug 4, 2010

I am trying to fire one event out of two avalible events based on a check box selectoin, I have already registered the two events in the page_load() and i check if the check box is checked (checkbox is located within a gridview) then i un-register one of the events and just keep one events registered as following(Only relative part is shown):


I am trying to fire one event only based on the checkbox selection. I tryed to debug and noticed that, in fact, both evetns always get fired starting first with Button_SessionStartOrEnd_StartSessino and then Button_SessionStartOrEnd_EndSessino. So how can i fire one event only? please note that my code to check if the ckeckbox is checked within the girdview works fine.

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C# - Dynamic Buttons In GridView - Button.Click Event Not Firing?

Feb 28, 2010

I have a GridView control bound to an AccessDataSource. After selecting a row I'm creating a table inside the selected row. I'm adding Buttons to this table. Their Click event never gets fired. I read about recreating the buttons and stuff, but still no luck solving the issue.


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C# - Calling Click Event Of A Button Serverside?

Jul 8, 2010

how can i click or load the click() event of a button in codebehind? i already treid


but this gives an error i am using

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Web Forms :: Trigger Multiple Buttons When Upload Button Is Clicked?

Jan 24, 2016

Trigger multiple buttons when upload button is clicked in ASP.Net.

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Find Out Which Button Triggered The Postback Before Hitting The Buttons Event Handler?

Dec 8, 2010

In Page_Load, Request["__EVENTTARGET"] is an empty string.

IS there some way I can find out which button triggered the postback before hitting the buttons event handler?

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Calling Asp Button Onclientclick Event In The Server Side.

Mar 26, 2010

to fire the OnClientClick event of the asp button on the server side (with out clicking the button,it has to fire automatically based on the condition).

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Dynamically Generated Radio Button Calling CheckedChanged Event

Dec 6, 2010

I have a procedure that is generating some radio buttons and assigning a CheckedChanged postback event based on the level being passed through (up to 4 levels). When the first level is checked (radio button selected) the postback event rb_CheckChanged00() is called and a check is done to see if this item has any children, if it does, it will create more radio buttons and assign rb_CheckChanged01 to the CheckChanged event for these - This part is working fine.

The issue I have is when I select the second Radio Button that has been created (the child), it doesn't seem to go to the post back event at all. The page is posting back when I click on it but everything resets because it won't go into rb_CheckChanged01.

I know this info is quite vague but I am hoping someone has an idea on how the post back event works and if I am somehow using it incorrectly.

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Web Forms :: Calling A Javascript Function From Button Click Server Event?

Jun 30, 2010

I have a web form in which I create many controls including a submit button dinamically.

I want to check a condition in the button's click event and if it comes true, call a javascript funtion to show an alert. but the problem is when I use :

Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("ClientScript", script);

in the btn_Click event, it is not working. I guess the script should be registered at page_load.

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Jquery Submit Form Not Calling Button Click Event At Server Side?

Mar 15, 2011

i am using and following code to submit form on enter key press it is working but only refreshing same page and not calling button click event in server side code and without saving data it is comming back to same form, even without the jquery code again same thing happening don't know why but in some forms enter key press working fine and saving data without even following jquery code.

$(function() {
$("form input").keypress(function (e) {
if ((e.which && e.which == 13) || (e.keyCode && e.keyCode == 13)) {

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AJAX :: How To Use Multiple (rows Of) Buttons In A Listview As A Ok Button In Ajax Modalpopup

Jan 5, 2011

I have the modal popup come up for searching something. Inside the popup (panel) I have a txtbox and a search button. I enter text and hit 'search' and the results are shown in a listview within the popup. Now every row in the list view has a button "Select". I want to click on one of those buttons to select a particular value.

Now on click of the button(within the listview), I tried calling a javascript function and doing $find('mdlPopup').hide(); , which makes the popup dissappear. But somehow the debugger takes me straight to Global.asax.Application_Error() and doesn't even give me a stack trace to see wht the issue is. And over that, the popup looks dissapeared, but the rest of the controls on the page are not enabled back. Strange?

I'm assuming, that the popup doesn't close as intended and it errored out (which took me to Global.asax.Application_Error() ), and is not enabling the rest of the controls in the page.So my question is, how do I assign multiple buttons in a listview to the okbutton (or cancelbutton) of a modalpopup extender?

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Web Forms :: How To Track Events Of Dynamically Created Buttons In C#

Dec 10, 2010

I made a web form in and I am using loop to add button on the page. But problem is this, I'm not able to handle event of it.

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C# - Triggering Label To Appear After Firing 4 Buttons Onclick Events?

Feb 9, 2011

I have an algorithm but don't know if this is the correct way. like mentioned, i would like my label to appear after the user clicks on 4 different buttons, each button with auto post back.

if(button 1 click && button 2 click && button 3 click && button 4 click)
label1.visible = true;

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