ObjectDataSource - Can Bind Only If Button Pressed?

Feb 12, 2011

I have a button, which when presses populates a grid with data. If I add an ObjectDataSource, and bind the grid to it, it will populate the grid when the page loads. But I need to populate the grid only if the button is pressed, because it is a lengthy operation.

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Web Forms :: 2.0 - Set Focus To A TextBox While Button Click Event Is Fired Using Default Button When Enter Key Is Pressed

Mar 25, 2010

How can I set Focus to a TextBox while Button click event is fired using Default Button when enter key is pressed. Here is my Page and code.

<%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/mpChat.master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="FocusTest.aspx.cs" Inherits="FocusTest" %>
<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" Runat="Server">
<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" DefaultButton="Button1">
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server">
<asp:Button ID="Button1"
runat="server" Text="Button" onclick="Button1_Click" />
using System;
public partial class FocusTest : System.Web.UI.Page
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!IsPostBack)
protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
TextBox1.Text = "";

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Detect If Back Browser Button Pressed?

Dec 2, 2010

In my app, there is a grid that you can drill down. You can go back to prev view via some links but the back bowser button is not integrated to that, so that if you do hit the back browser button, it logs out of the app which I don't want. I would be happy if it would redirect to the first page. I think this part is what we need. [URL] this is the startpage.xaml, at the end there is the hyperlink - so maybe here I can see if the back browser is pressed ( there is no other place in the codes that would navigate out), and if this is pressed I can redirect to a different spot? Is this a sound idea and how do I check if this back browser has been pressed?

<HyperlinkButton Content="Logout"

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Security :: Nothing Happens When PasswordRecovery Submit Button Pressed?

Nov 20, 2010


how to make this work (I assume that no code behind is needed to make this work in its simplest form?).After user correctly answers the security question and presses submit, no email is sent. No message is displayed. Nothing. What is missing?

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Get Specific Button Pressed In A Repeater When Using ModalPopupExtender?

May 13, 2010

I have buttons contained within a repeater. A ModalPopupExtender is used to confirm event for each button. I create standard panels outside of the repeater and I attach each button in the repeater to these panels from inside the repeater. The problem is once the button is pressed in the popup I can't figure out how to determine which row of the repeater to edit as I can't figure out how to identify which button was pressed.Panel:

<asp:Panel ID="pnlRemoveAlert" runat="server" >
<h1 align="center">Remove Phone</h1>
<asp:Button ID="butRemove" runat="server" OnCommand="Handle_Click" CommandName="Remove" Text="Continue"/>


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DataSource Controls :: Objectdatasource Does Not Bind The Name And ID?

Jan 16, 2011

I've created a query in the table adapter for retrieving customer name based on the first letter. The query is executed fine, and the output is the customer name and ID. A Customer BLL accesses this query, and sends the results to an objectdatasource. This control is configured to use this customer-by-letter query. However for some reason, this objectdatasource does not bind the name and ID, but instead all the other fields produced by the main query in the table adapter (i.e. name, address, phone, etc....).

I'm probably not configuring something correctly, but I'm not sure what.

The BLL code:


The .net code:


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Web Forms :: Check Validation When Save Button Pressed?

Oct 1, 2010

I am CustomValidator to vlidate some data.There are 3 static buttons and some dynamically creating buttons in that page. I just need to check validation when I press the save button.For all other button click I do not want to call the validation. How do I tell that in the Validation function?

<asp:CustomValidator ID="CustomValidator1" runat="server"
ErrorMessage="CustomValidator" ControlToValidate="DropDownList1"
ClientValidationFunction="MyCustomValidation" ></asp:CustomValidator>
function MyCustomValidation(objSource, objArgs)
/Proceed if the control pressed is cmdSave button.
var Specialty = document.getElementById("DropDownList1").options[document.getElementById("DropDownList1").selectedIndex].text;
if (Specialty == "Select an option")
objArgs.IsValid = false;
objArgs.IsValid = true;

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Populated DropdownList Value Not Seen When Button Pressed?

Sep 27, 2010

Sample Code.
<asp:DropDownList ID="MediaTypeDDL" Width="306px" ToolTip="Select Media Type" runat="server"></asp:DropDownList>
<asp:DropDownList ID="MediaFormatDDL" Width="306px" ToolTip="Select Media Format" runat="server"> </asp:DropDownList
protected void btnUpload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
String strMediaFormat = MediaFormatDDL.SelectedItem.ToString(); // Not seeing value here!

Item Selected in MediaTypeDDL determines values in MediaFormatDDL. I'm using Javascript to populate MediaFormatDDL. This is working. I now select the item I want from MediaFormatDDL. That works The problem I'm seeing occurs when I press the button to save the values from
the screen. I don't see the Item I selected from MediaTypeDDL. All the other fields are okay. This must be someThing simple, but I'm not seeing it.

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Web Forms :: Make 20 Min Countdown After User Pressed Button?

Feb 21, 2010

First of all, I'm sorry if I don't describe my problem so well, English is not my first language. I'm working on a project where after the user has pressed a button, the button goes invisible and a label control should say "In 20 mintes you may press the button again". The problem is that if the user presses the button before the current hour is almost over, then he will be able to press the button again. The way I compare the time is by placing th current time, which the user presses the button in a sqldatabase table row for that user. This is my code for the moment for showing the user how long he has to wait:

DateTime TimeSincePressedbutton = Convert.ToDateTime(user.timeSincePressedButton); //value from database
TimeSpan d = DateTime.Now.Subtract(TimeSincePressedbutton);
int dd = Convert.ToInt32(d.Minutes);
int timeLeft = 20 - dd;
ValPointsTitle.Text = "In " + timeLeft.ToString() + " minutes you may press the button again";

and the code I have for comparing time with the time now, is to see if the user may press the button again (which I know is wrong, just cant figure out how to fix it, the reason I compare hour, day, month, year etc is because if the user doesnt show up online the same day, maybe he comes back after a couple of days, or next month, or next year).

if (timeLeft <= 0 && DateTime.Now.Hour == TimeSincePressedbutton.Hour || DateTime.Now.Hour > TimeSincePressedbutton.Hour || DateTime.Now.Day > TimeSincePressedbutton.Day || DateTime.Now.Month > TimeSincePressedbutton.Month || DateTime.Now.Year > TimeSincePressedbutton.Year)
//button becomes visible and the user may press it again

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C# - How To Fire A Button Click Event When Enter Key Is Pressed

Jul 14, 2010

I have a form with several submit buttons. I would like the button's click events to fire when enter is pressed based on which textboxes currently have focus. I am able to specify one button using the code below by adding the onkeydown event to the body of the page and checking for Enter's keyCode

<body onkeydown="if(event.keyCode==13){document.getElementById('btnSearch').click();}">

I assume this code can be modified or call a function to perform a conditional to see if txtSearch or txtSubmit has focus and specify btnSearch or btnSubmit accordingly, but I am not experienced with javascript.

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Web Forms :: Html Button To Be Triggered ENTER Key Is Pressed ?

Jan 24, 2011

I have an html button that makes a certain action and i have two "asp:textbox"I want the html button to be triggered when the ENTER key is pressed on keyboard.


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DataSource Controls :: Can Bind Textbox With ObjectDataSource

Mar 9, 2011

Is it possible for me to have an ObjectDataSource and the bind a texbox to a certain field to it?

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DataSource Controls :: Is It Possible To Bind DataTable To ObjectDataSource

Oct 31, 2010

is it possible to bind DataTable to ObjectDataSource?

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C# - How To Access ObjectDataSource Object After Bind To GridView

Feb 4, 2010

I have a GridView, I bind it to ObjectDataSource. ObjectDataSource takes data from a database's table. Each row in table has unique ID.

I have a button in each row of GridView that should remove this row from database. My ObjectDataSource returns Object, this returned object contains ID (and some other information, like name, user etc.) however I do not show this ID on my grid.

how can I get these ID after user chooses to delete row, I need to know what I should remove.

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C# - Duplicating Standard Tools Such As A Textbox And Label When A Button Is Pressed

Jan 20, 2011

is it possible to create a function which will duplicate textboxes and label when a button is pressed. For example: I have Name and address textboxes and labels


I now want a function that will replicate these controls on the same page when a button is pressed for example:

Labe3:Name 2
Labe4:Address 2

Is there anyway of doing this? Its hard to explain which is why google is not my friend on this topic. But this would be neat an example may be.

Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4

Button - Add Additional Players When the button is pressed an additional player is added. Am trying my best to explain it to you, but is it possible in C# and ASP.NET?

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Web Forms :: Prevent Refresh Of Page When F5 Button Is Pressed In Browser

May 17, 2012

Do Not refresh the page if i press the f5 button in asp.net.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Bind A SqlDataSource Or ObjectDataSource

Jan 20, 2011

I got a Buisness Logic Layer where i have a function that returns a DataTable, how can I bind it to SqlDataSource or ObjectDataSource Snippet of BLL



aspx.vb file

Dim dt As DataTable = Nothing
dt = ReturnCarsInStock.GetCarsInStockComplete(procBrand, procMode)

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Forms Data Controls :: Using Objectdatasource To Bind Datagrid?

Jun 14, 2010

I am using objectdatasource to bind datagrid,i m using select method of objectdatasource and manage paging (page size 10) and command event also,i have define MaximumRowsParameterName and StartRowIndexParameterName but now problem is when i am trying to delete 11th record from second page and again bind same grid than i coudn't fine rest of 10 records and get no records found.

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Web Forms :: Stop Page From Resubmitting Form When Back Button Pressed?

Apr 26, 2010

I have a page, the user types in e-mail and then submits. The next page is a confirmed page - letting the user know that his -mail was entered. If you then click back, the forum will try to re-submit itself. Is there a way to stop this?

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AJAX :: Button Is Pressed On The User Control, The Events Are Fired But There Are No Changes In The Page

Aug 3, 2010

I have an update panel on the parent page into which I load and remove a set of user controls.

Now, when a button is pressed on the user control, the events are fired but there are no changes in the page. For example:

Main Page

<update panel 1>

So, if I want to hide panel 1 when btn1 is clicked etc, I simple use code such as panel1.visible = false.

All this gets executed but nothing happens to the page.

<asp:UpdatePanel ChildrenAsTriggers="false" UpdateMode="Conditional" ID="updatePanel"
runat="server" EnableViewState="true">
<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="btnSubmit" EventName="Click" />

However, when I use placeholders instead of update panels in the child controls, I dont face any such problems.

<asp:PlaceHolder ID="placeholderTypeOfInvestor" runat="server">

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Web Forms :: How To Prevent Alert Message Box When Browser Back Button Is Pressed

Jun 5, 2013

I am running one application where one gridview is there when i am deleting any data there it shows one message for deleting.

for message i used this code:

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), "ShowMessage", string.Format("<script type='text/javascript'>alert('{0}')</script>", "this row is deleted"));

after that i am going to some other page ,after going other page when i click on back button in browser it is coming in the previous page but the message which poped up before again getting popup.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Dyamically Bind ObjectDataSource To New Datasource

Sep 23, 2010

Before i talk about my situation or problem let me tell you all that i'm new to ObjectDataSource, ListView.

i've following controls

Three LinkButtonOne ObjectDataSource Control (which is binded to custom Business object) . Paging is enabledListView (This is binded with ObjectDataSource Control)


By default ObjectDataSource should be bounded to DataSource A, thus the user should see on page load the default data from DataSource A.When user Clicks on respective LinkButton, the ObjectDataSource should now be binded to new DataSource B, thus the user should now see data in ListView from DataSource B. The same should happen with LinkButton C respecctively

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Find A Label In The Same Row Of A Gridview As The Button Command Pressed

Mar 23, 2010

I have a gridview that is populated from a database. Each row has a number of button commands. If I press the button command in row 3, I would like to grab the label information from that same row..aspx gridview (I want to access lblTheId.Text when command:editthisid is selected) - for the same row...:


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Forms Data Controls :: Bind ListView DataSourceID To ObjectDataSource With Button_Click

Jan 12, 2011

I successfully bind ListView DataSourceID to ObjectDataSource but it binds only initially on Page_Load event.
When I want to bind another data through a Button_Click event, the new data doesn't bind.

aspx code:




On Page_Load, I get result:

<hr />
<hr />
<hr />

When I Button1_Click, nothing happens, no error, no any more results and _airLineData is 53 records, not 3 records (A1T1 to A3T3) I want the binding to be with DataSourceID to ObjectDataSource (not through DataSource property and control.DataBind() method)

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind ObjectDataSource ControlParameter To EditItemTemplate Textbox

Mar 11, 2010

I have an ObjectDataSource with a number of parameters. These parameters are binded in my FormView EditItemTemplate and the ItemTemplate. My Stored Procedure column names in my ItemTemplate are different to the Bind properties used in the EditItemTemplate. This is obviously throwing an exception when I update a record.

Instead of using Bind("Columne Name") in my EditItemTemplate how do I use a ControlParameter to reference a TextBox in the EditItemTemplate?

I may be wrong but I'm trying to use the PropertyName=Controls but i do not know how to reference the Textbox in the EditItemTemplate.

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