Parse Address From Text Field?

Nov 7, 2010

I want to parse an address from a text field. for example

textbox data = 123 test street, mountain view, CA 91302
Dim address = Address.text

I found someones sample code, but it doesn't work all that well. here it is non the less

Public Function parseAddress(ByVal input As String) As Collection
input = input.Replace(",", "")
input = input.Replace(" ", " ")
Dim splitString() As String = Split(input)
Dim streetMarker() As String = New String() {"street", "st", "st.", "avenue", "ave", "ave.", "blvd", "blvd.", "highway", "hwy", "hwy.", "box", "road", "rd", "rd.", "lane", "ln", "ln.", "circle", "circ", "circ.", "court", "ct", "ct."}
Dim address1 As String
Dim address2 As String = ""
Dim city As String
Dim state As String
Dim zip As String
Dim streetMarkerIndex As Integer
zip = splitString(splitString.Length - 1).ToString()
state = splitString(splitString.Length - 2).ToString()
streetMarkerIndex = getLastIndexOf(splitString, streetMarker) + 1
Dim sb As New StringBuilder
For counter As Integer = streetMarkerIndex To splitString.Length - 3
sb.Append(splitString(counter) + " ")
Next counter
city = RTrim(sb.ToString())
Dim addressIndex As Integer = 0
For counter As Integer = 0 To streetMarkerIndex
If IsNumeric(splitString(counter)) _
Or splitString(counter).ToString.ToLower = "po" _
Or splitString(counter).ToString().ToLower().Replace(".", "") = "po" Then....


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I ma sure this is easy but is new for me. Anyway I'm trying to collect a username and put it into a SQL database. I collected the username just fine:



Then I tried numerous ways of trying to put it into a text box with no luck:


<asp:TextBox ID="userNameTextBox" runat="server"
Text=<%Response.Write(Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER"))%> />

Can someone tell me what goes in the text box? And if I have the variable set right?

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How To Make A Text Field

Mar 1, 2010

I know that this is easy for those that know but alas this is not me ;)

I have a multi part form that is going to write to a dB.

As a point of reference I can offer [URL](i.e., the quote process) as a model for my project.

I need to write a record on the first page and then use the auto number generated from this to populate the child records with the parent's key field.

What I was hoping to do is write the record and then send the data from the dB to the second form. Iwill then need to repeat this process for the children of the child

I am only moderately familiar with

one thing to add is that i am not forcing the user to create an account in order to maje the initial inquiry, only if they wish to reaccess theinformation at a later date.

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C# - ListBox - Value Being Set To Text Field?

Mar 3, 2011

When adding list item the Value field is being set to the Text field. Initially I though the problem was related to the input parameter for the primary key ( group_type_id ) as it is configured as OUTPUT variable.

Interesting enough, when I Watch all of the values, everything is correct.
So for example, I'll watch these:

ddr["group_type_name"] comes out as "Dept"
ddr["grouptypeid"] comes out as 4

When the item is created however,

itms.TEXT = "Dept"
itms.Value = "Dept" <-- THIS IS THE PROBLEM

I'm at a loss why the listbox values are being set to the text values when I can clearly see the data reader values are correct. ?

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