One Dropdownlist Filling Another And Displaying Results?

Feb 23, 2010

I have 3 tables:

Id (PK)
City (FK)
State (FK)

Id (PK)
State (FK)

Shortname (PK)

1) I'd like to fill 1 dropdownlist with the STATE.Name and the other dropdownlist with the CITY.Name based on the STATE chosen, show up the cities, and after the city is chosen, the SUPPLIERS are shown.

2) Is it ok to make a foreign key field for State inside the City table ?

3) Is it better to create new fields STATE and CITY inside SUPPLIER ?

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I have a DropDownList within the ContentTemplate and wonder if there are any special considerations I should be aware of filling the list with data prior to displaying the TabPanel?

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Filling A Dropdownlist Using LINQ To SQL?

Feb 2, 2010

how do i fill a dropdown list from code behind using LINQ to SQL.

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MVC :: Filling Dropdownlist With Static Data?

Feb 10, 2010

i have html.dropdownlist in my form and i need to fill that with static data.

for example a list of months.

how can i fill dropdownlist.

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C# - Dropdownlist Filling Throws Error With Null Value?

Sep 28, 2010

I have some code which fills a dropdownlist:

pn.DataSource = Datatbl.Tables["datalist"];
pn.DataValueField = "partnumber";
pn.DataTextField = "partnumber";
pn.Items.Insert(0, "");
pn.SelectedValue = ligne["pn"].ToString();

and when the value in the Database in null (""), it throws this error: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: 'pn' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value

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ADO.NET :: Filling State Dropdownlist According To Country From Database?

Sep 7, 2010

The 2 dropdownlist controls are-ddlCountry and ddlState. The 2 database tables are-Country and State Country table has fields named- C_ID(pk) and Country State table fields are-S_ID(pk), State, C_ID I'm able to bind the dropdownlist controls to the database. But I want the contents of ddlState to change according to the Country selected from ddlCountryI don't want to use ajax

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Web Forms :: Filling Dropdownlist With Two Columns Using Linq To SQL?

Jul 17, 2010

I am trying to Fill my dropdownlist with two column as textfield and 1 column as value field.

dropdownlist2.items.add(new listitem(??? , ??? )

I used Foreach and many many options , I can assing the textfield easy but value I can't

Dim db1
New TripsLinqDataContextDim
listhotel = From th
In db1.Triphotels _
Where th.TripCountryID = cid _
CStr(th.TripHotelID) +
" - " + th.City.TripCityName +
" - " + th.TripHotelName
ListBox1.DataSource = listhotel

This will list hotelname and id and city , but I need to set the Triphotelid as value of item in dropdownlist

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Forms Data Controls :: DetailsView Filling DropDownList?

Mar 13, 2010

I've got a DropDownList in my <EditTemplate> and i'd like to fill it by data from database

(I can't use SqlDatasSource).

How to do that?

i was trying something like that

((DropDownList)((DetailsView)sender).FindControl("autor")).DataSource = MethodIveCreate();

on DetailsViewChanging method nut i've got error :/

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MVC :: How To Implement Search And Displaying Results On Same Page

Dec 23, 2010

Anyone can help providing some code/suggestion on how to implement Search and displaying results on same page using MVC and simple way to implement paging with Ajax.

Below are the search parameters(search Page looks like below) i need to pass to db to get results. We are using MVC2 with entity framework.

Search Criteria- Last Name Course Name Status

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AJAX :: Implement Search And Displaying Results On Same Page?

Mar 19, 2011

how to implement Search and displaying results on same page using webform and simple way to implement paging with Ajax. The top of the page should have the search criteria and once button clicked, it should display the result below with checkbox so that user can select and delete any / all of the search result.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Displaying Results Twice?

Jan 18, 2010

see the below code. just sample page.

test head
test shortnews
Sub Page_Load(ByVal
sender As
ByVal e
As System.EventArgs)
Not Page.IsPostBack()
' bind_events()
Sub bind_press()
ds = Nothing
ds = New DataSet
Dim query
query = "select top 1 * from tbl_press order by press_id desc"
da = New OleDbDataAdapter(query, myConnection)
da.Fill(ds, "Press")
press_dl.DataSource = ds.Tables("Press")
its dislpayes like this
test head test shortnews
test head test shortnews

this gridview displaying twice. i dont know why.

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Web Forms :: How To Display The Text On A Different Page Results In Displaying The Html

Feb 3, 2011

i have an html editor where a user can put in some text.the thing is that when trying to display this text on a different page results in displaying the html that was saved by the editor.i want to display the text in a text box (if possible), with the special attributes(bold, itali etc.i currently get the text with the html tags.

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Web Forms :: Displaying The Webpage Instead It Is Searching The Results Related To Localhost?

Jan 17, 2011

[URL] - Internet explorer is not displaying the webpage instead it is searching the results related to localhost.

If i browse the virtual directory then the webapplication is working absolutely fine. everything is being configured properly and i also checked the services which are also running.

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Search Results In Listview?

Feb 3, 2010

I have a set of controls that enable the user to search one of two fields in a given SQL Server table. The ddlSearch dropdownlist specifies the field to search. The txtSearch textbox contains the search string. I have the following code working fine, except search string isn't being passed to my listview:


I tried adding a DataBind after End Using, but the listview still won't provide the search results. Note that I also have an EntityDataSource on page.

Am I adding this to the wrong event? Should this code be added to PageLoad instead of click event of Submit button? What other issues should I address? Is it possible for ListView to handle the search by itself? That is, do I even need other dropdownlist and textbox controls, or is there functionality builit into the listview control to search? Finally, can I enable a checkbox for each returned item? I will need this so that the user can select items to add to their order.

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Search Results In Gridview?

Feb 24, 2010

I would like a gridview (using entitydatasource) to display the search results based on values provided in textbox txtSearch and dropdownlist ddlsearch. My search controls are as follows:


My entitydatasource is:


My gridview is written as:


Codebehind file contains:


I am a newbie at entitydatasource and have a few questions:

1. Currently, the gridview doesn't render. Why is that?

2. How do I wire up the gridview to grab the values of ddlsearch and txtSearch and return results using those values from my entitydatasource?

3. Ultimately, I want to encapsulate this gridview in a wizard step wherein the user checks items they want and those checked items are used in the next wizard step.

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Web Forms :: Count Query Not Displaying Results Properly In Label Control?

Apr 18, 2013

The query I used here is

SELECT top '"+lblCount.text+"' Company_Id, CompanyName, All_Countries,All_Industries,Employees,Revenue, Status FROM SN001CompanyTable where Client_Id=100 ORDER BY [Company_Id] DESC

but its not showing proper results..

In this lblCount contains the no of row to be displayed..

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Search Results From A Query String Into A Listview?

Jan 21, 2010

I'm working on a job seeking website where the job seeker can search for a job , the search box is located in the master page, that's why i passed the keywords as a query string, and then the matching jobs will be displayed in a listview.

the keywords will be taken from two controls: a drop down list which the user can choose the location of the job, and a text box where he can type a keyword.

the select command of the sqlDataSource of the data list is as the following:


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Dynamically Generating The Nodes In Treeview Control And Displaying The Results On Selecting The Node

Mar 29, 2011

I am using a treeview control and just want to add nodes dynamically. On selecting a node the results based on that node must be shown below.

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ADO.NET :: Filter Results DropdownList Using Linq?

Nov 12, 2010

I have a dropdown filtering the results of a DataGrid its working fine, but I select a city to filter the results in the DataGrid it brings me

all the cities in the database and not only the ones in the DataGrid....

I donpt know what property to use.....

Here I have the Dropdown in the code behind:


and here is here Im filtering ....


What should i do to bring the results in the datagrid ??

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Displaying "Google Like" Search Results?

May 2, 2010

Working in ASP.NET (VB), I am trying to develop a simple search results page for my website.

The process is as follows:

(1) The site's user enters a search phrase;

(2) The search results page searches the site's database, returns the page title as a link, and a short snippet from each search "hit", with the search phrase highlighted.

I already have the search part done, and also the "highlighted" part done (using Regex). However, I want to be able to return a short snippet of text, which include the search phrase (a few words before the search phrase, a few after). Something like:

Page Title [as a link]

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Creating Search Page And Displaying Results On Different Page?

Apr 1, 2010

I have created a search page using Visual Web Developer and Access as the database. Instead of displaying the results from the search in Gridview on the same page what would be the coding to pass the results to a new page titled "Search Results".

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Forms Data Controls :: FormView And Populating TextBoxes From Results Of A DropDownList Choice?

Jan 3, 2011

I am drawing a blank and need some direction.I am putting together a simple website that has a single DropDownList that is DataBound to table inside of a FormView Template.What I want to happen is when the page loads, it runs the SELECT statement and displays that result(which it does, so that part works).Where I am stuck is that if I Click the DropDownList and select another item, and display the results of that selected item in the associated Databound controls.My code is below;



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Web Forms :: Pageindexchanging - Accroding To Selected Value Of Dropdownlist, On Pressing Search Button User Will See Results In Gridview

Feb 25, 2011

on the form i have one dropdown and search button. Accroding to selected value of dropdownlist, on pressing search button user will see results in in after the result is shown and user selects say page 2 then results are shown of page 2. But then if i select new dropdownlist value and press search, it shows result but directly goes to page 2(last time's page selected) instead of showing page 1....

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Why Does One Dropdownlist Have A Value Displaying On Open

Feb 14, 2011

I have a page with 2 dropdownlists on it. One of them shows a value when the page is opened, the other doesn't. Why? I would like for them both not to be showing anything when the form opens. The coding for them appears to be identical.

These are the 2 dropdown lists.



These are the data sources



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Web Forms :: Dropdownlist Not Displaying The Selected Value?

Sep 20, 2010

drpdwncity.SelectedItem.Text = READER("CITY").ToString.Trim

i am using the above code

when the dropdown is displayed it shld display the vlaue from the databse , but here it displays the first value instead

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