MySQL As Session State Not Working On Shared Host, Only Localhost

Feb 25, 2011

I have encountered this problem before on a few shared hosts but cant remember the fix. I have spent almost 2 days googling and I have even gone through 2 external hd's of backups of old projects and read the web.configs but I just cant put my find it and I dont think I am googling the correct terms...

I am using Mysql Connector/Net to store asp session state.

The mysql db is on the hosting server ( I have no mysql locally).

Opening a page locally creates a session in the db.

Opening a page on the host does not.

I have seen this issue before but was a long time ago and I have searched a few of the answered questions here but not too extensive, I'm sick of searching.

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Shared Host Session Timeout

Dec 5, 2011

What are the kind of things that would cause a session to timeout. I know the default is usually 20 minutes. A website I have set up for a friends business seems to timeout after a few minutes sometimes. I think it could be them recycling a shared application pool.

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WCF Rest Web Service Working On Localhost But Not On Host?

Mar 29, 2011

I made a simple WCF web-service inside an website.

The web-service is hosted by IIS and works fine on localhost, ie when accessing for exemple to
[URL] I get the correct "Hello World" response as expected.

But accessing to it by my computer hostname [URL] gets me an error 404 response. This is particularly confusing as the remaining of the site (mainly aspx pages) is accessible without any problem from both ways.


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State Management :: Session State Is Shared Between The Tabs?

Aug 6, 2010

We have a common problem with tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer is that the session state is shared between the tabs.

Due to this our user can face many issues like

1) Suppose user has opened a .aspx page for (clientId=1) and editing it in one tab and at the same time user is editing another client(ClientID=2). And both are using same in session.

Due to the session sharing when page will auto refresh the first tab with (clientId=1) will see the data of clientId=2.

Its clear that the session is shared between the tabs.

I have also implemented the ASP.NET 2.0 offered solution by way of the following config setting
<sessionState mode="InProc" cookieless="UseUri"></sessionState>

But still our users are facing this issue. I am looking for solution to disabled the Tab programaticaly and also i wanted to know how to clear the cache programatically.

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State Management :: Session Getting Shared Among Different Users?

May 19, 2010


Above is my configuration.

Because one user is getting the session values of other users due to some reason that I dont know .

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Most Efficient Way To Update A MySQL Database On A Linux Host With That Of .Net Form On Windows Host?

Mar 17, 2010

My kind webhost (1and1) royally asked me to go elsewhere to do something like this.

I have 2 sites. One of them was developed by a .Net programmer. Now I am contracted to implement a PHP site and fetch data from the .Net site.

There is an ASP.Net form that a customer fills and when they hit submit, the data gets stored in SQL Server DB. How do I also store the same data in MySQL parallelly? I cannot directly use some database connectors with ASP.Net since MySQL connectivity is not supported on 1and1 Windows hosting (biz account, no less!).

What I thought of is to publish an RSS feed of entries in ASP.Net site and routinely scrape that data into MySQL on Linux host. It is an overkill, I know. Not efficient.

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State Management :: Out Of Process Session State Not Working?

Mar 7, 2011

I'm working in a web application that uses InProc sesssion to store data then we decided to decided to work with out of process session state. But now I tried to Implement that but it is not working

Note: I use visual studio web development server.

Here is what I did in the web.config fil:

<sessionState mode="StateServer" cookieName="ASP.NET_SessionId" stateConnectionString="tcpip="
cookieless="UseCookies" timeout="10"/>

And to enable session state in all pages:

<pages theme="Blue" enableSessionState="true">

Then I started the aspnet_state service on my pc.

And I made a test to see if the session is working but unfortunately it is not working

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State Management :: Session State / Not Working

Oct 31, 2010

I have 2 cols. StartTime and EndTime. If user's total time is greater then 30 mins then I am locking user. Here, I used Session and I want keep my session for 30 mins. I did almost everything (I think ?) . Change the setting from IIS, Wrote <sessionState timeout="30"> but it is not working... Till 28 - 29 mins it saves the time, but not above..... After that I changed the session's timeout for 9 hours ex: <sessionstate timeout="5400">..... But still not working.... I don't understant what to do?

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Change Localhost To Local Ip Address Of Pc When Host Application On IIS?

Dec 8, 2010

I host my application with wcf service on IIS 7 and I want that this location could be possible at adress of my computer in lan, that other in network could get to it..

Now it looks like: http://localhost/wcfAx/Service1.svc

How to do like that :

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MVC :: Running On Shared-Host Providers?

Jul 25, 2010

i want to run an ASP.NET MVC 2 web application on a .NET 3.5 shared-host provider, I will not mention this provider's name. I will refer to this provider as FOO.

The general community that uses FOO states that it can be done, but the Tech Support at FOO are not consistent:

"What is MVC?" or "Yes, but only on dedicated hosts", or "Yes, it can upon both dedicated and shared hosts" -but they do not know the details.

The general community states that FOO can host ASP.NET MVC 2 on shared hosts, but details on how it is done is inconsistent.

What are general rules of thumb about setting up an ASP.NET MVC 2 for a shared-host environment?

Let us say that we create a vanilla (default) MVC 2 web application from withinVS 2008/2010. What modification should I perform, other than use .NET 3.5 andcopy local System.Web.Mvc.

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Installation :: Looking For A Shared Host That Provides More Memory

Apr 13, 2010

Does anyone know of any shared hosts that provide more than the typical 200MB of app pool memory?

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DataSource Controls :: Test Sql Connection From Localhost To Internet Host?

May 21, 2010

Can you test your connection from localhost to internet host Sqlserver Database

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Configuration :: Running ASPNET_REGSQL.EXE On A Shared Host

Jun 28, 2010

I want to be able to run aspnet_regsql.exe to create the membership tables on a shared host. But since, it is a shared host, I can't do that. I however can create the tables on my box. How do I copy them over?

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Getting Security Exception With OpenWebConfiguration On Shared Host?

Oct 13, 2010

After moving my web site from my local development environment to a shared host I get:

Security Exception

Description: The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission your system administrator or change the application's trust level in the configuration file.

The problem occurs in my web application everywhere the following is called:


Since my web application is only trying to open it's own web.config file, I don't know why this is flagged as a security exception. Maybe someone can explain... But more importantly I need a solution, the couple solutions I found via Google are painful.

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Web Forms :: Configuring SMTP For Shared Host?

Jun 1, 2010

When I first published my site, I tested it using my gmail account and worked like a charm first try (a rare feat for me ;) ). Now, I'd like to finish it up by having it send the emails from the account at the host. No joy... I asked the host if I had misunderstood the rather unhelpful info in the control panel and they advised that in my web config I should change:


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Configuration :: System.OutOfMemoryException In Shared Web Host?

Oct 14, 2010

I have a website that I have run for years running a custom built CMS. It has had no problems ever. I decided to create a demo (temporary url) of the CMS using the exact same website. Only people I give access to would be able to login and change it, so it basically is not in use for the most part.

I tried this demo site the past few days, and I noticed that I kept getting System.OutOfMemoryException errors. I would wait for an hour or so, then it would work. Next day, same thing.

What could explain this? 2 exact same that is used all the time (no memory issues), and one that is hardly ever used (memory issues). Doesn't really make sense to me.

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Web Forms :: Finding Barcode Solution On Shared Host

May 12, 2010

I have a need to generate a barcode on an ASP.NET page. I know how to do this, but the catch is I need this to work on a shared hosting environment. Being a shared host, I don't have the ability to install custom barcode fonts on the server.

Does anyone know of any barcode solutions (possibly open source) that encapsulate fonts in the bin assembly and don't require the barcode fonts to be installed on the server?

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C# - Shared MySQL Database For Java

Oct 27, 2010

I recently developed a Java Application for a client with MySQL database. Now he wants to have ASP.NET website connected with the Java Application. I'm thinking of placing the database on a local server which would support both the desktop application and the website. What i want to know is, is it the good way to handle these kind of scenario or is there any standard method?

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Configuration :: Deploy VWDE 2010 Application To Shared Host?

Jun 19, 2010

I have a single contact.aspx application I want to use on a web host but am confused with the publish feature in VWDE 2010. I can't run any commands or packages and was hoping just to upload the .aspx and .cs files and have jit compile to run them.

Why does VWDE 2010 create a .dll and .pdb in the bin folder of my project? I thought the Express versions of VS didn't produce DLLs? On previous editions of VWDE all I needed to do was copy the .aspx and .aspx.cs pages to the host.

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State Management :: Session.Abandon() In Not Working In A Few Cases?

Jun 29, 2010

Session.Abandon() in not working ASP.NET 2.0 (C#) in a few cases. In the same application its working fine in other places.

< sessionState
timeout="20" />

The session mode is "SateServer".

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IIS Session State Server Stops Working After 30-60 Minutes?

Feb 25, 2011

So we have three 2008 R2 Servers where two are configured to be web servers (IIS 7.5), and the third a session state server. I have set the SessionState and MachineKey settings in the applications web.config. After I restart the two web servers I can log into one server, then change the IP address to the other server, and I am still logged in. Success.

I can typically log in/out with any user account I want, change the ip address back and forth, and all is well until some random time between 30-60 minutes when I log in to one server, change the IP address, and the new server asks for credentials.

This is the sessionState setting in both web.configs:

<sessionState mode="StateServer" stateConnectionString="" cookieless="false" timeout="30"/>

The application resides under the default web site, and uses the default application pool. I am using forms authentication with a timeout of 20 minutes. I am not receiving any error events on any of the three servers when this happens, and restarting the two web servers fixes the problem for a while. The two web servers are not clustered per-se, but will be served round-robin via a network device.

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State Management :: EnableSession Not Working - Session Variables Still Haywire?

Apr 22, 2010


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Security :: Login Control - Redirect Not Working On Server - Working On Localhost

Feb 21, 2011

I have a login control that is working beautifully on my localhost, but not working on the server. It validates my username & password - and gives me an error if I enter an invalid username/password. However, if I enter the correct username/password, the page refreshes, but does not redirect me to the "ReturnUrl" that I see in the URL. I've seen posts on this, but nothing that I tried worked. I've tried setting the 'MembershipProvider'attribute of the login control. I don't want to set the DestinationUrl...I want it to take what is in the ReturnUrl in the querystring. I don't think it's a web.config issue cuz it works on localhost??

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Web Forms :: 3.5 Error: Unable To Make The Session State Request To The Session State Server?

Dec 7, 2010

Have not run the ASP.NET Development Server for a while. Today I copied a production website to my workstation and ran it with VS 2008. The following error message popped up. What is the problem with the ASP.NET development Server on my workstation? The website on the Production server still ran okay.Unable to make the session state request to the session state server. Please ensure that the ASP.NET State service is started and that the client and server ports are the same. If the server is on a remote machine, please ensure that it accepts remote requests by checking the value of KEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesaspnet_stateParametersAllowRemoteConnection.
If the server is on the local machine, and if the before mentioned registry value does not exist or is set to 0, then the state server connection string must use either 'localhost' or '' as the server name.

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State Management :: Error :Session State Has Created A Session Id, But Cannot Save It?

Nov 18, 2010

I read the solutioin for this error, at the following link : I am still not clear what exactly causes the error. I have two doubts :1. Can anyone please elaborate a bit on this issue, with any example ????2. Is there any drawback of this approach ?

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